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What’s the Perfect Soundcloud Banner Size? (With Examples)8 min read

Whether you’re an artist or have a podcast, having an optimized Soundcloud profile can go a long way. One of the few things that you want to do is to create and upload a high quality header. However, for best results, you need to stick with the recommended Soundcloud banner size.

Of course, when it comes to a music platform such as Soundcloud, your actual talent matters more – everything else, including how your profile photo and banner look, comes later.


That being said, they do matter. And there’s a lot a potential talent seeker can tell about you by just looking at your header image.

To help you get it right, in this article, I’m going to take you through:

  • The ideal Soundcloud banner size
  • How to easily design an amazing Soundcloud header
  • Quick tips for designing a banner
  • Ways to upload/update the header on Soundcloud

Let’s jump in.

Pro Tip: Pixelied comes loaded with Soundcloud banner dimensions, templates and other requirements. Create a Soundcloud banner for free!


Recommended Soundcloud Banner Size

SoundClound Banner Size

The right Soundcloud banner size (that works on all screens without getting pixelated or cut off) is x pixels.

In addition to using the recommended dimensions, make sure your header is either a JPG or PNG image. Furthermore, Soundcloud has a 2 megabytes file size limit for headers.

On the other hand, the recommended Soundcloud profile picture size is x pixels, which is an aspect ratio of Additionally, the file/image size for profile images is also 2MB.

Why Having a Banner is Important

Soundcloud is one of the largest online music platforms where rookies and professionals alike share their songs and get discovered.

In fact, some of the most successful artists today – including the likes of Post Malone and Kygo, to name a few – found their big breaks through Soundcloud.

Considering that there’s so much potential, you need to make your first impressions count.

And the best way to leave a lasting impression (besides having a fire track or a highly interesting podcast) is to have a kickass header image on your Soundcloud page that speaks for your style.

Think of it this way: As an artist, you’d probably wear the best shirt you own for your first meeting with a record label, right? The same thing applies to your Soundcloud profile – presentation matters.

How to Design a Groovy Soundcloud Banner from Scratch?

Creating a Soundcloud banner (or any visual asset, for that matter) from scratch requires a lot of effort.

Plus, if you’re just starting out, paying someone to design one might not be an option.

Lucky for us, we can always use Pixelied, which is a powerful online graphic design tool just as good as Canva (if not better), to create professional-looking banners in a matter of a few minutes.

The platform offers a bunch of free Soundcloud banner templates that you can easily customize, download, and upload on your profile.


With Pixelied, you won’t have to worry about leveraging complicated custom design tools. And you certainly won’t have to worry about setting the dimensions to the recommended Soundcloud banner size (all templates are x pixels by default).

Let’s dive into the actual process:

1.      Register to Use Pixelied

Pixelied’s free plan offers some of the most advanced features and access to the majority of the templates.

However, in order to get started, you’ll need to register yourself.

The registration process is extremely simple and super-fast.

What’s more is that you won’t be asked to provide your credit card information (this isn’t a trial – it’s free forever).

2.      Select a Template You Like

As soon as you register, Pixelied will redirect you to the homepage.

Here, you can scroll through the different formats of templates available at your disposal. However, this isn’t the complete list of the actual templates.

To access the vast library of templates, click on “See More” next to “Social Media Graphics.”


In the left panel on the page that loads, click on Headers > Soundcloud.


This will load up the different banner templates available.

Select any template you like. Keep in mind that with the free version, you won’t be able to use the ones that have the Premium (crown) icon at their top right corners.

3.      Customize with Our User-Friendly Editor (or Simply Download)

When you click on any template, you’ll be redirected to the online editor of Pixelied.

This is where the magic happens. Here’s what the platform looks like:


At this point, you have two options:

  • Simply download the template without any editing
  • Edit and customize the template according to your brand (highly recommended)

To get a quick idea of what you can do with this tool, here are all the features that it offers:

  • Vast Library of Templates – you already know this. Pixelied has one of the largest collections of templates for blogs, emails, and social media design.
  • Access to Stock Photos – another cool thing about Pixelied is that it sources millions of royalty-free stock images from Unsplash right there on the editor. You can conveniently add them to your designs without downloading/uploading them separately.
  • Advanced Features – some of them include the ability to add borders, shadows, remove backgrounds, and upload and edit SVG/vector files.
  • + Google Fonts – with Pixelied, you get direct access to over Google fonts through the editor. You won’t have to download and install each font separately on your device.
  • Design Elements and Icons – add finishing touches to your Soundcloud banner and make it more appealing by using the free design elements/icons on Pixelied.

