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WoW Shadowlands 9.1 is currently in a pretty tough spot following the recent lawsuit and protests coming from both players and developers alike. Among other things, this has led to the development of the game grinding to a halt, meaning we’re unlikely to see Shadowlands 9.2 anytime soon. That’s bad news for those still playing the game but, on the bright side, you can look at the hiatus as an opportunity to complete some of your collections.

WoW Shadowlands 9.1 introduced a few dozen new mounts to the game along with the ability to ride any mount in The Maw. Flying in Shadowlands was also added, though it’s mainly restricted to the four Covenant zones. Still, at least you can get some use of the wide variety of new flying mounts added in Shadowlands 9.1: Chains of Domination. Provided you know how to acquire them of course. If you don’t, well, you’ve come to the right place because looking at how to acquire every mount in WoW Shadowlands 9.1 is the sole purpose of this article.

Covenant Renown Mounts

We might as well start with this category since these are the easiest to get new mounts. A total of eight Covenant Renown mounts were added in 9.1, two for each of the four Covenants. Namely, you’ve got the Elysian Aquilon for Kyrian, Maldraxxian Corpsefly Harness for the Neccrolords, Ardenweald Wilderling Harness for Night Fae, and Sinfall Gravewing for Venthyr. All of there are automatically unlocked upon reaching Renown level 45 with the respective Covenant. In addition, there’s a recolored version of each of these mounts you can get by reaching Renown level 70. The only catch is that it will also cost you 7500 Anima. You can buy the recolored versions from your Covenant’s quartermaster.

Covenant Assaults Mounts

Covenant Assaults are a new feature introduced in WoW Shadowlands 9.1. The assaults are exactly what they sound like – all the Covenants banding together to attack Zovaal’s forces in The Maw. Participating in these assaults will earn you a wide variety of rewards, including Stygia, Soul Cinders, Korthite Crystals, and gear. More importantly, at least for the purpose of mount collecting, Covenant Assaults give you a fairly easy way to increase your reputation with Death’s Advance and The Archivist’s Codex while also letting you work your way towards the On the Offensive meta-achievement.

Completing On the Offensive is a bit of a hassle but if you manage to do it, you can add four extra mounts to your collection. These mounts are once again recolored versions of the flying Covenant mounts added in WoW Shadowlands 9.1 and cost 1,000 Stygia each. However, in order to buy them, you’ll also need to be Exalted with the Death’s Advance faction.

Upon successfully completing an assault for your Covenant you will receive a War Chest, which is the equivalent of the Paragon caches we’ve seen in previous patches and expansions. These chests can contain a wide assortment of rewards, including three mounts. You have a chance of looting the Undying Darkhound’s Harness from the War Chest of the Undying Army, the Legsplitter War Harness from the War Chest of the Wild Hunt, and the Harvester’s Dreadwing Saddle from the Harvester’s War Chest.

All three of those mounts of recolored versions of mounts added in Shadowlands 9.0. For some reason, the Kyrian chest doesn’t appear to drop a mount like the other three. Either that or it didn’t drop for anybody just yet. But that’s unlikely given that WoW Shadowlands 9.1 has been around for about a month at this point.

Other Covenant-Specific Mounts

Blizzard definitely went all out with the Covenant mounts in 9.1. We’ve already covered 15 of them but there are four more where those came from. Each of these four mounts is exclusive to one of the Covenants and, you’ve guessed it, they’re all recolors. All of the mounts drop from rare mobs found around Korthia so at least you don’t have to grind Anima. Simply visit the associate mob on a daily basis and hope for the best.

Starting off with the Kyrian, we have the Foresworn Aquilon, which drops from the Wild Worldcracker. To get the mob to spawn, speak with Popo and defend him as he wanders Korthia delivering supplies. Follow Popo around and you will run into the Wild Worldcracker eventually.

Venthyr players can get their hands on the Mastercraft Gravewing from the Sygian Stonecrusher during a similar event. Speak to Drippy to get started and defend him while he’s repairing the Gravewing. The Stonecrusher will show up soon after to try and stop Drippy and that’s when you’ll be able to engage it.

The Night Fay version of the event starts with the Escaped Wilderling found near the Keeper’s Respite in Korthia. There’s a drum in the area you have to interact with to summon the rare. Get its health low enough and you will be able to jump on its back. After finishing the riding event you will get a box that has a chance of containing the Summer Wilderling Harness.

Finally, the last mount is the Lord of the Corpseflies and this one drops from Fleshwing. To get the mob to spawn, speak to Cadaverous and gather corpses for the pile until Fleshwing shows up. You just need to click on the corpses to add them to the pile.

Korthia Mounts

We already discussed some of the new WoW Shadowlands 9.1 mounts found in Korthia but there are a few others you can obtain and these ones aren’t tied to a specific Covenant. There are only three of them and they all drop from rare mobs, however, these ones aren’t basic reskins.

