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Best LITRPG Books

The Best of the LITRPG Fantasy Books

LitRPG an emerging subgenre of Science Fiction & Fantasy and, arguably, the fastest growing new speclatutive fiction genre, if you look at the sheer number of LitRRPG indie fiction being released right now.

LitRPG literally stands for 'literature Role Playing Game'. In other words, a story version of an RPG -- at least in theory. Truth be told the genre has busted out of its pure gaming roots and has started to define an identity. What it will be in a few years might not be what it is now.

The Short History of LitRPG

The genre (which up to recently was often bundled in with Cyberpunk) started out in Korea as a sort of successful fanfic experiment.

This new kind of story (about gamers trapped in VR gaming worlds) gained some popularity in Korea.

Then a few Russians, sensing an opportunity, started to dabble in this new genre, releasing LitRPG books in Russia. D Rus (Play to  Live) and V Manhanenko (The Way of the Shaman) were the first such.

These authors soon became fairly successful in Russia which garnered the attention a well-regarded Russian Science Fiction writer Andrei Livadny who wrote the Phantom Series novels. 

This series became a national best seller in Russia and soon LitRPG became a real thing in Russia, not just an obscure niche of science fiction. 

A few years later, D Rus translated his Play to Live series into English and released them on the Kindle marketplace. 

The books found a hungry English-speaking readership willing to buy anything stamped with LitRPG on it and soon, the Russian invasion of LitRGP began.

English Indie SFF writers saw how successful this new genre was on the marketplace (dominated up to this point by Russian-translated works) and started writing their own LitRPG stores.

And here we are a few years later with a new genre.

An Emerging Genre Still in Flux

Regardless of the LitRPG definition, one key element that defines it is the inclusion of a virtual game world as a big part of the story.

Clearly, telling stories that involve gaming nerds trapped in the very games they play has hit some sort of cultural nerve among a segment of readers, if the explosion of indie LitRPG is any indication.

Indeed, if you check out Amazon and start browsing for fantasy or science fiction books, I'm willing to be a significant percentage of all the new indies published are LITRPG. As such, LitRGP and Indie Fantasy are currently attached by the hip (see our Best Indie Fantasy Books list).

The genre is still in flux with writers still finding their feet. 

As stated above, it's an emerging genre right now. 

Most of the best LITRPG is by Russian authors (translated into English) which can make for some particular language oddities and 'lost in translation' moments during your reading. 

The rest of the LitRPG is by indie authors, which can make for some challenging reading, to say the least. 

A good amount of the LitRGP is clearly written as wish fulfillment by nerds who've are gaming addicts or talked to a girl. But then again, amidst the pure crap, there's some good reading to be had if you dig deep.

In the hustle of this exploding genre, a few of the best books have floated to the surface. And surprise, surprise, if you can suspend your disbelief (which can be a challenge when reading LitRPG, even for well-established fantasy readers used to do such) and relax your expectations a bit, you might just be treating to some compelling, and surprisingly addictive readings.

So What is LITRPG? 

It's all about virtual reality becoming reality, where everything that happens takes place partly or entirely inside virtual reality. Think the Matrix meets World of Warcraft meets Ender's Game and you have a good idea what it is.

LITRPG is pretty much what happens when you pry a MMORPG gaming addict off his chair, force him to bang out a few hundred pages of story, then publish the result via the Amazon Kindle Program.

Ok, I'm joking -- but only a bit.  There's a lot of crap out there (in fact, about 98% of all LITRPG is crap), but there are a few good reads to get warmed up on.

This genre, when you compare it to the more established fantasy genres, is one of those guilty pleasures, but if you do manage to find a good LITRPG, you might find that it can be surprisingly addictive. 

I just recommend you LISTEN to the audiobook version over reading it as it makes the stories far more palatable (especially with the stat announcements managed by the narrator).

The books kind of read out like an RPG-converted-to-novel mated with a Choose Your Own Adventure novel.

If you read enough LITRPG, you'll see a few elements that remain the same from book to book. I call these the LITRPG 'clichés and you'll encounter them over and over in most LitRPG's you read, in some form of another.

You typically get two types of 'heroes' in a LitRPG novel: incredibly overpowered or barely scraping by -- rarely anything else.

Standard Features of the LITRPG Novel

-A character forced into a game virtual reality world, modeled after RPG games but through advanced Virtual Reality.  The character experience the world like a video game where every element of the world is defined by the stat characteristics you find in video games (strength, charisma, chance, dexterity, etc).

-MMORPG terminology is used by the characters in the book such as noob, mob, loot, pvp'ers, levels, experience points, reputation, item durability, item class (common, uncommon, rare, epic, legendary). Basically, terms straight out of a D&D gaming manual.

-The characters are often on a quest (if not to escape the game world back to reality) to achieve greatness by acquiring rare ‘loot’, gaining reputation points, new class abilities, achievements, and levels.

-The character continually improves his statistics (model after an RPG) through in game quests/events / actions which increase his game character 'level' ranking which gives him/her more power in the game.

-The character usually has a list of RPG-like 'skill's that he improves gaining new abilities. These skills and levels are announced by a sort of 3rd party narration of the stat bonuses when the character gains a rank or skill increase.

-Player can often win special achievements in the game world by the game for achieving certain feats (capturing a dungeon first, killing some special monster, gaining some reputation by completing a quest)

-Game gods or controlling forces that help guide the protagonist are often occupied by the game's artificial intelligence which often becomes sentient.

-The game is usually populated by many (millions usually) of other real people who control other player avatars. There are also NPC's controlled by AI.

-The character is often stuck in this virtual world and unable to log out, or if they can log out, are compelled to stay in the world for long periods of time (earning online cash, stuck in a prison, dead and trapped online.

-There is some method describing how the character interacts with the game world (a game capsule where the player stays linked up to via neurological connections)

-The events in the game may impact the real world (you can earn money which can be translated to real-world currency or the game dynamics and politics influence real-world politics and power struggles or the game reality bleeds into reality

-The character (usually) starts as a new player (noob) with ZERO experience and must navigate the world

-The protagonist is some sort of prodigy (often a Gary Stu) and through the book uses his smarts (or in some cases, sheer luck) to shortcut his way through the world, quickly gaining influence, reputation, and social power and becoming a force that conflicts with the status quo, both in the game and in the real world through the game.

Slogging Through a Desolate Landscape of Fiction To Bring You The Best LitRGP Recommendations

And that my friends is the essence (so far) of the LITRPG genre. Technically, LITRPG is science fiction (virtual game world and all), but it's often a fantasy adventure through the trappings of the sci-fi game world.

So with the rise of this new genre -- and the sheer popularity of LITRPG among some readers (who consume these books like a body builder does protein scoops), let's take a good look at some of the best in the genre.

To put this list together, I have personally plowed through dozens and dozens of LitRPG books (probably 40 at least). It's taken about 6 months, but I wanted to make sure I fully explored this emerging genre before I cooked up this best list. 

