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Oblivion is full of items both magical and mundane. The articles listed here provide information on all of the items that can be found in the game.

Finding Items[edit]

Depending upon whether you are looking for a specific item or just browsing for general information, there are several different ways to navigate through the many item-related pages.


If you know the exact name of the specific item you want to find, you can use the wiki's search feature to find the item's page.


Within the category Oblivion-Items are many subcategories listing nearly every item in the game by function. If you don't know the exact spelling of a specific item, browsing through one of the categories may help you to find it.

General Articles on Items[edit]

Most of these articles provide general information on various types of items, and also include lists of the mundane (non-enchanted and widely available) varieties of the items.

  • Ammunition: All arrows, magical and non-magical
  • Armor: Base unenchanted armor
  • The Black Horse Courier: Cyrodiil's only newspaper
  • Books: All books in the game
  • Clothing: Base unenchanted clothing and jewelry
  • Ingredients: A complete list of alchemical ingredients
  • Keys: A listing of all keys in the game
  • Notes: Random notes and letters found in the game
  • Potions: All potions, beverages, and poisons
  • Specialty Gear: Items used only in special cases, such as guard uniforms, arena gear, etc.
  • Weapons: Base unenchanted weapons
  • Miscellaneous Items: Includes tools (alchemy apparatus, soul gems, repair hammers), gems, minor quest items, etc.
  • Quest Items: Items that are marked as Quest Items at some point or other during the game.

Articles on Enchanted Items[edit]

These articles provide lists of all the enchanted items available in the game, organized according to how you are likely to find or obtain the item.

  • Magic Items: General information about magic items
  • Artifacts: Truly legendary items unlike anything else in appearance or attributes
  • Generic Magic Weapons: All enchanted weapons that can be found in random loot
  • Generic Staves: Staves with generic enchantments that can be found in random loot
  • Generic Magic Apparel: All enchanted armor, clothing, and jewelry that can be found in random loot
  • Leveled Items: Items obtained as quest rewards whose attributes depend on your level when you obtain them
  • Scrolls: All magic scrolls in the game
  • Staves: All non-generic staves (mages staff, leveled staves, and unique magical staves)
  • Unique Items: Unique items with fixed attributes that are only found in one place

Articles Recommending Items[edit]

These articles provide recommendations on the best available items, depending upon your circumstances.

Creating Custom Items[edit]

  • Alchemy: Create your own custom potions.
  • Enchanting: Use the enchanting altar to create enchanted armor and weapons.
  • Sigil Stones: Use sigil stones to create enchanted armor and weapons.

Official Downloads[edit]

The official downloads add various new items listed on their own pages:

Object ID[edit]

All of the listed items include the item's Object ID (or Form ID), which can be used on the PC version to obtain the item using the PC Console command . To add an item to your inventory:

  1. Open the console with the ` key (the key to the left of the 1 key). The legend of the key varies from country to country. For example, the North European keyboard has a § sign there.
  2. Type: (ex. )
  3. Hit <Enter> (or <Return>)
  4. Close the console by pressing the ` key (or equivalent) again.

It is not necessary to type the zeroes (0) before the natural numbers or letters when adding an item to your inventory.

  • The Object ID for gold is , so to give yourself 10000 gold the command is
  • For items from official downloads, the provided Object IDs all start with "xx". The "xx" needs to be replaced by the number assigned to that download on your computer, which depends upon the number of downloads you are loading and their load order. See In Game Formid for details.
  • For items from official downloads, it is not necessary to enter the first '0' in front of the number which denotes the load order (the 'xx').
Sours: https://en.uesp.net/wiki/Oblivion:Items

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Wiki Guide

Shield (lowest magnitude, 1 second) - Alteration Cast the spell you have created repeatedly by tapping the cast button repeatedly and you can get all your magic levels up to 100. Keep in mind if you use the fire damage one it has to actually hit a target, hopefully a high level monster so that you don't have to stop. Submitted by: xympathy

Cheat Codes with Testing Hall, God Mode and More

Press ~ (or the key above Tab) to open the console. Enter these cheats for the desired effect.

