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40, BTU 96% AFUE Downflow Variable Speed Goodman Gas Furnace


With top of the line technology at high efficiency, two stage burner, and variable speed blower motor, the GCVCBN is another high-end gas furnace manufactured by Goodman. With enhanced durability and reliability, you can expect this Goodman gas furnace to perform well throughout its life to provide consistent comfort and lower the overall cost of bills to keep money in your pocket for many years to come.


  • This furnace is ideal to heat a smaller house (in average climate conditions)
  • 40, BTU 96% AFUE two stage variable speed natural gas furnace
  • Requires plastic/PVC flue venting
  • Can be used in the downflow or horizontal orientation
  • Can be converted to propane with an LP conversion kit (sold separately)
  • Innovative design for electrical efficiency, safety, and lower sound output
40, BTU

The GCVCBN Goodman gas furnace has an input of 40, BTU’s. The output of the unit is 38, BTU’s (input X efficiency = output). This size of furnace is normally suitable for most smaller houses in an ideal climate.

96% AFUE

With one of the highest efficiency ratings available, the GCVCBN gas furnace is 96% efficient. At this efficiency, the GCVCBN uses only 4% of its gas to operate the furnace itself and 96% of the gas going into the furnace to make your home warm and comfortable. With all gas furnaces at 90% efficiency and above like this one, the flue venting must be plastic or PVC.

Allowing for a more precise air flow output to best suit your home’s needs, the motor on the GCVCBN is a variable speed ECM blower motor, the best blower motor that Goodman offers to date. The two stage burner on the furnace allows for a lower output and a higher output for a more precise heat output as needed by your thermostat. Both of these high-end features allow for a small increase in efficiency, but the primary benefits are enhanced comfort and a more stable temperature throughout any season of the furnace’s use.

The GCVCBN comes standard with Goodman’s 10 year parts warranty and its exceptional lifetime heat exchanger warranty. In order to maintain this warranty, the installation must follow your state and local codes and the unit must be registered online via Goodman’s website.

The heavy-duty heat exchanger on the Goodman GCVCBN gas furnace is designed for constant use to provide enhanced reliability. The aluminized steel structure of this heat exchanger allows for a faster and more efficient heat transfer rate. Moreover, the outer casing on the unit is a heavier gauge of steel, protecting the internals of the furnace and lowering air leakage and furnace operation noise. All of these features enhance comfort and provide durability and reliability for the lifetime of the unit.

The GCVCBN furnace runs on natural gas from the factory. When you field-install the optional LP conversion kit (found here at an additional cost), this furnace can use propane instead when the installation requires it. This Goodman furnace is also able to be installed in the downflow or horizontal positions, allowing for a more versatile application potential.

Sours: https://hvacdirect.com/goodmanafuebtu-downflow-variable-speed-gas-furnacecfm-gcvcbn.html

Performance™ 96% AFUE, Two Stage, Variable Speed, Gas Furnace (FER). /1

The 59TP6B Multipoise Variable-Speed Condensing Gas Furnace features the two-stage Performance™ System. The Comfort Heat® technology two-stage gas valve is at the heart of the comfort provided by this furnace, along with the variable-speed ECM blower motor, and two-speed inducer motor. With an Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) up to % AFUE, the Performance™ Series two-stage gas furnace provides exceptional savings when compared to standard gas furnaces. This Performance Gas Furnace also features 4-way multipoise installation flexibility, and is available in nine model sizes. The 59TP6B can be vented for direct vent/two-pipe, ventilated combustion air, or single-pipe applications. All sizes are design certified in Canada. This furnace is not designed for use in recreation vehicles, manufactured (mobile) homes or out doors.



• Variable-speed, constant-torque ECM blower motor, two-speed inducer motor, and two-stage gas valve.
• Fully-insulated casing including blower section.
• Aluminized-steel primary heat exchanger.
• Stainless-steel condensing secondary heat exchanger.
• Silicon Nitride Power Heat™ Hot Surface Igniter.
• Adjustable blower speed for heating, cooling, continuous fan, and dehumidification.
• ComfortFan™ technology allows control of continuous fan speed from a compatible thermostat.