In addition to the above, Pixelied also offers text manipulation and file organizing capabilities.

Tips for Designing an Eye-Catching Soundcloud Profile Header

The templates and the easy-to-use features of Pixelied can help you stick to the right Soundcloud banner size and design something that looks professional.

But in order to make your Soundcloud account stand out, there are certain best practices that you should know.

Let’s take a look what they are (and why they’re important):

1.      Make it Branded

Whether you’re creating a Soundcloud header or a Twitch banner, one thing that you should positively do is to make it branded.

If you want to play in the big leagues, you can’t blend in with the crowd.

Instead, you need to create a separate identity for yourself. Or in other words, you need to make yourself more recognizable.

To that end, I recommend creating thorough brand guidelines – with your logo, color palette, typography, and everything else – and just staying true to it.

2.      Add Elements in “Exposed” Areas Only

Another important thing to remember when designing a Soundcloud header is that once you upload it on your profile, not all of it will be visible.

Just like a Facebook or a Twitter cover photo, there are some small bits that are covered by the profile picture and a few basic personal details.

To be specific, avoid adding any text or any design element to the areas highlighted in yellow:


Wondering why I highlighted some extra space beneath the profile image?

Well, for one, there isn’t much space to work with.

Secondly, the screenshot was taken on a desktop. In the mobile app, the profile image is situated half-way down and covers that little area.

3.      Highlight the Hottest Release

You don’t have to use the same Soundcloud header for the rest of your life.

To keep things fresh, it’s advised to design something new every few months.

A great way to make the most of your headers is to promote your latest singles or album releases, like so:


Despite getting enough press coverage, the Soundcloud accounts of even the most successful artists follow this practice.

Someone who isn’t well-known (yet) should most definitely use their header as an opportunity to share quick information about their hottest releases.

4.      Keep it Simple

In the end, it’s important that you keep your banner simple.


This entails:

  • Avoiding excessive text (in fact, Soundcloud itself discourages any use of text on the banner).
  • Leaving enough whitespace or breathing room (decluttering your banner)
  • Using appropriate color contrast, background image, and the right visuals/elements

How to Add/Change Soundcloud Banner

All that’s left to do now is to upload your banner on your Soundcloud profile page.

In case you’re new to this, here’s a quick step-by-step breakdown of the process (for desktop):

  • Log in to your Soundcloud account.
  • On the homepage, click on your name/username (towards the right of the menu bar, next to notifications), and then click on Profile.
  • On your profile, hover your cursor over the blue space at the top and click on Upload Header Image.
  • Navigate to the location on your device where the image is saved and upload it.

If you’re using the mobile app, follow these steps:

  • Open your Soundcloud profile.
  • Tap the Edit Profile button, which should be below your follower and following counts.
  • Tap on the camera icon at the top and upload your image from your mobile device.

Et voila.

Final Thoughts

Being a creative still requires looking professional.

Sure, your music is what matters at the end of the day, but a mediocre-looking Soundcloud profile might be a major turnoff for some potential record label folks and talent hunters.

Considering that, spend some time experimenting with your brand and creating something that’s visually-pleasing (remember – with Pixelied, it’ll only take a few minutes).


What Is the Best SoundCloud Banner Size and How to Design It?

Having a strong visual presence is a must for any artist, and musicians and podcasters are no exception. In fact, it’s even more important! Your SoundCloud banner, profile picture, and cover art will determine if a potential fan will even give your music a chance. They stay for the music but they come for the branding!

That’s why I have compiled all the important details your banner needs to have to be successful, the exact SoundCloud banner size, and how you can easily design a SoundCloud banner all on your own, no design skills needed!

SoundCloud website screenshot

What is a SoundCloud Banner?

A SoundCloud banner is the graphic that sits at the very top of your SoundCloud profile. It’s the largest graphic on a SoundCloud profile, making it one of the most important images on your profile. Even compared to album art covers!

Why It’s Important?

Think of it as a billboard, your banner image is the main area of real estate on your SoundCloud profile. This makes it the perfect place to add branding like logos, as well as photos and other band graphics.