As one of Scott R. Bakker's characters in The Judging Eye says when recounting a nightmare voyage through a monster-infested landscape: doing so was 'the slog of slogs'.

As there's a FLOOD of new LitRPG's being released every single day, I'll keep this list updated from month to month.


21 Best Litrpg Audiobooks Of All Time (High Selling In 2021)

Best Litrpg Audiobooks

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What Are the Best Litrpg Audiobooks? 

Litrpg means Literary playing games that mean this is the game version that converts into Audiobooks and Novels. Basically, that set up like an MMO (massive multi-player) RPG.

I recently listen to popular litrpg audiobooks which I cover below. If you are a game lover? So without stopping, you can start to listen to these audiobooks and explore your excitement.

In bouns point, you can start your 30-day free trial and you can get any 3 audiobooks free.

1) One More Last Time: A LitRPG/GameLit Novel (The Good Guys Book 1) Kindle Edition

last time

His heart was broken and life was ruined. He was ready to end his life but then he got a strange offer from his friend at the last moment and he finds himself sucked into iNcarn8, a game starting to be a new whole life. Now as Montana, larger-than-life tank warrior, he has one more last time to get his life right.

Best About Audiobook:

  • Do you think suicide is the right decision when someone’s life is ruined and heartbroken
  • Will he utilize his last opportunity for his life’s betterment

2) Ritualist


The decision to begin a new life is tough but for Joe the move was far from figurative, to become a permanent addition to the game world doesn’t take long to learn that people with his abilities are actively hunted and if wrong people come to about his capabilities then killer would appear in droves. 

In his pursuit of powers, Joe fights lots of difficulties and then realizes it can be only practiced in secrets, his ultimate goal is to complete his mission, master ability, learn the world’s secrets and wants to live till he makes that happen.

Best About Audiobook:

  • Do you think the decision to start a new life is tough
  • How did Joe discover that all difficulties can only be practiced in secrets?

3) Survival Quest


Millions of monsters, battles and players came back to Barliona for elves and magic, dragons and princesses, and unforgettable combat which they can’t get in real life and the game became so famous that players now spend months online without going back home and they can assault fellow players, level up, become a mythical hero, a wizard, or a legendary thief. The only game rule was no player was allowed to feel actual pain but for some criminals, Barliona became personal hell and wanted to survive virtual inferno and face the ultimate survival quest.

Best About Audiobook:

  • Will they be able to survive the  virtual inferno 
  • Why do you think the only game rule was no player was allowed to feel actual pain

4) The Goblin Horde: A LitRPG Adventure


Until a car accident Morgan was a pretty chill dude and after death was sent by god-not-god to a world where to survive he needs to level and grow strong enough to fight with monsters that eat face and lack of electricity but he likes this world. Sure, there were technical gods but who didn’t have a problem?

Bad-ass elven twins, an orc, and a descendant of a Roman General from an alternate version of Earth became his friends and together they found the Guild, got some followers, and became a ruler except now he had people of several towns and villages looking to him for guidance and protection. But now they had Goblin King horde on the way which made matters worse.

Best About Audiobook:

  • Would  you like to stay in a place where are monsters and lack of electricity
  • Will Morgan and his friends will be able to save them from Goblin King

5) Accidental Traveler Box Set Volumes 1-3: A LitRPG Epic Fantasy Adventure


Hal can’t catch a break but now what can he do to turn his luck around? Travelling through a flea market, a strange woman starts to talk his ear off and won’t let him leave, he doesn’t want any junk until she gets bootleg copy of new game. Maybe he can forget his troubles for a few hours? What happens next, turns his life upside down.

Best About Audiobook:

  • Why did strange woman starts to talk his ear off
  • Why he doesn’t want any of her junk until she gets bootleg copy of new game

6) Blood of Gods


Brothers and gods, Karak and Ashhur made Dezrel to be a heaven of unfading humans but mortal hubris triggered one god’s wrath, and forced the other to shield the young world’s defiant denizens from his brother’s murderous retribution, now the bloody war between mortal nations and their immortal overlords has reached its tipping point. 

Mordeina city, karak and his armies fight valiantly against impossible odds.  Bardiya a true servant of Ashhur and his people encounter a shackled death march over the desert as the demon Darakken plots its monstrous rebirth, as Ashhur struggles to save his children and their provinces, he must counter Karak’s ever-deadlier attacks with terrifying measures of his own.

Best About Audiobook:

  • Why did mortal hubris aroused one god’s wrath, and forced the other to shield 
  • Will Ashhur be able to protect his children and provinces 

7) Gestation


To hide from deadly guards, to face Death itself,  to conduct dark rituals and to use forbidden death magic? Being sent to Hell is definitely not what 12-year-old Anji would have ever expected from a government orphanage program.

Chrysalis, the project of the century  is a hyper-realistic fantasy RPG game, set in the Middle Ages. Leveling up, distributing attribute points, and choosing your way of life are few ways the players play the game. 

Chrysalis, a perfect virtual space where every orphan is under the care of the government is placed in an in-game family to receive all the care and love of parents they so desperately need. This project helps kids socialize and mold them into the adults of the future. They are in charge of how they grow up in the virtual space, which was built to improve society.

But something went seriously wrong for Anji.

Anji was finally happy to receive what he lost. Instead of a loving mama and father, he has bloodthirsty demons and flesh-eating worms. To survive the nine circles of Hell he performs blood rituals and instead of the dreams of a happy childhood, his wounded child’s soul suffers demonification and appears in the most hopeless place of Chrysalis. 

Sagie, Anji’s in-game username, fueled by homesickness and revenge, will go through Hell to face what is hidden in the darkest corners.  The first wave of Wanderers appeared in Chrysalis and proved themselves by killing the ancient gods. And now it is time for a second wave for Wanderers and for new young gods, dreaming about a wide-scaled and deadly war. While they are “playing” in Chrysalis, they have no idea about the truth behind the Project.

Best About Audiobook:

  • Will Anji be able to face what is hidden in the darkest corners
  • According to you who will win the second wave

8) Arcane Kingdom Online: The Chosen


Log-in or die is the only choice left for Clay Hopewell, infected with zero virus has less than 24 hours and digitally reincarnation was the only option to save himself in the most advanced and supported virtual reality game ever, the mysterious newly released Arcane Kingdom Online but cheating death and gaining immortality isn’t that easy. 

If Clay survives, he still has to contend with a fantasy world teetering on the brink of crisis. Worse, a quarter in-game population unlike his starting race and he can’t unlock the mage class he wants, and a malevolent glitch threatens to upend the very existence of his new reality. If he doesn’t learn the rules of new surroundings quickly, his second chance at life will be a lot worse than his first.

Best About Audiobook:

  • What do you think about cheating death and gaining immortality 
  • Will Clay be able to learn the rules of his new surroundings on time to make his second chance better than first

9) Monster


The main character is a Virtual Game developer, who gets by force in game and his character is a beetle-monster, lost his memory and doesn’t identify himself to be a monster. He upgrades his skills and gets different achievements. Memories follow him but he can’t trust it and wants to know the truth. Higher the level of his intelligence is, the more memories he gets. 