  • help- List console commands
  • player.additem 0000000F X- Add X amount of Gold
  • advlevel- Forces a level up with the levelup screen
  • advskill skill X- Forces a skill level up X amount of levels
  • tgm- God Mode (enter while not targeting)
  • Killall- Kill everything
  • coc testinghall- Teleports player to an area with all objects, monsters, and NPCs in-game
  • coc toddtest- Teleports player to developer testing grounds
  • movetoqt- Teleport to quest target
  • PlaceAtMe id, number,X,Y- Spawns a creature, npc or item
  • player.placeatme - Summon NPC
  • tfc- Free camera
  • SetItemValue Amount- Set item price
  • StopCombat- Character ceases combat
  • psb- Add all spells to player
  • modpcs skill 100- Add 100 points to the skill
  • modpca luck 100- Add 100 pointsto an attribute (here luck)
  • player.setstage - Advances specific quest to specified stage
  • Showbirthsignmenu- Change your birthsign
  • showclassmenu- Change your class
  • Drop TypeREF Amount- An item drops selected target's inventory
  • SetActorFullName "John Doe"- Change Character's name
  • hairtint (red/green/blue)- Change hair colour
  • FOV X- Change the angle of your point of view (default is 75)
  • player.setlevel 1- Changes player level to desired number. Use 1-255
  • SexChange- Changes your gender
  • caqs- Completes all quest stages
  • DuplicateAllItems DestinationObjREF- Copy items from target into DestinationObjREF
  • CreateFullActorCopy- Create a fully identical copy of target
  • SSG- Creates a window with the full game scene graph
  • drop amount- Drops item
  • equipitem - Equips item
  • qqq- Exit game without using menus
  • ShowSpellMaking- Forces up spell creation screen
  • player.additem - Gives the player the given item and amount of the item.
  • player.AddItem 00000000 X- Gives you X amount of item 00000000 (use other hex combinations for items)
  • SetPCFame- Gives you fame
  • SetPCInfamy- Gives you infamy
  • player.AddSpell 00000000- Gives you spell 00000000 (use other hex combinations for spells)
  • player.payfine- Guards cease attacking you, bounty is paid off
  • ceasecombat- Immediately ceases the combat of the selected friend/foe
  • player.setAV - Increase (Or decrease) Ability or Attribute
  • Click any human or creature, type "kill"- Instant kills
  • Player.kill- Kill yourself
  • lock [value]- Lock a door
  • lock [1-100]- Lock selected door or container
  • setscale X- Change object size, where X=1 is regular .5 to 2 changes size
  • ModDisposition ObjREF Amount- Modify character disposition towards ObjREF
  • MoveTo ObjREF- Move target to ObjREF
  • Player.CreateFullActorCopy- Place another "Yourself" near you.
  • PCB- Purge cell buffer. This will free up used memory
  • RemoveAllItems- Remove all items from target
  • player.completequest - Remove active quest
  • player.removeitem - Remove any item
  • player.setcrimegold 0- Remove Bounty on your head
  • DeleteFullActorCopy- Remove selected target if it was a copy created with CreateFullActorCopy
  • player.removespell - Remove specified spell
  • resurrect- Resurrect targeted monster/human.
  • savegame [filename]- Save game
  • PRID Player- Select yourself as a target
  • SetCrimeGold 2000- Set a bounty on Character's head
  • setcamerafov [degrees]- Set camera field of view (75 by default)
  • pov [X]- Set point of view angle (75 by default)
  • SetAV AValue Amount- Set some ability or skill (LightArmor, Aggression, Energy, Confidence, Responsibility)
  • SetPos X Value- Set target's X coordinate
  • set timescale to X- Set the speed at which time flows, X=30 is default
  • SetBarterGold Amount- Set amount of gold a merchant has for trade
  • setweight XXX- Set the item's weight to XXX
  • showfullquestlog X- Show all log entries for indicated quest (use quest ID)
  • showquestlog 1- Show completed quest log
  • showquestlog 0- Show current quest log
  • showquesttargets- Show current quest targets
  • showquestlog- Show quest log
  • ShowClassMenu- Show the class selection screen
  • ShowRaceMenu- Show the name/race/appearance selection screen
  • ShowBirthSignMenu- Show the sign selection screen
  • tmm 1- Shows all map markers
  • GetPos X- Shows target's X coordinate in the scene. Y and Z are also valid. Use Player.GetPos X or "014".GetPos X to find out where you are on the X-axis!
  • UnEquipItem TypeREF- Target deactivates an item of given type
  • Look ObjREF- Target looks towards referenced object
  • SetAV Aggression 100- Target attacks anybody it doesn't like
  • StopLook- Target ceases looking
  • TAI- Toggle AI
  • TDETECT- Toggle AI detection
  • tcai- Toggle combat ai
  • TDT- Toggle debug display
  • tfh- Toggle Full Help
  • TG- Toggle grass
  • TLL- Toggle land LOD
  • TLV- Toggle leaves
  • TS- Toggle sky
  • TT- Toggle trees
  • tws- Toggle water
  • TWF- Toggle wireframe mode
  • TCL- Toggle collision
  • TFOW- Toggle fog of war
  • TM- Hide all menus
  • ShowSubtitle- Toggles NPC conversation subtitles
  • twr- Toggle Water Radius
  • unlock - Unlock target object

Cheat - Duplicate Items (Post Patch)

This cheat duplicates items in a similar way to the pre-patch method using a bow and arrows. I have seen variations on this method involving swinging weapons/fists but found they did not work (on the PC at least). This method works with Shivering Isles installed and is more straight forward than the old method.

To start with you will need at least 2 identical scrolls. Open you inventory and equipment them. Click on the scrolls once more, then drop the item you would like to duplicate. The quantity of the item needs to be less than the number of scrolls, for example if you have 10 scrolls the number of items duplicated at one time has to be 9 or less. Exit your inventory screen and the duplicates will fall to the ground. The number of items duplicated will be equal to the number of scrolls. To repeat this go back into the inventory screen and click on the equipped scrolls and drop the item to be duplicated (no need to unequip and equip the scrolls)

This method does not duplicate stolen items and some rare/quest items. It is however useful for duplicating light, valuable items such as gemstones which can be sold.