This banner is also what shows in the artist search. This makes it one of the most powerful graphics on your profile, as it will be one of the first impressions a potential listener will get of your music or podcasts.

An aesthetic SoundCloud banner like the banner below will attract long-time listeners and fans.

Fotor Record Studio SoundCloud banner template

Click the image to start editing

What is the SoundCloud Banner Size?

SoundCloud Banner Size

To avoid pixelation or blurriness your SoundCloud banner should be at least pixels wide by pixels tall. The SoundCloud banner dimensions can be larger than that but no smaller!

Make sure to save your SoundCloud banner as either a PNG or JPG keeping the file size to 2MB or under.

SoundCloud banner size

SoundCloud Profile Picture Size

The SoundCloud profile picture size is pixels wide by pixels tall which is a ratio of While you can go smaller than by pixels, it is not recommended as SoundCloud will enlarge the image depending on the screen your profile is being viewed on.

Just like your banner, your profile picture should be less than 2MB in size and saved as either a PNG or JPG.

SoundCloud profile picture size

SoundCloud Album Cover Art Size

The album cover size is slightly less than the SoundCloud profile picture size at pixels wide by pixels tall, which again is a ratio of

While the uploaded size is by pixels, I recommend designing an album art cover in at least by pixels at DPI. This will make it so the cover will be print read if you ever did want to create physical prints.

When uploading your album cover art is also restricted to a 2MB file size and must be saved as either a PNG or JPG.

SoundCloud album cover art size

SoundCloud Banner Design Tips

1. Make it Large

While the minimum SoundCloud banner size is by pixels, don’t be afraid to go larger! Uploading a larger SoundCloud header size will help fight compression, and will result in a slightly higher quality banner image.

SoundCloud will shrink your banner down, however, in shrinking the image it will be able to retain more detail, resulting in a crisper-looking image. Just remember, always go larger, never smaller!

Fotor electronic beats SoundCloud banner template

Click the image to start editing

2. Keep it Simple

When designing your cool SoundCloud banners try to follow the “less is more” rule. Avoids putting text like names, dates, or quotes. Text is likely to be cut off when viewing the banner on different screens, as depending on the size of the screen SoundCloud will crop your header image to fit. Instead, aim for stronger visuals and iconic imagery.

If you do want to add something like a logo, or brand name, place it in the middle of your banner as it’s less likely to be cropped.

Fotor pink SoundCloud banner template

Click the image to start editing

3. Make Sure it’s on Brand

Keep your graphics consistent and on-brand, making sure your SoundCloud banner, profile picture, and even possibly your newest album cover all match. This includes matching colors, fonts, and images if possible.

Viewers want to be able to know what they are getting into before they even start to listen. Make sure your profile’s visuals accurately represent the kind of music you make.

Fotor rock SoundCloud banner template

Click the image to start editing

SoundCloud Banner Examples

1. Billboard

The official Billboard SoundCloud takes the ultra-minimal approach keeping to a black and white color scheme and bold text. Keeping their name and branding the focus. This is effective as it will reduce the amount of noticeable compression to almost zero, keeping the image sharp, high utility, and professional-looking.

Notice how their profile photo matches the black background in the banner, causing the two to blend together and making a seamless transition from one to the other!

Use a mostly black SoundCloud banner is always a safe bet if your main concern is to avoid image compression.

Billboard soundcloud

2. The Read

The Read, a comedy podcast, uses one vibrant red color as its featured color. This gives the banner a fun vibe, while still letting the minimal characters representing the hosts take center stage.

As viewers often tune into a podcast for the personalities of the hosts, and this podcast is meant for entertainment and comedy, featuring cartoon versions of the hosts was a great choice. It gives the banner personality while also letting the viewer know what kind of podcast this is likely to be.

The Read is a perfect example of how a comedy podcast can still feature cool SoundCloud banners!

The Read soundcloud

3. Beach Bunny

Beach Bunny’s, which is an alternative rock band, SoundCloud’s profile stands out due to the consistency in both design and color. From album art to banner image, the same general colors and illustration style is used.

They then use a band photo as their profile picture, that still carries the same pastel blues and picks you can find throughout their profile.

Beach Bunny uses their header image to feature their latest music, if you plan on doing the same thing make sure you have the correct SoundCloud banner dimensions, or else an important image can become hidden. Keep it centered like shown below!