First, we have the Rampaging Mauler, a pretty cool-looking mount that has a chance to drop from Konthrogz the Obliterator. This may end up being one of the rarest WoW mounts added in 9.1 simply due to how gimmicky it is to spawn Konthrogz. The mob has a small chance to spawn in the same place another rare Korthia mob recently died. If you’re not a server where people farm rares all day it may be a while until you see Konthrogz. In addition, this is a pretty powerful mob that you’re unlikely to be able to solo in 9.1

Next up we have the Garnet Razorwing and this one is a bit easier to get. Go to the southern part of Korthia at around 56.6, 67.0 and you should find a nest with an egg inside it. Click the egg to get a mob called Reliwik the Defiant to spawn and kill it for a chance at getting the Garnet Razorwing.

The last Korthia mount we need to touch upon is the Crimson Shardhide. Start off by speaking with Caretaker Kah-Kay found near Keeper’s Respite to trigger a special event. The caretaker will give you a temporary companion that will accompany you as you track down a rare mob called Malbog. Follow the purple footsteps to track the rare until you reach a slab of meat that you can interact with. Click on the meat to spawn Malbog and kill it for a chance at the mount.

The Maw Mounts

There are only two new mounts that drop from rare mobs in The Maw in WoW Shadowlands 9.1 but they’re both pretty cool. The first one you’ll want to get your hands on is the Fallen Charger’s Reins, which has a chance to drop from the titular Fallen Charger. This rare has a chance to spawn in multiple places around The Maw depending on what Covenant Assault is currently going on. The Fallen Charger makes a dash towards Korthia after it spawns and needs to be engaged before it reaches its destination else it disappears. It’s probably best to team up with others for this one as finding it and killing it all by yourself can be a hassle.

The other mount you’ll want to keep an eye out for while you’re in The Maw is the Chain of Bahmethra. This is one of the new hand mounts added in Shadowlands 9.1 and has a chance of dropping from the Tormentor’s Cache. This is a chest that you can only acquire once per week from the Tormentors of Torghast event. Previously, you had to acquire 200 Links of Bahmeht and combine them together to create the mount but this was changed by the World of Warcraft devs shortly after the patch launched.

Breaking the Chains Mount

This one deserves its own category because it’s tied to a huge meta-achievement added in Shadowlands 9.1 called Breaking the Chains. Among other things, you’ll need to complete the On the Offensive meta-achievement mentioned earlier along with the new Chains of Domination campaign. Then, you need to earn Exalted with the new factions, fully explore Korthia, complete special encounters, collect hidden treasures, and more. Completing Breaking the Chains is quite a chore but at least you can get a lot of progress in by simply completing various activities in 9.1. If you manage to get it done, you will be awarded the Bracelet of Saralanga, which teaches another hand mount similar to the Chain of Bahmethra.

Reputation Mounts

These mounts are pretty straightforward, albeit most of them are heavily reliant on RNG. There are six mounts you can acquire upon reaching the required reputation with certain factions, four of which drop from Paragon caches. That only leaves two that you can buy from vendors, but of course, it will cost you an arm and a leg. Here’s a quick summary of the reputation mounts in Shadowlands 9.1:

  • Amber Shardhide – Purchasable from Duchess Mynx upon reaching Revered with Death’s Advance. Costs 5,000 Stygia.
  • Fierce Razorwing – Has a chance to drop from Death’s Advance Supplies. Requires Exalted reputation.
  • Beryl Shardhide – Has a chance to drop from Death’s Advance Supplies. Requires Exalted reputation.
  • Soulbound Gloomcharger’s Reins – Has a chance to drop from Mysterious Gift from Ve’nari. Requires Exalted (Appreciative) reputation.
  • Soaring Razorwing – Purchasable from Archivist Roh-Suir upon reaching Exalted (Rank 6) with The Archivist’s Codex. Costs 5,000 Cataloged Research.
  • Tamed Mauler Harness – Has a chance to drop from Supplies of the Archivists’ Codex. Requires Exalted (Rank 6) reputation.

Torghast Mount

Only one new mount was added in Torghast in WoW Shadowlands 9.1 and that’s the Mawsworn Charger’s Reins. There are no gimmicks to getting the mount but it does require you to complete the Flawless Master achievement, which involves getting a flawless run on layer 12 in each wing of Torghast. Hey, I only said there are no gimmicks, I didn’t say it won’t be tedious.

Dungeon Mounts

WoW Shadowlands 9.1 introduced a new mega-dungeon and a couple of new mounts to go with it. First off, there are two flying discs inspired by the Legion class hall mount for Mages. The first one, Cartel Master’s Gearglider, drops from So’leah in Tazavesh, the Veiled Market. There’s also a slightly different version of the mount called Tazavesh Gearglider that you can acquire by completing the achievement Fake It ‘Till You Make It. The achievement involves defeating So’leah in Tazavesh on Mythic difficulty after being caught using forged credentials.

