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Love for elephants is a universal thing. Whether it is for their larger than life (literally!) stature or for their lovable personalities, elephant figurines are coveted because of the animal’s popularity. Did you know that elephants look at humans and feel the same emotion that we feel for puppies? Cute, right? We agree! Whether it is on an office desk or for the china cabinet, a glass elephant or a ceramic elephant is the perfect addition to your existing collection. An antique elephant can adorn the small corner table in your living room perfectly, adding so much class and style to the space. Ceramic elephants make for ideal motifs for around the house —guest room, bath and the entryway— creating a lovely theme for your home. Glass elephant figurines are small enough in size to be used liberally around the house without using up a lot of space. They create a classic theme for the home and the best part? They are absolutely delicious and go with everything. Looking for something to make an impact? A large elephant statue is just the right thing. It can make your entryway glamorous and grand. Who doesn’t want to receive their guests in style? An elephant statue adds so much heft to a room. It’s not the largest land animal for nothing, if you ask us. Next time you see an elephant statue for sale, don’t hold back. Want more delicious animal motifs for your home? Check out Animal Figurines here on Chairish.

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Unforgettable Love Elephant Figurine Collection

The enduring connection between a mother elephant and her baby is among the strongest bonds in the animal kingdom. Now, these incredible gentle giants inspire a heartwarming collection of elephant figurines that's sure to remind you of your own family bonds. Introducing the Unforgettable Love Figurine Collection, limited-edition creations from renowned artist Blake Jensen, commissioned by and available exclusively from The Bradford Exchange. Your collection of elephant figurines begins with Issue One, Never Forget I Love You. Soon your collection will continue with Issue Two, Dream Big, Little One, Issue Three, Our Love Is Uplifting, and additional collectible elephant figurines, each a separate issue to follow.

Each of the hand-painted figurines in this collection features glossy paint and is adorned with delicate hand-applied designs under the careful direction of Blake Jensen. Superbly handcrafted in artist's resin, no detail has been overlooked, from the elephants' fringed faux fabric eyelashes to their affectionate poses and loving expressions. Adding to these tender portraits of family love, each figurine features a heartfelt message of love on the base. Wonderful reminders of your own love for your children or grandchildren, these heartwarming treasures are the perfect addition to any elephant decor and they make unforgettable gifts. Strong demand is expected. So, don't delay; order now!


These exclusive collectable Blake Jensen elephant figurines from The Bradford Exchange features:

  • Celebrate your devotion to family with the Unforgettable Love Figurine Collection by artist Blake Jensen, commissioned by and available exclusively from The Bradford Exchange
  • Each of the hand-painted figurines in this collection features glossy paint and is adorned with delicate hand-applied designs under the careful direction of Blake Jensen
  • Handcrafted in artist's resin, no detail has been overlooked, from the elephants' fringed faux fabric eyelashes to their affectionate poses and loving expressions
  • Each figurine in this elephant decor collection features a heartfelt message of love adorning the base
  • Wonderful reminders of your own love for your children or grandchildren, these heartwarming treasures are perfect additions to any elephant decor and make unforgettable gifts
  • Editions limited to 95 casting days, so order now!
  • Hand-numbered with matching Certificates of Authenticity
  • Measure cm H; /4" H
Ordering a Collection by Subscription Plan is for Smart Collectors:
  • Reserves the entire collectible Unforgettable Love Figurine Collection from The Hamilton Collection in your name so you never risk an increase on the price of other collectibles in this collection, or miss a single issue of this collection
  • Each issue will be shipped to you for your review, at regular intervals (pending availability), at the same low issue price and charged to the credit card on which your order was placed. No need to order each one separately.
  • You may cancel your collection at any time with no obligation
  • "Issue One - Never Forget I Love You," will be followed by "Issue Two - Dream Big, Little One," "Issue Three - Our Love Is Uplifting" and additional collectible Blake Jensen elephant figurines as they become available

What is a subscription plan?

Sours: https://www.bradford.net.nz/unforgettable-love-elephant-mother-and-child-figurine-collection.html
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How/Where do I donate an elephant figurine collection?
November 18, PM   Subscribe

My mom has a pretty decent sized collection of elephant figures and assorted objects from the 50ss. In preparation for when she passes, I need to start thinking of how to donate/sell this thing

My main concern is somehow finding it a home that makes sense. A library, archive, animal rights group would probably be good.

I would also like to make money off this if possible, but that's less important to me than having a good steward of it.

One kink in this is that some of the items were carved of ivory (I believe all was before the ivory ban; I don't believe any of those few items things were illegally gotten. And of course we morally know it's wrong. Because of the ivory issue, I imagine I should consult a lawyer on this? I don't think it's legal to sell those? But maybe to an organization who is dedicated to something like elephant rights/caretaking it's allowed to donate? IDK. If we have to break away the ivory from the rest, I'm ok with that. I don't want to increase any trade in ivory.

So basically I'm just wondering if anyone's dealt with something similar? I don't want to just go to some auctioneer who might sell it to a party who really isn't interested in keeping it intact and unified and might just package the bits to ebay.

Appreciate any thoughts/clues how to proceed on this both for the ivory issue (I assume consult a lawyer will be the answer there) and who to donate to/which orgs may have an interest in this collection.

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Feng Shui Elephant Facing Direction -Benefits Of Keeping An Elephant Figurine In The House

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Collection elephant figurine

&#;Jewels Of The Sedona&#; Elephant Figurine Collection

A unique Native American-inspired elephant figurine collection, exclusive to The Bradford Exchange – The elephant has long been a symbol of good fortune. Now, this noble creature is paired with the beauty of the Sedona sky in a dazzling tribute of eye-catching symbolism. Introducing the 'Jewels Of The Sedona' Elephant Figurine Collection, available exclusively from The Bradford Exchange. Majestically capturing the spirit of the plains, your collection begins with Issue One, 'Sterling Strength'. Soon your collection will continue with Issue Two, 'Glistening Wisdom', followed by Issue Three, 'Radiant Fortune', and additional Sedona-inspired elephant figurines, each a separate issue to follow.

Each elephant in this collection has been expertly handcrafted by talented artisans with delicately etched, deeply symbolic patterns throughout. From their Native American-inspired art designs to their upturned trunks symbolising luck, these elephant figurines bring a triumphant, yet gentle presence to your home. Each one is handpainted with gleaming metallic and desert-inspired hues, then embellished with sparkling faux gems that capture the radiant colours of the Sedona sky.

Strong demand is anticipated, so don't delay. Applications will be approved in strict order of receipt. If your application is successful you will be notified. Offer is limited to one collection per household. Successful applicants will qualify to view the next edition in the collection. Each will be sent on approval once every weeks at £ (plus £ S&S). Opportunity to collect up to 18 unique editions. Each will be yours to view on approval for days. You may cancel at any time. Order now!

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Feng Shui Elephant -Facing Direction -Benefits Of Keeping An Elephant Figurine In The House


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