Beach Bunny soundcloud

How to Make a SoundCloud Banner with No Design Skills?

Looking to create a SoundCloud banner fast? The SoundCloud banner maker on offers dozens of premade SoundCloud banner templates! The best part being they are all completely customizable and all within your own browser &#; let’s create our own!

Step 1

I’ll be making a mostly black SoundCloud banner today!

First, let’s add a solid black background in the Background tab. Using a solid color background will make it easier to match a profile picture, giving you that “blended” look similar to the Billboard Soundcloud profile.

Createa a solid black background in Fotor

Step 2

Next, in the Element tab, search through the Emoji selections to find this emoji of a man&#;s head.

Placing it on the right side of the canvas. We want to keep the left side of the banner free, so our profile picture doesn’t obstruct any of the design.

Find and add design element for your SoundCloud banner

Step 3

Now, we can choose the Change Photo button to add a photo inside of the head image.

This will instantly clip an image into the shape of the head, without having to adjust anything yourself, however, if you want to chase the placement of the clipped image just double click on the element to make any adjustments!

Add a picture into the shape

Step 4

Let’s add some Cloud elements next.

Placing one coming from the mouth, and one at the back of the head to give it an illustration effect.

You can use the top anchor to angle an image, shown by two turning arrows.

Add cloud design elements to decorate your banner design

Step 5

Finally, let’s add some text using the Text Tab! We want it to be bold, but simple. The less text the better!

Choose the “Eternal Happiness” preset, changing it white.

Add text

Step 6

Replace the text with your band or podcast name by double-clicking on the text, and your Soundcloud banner is ready to export and upload!

SoundCloud banner design

How to Upload or Change SoundCloud Banner?

Uploading a SoundCloud header is incredibly easy and you can do it right on your SoundCloud profile page!

Step 1

First, go to your profile page, and choose “Upload Header Image” found in the upper right-hand corner of the default banner header.

If you are replacing a current banner image then it will say ”Update Header Image” instead. You can also completely remove your current banner image, and set it back to the default gradient SoundCloud header.

Upload SoundCloud header image

Step 2

Locate and select your saved SoundCloud header image file and then upload.

Once you have the banner uploaded, you may have the option to zoom in, zoom out, or crop the banner image.

Upload and adjust your SoundCloud header image

Step 3

Click save, and you are done!

Apply your SoundCloud banner

Final Thoughts

SoundCloud is the place to be whether you are a musician hoping to share your music, or a podcaster trying to build a whole new listening fan base! And while your art might be audio-only, the visuals you pair with it are just as important! This is why the SoundCloud banner size is such a big deal.

With so many different podcasts and musicians to choose from, artists only have a matter of seconds to snag a new listener! Using a tool like Fotor’s SoundCloud banner maker will not only save you time, but it will guarantee you a perfectly sized and designed banner that will put you ahead of your competition!

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SoundCloud Size Guide: How To Create Beautiful SoundCloud Banners & Covers

Artists worldwide are also creating SoundCloud profiles and using this platform to share their ideas and concerts. They are also using it to build their brand.

Whether you're creating a profile to upload your music, a new podcast you made, or to listen, there are a few things you will need to take care of to make your profile better. But no need to worry. In this SoundCloud Size Guide, we got you covered. In addition, we will help you create beautiful SoundCloud Banners and Covers to make your profile stand out.

SoundCloud is also a fantastic place for music lovers to discover new and upcoming artists before becoming mainstream. And who doesn't like to pride themselves knowing they found an artist or a band years before they become popular?

But, as you may know, SoundCloud is not just for uploading and listening to music. Many people and companies use this platform to host their podcasts, narrated stories, and publish other forms of audio-only content.

Listeners visiting your profile will pay attention to your SoundCloud Banner Image and Profile Image before they even click "play." That is why it is crucial to make a powerful impression for your personal SoundCloud profile or brand, no matter if you are creating an artist profile or a company profile.

When creating or completing your SoundCloud profile, you should think about some specific requirements. For instance, you'll need to upload a high-quality SoundCloud Profile Image and SoundCloud Banner (also known as a Profile Header Image).

Paying attention to your SoundCloud Album Cover Art Images and Cover Art Thumbnails is also something that will set you apart from other SoundCloud profiles.

Striving for consistency when it comes to your visual content is always a good idea. If you are already present on other social media platforms, it is also essential to adapt your social media graphics to match the branded content on your SoundCloud Profile.