In addition to those, there’s also the Soultwisted Deathwalker mount that requires you to complete the Shadowlands Keystone Master: Season Two achievement. You’ll need to attain a Mythic+ rating of at least 2,000 during Shadowlands 9.1 to get the achievement.

Raid Mounts

Starting with the easiest raid mount you can get in 9.1 we have the Sanctum Gloomcharger’s Reins. The mount has a chance to drop from The Nine boss encounter in Sanctum of Domination. Of course, the drop chance is very small but the good news is that the mount drops on all difficulties.

Next up we have Vengeance’s Reins, an awesome-looking Dragonhawk mount that drops from Sylvanas on Mythic difficulty. The mount has a 100% chance to drop for everybody in the raid until the end of Shadowlands. If you can down Mythic Sylvanas, you’re guaranteed to get the mount. If past patches are anything to go by, a lot of players will probably buy WoW gold and pay high-end guilds to boost them through the raid just so they can get this mount.

The last raid mount is the Bracer of Hrestimorak, which is the reward for completing the Glory of the Dominant Raider meta-achievement. Not much else to say about this one. If you can complete all the individual achievements in the Sanctum of Domination you are guaranteed to get your hands on this hand mount.

PvP Mounts

The Shadowlands Season 2 PvP mount reward is the Vicious War Gorm. There’s a red version for the Horde and a blue one for the Alliance and you can acquire it by reaching a certain rank in rated Arenas or Rated Battlegrounds during Season 2 of Shadowlands. If you’re serious about PvP you’ll probably want to also go for the Unchained Gladiator’s Soul Eater. Unlike the Gorm, this is a flying mount and you can acquire it by winning at least 50 3v3 games while at Elite rank in Shadowlands season 2.

Puzzle Mounts

Puzzle mounts have become a staple of World of Warcraft ever since Legion and it looks like they’re here to stay. In Shadowlands we get a handful of new ones and you’ll probably want to check some detailed guides for these ones because they can be hard to find. Here, we’re only listing some of the basic info you need to know.

Reins of the Wanderer – Requires you to retrieve Maelie the Wanderer in Korthia six times across six different days. The mob can be found at various locations throughout Korthia. To trigger the event speak to Tinybell at Keeper’s Respite.

Dusklight Razorwing – Collect 10 Razorwing Eggs and bring them to the Razorwing Nest in Korthia. These eggs drop from the various Devourer-type mobs and bosses found throughout Korthia and you can only collect a maximum of two eggs per day.

Darkmaul – Bring 10 Tasty Mawshrooms to Darkmaul in Korthia. These mushrooms can be found all over the zone and you can only loot a maximum of five per day. Every time you bring a mushroom to the mob you will be able to ride it for up to two minutes. Once you bring all 10, the mob will become a new mount.

Nilganihmaht Control Ring – Another one of the new hand mounts you can acquire from The Maw. This one involves gathering five rings while doing a whole slew of interesting activities. Make sure to follow this Wowhead guide closely if you plan on going after the mount because it involves many steps, some of which are pretty complicated.

Event Mount (Unconfirmed)

A while back data miners found evidence that a new mount called Illidari Doomhawk might be added in the near future as a reward for defeating Doomwalker during the upcoming World of Warcraft 17th Anniversary event. The Illidari Doomhawk is a callback to classic Burning Crusade mounts and the WoW 17th Anniversary achievement was apparently already added to the 9.1 PTR. None of this has been officially confirmed by Blizzard but there have been similar events in the past with similar rewards. It wouldn’t be too surprising if the Illidari Doomhawk turned out to be real.

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I’m a classic jack-of-all-trades author who loves to write about most topics, though gaming has always been my strong suit. That said, I definitely won’t turn down the chance to cover some juicy news involving superhero movies, Stephen King novels or space travel. Or robots. Or space-traveling superhero robots disguised as Stephen King.


How to make your very own golden hand mount so you can ride around the Maw in style on Hand of Nilganihmaht

If you’re anything like me when you saw the pictures of the new mounts coming in patch 9.1 from BlizzConline one of them stood out to you. I of course mean the Infinite Pirate Dragon, but since that’s not actually a mount (yet) the next best thing was a giant severed hand with a saddle sticking out of the wrist. It was just such a unique mount that I knew I had to have one. I was initially worried that it would be the Mythic-only mount from Sylvanas, as it was a pretty unique model and historically the Mythic-only mounts have been standouts. We’ve had eyeball jellyfish, water elementals, the tortured souls of Draenei fused together into a slavering horror that’s as likely to drive you insane as it is to get you from point a to b — things like that. So when I realized that there was not one, but four different hand mounts to get from the Maw and Korthia I was very happy.

