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Why Ultralift TV Lift Systems?

All of our TV lift systems and TV lift mechanisms are created under the supervision of some of the best designers and engineers in the country. Our products are manufactured in specially-created facilities where we use only the best tools and materials to deliver durable and reliable audio-visual solutions. All products are tested to ensure they meet industry standards.

We are continually developing new ideas with hydraulic TV lift mechanisms into innovative products which the market has never seen before. So if there’s an issue you’ve been struggling with for years that could benefit from a motorised ceiling drop down TV mount, we’d love to hear from you!

Custom Designed TV Lifts and TV Lift Mechanisms

Have you taken the time to browse through our selection and still don’t think you’ve found the perfect solution for your specific situation? Don’t despair! Ultralift realises each client has specific needs, and we strive to meet each one of them. We employ the most talented and experienced team of designers and engineers, with the practical skills and theoretical knowledge required to conquer any challenge ahead of them. They are full of creative ideas and passionate about producing a purpose-designed solution for use as a TV lift that will best suit you.

Find the Most Suitable TV Lift System Today

Ultralift is widely praised for our range of audio-visual products. When it comes to our hidden TV lift cabinets and systems, we have models to suit both residential and commercial clients. Our designs are created to offer practical, durable and visually appealing solutions for any space. In our standard range, you can choose from products such as the Descender, Spartan, Slider, or Atlas Lift, along with many other TV lifts and TV lift mechanisms that will suit your interior.

Take some time to browse through our selection, and tell us if you need to create something extraordinary. It’s what we do! Call us on (03) 9459 0873 for help finding the right TV riser in Australia for your domestic or commercial premises.



Cabinet Tronix Sorrento leather TV lift furniture hiding 49 inch Samsung flat screen testimonial

Impeccably customized

When our interior designer needed a unique solution for a hi-tech media room makeover, Trace McCullough and his team at Cabinet Tronix offered a complete and ideal TV lift cabinet system that met our needs aesthetically and functionally. We put difficult demands on Cabinet Tronix, and they came through with the bespoke design we needed to make our project a success, and in fact, the lift TV cabinet was a centerpiece of the room.

Our challenge was that we needed to preserve a wall of the room for projection screening while also featuring a large screen TV in the room, but we did not want to mount a TV on the wall. Trace and his cabinet crafters walked us through our options and the design process, and they accommodated all of our special requests. The unit they designed incorporated elements of several of their systems that we liked, and they seamlessly integrated a designer fabric we selected for the façade, tying together the overall look and the technical requirements of the project, including a hidden compartment and outlets for a variety of electronic peripherals.

Cabinet Tronix accommodated our specific space limitations and our requests for customization and finishing touches that complemented other furnishings in the space. The result was a perfectly blended, beautiful show piece that suited the technical and practical needs of the design. The lift worked with a touch of a button and quietly and smoothly. When the television was not in use, it was discreetly hidden away.

The customer service at Cabinet Tronix was exceptional, and the process was simplified and convenient because the company handled all elements of the design and production in-house, creating the perfect space for enjoying a multimedia experience.

We highly recommend Cabinet Tronix as the premier designer and manufacturer of television lift cabinets. Their quality craftsmanship and professionalism were superb, and it was a pleasure to collaborate with their team.

— K. Pearson Brown.

Cabinet Tronix shows TV lift kit built into white furniture so when flat screen is revealed it can be watched from family and living room.

This is the first review I have ever written, and I am only doing so because I have had the most wonderful experience dealing with Trace and his team at Cabinet Tronix.

I live in Florida and am renovating my personal home. I design and build very high end custom kitchens and cabinetry and I decided to purchase a TV lift cabinet. After extensive research, I discovered Trace. He is by far the most knowledgeable person I have met as to the intricacies of the TV lift mechanisms available and the pitfalls and benefits of every supplier and component. Knowing the custom cabinetry industry so well, I felt the only way to determine if Trace was indeed a high end manufacturer was to visit his factory.

My wife and I flew out for a night and were so impressed, that we ordered on the spot. The quality of workmanship was superb, and seeing the various other projects Trace had going clinched the deal. Each piece that Trace was building was unique and superbly constructed, and finished beautifully. It was obvious that Trace and his people were perfectionists.

Equally impressive was the manner in which we were treated from start to finish. Trace and his team truly understand how to treat a customer, and understand the emotional factors involved in making a large purchase of a custom product. Their communication was exceptional throughout the process, and the information flow from them was timely, informative, clear and concise., and as a result, our delivery and installation was a breeze.

One has many options when purchasing custom products, and we are all aware of the horror stories that others have suffered. Have no fear, if you order from Trace, you will get far more than what you pay for and you will have peace of mind in knowing that Trace and his team will never let anything leave their factory in a condition other than superb. You will be so very happy, I am certain.

