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EAA showcases MKA 1923 Bullpup Shotgun

The MKA 1923 offers a bullpup design that is compact and easy to handle, according to EAA. (Photo: EAA)

European American Armory Corporation launches the MKA 1923 Bullpup Shotgun from Husan Arms.

Offering a 12-gauge design, the bullpup shotgun delivers a trigger block safety, removable sights and fully adjustable rear sights. The shotgun also features a Picatinny rail for accessories and optics. EAA says the 1923 Bullpup Shotgun, just like its sibling the MKA 1919, offers a magazine-fed semi-automatic system.

The MKA 1923 offers adjustable rear sights and a Picatinny rail. (Photo: EAA)

“Its overall design is compact, but it can definitely pack a punch,” EAA said in a press release. “The MKA 1923 combines the speed and maneuverability of a traditional bullpup with the stopping power of the quintessential shotgun. Making this compact beast the perfect tool for home protection, 3 gun competition or even just some fun on the range.”

The MKA 1923, which EAA calls an “easy handling” shotgun, tops its design off with a rubber butt plate and reinforced nylon stock. Measuring 29.5-inches in overall length, the MKA 1923 is available from dealers nationwide with an MSRP of $769.


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Short’s The Word

To illustrate just how compact the EAA bullpup really is, I compared it to my Ultra 87 — a Chinese knock-off of a tactical-styled Remington 870. The EAA sports a 20″ barrel and has an overall length of 29.5″. My Ultra 87 features a 19″ barrel and an overall length of 39.5″. Even with a 1″ longer barrel, the EAA is a full 10″ shorter overall.

Other than being handier, the MKA 1923 is a very stable shooting platform. Unloaded the gun weighs in at 9.7 lbs. while 5 rounds of 2.75″ or 3″ shells in the detachable magazine bring total weight to just over 10 lbs. Yet it balances perfectly with your hand wrapped around the stock between the pistol grip and the magazine well.

The MKA 1923 is a polymer stocked gun with a sheet metal upper carrying a 14″ Picatinny rail for the supplied A2-style, flip-up iron sights or optics. With the A2 sights installed, the sight radius is 10.5″. The gun really cries out for a red dot or similar optic to optimize its utility.

Bullpups — with a few exceptions — are usually designed for a right-handed shooter and this is true of the EAA. The operating handle and safety are on the left side while the ejection port is on the right. If you switch the gun over to a left-hand position, the ejection port is staring you right in the eye. Not good! In short, it’s a right-handed gun. Other than that, the controls are right where they should be and handy.

The other challenge in bullpup design is the trigger. How do you mechanically link a forward-mounted trigger to a rear-mounted sear and still maintain an acceptable pull? The single-stage trigger of the EAA averaged 11 lbs., 12 oz. on my Lyman electronic gauge.

To put what might seem like a very heavy pull in perspective, I reviewed my notes on previous bullpups I’ve tested and the data was interesting: the Steyr AUG averaged 10.75 lbs., the FN FS2000, 9.5 lbs., and the Century International Arms AK bullpup, 11.5 lbs.

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