So how do you get your hands on one of these unique mounts? Let’s take a look.

It’s that fourth one, the Hand of Nilganihmaht that we’re looking at today, because it’s the simplest to get, and can mostly be acquired solo. This shiny golden hand is obtained by collecting five rings of power that have been hidden around the Maw. Simply gather all five rings and find the chained Hand of Nilganihmaht inside the Rift and you’ll be riding in style.

You’ll be able to get four of the Nilganihmaht rings at any time. However, Nilganihmaht’s Stone Ring is only available during a Necrolord Assault in the Maw, so if the current Maw assault isn’t Necrolord you’ll have to wait until it comes around again.

Now let’s talk about where to get all five rings.

Ring One: Nilganihmaht’s Runed Band

For this ring, you’ll need to be able to get into the Rift phase of the Maw. The ring is a 100% drop from a rare at the northern end of the Maw named Torglluun the Lord of Shades, located at 28.67, 25.04. He’s not the hardest-hitting rare in the world and only has roughly 230k health, so he’s fairly average when it comes to the Korthia and Maw rares. If that’s something that you don’t normally do by yourself you can always wait for a friend to come to help you. You’ll both need to use a Repaired Riftkey in Korthia or use a Collapsing Riftstone right at the rare’s location in the regular phase of the Maw. You can get Collapsing Riftstones from the Zovaal’s Vault daily in the Rift.

Ring Two: Nilganihmaht’s Signet Ring

To get this ring you’ll need to kill Exos, Herald of Domination. This is another 100% drop, so getting him to spawn is the tricky part. To spawn him you’ll need someone with the Domination’s Calling item, which you assemble from pieces you collect from three other rares in the Maw — Talaporas, Herald of Pain, Apholeias, Herald of Loss, and Ekphoras, Herald of Grief. Each of those rares requires four people to activate by standing on the four corners of their platforms and using the extra action button provided.

If you don’t want to go to the trouble of making your own Domination’s Calling, you can ask a friend who already has theirs. All that matters is that it’s used to summon Exos — you don’t actually need the summoning item yourself. If you can line your visit up with the Necrolord assault on Perdition Hold then you’ll also be able to use Draka’s Battlehorn to summon some extra help from the Necrolord forces in the area.

Ring Three: Nilganihmaht’s Gold Band

Break out your climbing shoes for this ring, because you’ll need to get to the highest point in the Maw. Start by heading to coordinates 18.6, 39.0 and climb up the giant mountain there. Demon Hunters will of course have the easiest time with this because of their double jumps, but they aren’t necessary. Good old-fashioned running and jumping is all you need to get to the top of the mountain where the Gold Band is just sitting out for any enterprising climber to take. Of course, if you want to cheat just a little, Warlock Gateways, Warrior Heroic Leap, Venthyr Door of Shadows, or Borr’Geth’s Fiery Brimstone and a Goblin Glider are all good ways of getting up ledges a little easier.

Ring Four: Nilganihmaht’s Silver Ring

It’s time to open a locked chest in the Desmotaeron area of the Maw. You’ll need to find four different Seal Breaker Keys to unlock the cage and the chest that contains the Silver Ring. The order of these keys isn’t important, and they’ll drop from their sources no matter if they’re the first or last key that you’re getting.

  • First Key — The first key is located on the wall in the building near where the Val’kyr was held on the quest Birds of a Feather –coordinates (66.9 56.2). Go inside, and on the right wall next to the named Mawsworn Kjellrun you’ll find the Harrower’s key ring. Just walk up and click it and you’ll have your first key.
  • Second Key — For the second key, you’ll need to open one of the Helgarde Supply Caches located around the Desmotaeron. These treasure chests are a little hard to see, but if you have your Trained Gromit from Korthia they can help point them out to you.
  • Third Key —  For the third key, you’ll need to kill Maldraxxi Defectors that are all over the Desmotaeron. Any of these elites have a chance to drop the key for you, so just start killing and don’t stop until you’ve got it. You can also kill the elite Maldraxxi that are all over the House of the Chosen back in Maldraxxus which can sometimes drop the key as well.
  • Fourth Key — You’ll need to defeat the rare Ylva, Mate of Guarm. This fearsome three-headed dog has apparently bitten the hand that feeds her, and as such has a key in her stomach. Unlike the rare Torglluun, this is something that you’ll need a group for. She has nearly a million health, and there are numerous patrols of elites nearby. You can always try and convince your guildmates to make a little detour before your next trip to the Sanctum of Domination or use the premade group finder to assemble your own party.

Once you’ve gotten all four keys, the Domination Sealed Chest you’ll need to open is located at coordinates 66.1, 57.5.