Submitted by Tenfyr

Hint - Levelling FailSafe

This little exploit can be taken advantage of to jack your levels up to 30 (when the items you earn will be of top quality). Just make sure to complete the quests with vulnerable NPCs or they will not survive the pummeling from high level enemies.

Simply travel to Leyawin and activate the 'Whom Gods Annoy' quest. Get it to the point where the woman gives you her Daedric staff. Instead of going to the dungeon to get rid of it, keep it for a while. The Everscamps it produces are incredibly easy to kill, have weak attack, and never stop respawning. Any ideas yet?

Personally, I was a Knight of Leyawin and went to the White Stallion Lodge to do this. I then decided that I wanted to level my Hand-to-Hand. So I punched the Everscamps to death again and again. A mere 10 minutes later I had raised my Hand-to-Hand almost 15 points.

I think many people don't think that the Everscamps give you experience points, but in fact, they do. I then leveled my block, blade, and heavy armor skills by about 20 points each before completing the quest.

Hint - Unlimited Enchanted Daggers

This incurs the wrath of the guards and pretty much sets your fellow mages up for NPC-related slaughter (not the Harry Potter version).

Once you have gained access to the Arcane University you can harvest an unlimited supply of enchanted daggers. The NPC mages all carry a randomly enchanted dagger. Since the mages at the University level-up with you, the higher your level, the higher the quality of the dagger and the stronger the enchantment.

At level 2 the NPC mages will have an iron dagger and around level 6 they will start carrying dwarven daggers. Since you may not steal or kill your fellow mages you have to trick the gaurds outside of the gates to assist you. Simply walk up to any of the guards and attack them. When the guards ask you to surrender select "resist arrest".

There will be two guards outside, so you need to make sure to get both of them to follow you. Once you have them in tow, run into the academy and wait for your fellow mages to assist you in killing the guards. As the battles go, the gaurds will usually win and kill all of the mages. If this is the case, you need to finish the guards off yourself. Afterwards, simply loot the bodies.

The main thing is you did not kill your fellow mages, so you won't be blamed for their deaths.

After the first time you do this you will trigger the gaurds and mages to hate each other forever. After hunting in a dungeon or doing a quest, check-in on the guild to see if any new guards or mages are lying around dead.

While the mages increase their level as you do, the guards do not, after a while the gaurds won't stand a chance against the mages. To solve this, wait until morning when the captain of the guard is inspecting the courtyard of the guild. Get him as well as the two guards to follow you into the guild; the three of them tend to be a match for the higher level mages.

Lastly, if the guard only attacks you and won't attack the mages, use an invisibility spell and he will switch targets.

Hint - Fast Travel For The Grossly Obese

After clearing out one of the many dungeons in Oblivion, you may wish to carry out more valuable loot, items, armor and weapons than your current level of Encumbrance will allow. If you're able to, you can cast spells that will temporarily raise the amount you can carry, but if that's not an option for you, a simple potion of feather can be very helpful in a pinch.

Clear out all the enemies, taking note of where all the highly valuable (and sometimes heavy) items you're going to want to carry out with you are. Next, load up as much as you can carry, and drink your feather potion. This will temporarily raise your Encumbrance. Now, quickly run around and grab the other items you want to take. Get outside the dungeon before your potion runs out, and fast-travel wherever you wish.

No matter how far away your destination is, you'll make it, along with all the stuff that you picked up. Travel to a merchant to sell it all, or travel to your home/hideout to stash it for later. When you arrive, you will be over-encumbered, so in order to move, you'll either have to drink another feather potion, or temporarily drop a few things.

I usually fast-travel just inside the gate to the Market District of the Imperial City, where I temporarily drop whatever I can't carry, then run right around the corner to the various shops. I sell everything I don't want to keep, then I return to the gate and pick up the things I dropped. It's a great way to make large sums of cash fairly quickly.

Free Weightless Daedric Weapons

After you've gained access to the Arcane University (to do so you must join the Mages Guild), purchase two cheap bound weapon spells. You can get the Bound Dagger spell from the Discount Spells shop in the Imperial City's Market District. Make the second spell you buy bind a weapon that you want to keep.

Go to the Arcane University's Praxographical Center (northeast corner) and create a spell that does Bound Dagger for one second on self. You can repeatedly use this spell to raise your Conjuration skill above level 25, a level you'll need to achieve in order to get the free weightless Daedric weapons. <P>Once your Conjuration is at level 25 or higher, make a new spell that will cast Bound Dagger and Bound "whatever weapon you want." (If you don't see the option to create a spell that does anything other than Bound Dagger, you'll need to make sure that you can actually cast the other bound weapon spell. If you can't, raise your Conjuration skill even higher.) Make sure that you add the Bound Dagger effect first, then add the second bound weapon effect. Set both effects for a duration of one second. <P>Cast the spell you've just created and wait for the sound of weapons equipping. Immediately go to your menu and you'll see that the second bound weapon appears in your inventory. Simply drop the weapon and you can then pick it up to keep forever. The weapon has no sell value but it's weightless and pretty powerful. This bug can be repeated as many times as you like, giving you access to an infinite number of Daedric weapons.

Hint - Increase Disposition Every Try

If you are trying to get a person to like you that has the persuasion option when you talk to him you can incrase the maximum disposition level a little bit more.

