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All Schwinn A.C.™ indoor bikes come standard with Double Link pedals with SPD and toe-clip combinations to accommodate both cycling cleats and regular athletic shoes. The bikes are also compatible with the Schwinn Triple Link™ pedal upgrade. Triple Link Pedals accommodate Look Delta and SPD style cleats to simulate an outdoor riding experience. They also easily convert to accept traditional athletic shoes with the snap-in locking toe clips. Belt drive using Carbon Blue™ technology Recommended User Height: 4’11” to 6’8″.

The AC Performance bike is Schwinn Triple Link™ pedal compatible. Triple Link Pedals accommodate Look, Delta and SPD style cleats to simulate an outdoor riding experience. They easily convert to accept traditional athletic shoes with the snap-in locking toe clips.


Introducing Carbon Blue™ technology – a belt drive system combining unmatched durability with the authentic outdoor biking feel you expect from Schwinn. For nearly 20 years, Schwinn carbon blue belt drive bikes have led the indoor cycling industry. Even as other companies began to use belt drives, we stayed true to our technology for one simple reason: belt drives felt nothing like riding an outdoor bike. Today, all of that is changing. There is a revolutionary new belt drive taking the outdoor bike community by storm, and we’ve adapted it and brought it indoors on the A.C. Performance. This next generation system delivers guaranteed durability and virtually zero maintenance, without sacrificing the Schwinn authentic cycling feel that riders know and love.


Several years ago, a company named Gates introduced a concept never before seen on outdoor bikes – a belt drive that performed like a chain. Their innovative system – called Carbon Drive™– features a carbon fiber reinforced belt with teeth for maximum durability and true bike performance. Over time, this has transitioned from a novelty system to a mainstream solution used on hundreds of outdoor bike models today. Over the past year, we have worked with Gates to adapt this revolutionary technology to our A.C. Performance bike. The result is a new belt-based drive system that combines the maintenance-free durability and performance of a belt with the authentic-ride feel of a chain. We call it Carbon Blue ™ – those who ride it call it “incredible.”


  • Belt never requires lubrication
  • Tension never needs to be adjusted
  • High-inertia drive train provides momentum and feel of chain drive
  • Toothed belt provides rider feedback and road feel
  • High Performance handlebars support all rider needs, from comfort to high-performance
  • Virtual Contact™ Magnetic resistance brake allows for smooth, consistent control
  • Schwinn Fit system enables a wide range of seat and handlebar adjustments to provide a safe and comfortable setup for a wide range of riders
  • Carbon fiber reinforcement makes this belt incredibly durable
  • The longest warranty of any belt or chain on the market
  • Product Dimensions: 54" L x 21" W x 51" H (137cm x 53cm x 130cm)
  • Product Weight: 102 lbs (46 kg)
  • Max User Weight: 350 lbs (159 kg)
  • Frame Finish: Aluminum
  • Frame Color: Pearl White
  • Seat Slider, Handlebars and Hardware Materials: Aluminum
  • Drive System: Belt drive using Carbon Blue™ technology
  • User Compatible Size Range: Typically 4'11" to 6'8" (150 to 203 cm) tall
  • MPower™ Echelon Console Compatible: Yes
  • Q Factor: 170mm
  • This unit requires Morse Taper Pedals, please call for details
Commercial Warranty

Frame: 10 years Mechanical: 2 years Wear items: 6 months Labor: 1 year

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Custom Indoor Cycles LLC


Custom Indoor Cycles is an Authorized Dealer for Schwinn & Stages Indoor Cycling, providing the best built & custom designed indoor cycles all over the world.