Ring Five: Nilganihmaht’s Stone Ring

This is the ring that is only available from the Necrolord Assault when the quest Putting a Plan Together is available. You’ll need the Kyrian Construct that you assemble during that quest to collect some of the pieces of the Stone ring. So if the Necrolord assault isn’t currently up, go and get the other four rings and then wait for the assault to change over.

  • Piece one — After assembling your Kyrian Construct for the quest Putting a Plan Together, use it to climb onto the walls of Perdition Hold. There are several Mawsworn Caches that are on the walls and towers of the hold. They have a chance to contain the first Quartered Ancient Ring piece that you need.
  • Piece two — While opening those Mawsworn chests for the first piece you’ll need to keep an eye out for a quest item. You should loot a Defense Map that starts a quest to destroy the pylons on the walls with your Kyrian Construct. This quest rewards your next Quartered Ancient Ring piece. If for some reason you’ve opened every chest and still haven’t found a Defense Map, it is possible to have the quest shared with you by another player who is on it. Ask your friends for help, or check the premade finder to see if a nice person has listed a group to share it out.
  • Piece three — Occasionally while you’re in Perdition Hold you may see something called the Maw Mad Construct yell about its precious, and that your character won’t be able to take it from them. This abomination will yell whenever it spawns, and then run around Perdition Hold — kill it and retrieve the Quartered Ancient Ring piece from its body.
  • Piece four — The final piece of the ring can be found on the ground of Perdition Hold once you’ve gotten any of the other pieces. It can spawn in a variety of different places, so you’ll need to make sure you have sharp eyes.

Once you have the four quarters of the ring, take them to any Soul Forge in Zovaal’s Cauldron and you’ll be able to melt them back together.

Free Nilganihmaht and collect your new mount!

Now that you’ve found the five rings necessary to unbind Nilganihmaht from his prison it’s time to actually find him. You’ll need to make another trip into the Maw for this last step. Nilganihmaht is located in the Rift phase of the same cave where we met Jaina all the way back in the introductory quests of Shadowlands, at coordinates 25.7, 32.5. Place each of the rings on his fingers and he’ll give you the quest Gotta Hand it to Ya, which rewards the Nilganihmaht Control Ring. If you’re interested in more lore about the beings that these hands came from he’s also got a book next to him with their full story — the moral of which is don’t mess with the Jailer. Good thing we’re not doing that!

The final step is to go show off your brand new mount. You’ve worked hard to combine those five rings and unlock your new handy method of transportation. Go get some high-fives from everyone!

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Hand of Bahmethra in Shadowlands is a mount that many players have been wanting to get their hands on.

Hand of Bahmethra Shadowlands: Everything You Need to Know

Looting Tormentor's Caches from slain Tormentors of Torghast all around Korthia gives the player a chance to loot the Hand of Bahmethra mount.

There are 15 unique Tormentors of Torghast around Korthia, and each of the rares have a chance to drop a Tormentor's Cache ranging from 66% - 39% depending on the rare slain.

Tormentor's Caches can drop a load of things, most often you will see Warped Phantasma, an item you can turn in to Ve'nari for some reputation and gold.

Most importantly, Hand of Bahmethra has a 4% drop rate from Tormentor's Caches, not the worst odds like some of the harder mounts, but still a bit of a grind and a little bit of luck needed.

Your heart will drop if you open a cache and see Chain of Bahmethra, the item needed to summon Hand of Bahmethra.

NEW Hand of Nilganihmaht - Golden Hand Mount Guide

Boar mounts

For additional details about the mobs these mounts are based on, see boar and bloodtusk.

Boar mounts were first added to World of Warcraft with the Warlords of Draenor expansion. They are available in several colors and come in armored and unarmored variants. The Shadowlands expansion added its own boar mounts from Maldraxxus.

Obtained via vendor

  •  [Rocktusk Battleboar] can be purchased from Alliance Trader Araanda/Horde Trader Darakk at a cost of 10,000g.
  •  [Domesticated Razorback] is purchasable from Gazrix Gearlock, Kwilax Fuseshiv, and Mimi Wizzlebub at a cost of 5,000g5,000 Apexis Crystal at Exalted with Steamwheedle Preservation Society
  •  [Wild Goretusk] and  [Bristling Hellboar] are purchasable from Z'tenga the Walker at Honored and Exalted with Saberstalkers for a cost of 1,000 and 5,000 Blackfang Claws respectively.
  •  [Deathtusk Felboar] is purchased from Horde Shadow Hunter Denjai and Alliance Vindicator Krethos for 2,500g at Exalted with Hand of the Prophet/Vol'jin's Headhunters.
  •  [Lurid Bloodtusk] is purchased from Nalcorn Talsen at Exalted with The Undying Army a cost of 30,000g.