• 4-way multipoise design for upflow, downflow or horizontal installations, with unique vent elbow and optional through-the-cabinet downflow venting capability.
• Factory-configured ready for upflow applications.
• Installation flexibility: sidewall or vertical vent.
• Ideal height 35” ( mm) cabinet: short enough for taller coils, but still allows enough room for service.
• Direct-vent/sealed combustion, single-pipe venting or ventilated combustion air.


• Convertible to propane with gas conversion accessory kit.
• Convenient Air Purifier and Humidifier connections.
• 5 ton sizes (sizes V, V) allow 15 Amp breaker with accessory (order separately).
• Twinning capable with accessory kit (sizes V, V, V, V, and V).


• All sizes meet ENERGY STAR® Version criteria for gas furnaces: %+ AFUE.
• Cabinet air leakage less than % at in. W.C. and cabinet air leakage less than % at in. W.C. when tested in accordance with ASHRAE standard
• All sizes can be installed in air quality management districts with a 40 ng/J NOx emissions requirement

Sours: https://www.siglers.com/performanceafue-two-stage-variable-speed-gas-furnace-ferhtml
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80, BTU 96% AFUE 2 Stage Goodman Gas Furnace - Upflow/Horizontal


As a high-efficiency system, the GMECBN Goodman gas furnace features many money saving features. The two-stage, multi-speed furnace uses a superior heat exchanger for better heat transfers to your home. Considered one of the best efficiencies on the market, the GMECBN is a good way to go if you want to lower your gas bill.


  • This furnace is ideal to heat a medium-sized house (depending on climate)
  • 80, BTU 96% AFUE natural gas furnace
  • Requires plastic/PVC flue venting
  • Can be used in the upflow or horizontal orientation
  • Can be converted to an LP furnace with an optional conversion kit (sold separately)
  • Innovative design for electrical efficiency, safety, and lower sound output
80, BTU

Heating up to a medium-sized house in normal conditions, the GMECBN Goodman gas furnace has an input of 80, BTU’s and an output of 76, BTU’s. The output in this case is determined by taking the input times the efficiency rating.

96% AFUE

The GMECBN Goodman gas furnace is a 96% efficient furnace, making it a condensing setup. This efficiency means that only 4% of the fuel going into the furnace is used up in furnace operations, while 96% of the fuel is used to heat your home. As a condensing furnace, this furnace will need to be vented with plastic or PVC flue venting. If you need to use metal flue venting, you would need an 80% efficient furnace.

With a two stage burner, the GMECBN provides two heating outputs: one at a 60% heating output and one at a % output. The furnace also has a multi speed ECM motor instead of the last-generation inefficient PSC motor. Both of these built-in upgrades allow for your furnace to adjust the heating output and airflow more precisely to better suit your home’s comfort needs and provide a slightly higher efficiency.

With installation that follows your state and local codes and with online registration, all Goodman furnaces come with a year parts and lifetime heat exchanger warranty through the manufacturer.

The exterior casing on the GMECBN is heavy-gauge steel that is insulated for enhanced protection and to lower air leakage and sound output from normal furnace operation. The hot surface ignitor is more efficient than earlier models and standing pilot lights thanks to its revolutionary new technology. Both of these end up saving you money on installation, maintenance, and bills.

The cost-saving benefits of the Goodman brand doesn’t stop at efficiency. The GMECBN Goodman furnace can be upflow or horizontal, increasing the number of ways that your installer can install the system. The low-voltage terminals that are color-coded, the installation is faster and easier over standard non-colored systems. Straight from the factory, the GMECBN comes with natural gas valves. However, increasing its versatility in installation, Goodman offers an LP conversion kit (found here at an additional cost) if you need it to be propane instead of natural gas. Not only does the Goodman brand save you money on installation costs, but also with maintenance and warranty work. In the event of a rare warranty issue, the on board self-diagnostic control board alerts you and your serviceman what is wrong with the unit for most basic issues for a faster solution.

Sours: https://hvacdirect.com/goodmanafuebtu-upflow-multi-speed-gas-furnacecfm-gmecbn.html
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