Having consistent design on all your social media platforms and implementing high-quality images and graphics will make your personal SoundCloud profile or brand look professional.

SoundCloud Profile Image Size

No matter what you're using SoundCloud for, the first thing you'll need to update once you create your account on SoundCloud is the profile picture. Like with other social media accounts, having a profile photo is essential. It's the first thing viewers will check on your profile.

If you're an artist, the profile image is the perfect place to add your logo, a picture of yourself, or your band. If you're creating a podcast, you can add a professional image relevant to your podcast or even your business logo.

The profile picture should also give the viewer an idea of what type of style you provide or what type of music you make. That's when you can use image color, image quality, fonts, and a simple design to your advantage.

If you want to place a professional image on your SoundCloud profile, you can hire a photographer to take a high-quality picture of you. However, you do not need to be a professional graphic designer to create high-quality profile image designs.

You can easily create and experiment with a photo of yours that you already have. You can also ask a friend to take a picture of you and then play around with different types of profile image designs until you are happy with the finished look.

The profile picture you upload should be a square - ideally, a JPEG or PNG of at least x pixels (aspect ratio of ). Unfortunately, SoundCloud accepts only images up to 2MB in size, so keep this in mind if you want to update your current image.

You can always use Vectornator to create this type of square image and export it in any format you want.

Another thing you should keep in mind is that the photo you upload will display as a circle. They are circular because SoundCloud wants to differentiate profile photos from the track and playlist artwork.

Once you click on it, it will expand the full square image. But since the static image on your profile will not display the corners, it will be best to place your logo in the middle and not place any critical information in the corners.

You also have the option to drag the image to the left or right and zoom in or out to make sure that the image shown in the circle is aligned in the middle.

SoundCloud Profile Image Size

SoundCloud Banner Size

The SoundCloud banner, also known as your profile header, is the most prominent image that you can control on your SoundCloud profile. It's the perfect place to add a picture of your band or a live concert that you've played in the past. Alternatively, you can use it to highlight your newest album cover art or images associated with your business' services.

To get the best header image quality, you should upload an image of at least x pixels. When it comes to the image file type, you have two options: JPEG files or PNG files.

As with the profile image, the SoundCloud banner should be within a 2MB size limit. We've got presets for setting file size on export, right inside Vectornator, to make things even easier for you.

One difference between SoundCloud and other social media platforms is that it doesn't consistently scale down your SoundCloud profile header size in the same way that other platforms do.

If you include text in your header image, be aware that some parts of the text might get cut off on some mobile devices. That is why it's best if you avoid using text within your header image dimensions.

Tips On How To Make Your Profile Stand Out

Every SoundCloud profile is unique on its own. So, whether you have a personal profile or a company profile and want to use this platform to build your brand, you should always strive for uniqueness.

Competition becomes more challenging as more profiles improve themselves and thrive to become unique in their own space. However, there are some things you can do to make your profile stand out from the rest. Here are three tips for you:

1. Add Clear Visuals

Everyone who visits your profile should be able to tell your type of style and music just by looking at your visuals. Use graphic design tools to create powerful visuals that better represent you and your brand.

Also, use graphic design elements such as whitespace and extra space to your advantage when creating clean visuals within the banner size and profile image.

2. Be Consistent

Being consistent across all platforms that you use is especially important. Moreover, if you want your profile to look more professional, try to avoid using stock photos.

Instead, use high-quality professional images that best represent you and your brand, or make custom graphics using stock images and Auto Trace, making them completely your own creation.

3. Keep It Simple

You don't have to go over the top with design elements to make an eye-catching SoundCloud profile header or profile image. A straightforward design will go a long way and make a great impression, especially if you match the background image color palette with your profile image.

If you follow the profile picture and banner dimensions requirements, you'll encounter no problems.

Three Examples Of The Best SoundCloud Profile Pages

1. Billie Eilish

The first example is Billie Eilish SoundCloud Profile. What we love about her profile is that she always keeps it up to date. Eilish makes sure that her profile photo and SoundCloud Cover reflect her latest work. In this example, we can see that she has kept it simple.