Obtained via drop

  • Blisterback Bloodtusk.jpg
  • Bonecleaver's Skullboar.jpg

Obtained via quest

Obtained via achievements

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Gold hand mount wow

Hello hello mount collectors! Today I will be teaching you how to get the Hand of Nilganihmaht of the four disembodied hands we're forcing into a lifelong servitude of carrying us to our own deaths somewhere in the middle of some forest or canyon...or a hole we didn't see in front of us.

See...among the multitude of mounts added in 9.1, 4 of em are giant hands. There is even an in-game book that gives us lore as to why these hands are here! (In Short: On their home planet, these giants were absolutely HORRIBLE beings and rulers. The WORST. So when the Legion invaded and killed them, they were delivered to the Maw without any question. The Jailor, clearly enjoying these giants' past lives of douchebaggery, decided 'You guys aight. Hook up with me!'. But the giants, full of pride and malice, plotted behind Baldie's back, planning to usurp his armies. But...Jailor has his own personal narc on hand...the Eye of the Jailor. Because of that...the giants were found out, their hands cut off as trophies, and the rest of the giants destroyed, with their souls living on in their hands.)


The 4 hands are:

Hand of Bahmethra: Drops from the goodie box you get for your first Tormentor of Torghast (an event in the Maw similar to Wrath of the Jailor) kill each week.

Hand of Salaranga: From the Korthia meta-achievement 'Breaking the Chains'

Hand of Hrestimorak: From the Sanctum of Domination raid's 'Glory of' meta-achievement.

and the subject of this guide: Hand of Nilganihmaht.

Nilganihmaht is essentially a 'secret' mount though the secret has ALREADY been found out....good for us, huh? It is a unique golden colored hand. To obtain it, we need to find his 5 rings scattered across the Maw..,..then return them to him.

In order to get these rings, you'll need to get a few things first:

1: Unlock Ground mounts and remove the Eye of the Jailor mechanic. Not FULLY necessary but makes life easier.

2: Get the Grappling hook upgrade from Ve'nari. It'll make one of the rings easier to reach.

3: Must have at least 2 Repaired Riftkeys or Collapsing Riftstones. We need to be able to enter the Rift for two steps of this mount. Riftkeys can be bought from the Archivist Codex vendor at rank 4. Riftstones can drop from the Zovaal's Vault chest. The Riftstones are preferable as it allows you to spawn a useable rift portal anywhere you want.

4: Need a Domination's Calling, or know someone that has one. The rare spawned by this item is necessary. I'll explain more on that step.

5: Necrolords MUST be assaulting the Maw. As of the time of writing, this assault is active but you'll have to wait 2 weeks if you don't complete this before Tuesday.

Once everything's in place we can begin!


Ring 1: The Golden Ring: This one is just lying on the ground. This ring is why the Grapple Hook is useful.

At the coords 18.9, 38.0.....there is a grapple point that'll allow you to start climbing the westernmost mountain of the maw. You need to get to the highest point of it to find the Gold Ring just sitting there for you to take. Ring itself is at 19.1, 32.2.

This is the easiest one.


Ring 2: The Runed Ring: This one drops from the rare mob Torglluun. 100% drop chance.

Torglluun is located in the Tremaculum area....he has the same exact spawn point as the special encounter 'Cyrixia' that hangs out there. The difference? Torg can ONLY be seen and fought in the Rift. To access the rift, either use a Collapsing Riftstone and enter the portal you create (preferable as this allows you to spawn a portal right where he is), or go to Korthia and use a Repaired Riftkey on one of the available rift portals there then run to Torglluun in the Maw. Note you only get 15 minutes in the rift!

Once you've found him/he's spawned...kill him to get your ring!


Ring 3: The Signet Ring: This one drops from the rare mob Exos, Herald of Domination. 100% drop chance.

Remember the Domination's Calling item I said was needed? This is why, as this item spawns Exos. To get a Domination's Calling, you must craft by combining 3 specific items: Dominion Etching: Grief, Dominion Etching: Loss, and Dominion Etching: Pain. These items drop from the three Convocation rares in the Maw, which all require like 3 or 4 people to summon. Once you have all 3 etchings, combine them into the Domination's Call.

Once you have it, run over to the Altar of Domination area of Perdition Hold, and go inside the open building there (its the same place where you kill a named mob for a weekly in which you hafta break jars or kill mobs to feed a spirit some stygia to power it up then kill a named mob). Once inside, use the Domination's Calling on the big circle on the ground to spawn a portal. This portal takes you to the roof, where Exos is waiting. Bring a group: He's tough. Kill him for the ring.


Ring 4: The Silver Ring: This one is tied to the Desmotaeron area...specifically Helgarde Keep. The ring is contained inside a chest behind one of the staircases there....but the chest itself is locked in a cage with 4 locks. These locks require Seal Breaker Keys to open. You need 4 keys and each one drops from a different source.