I've tested this trick out myself with some Imperial city gaurds and it works as long as you keep trying with the person until you reach the "Disposition Maxed" message on the persausion menu.

All you need to do is talk to the person you wish to persuade with your weapon DRAWN and then get him to like you through the persuasion ability until the menu says "Disposition Maxed."

When you do that, simply stop talking to the character and put your weapon away, when you then go to the persuasion menu and look at the disposition level you will see it is somewhat higher(I believe the maximum posible disposition you can achive through this secret is ten). The amount you can get from this seems to depend on the NPC's persuasion level and your charcters persuaion level and the NPC may have a grudge with you or a bond with you from things you may have done to help or hurt them or your charcter may have infamy and/or fame, or the guild you belong in and your curent rank in that guild may affect the way this person feels about you.

I must also warn that certain charcters aren't possible to persuade mainly charcters involved with quests, (For example Baurus of the Blades.)

Hint - Mercantile Increase

You can raise most other skills without trouble, except perhaps, for Mercantile. Go to the tents in Kvatch. Equip any weapon and get on horseback. Once this is done, talk to the Orc woman with corn rows and sell the weapon to her. Your weapon will not be sold but you will get 200 gold every time you attempt this. It raises the mercantile skill while you make money. Win-win.

Submitted by rikyyo

Hint - Exploiting The Unicorn

The unicorn offers tranquility. It's also unseasonably warm. If you have a uniorn, go to any city with a stable and stable the unicorn. Lock the unicorn inside while you are outside. Draw your weapon and the unicorn will get mad. A guard will go inside the stable and start attacking the unicorn. Close the gate in after the guard while remaining outside. The unicorn will kill the guard and you can loot the body.

Each guard has a key to his respective city. You can then fast travel to a different city and you can do it again. Some of the stables have a way for the unicorn to get out, so beware. If the unicorn gets one attack in, it will probably kill you. The only way to kill unicorns is with daedric, magic, or silver weapons.

Hint - Sigil Stone Picker

The gates generate a random plane of oblivion along with a random sigil stone. Go through the tower all the way to the top, till you reach the sigil stone. Simply save the game before the stone spawns and you can re-randomize the stone by re-loading the game, if it's not to your liking.

Hint - Sneak Walk Increase (Requires Rufio)

The Inn of Ill Omen is located Northwest of Bravil along the road. In the basement of it is a guy named Rufio. As long as you are reasonably quiet he will sleep forever allowing you to sneak around the room increasing the skill easily. Just put your guy facing a corner and rig the stick to keep walking and you gain a new level roughly every minute (early on). Note that if you killed Rufio as part of the Dark Brotherhood's quest, you won't be able to use this exploit.

Hint - Arena Blindspot

This requires your acrobatics to be fairly high (always jump when travelling to increase it), since you need to jump to a spot that's normally out of reach. The blind spot is not immune to ranged weapons or spells, but for the most part, you can take down enemy combatants with your ranged weapons or spells without a loss.

Naturally, save your game before you attempt this.

As soon as the fight starts, run to the left. There is a gray stone pillar, next to the gate. Just jump on and up onto it, as high as you can. Often your opponent is there attacking you so the force of the attack may actually push you onto the short pillar.

If you do it right, you can stay perched up there, safely out of reach of most melee fighters. You can proceed to destroy your opponents with arrows or other ranged attacks at your disposal.

Hint - This Fight's Freaking Easy

Having trouble with strong monsters or opponents? Work a bit on your Alchemy skill and learn to concoct potions to "Damage Health". Combine such potions with your most potent weapon and hit your enemy a few times, then run off and cackle like a maniac while your quarry dies within minutes. (Repeat as necessary).

Hint - Sneak Walk Increase (Requires Armand)

There is a way for you to get your sneak skill to rise very quickly in the game. When you have the option to join the theives guild by meeting Armand at the Imperial Water Front garden around 11 pm, accept his task. He will offer you the option to buy lockpicks. Don't buy any. Go into sneak mode and go behind him. Not only will you get the lockpicks from him for free, you can also repeatedly pickpocket him to build up your sneak skill and all he'll say is to go ahead, he doesn't need it anyway.

Hint - Free Iorn Arrows

Go to the arena in the Imperial city and watch the blue team archer shoot arrows. Half the time you can go in there, the arrows the archers shoots will be there and you can simply take them without being labelled a thief. Naturally, you may want to save before attempting this.

Stealing From Blind And Mentally Retarded NPCs

I tested this on armor only, but I see no reason why it wouldn't work for any item if it's large enough for your atavism to collide with it.

First off, go to any armor shop that has a piece of armor on display that you want. Jump up onto the shop keep's counter and just run into and knock the armor item off the counter. This is not illegal and noone will even care. Next, keep kicking it by running into it multiple times until you have the item in a corner away from the view of the shop keeper.

The shop owner will actually follow you around the shop while you run about. Get him/her to follow you to the opposite end of the store, then quickly run back to where you placed the armor item. Use the sneak ability (default RIGHT CTRL) and pick it up before they see you. Done.