He falls into Realms consisting of ten levels, diverse in their caves, tunnels, monsters and the dungeons are full of aggressive beetles of different types, forms, and sizes. Also, two endless wars are going on: one is between monsters’ clans and other is between monsters and human beings.

Best About Audiobook:

  • Why he can’t trust his memories 
  • According to you who will win the war Monsters clans or the human beings

10) The Time Master


Sergei picks a fight in his neighbourhood to defend a little boy. Then he discovered that the guy has the ability to turn time around and vanishes into thin air. Sergri travels the world and acquires new skills and abilities and discovers  that there are many others just like him. 

Sergie finds his own place in the secret community of the seekers – creatures with superpowers. He teams up with new buddies, planning to strike gold in one of the neighboring worlds but he is unaware that the oldest seekers are watching  him to take some of his unique abilities. 

Best About Audiobook:

  • Have you ever picks any fight to defend your love ones
  • Will Sergie be able to protect himself from oldest seekers

11) In Search of the Uldans


Captain Surgeon knows that space piracy is better than space adventure. Loot, pillage, plunder and sell all the lucre are the motto of the Galactogon pirates and he wants to join them but enigmatic Uldans don’t want to leave our swashbuckler in peace and keep setting new mysteries in his path, distracting him from his main goal and how does one become a formidable pirate, the scourge of Galactogon’s countless star systems, when an unbeatable alien invasion is razing empires all across the galaxy?

The game hands him the black spot but he refuses it again. It looks like he’ll have to work hard to realize his dreams of piracy and find answers to all these mysteries.

Best About Audiobook:

  • Why Captain Surgeon wants to join Galactogon pirates
  • Will Captain Surgeon be able to realize his dreams of piracy

12) Volper


What can you do when you have only two years left under the sun? You can utilise remaining time on yourself, lose all contact with reality, spend time crying or feeling sorry for yourself. But I decided to enjoy it to the fullest but how? It’s a piece of cake, Since there is a virtual reality I can run to and found a new project being launched pretty soon, about which only scarce info has been given by different sources.

Best About Audiobook:

  • Imagine if you have only two years left than how would you like to spend 

13) The Trackers Series Box Set


Five days ago North Korea detonated three strategically placed nuclear warheads over the United States, triggering an electromagnetic pulse that crippled the country. A second attack destroyed the nerve center of America in a nuclear blast that flattened the nation’s capital. 

As the government falls apart the survivors must decide how far they will go to save their loved ones. In this lawless new world where the most ruthless thrive and innocents suffer; a sheriff, a retired marine, a nurse, and a senator turned secretary of defense are faced with keeping their communities and families safe. One thing is certain that they won’t be able to save everyone. Not with their humanity still intact.

Best About Audiobook:

  • How far you can go to save your loved ones.
  • What would you do if you were in a lawless world where the most ruthless thrive while innocents suffer

14) The Secret of Dreamland: A Fantasy Adventure for Young Readers


When Melody Mason is trapped in a video game, she thinks Dreamland is a dream come true and soon realizes that living in the game means she might never meet her family again. With the help of Dreamland heroine Twyla and her little brother Andrew, can Melody defeat the sleep spell and find her way home?

Best About Audiobook:

  • Imagine if you are in your Dreamland then what would you love to do there
  • Will Melody ever meet her family again

15) Awakened by the Giant: A Kindred Tales Novel (Brides of the Kindred)


After leaving the mothership centuries, Jorgen Kindred was bigger than their ancestors, has no more females and is seeking new people to trade with. Calden feels he doesn’t need females to be happy and moved to Mentat Space Station for research through cloning. Station was ruled by an AI Father who forbids women. 

One day he finds the remains of a  female sentient and was permitted to make a clone of a dead woman, will she risk his career or life? Madeline Harris had no idea about the situation and woke up at the station. Calden saves her and there she falls in love with him.

Best About Audiobook:

  • Why Calden awakens Maddy when he believes he doesn’t need females in life to be happy
  • Will they be able to escape from the station

16) Dukes and Ladders: A LitRPG/Gamelit Adventure


Montana wanted to be good for change when he started playing in iNcarn8 but despite his impressive stats and incredible heroics even his followers are scared of him. Trouble keeps demotivating Montana, even in the remote, supposedly safe holding he’s building into his dukedom. All that will have to change if Coggeshall is going to survive but Montana can’t feel that none of it will be enough  to keep out the problems of the Empire or the world of Vuldranni.

Best About Audiobook:

  • In Spite of impressive stats and incredible heroics why Montana’s followers are scared of him
  • Why all that will have to change if Coggeshall is going to survive

17) Dungeon Born


A powerful dungeon. A sheep-herder turned Noble. Conquering dungeons and using them to grow has been the best way to become a powerful adventurer. Beasts that inhabit these places keep the process from being easy.

Where do the “rewards” of weapons, armor, heavy gold coins come from? Why is a fluffy bunny charging at me? For abyss-sake, why are there so many monsters?  Cal, a dungeon core, has all answers for very simple reasons, grows a dungeon around himself to bring in new sources of power with the help of his friend. 

When a threat he doesn’t understand bares its many teeth, he is determined to survive the attempt on his life and unfortunately, the only way to achieve his goal is to eat anyone that enters his depths.

Best About Audiobook:

  • Why do you think beasts that inhabit these places keep the process from being easy.
  • Do you think his way to achieve the goal is right

18) Accidental Mage


Hal Dix comes home from Fantasma to find his greatest nightmare has come true but a personal tragedy drags him there again. Seeking help from his comrades, he needs to be a master in the art of magic, gaining abilities and training under four different archmages to complete his quest.

Best About Audiobook:

  • Did Hal make the right decision of going back to Fantasma because of personal tragedy
  • Will Hal be able to complete his hunt with these four abilities

19) Blood Eye


Life has been hard for John, if he doesn’t turn things around, he would be one of the have-nots living in the brutal benefits towers. His friend gave him the opportunity to enter Dreamland and he jumped. The ideal village seems to be cursed even innocent girls are disappearing and the doomed conjunction of three moons approaches – the blood eye.  

Best About Audiobook:

  • Why John’s life was hard
  • Will John and his friends be able to save villagers from the curse

20) Accidental Duelist: A LitRPG Swashbuckler


A Lost Princess in the Swashbuckling Game of a Lifetime, Cari Dix didn’t know her whole life was a lie, she only knew she didn’t belong here and wanted fun and adventure. She grew up with ordinary parents and discovers an old, restored computer from her father’s past, slips into a fantasy game world and with her fencing skill explores a world which her parents said didn’t exist and fights to save the last of the Empire’s heirs and carries on the legend her father left behind.

