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quick video of the scale that I bought
today when bought me a new weight scale
cuz the other one that I have been
giving me a little inaccuracy so I
decide to buy a new skill because I’ve
been I’ve been wanting to be exact with
it I don’t want to have the kind of
guesstimate but it can’t be you know I
probably weighed a little bit more and
at the same time you want to be positive
that you have lost the weight that is
showing you so I just went out and
bought a new scale and this is Taylor
digital scale class very sleek and
simple easy to use it came in on this
plastic paper and this was told it was
you know held in by these and on top was
taped down to triple-a batteries and any
instruction paper so they call the scale
this is where you put the batteries in
it I already put the batteries in and of
course it tells you to lay it down on a
flat even surface so they can give you
an accurate reading this is my old scale
he’ll go meet her and I’ve had it so I’m
gonna step on this one cuz earlier this
morning I had a morning weight of 164
and it’s just giving me 165 and this one
you’re supposed to tap it you get on it
just as you do the helper meter but I’m
just gonna step on it
and he’s giving me 166 now right before
I got on it before I did the video I
tried it out and he gave me one sixty
five point eight the hill tomeato gave
me one sixty five point zero so it’s
still a little inaccuracy with both of
them but I’m gonna go with the one who
gives me the most weight and then
everything matters like you know the
amount of clothing you have on how much
you eaten so far before you two before
you you know stepped on the scale you
know using the restroom
anything anything passing gas burping
anything all that matters so I’m not
tripping on the one-pound difference
because I know it’s all on me and how
much I consume throughout the day from
this morning this morning I think I kind
of overdid it with breakfast and I was
kind of mad at myself for a minute for
having more than I really again and
then once I put the phone down and take
the weight it’s probably going to give
me a different number it does that it
even does that with the help of meat or
skill but I just wanted to do a quick
review of the new scale that I purchased
today called Taylor I got it from
Walmart and they run from seventeen to
twenty bucks it depends on the style
they have the white ones the clear ones
and then they have the black when I like
Blake I have two black scales the other
one I probably put in our other bathroom
so let’s complete my video for today
thanks for watching

Bestseller No. 1
Taylor Precision Products Digital Bathroom Scale, Highly Accurate Body Weight Scale, Instant On and Off, 400 lb, Sturdy Clear Glass with Chrome Finish Base
Taylor Precision Products Digital Bathroom Scale, Highly Accurate Body Weight Scale, Instant On and Off, 400 lb, Sturdy Clear Glass with Chrome Finish Base
  • High Accuracy: Four Precision Sensors ensures best accuracy and highest standards with 0.2 lbs. increments. High Capacity of 400 lbs (lb/kg/st).
  • Strong Design: 13.0" x 11.7" Curved glass durable platform. 8M thickness of the glass platform.
  • Function: Auto on and off, low battery indicator, and easy to read display.
  • Taylor Precision Products: For 170 years, Taylor has been dedicated to making products that are innovative, and at the highest quality and accuracy standards for both the professional and consumer markets
  • USA Based: In house design, marketing, engineering, and customer service teams.

Taylor Scales

There are many options when it comes to buying a digital scale. If you plan on buying one, be sure to understand what is available. Purchasing a scale for your new home can be difficult. You want to make sure that you buy the right scale. This will allow you to get accurate measurements and keep track of how much weight you have lost or gained. You want to be sure that you are getting a good product for your money.

There are many different types of scales on the market. If you go online you will find that there are several that are top rated. You should choose a digital scale that has been proven to measure accurately. You want to buy a digital scale from a company that has a solid reputation. You also want to look at the price that they charge for the item. It is important that you don’t spend more than you need to. If you need the scale quickly, you may want to make a price comparison between different companies.

One thing you should know about Taylor is that they offer high-quality products. When you shop for digital scales, it is important that you know you are getting a good item. Taylor has been around for a while and they continue to improve their products. You want to make sure you are buying a product that has been known to give accurate results. Taylor digital bathroom scales can be very useful and can help you with your measurements.