Submitted by Laerun

Item Spawn Cheat

Drop the console and input player.additem itemIDname integer where itemIDname is the internal name for the item and integer is the number of that item you want. For a complete list of items and their IDnames, <a href="https://faqs.ign.com/articles/697/697918p1.html">download the Excel file (ZIP)</a> from IGN's FAQs site.

<a href="https://faqs.ign.com/articles/697/697918p1.html">Download Item List (XLS)</a>

Submitted by PlanetElderScrolls

World Warping Cheat

Drop the console via the TILDE key and input player.coc locationIDname where locationIDname is the map you wish to go to. For a <a href="https://faqs.ign.com/articles/697/697909p1.html">complete list of location IDs</a>, head for IGN's FAQs site.

<a href="https://faqs.ign.com/articles/697/697909p1.html">View Location ID List</a>

Submitted by PlanetElderScrolls

Cheat List

While playing, drop the developer console via the TILDE key (next to numeric one). You may need to add a -dev or -devuser switch to the command or target line to the game executable via a Windows shortcut. All codes listed here are unverified.

help ... List available console commands
tgm ... Invulnerability
tcl ... Toggle clipping
lock ... Lock highlighted object with integer lock-level
unlock ... Unlock highlighted object
kill ... Kills highlighted entity (kills self if no target is selected)
modpcs , ... Add integer points to skillname skill
modpca , ... Add integer points to attribname attribute

Submitted by planetelderscrolllord

Verified by APY - PlanetElderScrolls, roxykittyd - PlanetElderScrolls
Sours: https://www.ign.com/wikis/the-elder-scrolls-iv-oblivion/PC_Cheats
  1. 2019 silverado headers
  2. Impala logo door lights
  3. One punch man v
  4. Grandchildren bracelet charms
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The final step is to enter the number of that item you want and hit your Enter key. For example, to give yourself 10 Mead you would press ~, and enter "player.additem 0000B1201 10" without the quotes. Now, you're probably wondering how you can give yourself an NPC. Short answer: You can't. Real answer: The NPC spawns in front of you. Between the selection of race/class/birthsign, the advance skill code ("player.advskill [skill name] [points to add]", its as if you've trained that skill), and this, you can create any character you can imagine. Enjoy! :D ------------------------------------------------------------ 2) ELIXIRS, POTIONS, ETC. - 0006D6ED Advances in Lock Picking - 00073A65 Aegis - 0008991F Aevar Stone-Singer - 00024543 Agnar's Journal - 000C55DF Ahzirr Traajijazeri - 000243FE Akaviri Diary Translation - 0001C162 Alluring Gaze - 00084AEF Alval Uvani's Schedule - 00066200 Amantius Allectus' Diary - 000355ED Ancotar's Journal - 00185934 Andre's Letter - 000C56D9 Annal of the Fire Nexus - 000CA11F Anvil Tarts Thwarted! - 00066CD5 Aquatic Adaptation - 0008ADA8 Aquatic Evolution - 0008ADAA Aquatic Transcendence - 0008ADAB Arcana Restored - 00024584 Arctic Blow - 000888EE Assassination! - 0006D6EF Gray Fox, Man or Myth? - 0006D6EE Greater Convalescence - 000C7667 Greater Detect Life - 0008888F Greater Dispel - 00088896 Greater Dispel Other - 0008889A Greater Fortify Fatigue - 000888DA Greater Fortify Health - 000888DC Greater Fortify Magicka - 000888DE Greater Restore Agility - 00089906 Greater Restore Endurance - 00089908 Greater Restore Intelligence - 0008990A Greater Restore Luck - 0008990C Greater Restore Personality - 0008990E Greater Restore Speed - 00089910 Greater Restore Strength - 00089912 Greater Restore Willpower - 00089914 Greater Soul Trap - 0008AD94 Greater Spell Reflection - 00089902 Greatest Painter