The profile photo is only showing her face, while the banner is showing the whole picture. We also see the name of her latest song titled “Happier Than Ever.” She has also included when her new album will be out: July

Billie Eilish soundcloud cover

2. The Roop

This pop-rock band from Lithuania is proving that you can create a beautiful profile with black and white photos. What we love is that they've used a profile picture that reflects a piece of every member’s face through the mirror pieces.

In addition, they have kept the banner simple and have selected a black and white photo from one of their live shows.

The Roop soundcloud

3. Dancing Pineapple

The third example is also a great one. We see here how they play around with design elements like retrofuturism and bold, oversized text, and incorporate the logo into the profile image.

They have also used a profile picture that has a matching background with the cover image. This way, the profile image is not covering any part of the banner but has “become” a part of it.

Dancing Pineapple soundcloud cover

SoundCloud Album Cover Art Size

Once you upload a track or an album, the next thing to do is upload an album cover or song cover. Both are square images, so you'll want to make sure text isn't being cropped away when you design your Album Cover Art Images.

SoundCloud recommends uploading an album art file size of up to 2MB. The platform also recommends uploading a JPEG or PNG of at least x pixels for best results.

Naturally, the SoundCloud Cover Art is the place you should upload the cover art of your album or song, the cover image for your podcast, or other forms of audio content.

If you make sure your image has high quality, it will work great at any scaled size within the SoundCloud platform, including SoundCloud on mobile devices.

As we discussed earlier, each SoundCloud profile is different from the other. For example, some profiles are commercial ones, while others are personal ones.

If you have a personal SoundCloud profile, then you will be free to pick and upload any visual content you want. Once again, you don't have to be a professional graphic designer to create simple yet powerful album cover art. There are thousands of album cover templates out there which you can use.

If you have a commercial profile, you will be more restricted in terms of what album cover art or any other branded content you upload. You may be instructed to upload album cover art not only on your SoundCloud profile but also on other social media platforms that you may have.

In some cases, a SoundCloud profile is a collaboration between you and other companies, such as a music studio. In these cases, you may have to work and collaborate with your company's graphic designer or just use a photo or album cover art already made by them.

Either way, it is essential that you stay consistent across all social media platforms you use. If possible, try to match social media graphics with your SoundCloud profile.

For instance, if you use the same album cover art on SoundCloud and other social media platforms, you will increase visibility and avoid confusion from the perspective of listeners trying to find your songs or albums.

Adding a catchy design to your SoundCloud Album Cover Art will instantly set you apart from other profiles as well. There are several ways how to find design ideas. It is also vital to follow the latest graphic design trends to stay up to date.

Uploading Files To SoundCloud

In this last part, we will discuss what file type and file size you can upload. We will also give you some extra tips to make the process of uploading files run as smoothly as possible.

What types of file format does SoundCloud support?

SoundCloud recommends uploading JPEG and PNG image file types.

Is there a difference between JPEG and PNG?

We recommend you choose the JPEG file format if you need to upload photographs and realistic images. PNG file format, however, is best used for uploading line art, photos that have a lot of text, or photos that have few colors.

Based on these distinctions, you can choose which image file type might be the best choice when you upload a profile image, profile banner, or album cover art.

Profile Picture

The profile picture file size you upload must be up to 2MB. It also needs to be at least pixels wide x pixels tall (aspect ratio of ).

Header image

The SoundCloud header image should be within a 2MB size limit and at least pixels wide x pixels tall.

Album Or Song Cover Image

Both the album and song cover image should have a size of up to 2MB. Like the profile picture, the album or song cover image must have a square, aspect ratio and be at least pixels wide x pixels tall.

Why Are Vector Files Easier To Manage?

Are you wondering why vector files are easier to manage than raster files such as JPEG and PNG?

Vector files are easier to manage because they can infinitely adjust in size and do not lose resolution. This makes vector files more versatile than JPEG and PNG, especially if you want to use the header image on other social media platforms.

Now that you've got the basics down for your SoundCloud profile, it's time to build your ideal SoundCloud Profile. Need to tweak some of the visuals a bit? Try getting Vectornator. It's free and includes extensive pre-made templates for SoundCloud.

Why stop there? We've also got lots of other templates for you, to cover all of your Social Media profile needs, just check out the menu over to the left!

Create your template with Vectornator.

Use Vectornator's in-app preset template to quickly create your next design directly from the Home screen.

How to Make a SoundCloud Banner Using Custom Templates


Header soundcloud


SoundCloud 101: Setting Up Your Profile - Part 1


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