Key 1: open Helgarde Supply Cache chests throughout the area till it drops. Getting the Swagsnout Gromit from Archivist's Codex can help you find them. NOTE: THE CHESTS DON'T HAVE A SHOWY OUTLINE AND DON'T SHOW ON THE MINIMAP!

Key 2: Rare drop off elite Maldraxxi enemies in Helgarde Keep. The rare Maldraxxi, Traitor Balthier, that spawns here can drop it too.

Key 3: Looted from a Keyring found on a wall inside one of the rooms you can enter in the keep. You'll know you are in the correct room if you see a bunch of dead golden Valkyr lying around and a named quest target in the back. The keyring is next to the named mob. You'll have to kill the mob first as you can't loot it while in combat.

Key 4: This one drops off the rare helhound Yiva. Bring a group as Yiva is quite powerful. On death, she drops the 'Feeder's Hand and Key' item...which can be opened to get the key.

Once you have all 4 keys, find the caged chest and open it up to get the ring!


Ring 5: The Stone Ring: This one REQUIRES the Necrolord assault to be active or else you can't get it.

Once Necrolords Assault the Maw, join the assault. Look for the quest to go help the Kyrians. This will chain to a quest in which you must gather some centurion parts for Mikanikos. Once done, you'll gain access to an Overcharged Centurion vehicle you can ride. Once you get that, we can start getting this ring.

The Stone ring has been broken into 4 pieces called 'Quartered Ancient Ring'. We need to find all 4.

Piece 1: Use the Centurion's ability to jump up walls to reach Mawsworn Caches that are located up there. Open them until you get the first piece.

Piece 2: Continue opening Caches until you get the Defense Map item which starts a quest. All you need to do is destroy 6 of the pylons on the wall using the centurion's 2nd ability. Hand in the quest to Mikanikos for the 2nd piece.

Piece 3: With the Centurion's job now done, we can go after the last two pieces. This one will be lying on the ground somewhere in Perdition Hold. The spawn point is random. I found mine in the cave under where Draka is when she goes into the hold proper after starting the assault.

Piece 4: The final piece is held by a minor Abomination called the 'Maw Mad Construct'. This is a neutral mob that does nothing more than ran through the hold and scream about not wanting to give up his precious item. Keep an eye on your chat log for his yell...then find him and kill him for the final piece.

Once all 4 pieces are in your bag...go to Zovaal's Cauldron and use any of the forges there to combine them into the Stone Ring!

Final Step: Getting a Hand:

With all 5 rings acquired, we now need to find Nilganihmaht himself and return them to him. He is hiding in a cave located at 25.70, 32.53 in the Maw (this cave also has the book that gives lore on the 4 Giants' origin). However...remember when I said you needed TWO Riftkeys/Riftstones? This is where the second one comes in as Nilganihmaht is hiding in the Rift. Enter the rift, find the cave then find Nilgy in the back of said cave. Place his rings on each of his five fingers and he'll offer you the quest 'Gotta Hand it to Ya' which can be handed in straight away to earn the mount.

And there you have it! Enjoy your very own gold-plated hand mount! I love his run animation personally.

I hope this guide was handy! :headbang:

Avatar made by the awesome Senna-umbreon

HAND OF NILGANIHMAHT MOUNT GUIDE - Secret Puzzle Mount of 9.1 SL - Step by Step Easy and Short Guide

Korthia, City of Secrets

1. How to get to Korthia WoW

Players initially get to Korthia via the Beastwarrens in the Maw, southeast of Desmotaeron. They quickly unlock a Waystone to Oribos, which activates its pair in the Ring of Transference in Oribos, as well as an Animaflow Teleporter to Ve'nari's Refuge.

Initially, you can reach Korthia by running through the south area of the Beastwarrens in the Maw. There will be two exits that lead to Korthia in Chains of Domination.

Once the Chains of Domination Campaign quest Opening to Oribos is completed, a portal to Korthia will open in Oribos, by the northwestern portion of the Ring of Transference area. This is a two-way portal, as you can return to Oribos from Korthia at the obelisk found in Keeper's Respite.

At the beginning of the Chains of Domination Chapter 3, Focusing the Eye, another way into Korthia is opened - On the quest Ease of Passage, a link between Ve'nari's Refuge and Korthia is established, with an Animaflow teleporter connecting both zones. The Animaflow teleporter will be behind the Obelisk in Keeper's Respite, and to the right of Ve'nari in Ve'nari's Refuge.