Safe! - 0001F113 Mythic Dawn Commentaries 1 - 00022B04 Mythic Dawn Commentaries 2 - 00022B05 Mythic Dawn Commentaries 3 - 00022B06 Mythic Dawn Commentaries 4 - 00022B07 Necromancer's Moon - 00002DD1 Nerevar Moon and Star - 0002458C New 'Doomstones' Series! - 0006BD47 New Watch Captain Named - 0006D6F2 N'Gasta! Kvata! Kvakis! - 0002458D Night Falls on Sentinel - 000243EF Night Mother Rituals! - 0007BEA0 Nirnroot Missive - 0004E95E Note - 00068C10 Note - 00068C11 Note - 00068C12 Note - 00068C13 Note - 00068C14 Note - 00068C15 Note - 00068C16 Note - 00068C17 Note - 0002C524 Note - 000B073C Note from First Mate Filch - 000738D8 Note from Gray Fox - 0000A1B1 Note from Raminus Polus - 0000A23B Note of Bounty - 000B073D Note of Exception - 000C6548 Note to Gwinas - 00022B83 Notes on Racial Phylogeny - 0002453D Notes: Captain Montrose - 000950E2 Oceanic Journey - 0008ADAF Oghma Infinium - 000228F1 On Morrowind - 0002456D On Oblivion - 0002457E Open Average Lock - 000898F9 Open Easy Lock - 000898F8 Open Hard Lock - 000898FA Open Very Easy Lock - 000898F7 Open Very Hard Lock - 000CBF7B Oppressing Grasp - 00084AE5 Orders From Lucien Lachance - 00035E03 Origin of the Mages Guild - 0002458F Pacification - 00084AE8 Pack Mule - 000888B8 Palace Break-In? - 0006D6F4 Pale Pass Discovery! - 00066CD2 Pale Pass Map - 00066D69 Palla, volume 1 - 00024409 Palla, volume 2 - 000243DD Paralyze - 000898FD Parchment - 000CAA9A Pension of the Ancestor Moth - 000982F0 Plan for the Big Heist - 00022DB4 Poor Burdened by Taxes! - 0006D6F0 Pranks Spoils Society Gathering! - 00098689 Proper Lock Design - 00073A64 Protect - 0008991B Provinces of Tamriel - 0002457F Psychic Motion - 0008ADA0 Public Notice - 00071D50 Purloined Shadows - 0002454A Rage - 000888E0 Rain of Burning Dogs! - 00098683 Ramblings of Audens Avidius - 0003D06B Reality & Other Falsehoods - 00073A69 Rebuke Undead - 0008ADA5 Recipe - 0006DBBA Recipe - 0006DBBB Recipe - 0006DBBC Remanada - 000BF1CF Remote Manipulation - 0008AD9F Report: Disaster at Ionith - 00024558 Repulse Undead - 0008ADA4 Response to Bero's Speech - 000243F8 Restore Agility - 00089905 Restore Endurance - 00089907 Restore Intelligence - 00089909 Restore Luck - 0008990B Restore Personality - 0008990D Restore Speed - 0008990F Restore Strength - 00089911 Restore Willpower - 00089913Baenlin Dead! - 000732B7 Traitor's Diary - 00003968 Transfer Orders - 000C4A29 Transfer Orders - 000982F1 Trials of St. Alessia - 00024579 Turn Undead - 0008ADA3 Undelivered Letter - 000C794B Vampire Nest in the City! - 0006D6F3 Varieties of Daedra - 0002457C Vernaccus and Bourlor - 0002452F Vicente's Note to Ocheeva - 000693D2 Voice of Dread - 00088887 Voice of Rapture - 00084AF0 Wanted Poster - 000982EF Warrior - 000243EB Water Breathing - 0008ADA7 Waterfront Raid Fails! Enchanter's Key - 00092155 Archer's Paradox Key - 0000A077 Arch-Mage's Key - 00005297 Aredil's House Key - 00022BDF Aren's Strange Key - 00090746 Aren's Tower Key - 00098308 Arkay Chapel Undercroft Key - 00091ADA Arnora's Chest Key - 00093555 Arnora's Key - 00035E51 Arriana Valga's Key - 000242B6 Arriana Valga's Quarters Key - 000C5581 Arvena Thelas' Key - 0000A26A Arvin Dalvilu's Key - 0009824D Astinia Atius' Key - 00022BC3 Athram House Key - 00022BB9 Ayleid Cask Key - 000A6570 Baenlin's Key - 00035E48 Baeralorn's Key - 0000C0F4 Bantien's Key - 00022BB4 Barash House Key - 000513C1 Basement Key - 00035E50 Baurus' Key - 0001E702 Beldaburo Key - 0005E182 Benirus Manor Key - 00003A97 Bernadette Peneles' Key - 00029185 Bit and Bridle Key - 0001D1FF Black Brugo's Key - 00085960 Blackwood Co.
Sours: /pc/924363-the-elder-scrolls-iv-oblivion/faqs/42742
Oblivion: Console Commands/Codes