Best About Audiobook:

  • How will you react if you realize your whole life was just a lie 
  • Will Caribe able to save the last of the Empire’s heirs

21) Four: The Loot: A LitRPG/GameLit Novel


Montana Coggeshall, a defeater of dungeons and duke of Coggeshall,  of far fewer intelligence points than is probably recommended is ready to build his dukedom and needs friends, food, money and building material before leaving otterstadt. But promised to retrieve magic texts from the cemetery for Emmeline and he should try to help the lost little boy who keeps following him and all the undead in that basement crypt are not going to re-kill themselves. Maybe Montana’s taken on a few too many side quests.

Best About Audiobook:

  • Why Montana needs friends, food, money and building material before leaving Osterstadt
  • Will he be able to retrieve magic texts for Emmeline and help the lost little boy.

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A question we’re frequently asked is what exactly is the LitRPG genre. This name of this genre is a neologism that only entered the lexicon in 2013. As the name suggests, these are not only books but share a lot of common elements with role-playing games—hence, the RPG portion of their name. However, with that being said, it’s also important to state that they aren’t in-fact games. They’re a lot more.

While these books have a story that features game-like challenges and/or traps, coupled with the characters having obvious roleplaying statistics such as strength, wisdom, or charisma, but that’s as far as the similarities go, however. These books are different from the actual choose-your-own storybooks, and they’re different from the books produced to market particular RPG systems such as Dungeons & Dragons or Pathfinder. That’s why they belong in their own genre, and why we’re reviewing the best LitRPG books.

Quick Summary of the Best LitRPG Books

Best Overall: The Land: Founding: A Litrpg Saga

The Land: Founding by Aleron Kong is one of the best-selling LitRPG books around and there’s a good reason for that little fact. This is a book that takes worldbuilding to the next level and engages the reader not only with a tightly-woven story but with characters that all but pop off of the page. This is a book that tells the story of Richter—a hero who was tricked into a world of magic. A world that contains banished gods, sprites, goblins, and other mythical creatures. This is a story in which the hero’s actions have real consequences, not only for him but for the rest of the world.

As the reader follows along, they are pulled into the story and wonder how Richter is going to forge his path in the relentless world. Will he be able to forge the alliances he needs to survive this harsh world, or will he be defeated by this land’s residents? And probably most importantly, how will his decisions change the course of history in this world and will he be able to match the awful powers that are brought to bear against him? Only Richter, and perhaps the reader, can know for sure.

What we liked about it

  • Considered by many fans to be among the best LitRPG available.

Best Transition To A Game World: Ritualist (The Completionist Chronicles)

The real world can be extremely challenging, but sometimes the transition into another world can be even more challenging. No one knows this better than Joe, the protagonist of the Ritualist. When he’s blown up in the real world while serving as an army medic, he makes the biggest decision of his life. He decides to become a permanent denizen to a game world where his mental and arcane powers allow him to join a class that few people can join. Unfortunately, this newfound power also means that some of the most dangerous creatures in the world are going to hunt him.

Throughout this delightful story by Dakota Krout, Joe fights side-by-side with his team as he begins to unravel the mysteries, and the potential, of his class. He also learns that he can only practice his skills in secret, or else he will draw the ire of all those who oppose him. As he and his team complete one quest after another, he begins to master his abilities and reveal the secrets of the world in which he now resides. Will he be able to reach the pinnacle of his powers, or will he be defeated by his enemies? The only way to find out is by reading the book.

What we liked about it

  • It features a paraplegic hero with incredible arcane powers.

Best Blend Of LitRPG & Fantasy: Downfall And Rise (Challenger’s Call Book 1)

This book by Nathan A. Thompson follows Wes Malcolm as the only hero who can save seven worlds. It begins as he suffers a serious sports injury, an injury that not only robs him of his scholarship but also robs him of his memory. As he begins to lose his place in the world, and after multiple attempts to treat him have failed, he notices that he’s on the verge of losing all of his dreams. Fortunately, when he goes to sleep that night, he wakes up not on Earth but in another world. It’s a world where the rules are different, and he has the opportunity to change his destiny.

The world that Wesley finds himself in allows him to grow and thrive, and do it without public disgrace or injury overshadowing his existence. Unfortunately, it’s also a world that’s under assault by a horde of creatures that are prophesied to attack this world and its sister planets. This is when the steward of this world offers Wes a deal—a deal that will not only change the destiny of the world he now finds himself in but one that could change the destiny of Earth. If he takes her deal, then he will gain back his original body on Earth. If he fails, however, all will be lost for him.

What we liked about it

  • This novel does a good job of building a compelling world.

The Best World-In-A-World Story: Towers of Heaven: A LitRPG Adventure

This book is unique from some of the other ones that we’ve reviewed because it doesn’t occur in a separate game world per se, but instead most of the action occurs in a world within a world. This pocket world happens when six mysterious towers appear on the Earth. Each of these towers is hundreds of stories tall, and none of them can be destroyed by the conventional attack. Each of these towers has a portal that leads into a world within–a world that’s full of magic, treasure, and monsters. Things that would beckon just about any adventurer.

Unfortunately, many of the monsters aren’t contained within the tower at all times. Sometimes, these monsters escape and wreak havoc on Earth. The story begins in 2083, this is when hundreds of the last survivors challenge the final floor and do it without any regard for their own safety. Although all but one of them perished, the managed to beat the final floor and were granted one wish. And this survivor’s one wish is to go back to the time before the towers arrived. A lofty goal for an adventurer who wants to prevent humanity from being destroyed in the first place.

What we liked about it

  • It’s suitable for both adults and children alike.

Best Blend Of GameLit/LitRPG Dynamics: One More Last Time: A LitRPG/GameLit Novel

One More Last Time is a story by Eric Ugland that’s a blend of GameLit and LitRPG dynamics that make for one great game. It’s a book that not only features role-playing game mechanics, but also features plenty of action, and an obvious level progression. It’s also a story steeped in deep game magic and features notes from classic Dungeon & Dragons campaigns.

In this story, the reader will follow a lovable fool who can’t shake his dark past and can’t seem to find the life of peace that he so desperately craves. He finds himself immersed in a game that claims to be a new life, and now he’s known as Montana—a character who larger than life and who is the party’s tank. Will he be able to set his life right?

Although this book is heavy on game mechanics and there are plenty of GameLit and LitRPG tropes in it, we thought that it was a brisk and refreshing read that anyone could enjoy. Sure, some of the language is stronger than we would’ve liked, but otherwise, it’s a great story. It’s also a story that we can wholeheartedly recommend.

What we liked about it

  • It’s an interesting and action-packed story.

Best LitRPG Audiobook: Dragon Seed: A LitRPG Dragonrider Adventure

This book is written by James Osiris Baldwin and illustrated by Richard Sashigane. It tells the story of a common person named Hector who only has 3-days to live, but is given the once-in-lifetime chance to cheat death. He can cheat death by joining his long-estranged brother in Archemi—a fantasy VR roleplaying game world. They can upload the essence of who they are and begin the path toward becoming a dragon knight. It’s a difficult path indeed, but one that he feels that he’s more than qualified to do.