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527 S. Santa Fe St. 
Santa Ana, CA  92705

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Custom Indoor Cycle Review

Custom Indoor Cycle Review

(August 15 2018) For the summer of 2018 Indoor Cycling Magazine decided to unite with consumers who rely on sources like us to protect them.  Or at least help them achieve the best service or product.  Other websites and/or magazines for Indoor Cycling usually focus on “the best workout”, or the “best spinning studio”, or the “best Indoor cycling instructor”, etc etc.  However it is much more helpful to consumers when they are about to spend from 1000 dollars to 100 000 thousand dollars.  Which why we had to raise a red flag when we came across a website that call themselves “Custom Indoor Cycles”

When we went to the website for Custom Indoor Cycles their website states that their location is Santa Ana, CA.  They state that they sell “Custom Indoor Cycle bikes” where you can choose the color and logo etc.   However.  The first red flag, and this is a small red flag, was that they don’t offer the famous Keiser bike.  They only offer a “Stages” bike and a “Schwinn” bike.  The burning question is, did Keiser decide to not do business with them, or, is there another reason?  Again. That is a small, not a large–red flag.  Not offering a very popular bike such as the Keiser bike is bizarre.

Before we continue.  We ourselves, had an awful experience with some “representative” from “Custom Indoor Cycles.

custom indoor cycle bikesAll we did was to reach out to them.  Because we “assumed” that a legitimate Indoor Cycling business will want to connect with us— an Indoor Cycling Magazine. Especially when we’re leaders and social influencers–for example, on Instagram, we own @IndoorCycling.  In our opinion, we encountered an unprofessional and nefarious “representative”.  We even felt attacked.  For a moment or two–the representative, had us believing that we are selling pot.  Or was he on drugs?  LOL !!

Now. Let’s return to objective and professional conversation.

Remember above we mentioned a small red flag?  Well now let’s talk about a LARGE RED FLAG.

We found out that the business called “Customer Indoor Cycles” who will charge you up to 100 000 thousand dollars (or more) for the cost of a new Indoor Cycling Business, is not registered with the Better Business Bureau AND no where on Yelp Directory.  That’s correct.  Let’s repeat that in case you missed that. “Customer Indoor Cycles” who will charge you up to 100 000 thousand dollars (or more) for the cost of a new Indoor Cycling Business, is not registered with the Better Business Bureau AND no where on Yelp Directory.

Just go the Santa Ana Better Business Bureau and search for “Custom Indoor Cycles” Here is the link to save you time.

You will discover that: “This business is not BBB Accredited”

As such.  Indoor Cycling Magazine recommends that you do business with a BBB Accredited business when purchasing custom cycle santa anaIndoor Cycling Products or Services.

Secondly.  As we mentioned.  The second red flag is that “Custom Indoor Cycles” is nowhere to be found on the Yelp Directory.

To save you time. Here is the link.

However.  We decided to save the best for the last.

Here is the third Red Flag.

We guess you have heard of Google?  Well we went to Google Maps and tried to look up “Custom Indoor Cycle” on Google Maps.  (Some call it Google Local).

Thus, the largest RED FLAG was when we discovered that on Google maps they are very different then on their fancy website.

On their fancy website you will see that they have a HUGE PORTFOLIO  and many satisfied customers.  However. When you see them on Google Maps you will see ZERO reviews, only one photo, and no business hours !!!  Again to save you time here is the link:,-117.8552187,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x80dcd96d206b34fd:0xa69ccdb4f9c70208!8m2!3d33.7405548!4d-117.85303

Now compare that to a similar business that sells Indoor Cycles in Santa Ana.

This business which is called Primo Fitness

You will notice that Primo Fitness has  1) several images, 2) has their business hours and 3) has 32 reviews !!  Here is the link,-117.9140907,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x80dcd8975bafc89f:0xdbd0f304b64fe569!8m2!3d33.722387!4d-117.911902

And the great news is that Primo Fitness sells Indoor Cycling Bikes.



To conclude. Our recommendation is 100% for

After reading all this, we are sure that you agree that Indoor Cycling Magazine truly cares about the consumer and more specifically truly cares about the consumer searching for Indoor Cycling Bikes and Services.

We thank you for making us number one. And if this helps only one person we have been successful.


Johnny Zakharia, Founder

Indoor Cycling Magazine.





About the Author
Johnny Zakharia who resides in Vancouver, BC is a certified Indoor Cycling Instructor and a Personal Trainer.


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