— Barry

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TV Cabinet With Lift

end of bed TV cabinet

TV cabinets with lifts by SPK Cabinet makers. Design and manufacture of tv lift cabinets, foot of bed TV cabinets and popup TV cabinets. We can accommodate all your AV media equipment within the cabinet if required.

Tv cabinet with lift,  end of bed tv cabinet or pop up TV unit. We have lifts to suit all tv sizes.

TV lift is operated by hidden remote control to raise and lower the lid and the TV.

Swivel options are available.

All of our TV lift cabinets are bespoke, custom made to your requirements in wood finishes, painted finishes or upholstered in your choice of fabric


Contact us with your requirements. We look forward to hearing from you.

End of bed TV cabinets in UK by SPK cabinetmaking

Magnolia TV Lift Cabinet

7 Best TV Lift Cabinets for End of Bed That Are Downright Magical

Televisions take up a lot of space. Not only are they clunky and somewhat unsightly, they can be difficult to place. Enter hidden TV cabinets. They store your television when you’re not using it, then, with the press of a button, raise your flat screen when it’s time to watch The Bachelor. The nifty furniture trend is taking the world by storm, so we decided to round up the best TV lift cabinets for the end of bed (or for any room) that will fit your style and needs.

TV lift cabinets are great for seniors, those who live in small spaces, or anyone who doesn’t want to deal with the hassle of securing a TV to the wall. They’ll declutter your living space while adding a little magic to your home.

What are the best TV lift cabinets for end of bed?

These are the seven best TV lift cabinets we’ve found. Keep scrolling for detailed reviews of each!

How does a TV lift cabinet work?

Hanging a TV requires ample wall space, the right hardware, and a whole lot of faith in your handy relative or contractor. Media consoles are great TV stands, but are pricey and don’t secure your television from the wrath of pets, sugared-up grandkids, and the occasional clumsy houseguest.

best tv lift cabinets for end of bed

Hidden TV lift cabinets are made to solve these problems. When closed, they are attractive, functional cabinets. But with the click of a remote control, up pops your TV!

Their magic is made possible with lift hardware that stores into the back side of the cabinet, and a hinged panel that automatically opens to reveal the hidden TV. Most come with designated space for a sound bar, and attractive storage for your cable box, DVD player, and all the cords that come along with them. Some even pair with your Alexa or Google Assist (like the Brookville XL TV Lift Cabinet), so you can voice-control your TV lift!

Are DIY TV lift cabinets a good idea? 

If you’ve ever scoured the internet for ways to hide your television, you’ve probably seen a slew of Pinterest posts for DIY TV lift cabinets. The idea is to buy motorized lift hardware (like this device from Amazon, $289) and install it inside a standard cabinet or media console.

The problem with making your own hidden TV cabinet is that 1. It’s not an easy furniture DIY. 2. One tiny mistake can end up damaging your TV, and 3. It doesn’t save you that much money in the long run. A TV cabinet (like these from Wayfair) and lift hardware will set you back you hundreds — if not thousands — of dollars, and that’s not including the cost (and stress) of installing the hardware.

The TV lift cabinets below range from $1,500 to $6,000, but include pre-installed hardware, a well-built storage cabinet that is engineered to hold a TV, and built-in technology that allows you to control the TV and cabinet with a remote. Many of the pricier models come completely installed, so you can attach your TV and fire up Netflix in under an hour.

Below, we’ve rounded up our favorite TV lift cabinets for the end of bed or any room that will make your (or your loved one’s) life so much better.

See more of ourbest product recommendations.

We write about products we think our readers will like. If you buy them, we get a small share of the revenue from the supplier.

Brookville XL TV Lift Cabinet in White Finish

Best Overall lift cabinet for end of bed
best tv lift cabinets for end of bed

Buy from, $4,999(originally $5,199)

Why we like it:

  • Fits up to most 77″ diagonal TVs
  • Cabinet ships fully-assembled.
  • Works with Alexa and Google Assistant by adding any wifi smart plug to the built-in current sending outlet
  • Built-in infrared relay system – works even with the doors closed!

Before you get sticker shock, there’s a reason this best-of-the-best TV lift cabinet is worth the money. The cabinet ships fully assembled, it fits TVs up to 77″ inches, and no programming is required. Its storage doors conceal shelves that are easily adjustable, and a built-in infrared system means the remote works even when the doors are closed. You can download an app to control your lift functions via your phone, and even use Alexa or Google Assist if voice-control is more your thing.

Happy customer:“We purchase this cabinet for our home due to the limited space to mount a TV. The cabinetry is wonderful as is the machine inside. The technician who setup the TV did a great job. Well done folks!

Touchstone TV Stand for TVs up to 50″

Cheapest TV lift cabinet for end of bed
best tv lift cabinets for end of bed

Buy from Wayfair, $1699

Why we like it:

  • High quality wood construction
  • Cable management
  • QuickConnect TV mounting bracket

This attractive console is the most affordable TV lift cabinet we found, with several 5-star reviews on Wayfair backing up its quality and ease-of-use. It comes in four finish colors and a QuickMount lift bracket that makes TV installation a breeze (it takes under 10 minutes to complete!). It’s durable, 150-pound frame ensures stability, and a concealed cord storage means you won’t trip on your way to the bathroom (at least not on cords!).