It is also important to make sure that the scale that you are purchasing is easy to use. When you are buying an item like a Taylor bathroom scale, you want to make sure you get the best product that you can. If the scale is hard to use then you will most likely not use it. You will be able to get a better idea of how accurate the scale is when you read the manual. Make sure you read the manual carefully and get the best information available.

There are many things that you can do when you are looking for Taylor digital scale. You need to make sure that you are taking the time to read the reviews and make sure you are getting a good product.

Taylor Digital Scales

For those that want to know exactly how much weight they should lose in a given day, Taylor digital scale can be a very good investment. This is especially true if you are someone who does not have a large amount of space to work with when it comes to a home scale. However, this does not mean that you should use one of these weigh scales to weigh yourself every day. If you choose to use a digital scale for most of your weigh in and make changes as you go, you may find that you are losing a lot of weight quickly, which can lead to gaining even more weight in the future if you do not take other steps to correct the situation.

The first thing that you need to do if you want to use a digital scale to measure how much you weigh is to make sure that it will read in scale units. If you find that it does not, then you should switch to a scale that will. There are many scales out there that will read in pounds instead of kilograms, so make sure that you do this if you are going to use one. There are also scales that will allow you to input a specific number of pounds, so if you weigh less than you normally do, then you will only enter a zero so that you do not get any incorrect results.

As you can see, you need to make sure that you only use Taylor digital scales to measure how much you weigh. If you do not, then you will find that you are constantly losing weight and it can be quite embarrassing, especially if you are trying to lose some weight in a hurry. Taylor makes all of their scales out of the finest materials, so you do not have to worry about the durability of the digital scale itself. Instead, you need to focus on the accuracy of the results and how easy it is to use and read. Taylor digital scales are the best if you want to keep track of your weight, so make sure that you only use them when you need to.

Taylor Scale FAQ

Sours: https://communityclinicassociation.org/taylor-scales/

Taylor Precision Products 7506 Digital Bathroom Scale

Most of us have a love/hate relationship with the bathroom scale. You may realize that at least occasionally checking your weight is key to staying healthy, so a reliable scale is a must. At some point, someone in your household will inevitably tackle a weight loss journey, at which point a scale will be especially important.

The top quality you’ll probably look for in a scale is accuracy. Durability and appearance mean nothing if the numbers you see when you step on it aren’t correct. Digital scales use sensors and a strain gauge to measure and convert the weight of an object placed on them. Today’s top scales also feature the ability to calibrate automatically. This feature allows reliable readings every time you step on the scale, even if you’ve moved it since the last time you weighed.

Before you buy a scale, you should first take a look around the room you’ll be putting it in. Most often this is a bathroom, but you may plan to slide it into a closet when it’s not in use. If that’s the case, you’ll probably want to pay close attention to the width and length of the scale you choose since smaller scales will squeeze into tighter spaces. Otherwise, visualize the way the scale will look when mixed with your existing décor.

Lastly, you’ll want to consider the durability of the scale that you’re buying. Most of today’s scales are built to last for many years, but some are stronger than others. While many scales will promise a durable frame, you should also pay attention to the glass. Scales made from glass have been known to shatter in the past. It may be worth it to consider one with tempered glass that promises many years of reliable use.

Sours: https://www.dontwasteyourmoney.com/products/taylor-precision-products-7506-digital-bathroom-scale/
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FAQs - Scales

I received my scale and my first weight reading was really wrong. What happened?

The scale may need to be initialized. This process is necessary because the scale was moved during the shipping process. Initializing the scale “re-seats” the internal parts allowing the scale to find the correct “zero.” Here is how to initialize your scale:

  1. Place the scale back on a hard surface floor.
  2. With one foot only, place just enough weight on the scale for the display shows zero’s or dashes. Once you see zeros or dashes remove your foot.
  3. Wait for the scale to turn off again.
  4. Step up onto the scale for a weight.