Because he’s determined to lead a well-lived life, he uploads his consciousness into the game and starts on his path. Before he can become a dragon knight, however, he first has to prove that he’s worthy, and the only way to do that is by imprinting on a dragon, so the two can share a telepathic bond. This telepathic bond is more intimate than what he’s had with any other human being and is capable of not only giving him access to great abilities but also change his life forever. Can Hector master his dragon and develop the skills that he needs to become a dragon knight?

What we liked about it

  • This book has a great narrative and solid characters.

Best Paperback LitRPG Book: City of the Dead (The Alchemist Book #1)

Although the plot of this book isn’t revolutionary or anything that the average LitRPG fan hasn’t already read, we do feel that the author did a good job of putting all of the requirements of this genre into this book. And it’s done in a way that makes for a fun story that can easily be read over and over again. And because this book is available in paperback or on the Kindle, the reader can easily afford to give this story a chance. We were a bit reluctant at first, but once we dived into the main story, we found ourselves to be hooked.

What does a person do when they not only enter a game world but find out that they’ve been living in one and that it has existed for thousands of years? That’s the predicament that Tailyn Vlashich finds himself in during this story. He just wanted to make it through the desolate landscape and live his life in a world that’s populated with evil foes and an impartial god. And unfortunately, the god in this universe wants everything done according to its own divine will. What will he do in a game world where the players have left long ago and now the NPCs have taken up the mantle of being heroes.

What we liked about it

  • It combines all the necessary elements for a LitRPG book.

Best M.U.D Feel Book: Shattered Sword: A LitRPG Adventure

What would you do in an apocalyptic world where slavery is not only an ever-present reality but is also completely legal? And what would you do if you could be enslaved for not only your debts but also for the debts of your parents? Well, that’s the central question of this book by TJ Reynolds. The central character Dahlia has to pay off her deceased father’s debts or face the real prospect of being forced to work her life in the lithium mines. So in a world run by tech, she decides to sell everything to explore a virtual world that her father was completely obsessed with while he was alive.

Inside of the game, Dahlia gets more than she bargained for. She finds an epic quest chain that has long been overlooked, so she feels that she has a way to not only claim glory but to make a bit of gold as well. In the process, she finds two friends and a powerful creature to go along on the adventure. Unfortunately, she also gains the attention of the world’s boss that gunning for all of them. This is a book that feels more like a M.U.D than many of the other LitRPG books we’ve read, and it’s one that we feel most of our readers will enjoy.

What we liked about it

  • This book has a real multi-user dungeon feel to it.

Best Value: Class-A Threat (Disgardium Book #1)

Even though this novel has a few phrases in it mistranslated from the original Russian, or should we say, translated poorly, we still feel that it’s a great LitRPG novel. This book was rated the number on LitRPG book in Russia in 2018 but is only beginning to find traction in the West. This is a book that takes place in 2074 when a 15-year old student named Alex dreams of being a space guide. Unfortunately, life has other plans for him and now the only way for him to reach his dreams is a new online game known as Disgardium.

In the game, he achieves what is essentially regarded as “God-Mode” that gives him almost absolute immunity. However, that power also makes him a target of the game company itself—a company that now views him as a threat to their very existence. That’s when they decide that paying a ton of mon to the prevention clans for his elimination is in their best interest. What will he do now that his character has been cursed? The only way to find out is by cracking open this book and embarking on the journey of a lifetime.

What we liked about it

  • This book was voted the best Russian LitRPG novel in 2018.

Dale Caldwell

The Experimental Alchemist: A LitRPG Adventure ( Part-I ) Audiobook - FULL AUDIOBOOK

I’m going to guess you’re here for one of two reasons. 1.) You liked the pretty picture and wanted to know what LitRPG means. 2.) You know what a LitRPG is and are here to be dazzled. Good news: you clicked for the right reason! Let me answer a few of your potential questions below before we get started. – Melissa, Audible Editor

What is this thing you call “LitRPG”?
Spelled out, LitRPG means Literary Role Playing Game. That means it’s the book version of watching someone play a video game, usually one that’s set up like an MMO (massive multi-player) RPG. It’s a blend of sci-fi and fantasy, depending on how it comes to be that our main character ends up living inside a virtual reality. Sometimes we are far into the future. Sometimes it turns out that all humans have been abducted by an alien race. However you cut it, the point of LitRPG is not how we get there, but that we get to be in this virtual reality period, living life as a badass videogame character. Most LitRPGs even include game stats as the main character progresses through the game.

How do I know if a LitRPG is right for me?
First off, have you ever liked a video game before? If yes, then this genre is meant for you! Do you find satisfaction in watching and/or reading about training montages? Then yes, it’s for you! Do you like when the underdog wins? Yep? Here you go! LitRPG is immensely satisfying to those of us who like watching our character level up—without having to do the grinding work ourselves.

Where do I start?
Good question. May I present to you this very fine list of options below? If you’re a noob to the genre I’d suggest starting with the most popular titles and the entry-level listens in the beginner level, and then moving on from there.

Help! I think I’ve listened to all the LitRPGs in existence!
Wow! Good for you! I can 100% prove that you are wrong though, not least of which because new titles are coming out all the time. Scroll to the advanced level and check out some old classics that became the first LitRPGs as well as a few hidden gems and new releases.


Audiobooks good litrpg

 What are the top LitRPG books of all time?

 By Conor Kostick


Once you’ve been bitten by the LitRPG bug, you’ll want to keep reading works in the genre. And the good news is that there are hundreds of LitRPG titles to choose from. So many, in fact, that a common question in forums is to ask what are the best LitRPG books ever? Here’s my own answer to that question. Of course, it is highly personal and I don’t claim some kind of objective authority. But these are the ones that I enjoyed reading, that are well written, have engaging characters, strong plots and, of course, a game or game-world in which the drama unfolds.

 I don’t include our own Level Up titles in the list, this is a compilation of great LitRPG reads made as a guide to promote the whole genre, rather than our books in particular, but I do think Level Up books would be there or thereabouts. Hopefully, you’ll see them crop up in other lists of the best LitRPG books!

 Having chosen my top ten LitRPG books of all time, I realised I had missed one out that I really wanted to include, so apologies for not having the heart to cut any to make room. I also didn’t include Ready Player One by Ernest Cline, even though it would have been up in my top five, because while there is a game of sorts in the virtual world of OASIS, searching for Easter Eggs doesn’t give LitRPG fans the engagement with game strategies and levelling that many look for. It is, however, the favourite GameLit book of the Level Up team.

One failing of the list, which at the time of writing reflects a problem of sexism in LitRPG, is that LitRPG with a female protagonist doesn’t feature on it. That’s something we hope to address here at Level Up and with both male and female authors writing LitRPG and Gamelit with strong female protagonists, there will soon be wealth of such titles.