Happy customer:“Beautiful! This is a well-built product. I paid extra for inside delivery and it was worth it. The quality of this item is first class. I bought the component holder and it came assembled. All I have to do is attach TV. I love that I can hide TV with such a lovely piece of furniture.

Edgewood 360 Degree Swivel TV Lift Cabinet

Best TV lift cabinet with swivel for end of bed
best tv lift cabinets for end of bed

Buy from, $5,299 (originally $5,499)

Why we like it:

  • Fits up to most 55″ diagonal TVs
  • Cabinet ships fully-assembled.
  • Pre-installed heavy-duty 360 degree swivel lift TV lift.
  • Built-in infrared relay system – works even with the doors closed!

Not only does this modern, stylish TV lift cabinet store and raise TVs up to 55 inches, its lift hardware swivels for optimal viewing. The built-in infrared system means your remote will work even when the cable box is stored away, and no programming is required to get the unit up and running. Best of all? The entire unit arrives at your home fully assembled!

Happy customer:“You guys nailed it with this piece. I have been shopping your site for two years and this was the style I was waiting for.

Touchstone TV Stand for TVs up to 50″

best trunk TV stand for end of bed
best tv lift cabinets for end of bed

Buy from Wayfair, $2,399

Why we like it:

  • High quality wood construction
  • Cable management
  • QuickConnect TV mounting bracket

The rustic, antique look of this trunk cabinet makes it a showpiece all on its own. Constructed with leather strap details and rugged hand-hammered grommets, its high-quality, sturdy wooden frame can hold up to 100 pounds and TVs up to 50 inches. It’s considered one of Touchstone’s most popular TV lift cabinets, and reviewers were thrilled with its ease-of-use and lift functionality.

Happy customer:“I LOVE this piece. I have a small area for a TV in front of my stair case. This is a thin piece only 18” deep. My Tv, Cable box, and DVD player fit perfect on the small shelf provided with this gorgeous piece of furniture. It is an awesome conversation piece… Everyone wants to know what it is.

Tuscany 70053 TV Lift Cabinet for 60″ Flat screen TVs

Best TV lift cabinet with storage for end of bed
best tv lift cabinets for end of bed

Buy from Touchstone Home Products, $2,199

Why we like it:

  • Fits up to 60” TVs (55” wide left to right)
  • Functional smoked glass doors with adjustable shelving for storage
  • Quiet and reliable Whisper Lift II Pro
  • 5 year warranty

Hidden storage is always a win, and this TV lift cabinet has plenty. Elegant smoked glass doors conceal adjustable shelves that can store knick knacks, cable boxes, and more. The lift function is whisper quiet, and a 5-year warranty adds a little extra piece-of-mind to your purchase.

Happy customer:This stand is really nice. It weighs 300 lbs and is made out of solid hardwood and the action to raise and lower the TV is really nice… I love putting the TV away when we aren’t watching it.

Bel-Air TV Lift Cabinet

Best Modern TV lift cabinet for end of bed
best tv lift cabinets for end of bed

Buy from, $3,999 (originally $4,199)

Why we like it:

  • Fits up to most 50″ diagonal TVs
  • Cabinet ships fully-assembled.
  • Pre-installed heavy-duty television lift.

If modern is more your style, this TV lift cabinet won’t disappoint. It may look compact, but it actually stores TVs up to 50 inches with a pre-installled lift. A built-in sound bar chicly displays your sound system, but you can also store away ugly cords, cable boxes, and old DVDs in the concealed cabinet. A built-in infrared relay system means our remote will work when the doors are closed, which is about a modern as it gets. Bonus: It ships fully-assembled!

Happy customer:“This is truly an outstanding piece of modern furniture! Blown away.

Princeton XL TV Lift Cabinet (for 65 – 75 inch TVs)

Best TV lift cabinet with drawers for end of bed
best tv lift cabinets for end of bed

Buy from, $5,499 (originally $5,699)

Why we like it:

  • Fits up to most 75″ diagonal TVs
  • Hidden casters allow for easy swiveling
  • Made in the USA of solid maple wood
  • Download the Apple and Android app to drive your lift via mobile device

This TV lift cabinet was in the running for our top pick. It has all the bells and whistles you’d want in a hidden TV cabinet — it’s made of solid, heavy duty maple wood, holds large and extra-large TVs, comes with an app that allows it to be controlled via your phone, and has drawers and adjustable hidden shelves. It also has a fully finished back panel should you want to place it at the end of a bed, and has hidden casters for easy swiveling or moving. Its infrared relay system lets you use the remote even when the doors are closed. And if you click over to their site, the same model is offered in a caramel finish. If you’re looking for a heavy duty, multi-functioning TV cabinet, this is your best bet.

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