Or, your scale may be on an uneven surface or on carpet. Be sure to place your scale on a hard, flat surface to get an accurate weighing.

How do I program my body fat scale?

The easiest way to program the scales is to pull the manual up for the scale and follow the directions. The procedure does vary according to the scale.

In general the procedure is to tap the power or set button until it brings up the height and then hit the arrow keys until you get to the correct height. Hit the power or set after each entry usually height, age, gender, athlete mode. It will then beep and you will need to hit the arrow up until you see 1 (this is the memory number) tap the set or power and it will beep again. The scale is now programmed.

The general recall procedure is to hold the power or set button down for 2 seconds (or tap the up arrow) until the memory number goes up. Then just tap the power or set and it will beep. Then step on the scale to get the information. The weight will be first, then running zeroes, then thefat%, and finally water%.

What do the ERR messages mean?

Here are the basic ERR messages and their meanings:

  • Error 0: Initialization
  • Error 1: Instability (scale is on an uneven surface ex: carpet)
  • Error 2: Unit may have been jarred or unit was overloaded (customer went over the maximum weight capacity)
  • Error 3: Contact error (Feet were not wet for Body fat reading, feet aren’t big enough to reach sensors)
  • Error 4: Body fat is out of range
  • Error 5: Water is out of range

I got an ERR2 message and now the scale doesn’t work. What should I do?

The following reset procedure is used when the scale shows an err2, err, 0.0, inaccurate weight, or some other unusual error.

  1. Remove the battery from the scale.
  2. Sit the scale on a hard surface floor.
  3. Step up onto the scale, stand still for about 5 seconds and step off the scale.
  4. Re-install your battery.
  5. Place the scale back on a hard surface floor.
  6. With one foot only, place just enough weight on the scale for the display shows zero’s or dashes. Once you see zeros or dashes remove your foot.
  7. Wait for the scale to turn off again.
  8. Step up onto the scale for a weight.

If the reset is successful, you should receive a weight right away. If you continue to receive one of the error messages above please call our Customer Service department or contact us via email. You can also try the reset procedure a 2nd time. Sometimes the reset procedure will work the second time.

My scale readout is now blank? Do I have to buy a new battery?

First, did you notice of the scale had a “lo” or “bat” display before it went blank? If so this means the battery needs to be replaced. If you did not get the battery indicator, did you “miss” seeing this? Has it been a week since you were on the scale? If you stand on the scale regularly and did not receive the battery indicator then you can try the reset procedure above. If neither of these cases are true, please contact our Customer Service Dept.

Do I have to “tap” on my scale?

No, all Taylor scales feature an “auto on, auto zero” technology. This means that the scale is ready to be used just by stepping on the scale. Tap scales require the scale to be turned “on” prior to being weighed, and you must wait for the scale to be activated. Taylor scales are auto on, meaning they are ready. If you store your scale upright or in a cupboard, or having used it in awhile, you may need to initialize the scale again. Please see those steps above.

I weighed myself twice right away and the numbers were really different. Is my scale defective?

The manufacturing tolerance is typically plus or minus 2 pounds under 200 lbs, and 1% over 200 lbs. If the readings are within this tolerance, the scale may be performing as designed. If the weights are more than 2 pounds, your scale may have been “bumped”, or the scale may be on an uneven or carpeted surface.

Weighing yourself twice right away is not a way to test the accuracy of your scale. The scale is calibrated for accuracy at the factory. The only definite way to check for accuracy in the home is using certified weights.

Do I have to store the scale flat?

We recommend keeping the scale in the same position at all times, on a flat, hard surface. If you have to store it, the scale parts may shift causing you to have to initialize the scale during your weighing process.

Can I weigh myself on carpet?

Taylor scales do not feature “carpet feet” and thus will not provide accurate readings on carpeting. We suggest placing the scale on a hard, flat surface.