 Since I first wrote this, readers of this page have been making suggestions and I’ve updated it with some of those, which is why it is currently a list of the top 12 LitRPG books. If you’ve got a favourite LitRPG title that you think should be on a list of the best LitRPG books and isn’t here, by all means use the form at the bottom to let me know.


LitRPG top twelve

(counting down towards the best LitRPG book ever!)

Guild Master (TOWER OF POWER Series Book-1) - An LitRPG Audiobook - Full Audiobook
best Litrpg audiobooks

LitRPG is an emerging subgenre of Science Fiction & Fantasy and, arguably, the fastest-growing new speculative fiction genre in the audiobook niche.

LitRPG is an abbreviated form for ‘literature Role Playing Game.’ In other words, a story-based RPG, at least in theory. To be honest, the genre has branched out from its pure gaming roots and begun to define an identity. What it will be in a few years may not be the same as what it is now.

Once you’re hooked on the LitRPG bug, you’ll want to keep on listening to the works in the genre. And, thankfully, there are hundreds of LitRPG audiobooks to pick from.

What Are The Best Litrpg Audiobooks? 

LitRPG stands for Literary Playing Games, and LitRPG audiobooks are the audiobooks converted from the game version. There are more than thousands of audiobooks are created based on the games. Gamers are obsessed with the games, and they want to know more about the game story. 

Many popular audiobooks are online that contain the game story with an enhanced version. These audiobooks are spectacularly narrated. You couldn’t resist putting them down once you start to listen to them. Litrpg audiobooks are full of excitement and wonderful adventures. 

So many that one of the most often asked questions on forums is, “What are the finest LitRPG audiobooks ever?” 

Well, these are the best LitRPG audiobooks I loved listening to because they are beautifully narrated, with fascinating characters, compelling narratives, and, of course, a game or game-world in which the drama takes place.

10 Best Litrpg Audiobooksof All Time:

  1. The Land: Founding

The Land: Founding

The main character of this litrpg audiobook is Richter. He was banished and tricked by his enemies and thrown into the world of gods, demons, sprites, globin, and magic. He has to learn some magic to survive in the Land, and he has to build his kingdom to win against his enemies. But the actions have consequences in the Land. 

The creatures and factions of the Land gather for Richter’s destruction. Richter has to make allegiances to survive in such a harsh and unforgiving world. If he didn’t succeed in allying, he falls into the dark denizens in this ancient and unforgiving realm. 

It is breath-taking and adventurous of Richter. Suppose you find the answer to the question of how Richter will reshape the future of The Land. It is a great audiobook to start.

Best about this audiobook: 

In terms of the plot, The Land: Founding is a rather engaging high-fantasy adventure in a world where we don’t need much description because, for readers who have played a lot of fantasy RPGs, everything feels pretty darn familiar. 

This audiobook was fantastic. Wonderful flow, great comedy, plenty of interesting allusions, thrilling but not at such a rapid pace that we didn’t get any plot, and the fact that we didn’t always win the first time around.

  1. Catharsis


Jason finds himself trapped in online fed-up reality. He is anxious and desperate to escape. He wants to get out of this online game and wants to live in the real world. This game is the exit point for Jason and wants to experience the power of freedom. He has the power, but he doesn’t have the freedom to use those power with his wills. 

Awaken Online was the latest virtual reality game in the world, and Jason knows about this. But Jason has to do a lot and push his boundaries to get his freedom. Jason has to find himself quickly before he is thrown into darkness. 

Best about this audiobook: 

Catharsis is a fresh addition to the LitRPG audiobook genre, featuring intriguing story twists. The narrative was not excessively complicated or deep, but the emphasis on presenting the story from the perspective of evil was quite unusual, and it satisfied one’s need for a well-written and narrated LitRPG novel. The audiobook version has gotten a lot of laudatory reviews, indicating that it has been well received. I encourage you to give it a listen if it sounds intriguing.

  1. Ready Player One

Ready Player One

If you love to listen to audio stories about the future, you will love Ready Player One. It is the year 2044, and the world is not a good place to live. Everything is destroyed, including civilization. People are now more indulge in a virtual game called OASIS instead of reality. Wade Watts is a teenager who is very popular because of this game. 

He is the best player in this virtual game. The owner of this game died without an heir. So, there is no one legal heir of this game. And the man who owns this game will become the most powerful man on the earth. Now there is one competition on OASIS, and whoever wins that game will become the owner of OASIS. 

Best about this audiobook: 

Wil Wheaton, the narrator of Ready Player One, an eccentric, future adventure, has captured a teen’s naiveté and skepticism about real life while also incorporating this seasoned gaming geek’s knowledge of ’80s culture. 

A cross-genre narrative features gaming jousts as the hero seeks to gain top score on his journey to inherit a dead billionaire’s ownership of an interactive universe of cyber-worlds, with allusions to Willy Wonka, William Gibson, and Neal Stephenson. LitRPG lovers should give this a listen.

  1. Dungeon Born

Dungeon Born

There is a powerful dungeon and a noble sheep-herder Cal. Their paths are destined to cross to conquer the dungeons. They will use these dungeons to grow most effectively and become a powerful adventurer. However, the beast who lives in these places blocks their way. They have to become more powerful to defeat this beast.

Cal has to gather more weapons, armor, and heavy gold coins to get more power. He doesn’t know how many monsters are there. Cal is a dungeon core, and his soul and power reside in a magical stone. Cal has one energetic friend who rides along with him in this quest. Cal has a chance to change the fate of the world. 

Best about this audiobook: 

This narrative takes you through the nostalgia-filled settings of many a fantastic RPG/Fantasy World from a perspective I never imagined: the eyes of a young and only recently sentient Dungeon Core.

Dungeon Born was an enjoyable and litRPG audiobook, and I want to continue the series. I would suggest it to people who appreciate fantasy, RPGs, gaming mechanics, and reading about dungeon delving.

  1. Survival Quest

Survival Quest

A virtual world jam of monsters, battles, and players takes place in Barliona. Millions of people come to this place. All of them are looking for the kings they don’t have in real life: elves, magic, princess, dragons, and unforgettable combat. This game is so popular that people play this game for months and months and don’t return to their homes for months. 

You can assault fellow players in Barliona and become a mythical hero or thief. Only one rule is applied to regulate this game, and that is no popular will feel the actual pain. Barliona now becomes the join for these people, and they are not scarifying with the product. It is a great deal. You need to buy the best house in the area. 

Best about this audiobook: 

The Survival Quest LitRPG audiobook is nicely narrated, and the characters make sense without being flat or stale. The idea is intriguing and provided a far more solid cause for being locked in the game than 90% of the other litrpg’s that simply follow the crazy scientist or life isn’t worth living themes that many of these books follow.

The narrator was excellent; he was well-articulated, and I could hear the characters’ emotions in his voice.