Oblivion - PC Item codes – Why they are useful

In Oblivion it’s great to travel for in-game hours just to obtain an ingredient, item or simply to get to a town. However this becomes time consuming particularly for the more action-oriented player who will need that ingredient or item readily available.

Fortunately there is a way of spawning items by using the console, just by typing any of the Oblivion PC item codes listed here to save you time. These codes include rare items such as the Amulet of Kings, common items such as robes or powerful ones like the mundane ring.

Using the console

To use the console and type any of the given Oblivion PC item codes you need to press the tilde key (~); now type ‘player.additem’ followed by a code and the number of items you would like. Ultimately, it may look like this:

player.additem 0009844B 1

Soul Gems

Here are the codes for some soul gems. The quest-given and powerful Azura’s star is given together with black soul gems.

Black Soul Gem - 00000192

Common Soul Gem - 00015B8B Grand Soul Gem - 00015B8E


These codes are to save you time gathering ingredients for the various regions of Cyrodil. Common ingredients and foods are not included since you can find them anywhere.

Alkanet Flower - 0003365C Aloe Vera Leaves - 000A7924

Ambrosia - 000704A0 Arrowroot - 0003365E

Ashes of Hindaril - 000977DD Bergamot Seeds - 000A7933

Bloodgrass - 00033664 Bog Beacon Asco Cap - 0008446C

Bonemeal - 00048734 Cairn Bolete Cap - 0006251E

Carrot of Seeing - 00082DE2 Clannfear Claws - 0003366A

Clouded Funnel Cap - 00084472 Columbine Root Pulp - 000A7925

Daedra Heart - 0001EC8F Dreugh Wax - 00033673

Dryad Saddle Polypore Cap - 0008529D Elf Cup Cap - 0008529E

Emetic Russula Cap - 0008529F Frost Salts - 00022E5B

Ginkgo Leaf - 00033678 Ginseng - 00033679 Glow Dust - 0001EBE8

Green Stain Cup Cap - 0008446A Green Stain Shelf Cap - 0008529A

Harrada - 0003367D Human Heart - 000CD51C

Human Skin - 00071F35 Lichor - 0007049E

Mandrake Root - 00033683 Minotaur Horn - 00033568

Monkshood Root Pulp - 000A792E Nirnroot - 0004E940

Painted Troll Fat - 0009209E Pinarus' Prize Minotaur Horn - 000CBD45

Poisoned Apple - 000918F0 Rat Poison - 00026B08

Refined Frost Salts - 00022F1A Rumare Slaughterfish Scales - 00185FE2

Sacred Lotus Seeds - 000A7936 Scamp Skin - 00033693

Steel-Blue Entoloma Cap - 0008446B Stinkhorn Cap - 0008446D

Taproot - 000AF06E Tiger Lily Nectar - 000A792B

Tinder Polypore Cap - 0008446F Troll Fat - 00026B5C

Unicorn Horn - 0001EC5B Vampire Dust - 0004872C

Viper’s Bugloss Leaves - 000A793B Void Salts - 0003369F

Water Hyacinth Nectar - 000A793C White Seed Pod - 000336A2

Clothes, Amulets and Rings

Oblivion Pc Item Codes - Mundane Ring

Some Oblivion PC item codes for clothes, amulets and rings.

Amulet of Kings - 000250A0 Amulet of Reflection - 0009845B

Apron of Adroitness - 00094ECB Black & Burgundy Outfit - 0001C887

Black Robe - 00064FE2 Blue Silk Shirt - 00064FE5

Blue Velvet Outfit - 0002319D Boots of Springheel Jak - 000148D4

Circlet of Omnipotence - 00088FED Collared Shirt - 00028732

Imperial Breeches - 000CA125 Laced Leather Pants - 000229AB

Mage’s Robe - 00064F7F Mankar Camoran’s Robe - 000BE31F

Mundane Ring - 0009844B Ring of Feather - 00091ABA

Ring of Nihilism – 00098420

WIth such a huge game it would have been impossible to include all of them in a single article. Please use this guide if you are not satisfied with the few codes given in this article.


All screenshots and references from The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion.

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Codes oblivion additem

Oblivion Item Codes, IDs & Item Spawning Guide

Quick Guide to Spawning

Built in console commands make spawning items in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion a breeze. Our searchable table below makes it even easier! No more dealing with a giant, laggy list trying to locate the items you want. You’ll be able to use the command to quickly add items to your inventory. Check out our console commands documentation to find out how to add items directly to your player! For a more in-depth look at spawning items, scroll below to jump directly to our guide.

Spawning Items

Oblivion is hands down one of the easiest games to input console commands on. No messing with files to make yourself admin. No need for special mods. Just open the console and have at it! Firstly you’ll need to know how to open up the console. You can do this by pressing the tilde key on your keyboard. This will open a box for you to enter commands, let’s take a look at a few different commands you can use to spawn items.

Oblivion Console Image


Description: Spawns the selected item of the specified quantity directly into your inventory.


  • <ItemID> – use the table above to search for the item you want, copy its Item ID and place it in this field.
  • <Quantity> – select the number of the item in which you want to spawn. Keep in mind that without buffing your stats to increase your encumbrance you may not be able to carry all the items you spawn. You can do this by changing your Strength stat via console commands, turning on god mode, or making use of a mod.


Description: This command will automatically equip the selected item to your character upon entering. Keep in mind this may only be used with items that can be worn.


  • <ItemID> – use the table above to search for the item you want, copy its Item ID and place it in this field. Remember to only use items in the categories Weapons, Armor, Arrows or Clothing & Jewelry.
  • <NoUnequip> – this decides whether you want the item to be able to unequipped or not. Enter a value of 1 to prevent it from being removed no matter what, or a value of 0 to have it function normally.
Sours: https://gamedb.gg/games/the-elder-scrolls-iv-oblivion/item-codes-ids-item-spawning-guide/
Oblivion Command Codes-Part 1

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Item Code Cheats for PC

The player.AddItem cheat makes it possible to get any item in Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion on PC when you need it. For example, if you know the Oblivion lockpick ID code, you can unlock any door in the game.

Here are the codes for items that don't fall neatly into other categories like armor codes, weapon codes, or ingredient codes.

How to Enter Cheats for The Elder Scrolls IV on PC

To use these cheat codes, press the tilde (~) key to bring up the cheat console, then enter player.AddItem IDquantity.For example, if you want two baskets, you would enter:

player.AddItem 00024D91 2

If you wanted three skeleton keys in Oblivion, you would enter:

player.additem 0000000B 3

Item ID Cheat Codes for The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

Append the following codes along with a quantity to the player.AddItem cheat.

If you don't see the item you want in the tables below, then it can likely be found in one of our other lists of Elder Scrolls IV cheat codes.