My body fat measurements are different than at my health club. Which is correct?

Every method of measuring body fat can differ. The results from the water test, or calipers will differ from a BIA body fat scale. The key to measuring body fat is to use that method consistently. If you use a scale, use the same scale over and over. You should not compare the results with a scale at the gym.

Another difference is body fat monitors that are hand held versus step on. The hand held methods will not necessarily measure throughout the entire body, whereas the step on type will be more accurate.

Why is the weight at my doctor’s office so different than at home?

Weight of a person can vary widely throughout the day, and depends on such factors as meals, amount of water in the body, exercise, etc. If you weigh yourself at home in the morning and then at the doctor’s in the afternoon, the weight can vary, maybe as much as 5 lbs. That is just the nature of the human body.

Also, even though the doctor’s scale may be a professional model, it is not known when it may have been calibrated. Your Taylor scale finds the zero (calibrates) after the user has stepped off.

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Sours: http://www.taylor-enviro.com/faq-scales/
Taylor 608TE11FT Digital Scale

Taylor Precision Digital Glass Bathroom Scale, Clear


Equip your guest rooms with bathroom accessories visitors will appreciate. The Taylor® Precision Tech™ digital scale has a clean and modern look that will blend well with a variety of décors. Plus, you can rest assured that this scale is durable with its high-tempered glass platform, a chrome accent base, 400-pound capacity, and a long-lasting lithium-ion battery. Even more, large LCD digits are displayed on a 1.5-inch LCD screen for easy visibility.

Equip your guest rooms with bathroom accessories visitors will appreciate. The Taylor® Precision Tech™ digital scale has a clean and modern look that will blend well with a variety of décors. Plus, you can rest assured that this scale is durable with its high-tempered glass platform, a chrome accent base, 400-pound capacity, and a long-lasting lithium-ion battery. Even more, large LCD digits are displayed on a 1.5-inch LCD screen for easy visibility.

Product Specifications

Taylor Precision

Glass Bathroom Scales



Sours: https://www.americanhotel.com/taylor-precision-digital-glass-bathroom-scale-clear/p/1066424

Digital taylor scale products precision

Taylor Precision Products Digital Talking Bathroom Scale

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Taylor Digital Bathroom Scale 7358SSW

Taylor USB Rechargeable Precision Digital Kitchen Scale, 11 lb. Capacity

NO MORE BATTERIES: Use the convenient USB charging port instead of changing batteries. Under normal use, the scale holds power for over a week!CONVENIENT FEATURES: Hold feature locks in weight while the tare feature allows multiple ingredients to be weighed in the same container.EASY CLEANING: Stainless steel platform is removable for easy cleaning-just remove the platform and put it in the dishwasher!SLEEK DESIGN WITH EASY READING: The black stainless steel is lightly brushed for a classic appearance. The brilliant blue backlit display is easy to read at any angle.QUALITY AND PRECISION: Taylor has been making precision products for kitchen measurement for over 150 years, using only the highest quality components for accurate weighing. Max Capacity: 11 lb. x 0.01-ounce, 5000 g x 0.5 g (dry). 176 fluid-ounce x 0.01 fluid-ounce, 5000 mL x 0.5 mL (liquid).When Taylor was founded in 1851, by George Taylor, he had a motto: accuracy first. Since then, our legacy has grown to include a wide range of measurement products for home and industry. From thermometers for food safety or the environment to scale devices for bodies and food, we develop the most accurate measurement products. We’ve been in the measurement business for almost 160 years… which is why Taylor is the brand you can trust.Taylor USB Rechargeable Precision Digital Kitchen Scale, 11 lb. Capacity: 5257576

Sours: https://www.realsimple.com/shop/taylor-taylor-usb-rechargeable-precision-digital-kitchen-scale-11-lb-capacity-p72b6926eaddaaaf75bb5b445c5c8fcf5.html

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