  1. Super Sales on Super Heroes

Super Sales on Super Heroes

 It is a world where everyone has a special power, and Felix has the crappiest power. He has the power to modify any items and make his. He can upgrade any item and make an advanced version. It is a terrific video game where these powers only look cool on paper, not in reality. He needs additional power to make him create, change, modify, or upgrade anything. 

It is totally beyond his abilities. He lives a normal life and working for a normal job. His entire life and the world changed when a supervillain takes over his city. The leader was corrupt ad banks have your money, but the supervillain can rule this city. 

In the black market, Felix finds something more powerful. He finds a thing that helps him to regenerate his abilities. 

Best about this audiobook: 

I believe you will like Super Sales on Super Heroes Lit RPG audiobook if you are seeking a light enjoyable listen and can put up with some mature subject matter. I have to commend the author for masterfully combining these two genres into a pleasant story. It reflected the plot and general tone of the audiobook, in my opinion. It will be interesting to watch how our main character overcomes all of the challenges in an upside-down world.

  1. Ritualist


Ritualist is the story of one wonderful magical world that everyone fantasizes about. You will be in shame when you listen about this spectacular world where the magic is banned. But a man is determined to learn magic at any cost. It is not an easy decision for Joe. But he has to learn magic to win the war against evil. 

He is actively haunted by his memories and wonders about his world’s malfunctioning, and he knows about the assassins who kill people for power. He gathers a team of enervative and courageous people on the quest for power. He solves many mysteries and secrets of his world to achieve his ultimate goal of power. 

Best about this audiobook: 

A fantastic start to a new LitRPG audiobook series from one of the greatest authors writing in the field today. The main guy is a likable everyman type, and the tone of the narrative is just right. The tempo is excellent, and I never felt like I was listening to fluff.

Highly recommended for all audiobook listeners, whether they are dipping their toes into litrpg for the first time or are seasoned game lit vets.

  1. Ascend Online

Ascend Online

Marcus and his friends entered into a world that defies all wildest imaginations while playing a new video game. When Marcus logs into that video game, he finds himself as a character of that game, but he was separated from his friends. Marcus is in a village under attack by goblins. His first quest is to save the village and then find his friends. 

He forced into battles, and villagers help him to win the war against the goblins. He defeated these cruel creatures. All supplies, houses, farms, and villages were spoiled due to this war, and he motivates all survivors to rebuild the entire village. 

Best about this audiobook: 

A brilliant beginning to a fantastic GameLit/LitRPG series. Ascend Online is really skillfully spoken, masterfully introducing backstory while delivering a thrilling plot, and developing intriguing characters.

This was my first legit experience in the LitRPG genre, and damn has Luke hooked me. A lively and fully realized world, memorable characters and progression, humor, and some really visceral moments.

  1. Welcome to Ludus

Welcome to Ludus

Henry and Jason live normal lives in Seattle. But then they both were abducted to another world. A vain, self-styled God Dolos, kidnapped them and refused to take them back to their normal lives unless they do one impossible task. God Dolos didn’t care about them whether they succeed in this task or not. 

Henry and Jason learned Historical European Martial Arts on the earth. It helps them to survive in that dangerous task. Henry and Jason are Japanese American EMT and geeky IT programmer who doesn’t have any skill with sword and sorcery that is imperative in the world like Ludus. 

Best about this audiobook: 

Welcome to Ludus is similar to looking over someone’s shoulder when they play a video game. It’s a lot of fun, with lots of action and video violence. Early on, the characters are defined, but they grow into something approximating actual humans. Even if you don’t expect them to fail, the action is entertaining. If you love role-playing games or the recent trend of incorporating these games into literature, this LitRPG audiobook should be at the top of your list.

  1. The Cursed Princedom

The Cursed Princedom

When a new update comes in the ultra-popular online game called Realm of Arkon, things are going wild since then. In Patch 17, players indulge in the game to identify virtual reality or the real world. But then it raises an evil power name Roman Kozhevnikov.

He searched in Arkon and also went to the most dangerous zone called Demon grounds for more powers. Krian was playing Roman’s character, but he doesn’t have any idea that it’s a real thing that will destroy the whole world.

Best about this audiobook:

The Cursed Princedom is still quite excellent, and Akella has built a really strong game structure that he adheres to. He even manages to maintain interest in the happenings even though they are all a game. It was all done with remarkable expertise, avoiding many of the genre’s flaws. He’s also toned down the flashback sections and ensured that their aim is obvious before they begin. This LitRPG audiobook is highly recommended!

Make life as a Game Master easier… If you play Dungeon & Dragons, Pathfinder, or other fantasy tabletop role-playing games, this LitRPG audiobook collection is full of plot-twisting dramas with engaging narrations to keep you hooked to the story!

So, pick your favorite audiobook today and dive in right away!

10 Best New LitRPG Audiobooks [2020-2021]

  1. Reincarnation: A Xianxia Cultivation Series 

Reincarnation: A Xianxia Cultivation Series 

Jim was transported back in time, to the moment he first began growing. Anyone else would have given up by now, but Jim doesn’t have that option. He’s already committed the mistakes that condemned him in his previous life, and he knows what he needs to do to set things right.

Jim wants to make amends for wrongs committed in the past…or the future? All the while, a pair of enraged gods torment him due to a lack of sleep.

To reach the top of the horticulture world, he must avoid attracting the attention of others who want to steal his future predictions. It’s no secret that Jim has seen the end of the world, and he’s determined to resist it.

It doesn’t take him long to realize that fighting alone may not be his best option, even if fate seems to favor it.

Best About This Audiobook

Reincarnation is the latest entry in the genre of LitRPG audiobooks with amazing reviews from verified listeners. Worth giving a try!

  1. Carl’s Doomsday Scenario: Dungeon Crawler Carl 

Carl's Doomsday Scenario: Dungeon Crawler Carl 

It’s known as the Over City. A huge, once-thriving metropolis decimated by an unknown disaster. However, these streets are far from deserted. The ruins are being trawled by an undead carnival. Assassinated prostitutes fall from the sky. The old magic is now ready to unveil its sinister intent.

 Dungeon Crawler Carl is an incredible mix of humor, action, sci-fi, and fantasy that absolutely overflows with personality, thanks in no small part to the talented Jeff Hays.

Carl’s Doomsday LitRPG audiobook has received amazing reviews and ratings. The fans can’t get enough of it. Every day, the dungeon becomes more dangerous. Carl and Princess Donut must fight harder than ever to live in a grinder intended to chew up and spit out crawlers by the millions.

Best About This Audiobook

Every chapter of this LitRPG audiobook series that I listened has the unfortunate effect of making me desperate for more. Undoubtedly this series holds a place in my top five favorite works, it just oozes potential and promise of excitement to come.

The humor is excellent, the depth and political intrigue are spectacular, and leave me giggling every time.