Oblivion Item ID Codes A-E

ItemID Code
Agarmir's Shovel0001D0AF
Akaviri Orders000785E0
Argonian Heart0003558F
Ayleid Statue000844C4
Bear Pelt000228E3
Blood Potion001192AE
Blue Cheese000D3B25
Bouquet of Flowers00049CFD
Brush Jar0001BBCB
Brush of Truepaint0001BB36
Carved Panel0002AF03
Ceramic Bowl0002507A
Ceramic Cup0002507B
Ceramic Goblet0002507C
Ceramic Pitcher0002507D
Ceramic Plate0002507F
Ceramic Tankard0002724F
Ceramic Urn00025080
Ceramic Vase00025081
Cheddar Cheese000D3B2F
Clay Bowl00022299
Clay Cup00022538
Clay Goblet0002253C
Clay Pitcher00022543
Clay Plate0002254C
Clay Tankard00022559
Clay Urn00022553
Clay Vase00022557
Colossal Black Soul Gem00007E9C
Covered Pot000105E0
Crumpled Piece of Paper000BF14D
Crystal Ball0001C60D
Dirty Shoes0009F8FD
Element of Courage0002C6EF
Element of Patience0002C6EE
Element of Perception0002C6F0
Element of Resolve0002C6ED
Empty Hist Bottle0008996E
Eye of Nocturnal00026AC9

Oblivion Item ID Codes F-M

ItemID Code
Filled Colossal Black Soul Gem00007E9D
Finger of Adamus Phillida001778DB
Fingers of the Mountain0000510D
Flawed Diamond00038BA8
Flawed Emerald00038BA6
Flawed Pearl00038B99
Flawed Ruby00038B9F
Flawed Sapphire00038BA2
Flawed Topaz00038B9C
Flawless Diamond00038BA9
Flawless Emerald00038BA5
Flawless Pearl00038B9A
Flawless Ruby00038BA0
Flawless Sapphire00038BA3
Flawless Topaz00038B9D
Folded Cloth00000D76
Garridan's Tear00025B33
Glass of Time0002A60B
Gold Nugget00049808
Great Sigil Stone0003844E
Great Welkynd Stone000345AF
Hand Scythe00025100
Hermaeus Mora's Soul Gem0008B61E
Imperial Legion Seal0000C22C
Key-Shaped Arrowhead0001482C
Languorwine Antidote00028276
Lion Pelt000228E4
Llathasa's Bust0001E861
Loose Pipe00089783
Magicka Potion001192AF
Marana Rian's Coin000613C0
Marble Cheese000D3B2A
Metal Bowl000CD400
Metal Goblet000CD401
Metal Plate000CD402
Metal Tankard000CD407
Metal Urn000CD4E9
Mother's Head0006AAA5

Oblivion Item ID Codes N-R

ItemID Code
Newheim's Heirloom00002E90
Oaken-Hall Heirloom000CBD41
Olroy Cheese0008C26A
Orb of Vaermina0001EC18
Paint Brush0001BBCA
Paint Palette0001BBCC
Pewter Bowl0001C624
Pewter Cup000104C1
Pewter Fork0001C622
Pewter Knife0001C620
Pewter Mug0000FD93
Pewter Pitcher0001C61F
Pewter Plate0001C626
Pewter Pot0001C61A
Pewter Spoon0001C623
Recently Used Pickaxe0009F8FA
Red Bowl000836CE
Repair Hammer0000000C
Reward Painting00034E62
Roderick's Medicine00030FD7
Roderick's Poison00030FD6
Rolled Up Portrait00034E52
Rufio's Skull000918FA

Oblivion Item ID Codes S-Z

ItemID Code
Sands of Resolve0002FB3F
Savilla's Stone00014706
Scales of Pitiless Justice000918FD
Silver Bowl00000C08
Silver Carafe00019107
Silver Fork0001924A
Silver Glass0001DBFC
Silver Goblet0001DCCC
Silver Knife00023C13
Silver Nugget00049809
Silver Pitcher00023C15
Silver Plate00023C19
Silver Spoon00023C1B
Silver Tankard00023C1D
Silver Urn00023C21
Silver Vase00023C23
Skeletal Hand00003A99
Skeleton Key0000000B
Statuette of a Dog0007B7B0
Stone Brick0002594A
Stone Cup00019115
Stone Mug000104CB
Stone of St. Alessi00003949
Stone Pitcher000105DD
Svenja's Arm000C55E1
Svenja's Head000C55E2
Svenja's Leg000C55E0
Svenja's Torso000C55E3
Tan Bowl000836CF
Tan Cup0001F1DE
Tan Goblet00022542
Tan Jug0001F1E4
Tan Mug0001F1E5
Tan Pitcher0001F1E6
Tan Plate0001F1E7
Tan Tankard00022550
Tan Urn00022554
Tan Vase00022558
Vampirism Cure Potion0009812D
Varla Stone00000194
Varulae's Crystal Ball00095A38
Wedding Gift000CBD43
Welkynd Stone00000191
West Weald Bear Fang0018AE3F
Wolf Pelt000228E2
Sours: https://www.liveabout.com/oblivion-misc-codes-pc-3402051

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