  1. Earthdom: A Post-Apocalyptic LitRPG audiobook

Earthdom: A Post-Apocalyptic LitRPG audiobook

The last minutes of Barkclay’s life was spent being rescued and transported to another dimension. He believed that by giving himself, he would be able to rescue the Grotto and give it a chance to thrive. He had no idea he’d be reincarnated on the altar when he opened his eyes for the first time.

To safeguard mankind, Gaia has sent the Golems, but their “protection” against the environment is driving humanity into famine. In addition to increasing Grotto’s population, each person saved increases the number of people who must be fed.

You can practically feel the scope of Rockland’s responsibilities shifting. At the same time, he’s got real emotional demons to grapple with.

Best About This Audiobook

Overall, great action continued worldbuilding and fun listen. Looking forward to the next edition! Some serious foreshadowing near the end is keeping me on the edge of my seat for more

Earthdom continues on the adventure and the attempt to save as many humans as possible and prepare for what is to come. Dungeon delving, a small invasion, a new class LitRPG audiobook, Luke Daniels does a stellar job as always as well. if you liked the first ones, you’ll like this one!

  1. Arsenal: Artorian’s Archives

Arsenal: Artorian's Archives

Artorian has paid a heavy price for his bravery at the Ziggurat. There is no time to relax, though, for the world’s powers are moving. However, even if Artorian is unaware of his role, the next step of the grand plan has already been set into action.

It’s a location of mountains and valleys where the elderly scholar must search for new information to solve the final riddle and win the battle with his own two hands. 

For the sake of his loved ones, his humanity may have to be sacrificed to save him. Yet, for an elderly man on a mission, becoming something else is a tiny price to pay. But success only comes through Ascension.

Best About This Audiobook

This entry sees Artorian entering the timeline of the Divine Dungeon series. Its initially interesting, but it does take a large part of the main character’s authority over the tale. He becomes just a small background actor in a larger tale.

 At the same time, we see the MC hopping between various settings, almost like a play. It’s not as interesting as the rest of the books, where you watch him naturally grow and interact with the world.

Arsenal is another great installment in the Artorian series in the Divine Dungeon Universe!

  1. He Who Fights with Monsters: A LitRPG Adventure 

He Who Fights with Monsters: A LitRPG Adventure

After cementing itself as one of the best-rated LitRPG audiobooks on Royal Road with an astonishing 13 million views, He Who Fights with Monsters is now available on Amazon.

Discover what happens when a laid-back Australian finds himself in a very serious environment, and how he copes. The game’s unique growth system, which combines cultivation and conventional LitRPG features, will allow him to acquire a host of sinister abilities. 

Best About This Audiobook

There’s plenty of riches, adventures, gods, and magic in this weak-to-strong narrative about the main character who earns his strength without overshadowing everyone around him. Humor, political intrigue, and slice-of-life themes are interwoven with monster combat and adventure in a world filled with rich people.

  1. The Goblin Horde: A LitRPG Adventure


Until there was a car crash, When Morgan died, he was transported to a world where to exist, he had to level up and become strong enough to combat creatures who ate faces and there was no electricity, but he liked it. Certain technological gods were there, but who didn’t encounter a problem?

An orc, two bad-asses of elf twins as well as the descendant of a Roman general from another version of the earth became his pals. They formed a guild and he became a ruler of numerous cities and villages. A Goblin King horde was on its way, which made things worse.

Best About This Audiobook

The goblin Horde audiobook was fun to listen and we are starting to learn more about the world and the characters. The plot was good and the pacing was good the creative way the author used magic was interesting as well. Overall I enjoyed it and look forward to listening to the next audiobook in this LitRPG series.



With less than 24 hours to live and digital reincarnation as his only option, Clay Hopewell had no choice but to log in or die in the most advanced and supported virtual reality game ever, Arcane Kingdom Online. 

However, faking death and achieving immortality isn’t that easy. But even if he can live, he still has to deal with a dream world on the verge of collapse. Also, he can’t unlock his desired mage class, and a malicious bug threatens to upend his new reality.

Best About This Audiobook

The Chosen is a pretty fantastic LitRPG audiobook series opener in the event that he doesn’t rapidly adapt to his new surroundings, his second shot at life will be far less than the first.

Arcane Kingdom Online’s first episode, The Chosen, is a best-selling LitRPG series. If you enjoy RPG mechanics such as quests, loot, and leveling up, you’ll enjoy this fast-paced adventure that will have you reaching for the sequel as soon as you finish it.

  1. In Search Of The Uldans


The surgeon believes that space piracy is superior to space exploration. Our swashbuckler wants to become a Galactogon pirate, but enigmatic Uldans won’t let him rest and keep throwing new obstacles in his path, distracting him from his main goal.

And how does one become a formidable pirate, the scourge of Galactogon’s countless star systems, when an unbeatable alien invasion is razing them to the ground and taking their lives?

As before, he rejects the black spot when it is offered to him again. To fulfill his pirate fantasies and unravel all of these riddles, he’ll have to put in a lot of effort.

Best About This Audiobook

In Search Of The Uldans is a great LitRPG audiobook to follow if you are a fan of extremely intensified plot twists and want to be actively engaged and perform!

  1. The Trackers Series


North Korea detonated three strategically positioned nuclear bombs over the United States five days ago, resulting in an electromagnetic pulse that devastated the country. A second attack, a nuclear bomb that devastated the nation’s capital, shattered America’s nerve center.

To preserve their families, survivors must determine how far they will go. To keep their towns and families safe in this lawless new world where the most vicious prosper and innocents suffer, sheriffs, former marines, nurses, and a senator turned secretary of defense must work together. However, they will not be able to save everyone. Certainly not while their humanity is still present!

Best About This Audiobook

The Trackers series has captivated hundreds of thousands of fans around the world with its action, survival lessons, and unique take on the EMP genre.

Nicholas Sansbury Smith, a former Homeland Security disaster mitigation officer and New York Times best-selling author, tells a horrific narrative of survival in the Trackers Lit RPG audiobook series. 

  1. Occultist: Saga Online #1: A LitRPG series 

Occultist: Saga Online #1: A LitRPG series 

Damien expected his examinations to be difficult enough. Then his mother passed away from a weak heart.

Damien enters the Streamer Contest of Saga Online, the latest fantasy VR-MMORPG, in a desperate effort. Winning will cover the costs of his mother’s operation. However, an early betrayal and a near encounter with a vampire almost derail his endeavor before it even begins.

Stuck at the bottom of a dungeon with no gear, no allies, and little hope, Damien must embrace the unknown Occultist class, master control of his new demon companions, and dominate the competition.

Best About This Audiobook

If you’re like me, you love LitRPG audiobooks, because it’s all about the clever use of game mechanics to advance the story. Occultist audiobook was a lot of things, funny, quick-paced, a good story, and a great bad guy who you genuinely (love to) hate.

Final Verdict

Well, according to me, these are the latest best additions in the LitRPG audiobook genre. If you’ve got a favorite LitRPG title that you think should be on a list of the best LitRPG books and isn’t here, by all means, do let me know in the comment below!

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