Adjacent regions

  • Maw (Beastwarrens), on foot to the northwest
  • Oribos, via Waystone to Oribos in Keeper's Respite

How to unlock Korthia

You are able to venture into Korthia the moment Chains of Domination is released, simply by running south of the Beastwarrens area at the Maw. However, Korthia will be devoid of objectives when done so. To fully unlock Korthia, you must work through the Chapter 2 Chains of Domination Campaign, Maw Walkers. Completing each of the Chapter 2 quests will unlock certain features in Korthia:
  • Opening the Maw - Start of Chapter 2
  • Link to the Maw
  • Mysteries of the Maw - Korthia is entered for the first time in the Campaign
  • Korthia, the City of Secrets
  • Who is the Maw Walker? - Unlock  The True Maw Walker, allowing you to ride all mounts in the Maw and Korthia
  • Opening to Oribos - Opens a portal to Korthia at the Northwestern end of the Ring of Transference in Oribos
  • Charge of the Covenants
  • Surveying Secrets
  • In Need of Assistance - End of Chapter 2. Unlocks Daily quests in Korthia, as well as showing event announcements on the zone map and chat.
To have access to the Chains of Domination storyline, you must have completed Chapter 2 - Torghast from the 9.0 Covenant Campaign. 

2. Korthia, City Of Secrets

As part of his ongoing schemes, the Jailer has located a long-lost domain of the Shadowlands—Korthia, the City of Secrets—and dragged it from the hidden byways of the In-Between into the Maw. In this new area, you’ll team up with the covenants under a unified banner to fight against the endless forces of the Jailer, and work to uncover what obscurities he seeks in this forgotten realm. 

RulersThe Jailer
Archivist Roh-Suir
AffiliationMawsworn; Death's Advance; Archivists' Codex
LocationThe Maw (formerly in the In-Between), Shadowlands

Unlock the secrets that Korthia has to offer:

  • Return to the Maw and discover Korthia with the restored strength of the kyrian, necrolords, night fae, and venthyr and together strike back at the Jailer in Covenant Assaults.
  • Complete quests offered by daily visitors from the covenants and earn reputation for the new Death’s Advance faction and reputation from visitor's associated covenant.
  • Recover the relic fragments scattered across Korthia in the wake of the mawsworn invasion and return them to Archivist Roh-Suir for The Archivist's Codex faction reputation and new currency, Catalogued Research. You can exchange Catalogued Research for a variety of rewards including Conduit and equipment upgrades, a flying mount, and a cosmetic appearance for your cloak.
  • Kel'Thuzad will occasionally dispatch Tormentors of Torghast throughout the Maw and Korthia. Defeating a Tormenter will reward you with a Tormentor's Cache brimming with Soul Cinders and can also contain powerful equipment as well as a Bahmethra Chain Link to collect and bind together to summon the eerie hand mount, the Hand of Bahmethra.
  • Discover new rares and treasures in Korthia and Desmotaeron.

A Hidden Wonder

As part of his ongoing schemes, the Jailer has located a long-lost domain of the Shadowlands—Korthia, the City of Secrets—and dragged it from the hidden byways of the In-Between into the Maw. In this new area, you’ll team up with the covenants under a unified banner to fight against the endless forces of the Jailer, and work to uncover what obscurities he seeks in this forgotten realm.

The prophecies of Korthia foretold of the day when one who walked the Maw would save the Shadowlands from disaster. Perhaps this is that day.

Korthia, City Of Secrets

Korthia'S Inhabitants

Fearsome wildlife roams Korthia, hardened from eons of adaptation. Be on your guard as you explore this primordial land.

Ravenous Scavenger

Ravenous Scavenger

Insatiable hunger drives these creatures to relentlessly pursue their next quarry, either by stealing scraps from other creatures or devouring hapless prey that cross their paths.

Shardhide Mauler

Shardhide Mauler

Enveloped in calloused hides and armed with vicious claws, these lumbering beasts ferociously fight any who encroach on their territory.

Korthian Attendants

Korthian Attendants

Related to the attendants who preside in Oribos, this long-hidden group to protect the Shadowlands' most ancient secrets.

Frenzied Razorwing

Frenzied Razorwing

Solitary predators, razorwings are feared for their grisly hunting tactics: they swoop down on a target and savagely eviscerate unsuspecting prey.

Hungering Mite

Hungering Mite

Riddling the skies of Korthia, these aberrations swarm targets and drain them of their life-essence.

Korthian Gromit

Korthian Gromit

These docile creatures gracefully hop through the ruins of Korthia, avoiding predators as they forage for food. When threatened, they lash out with whip-like tongues.


When compared to the Maw, Korthia is a traditional zone, with multiple quest chains and a daily quest hub.

Players travel to Korthia alongside Ve'nari to unlock access to a new Waystone to Oribos, allowing the covenant combatants to freely cross over to the zone and back.

Later, they go on some exploration and recovery missions to locate the missing fatescribe and recover a Shadowlands relic.

Covenant Assaults

Return to the Maw with the restored strength of the kyrian, necrolords, night fae, and venthyr and together strike back at the Jailer in Covenant Assaults. Twice a week, you can help the covenants’ forces fight the Maw’s monstrosities. Each Assault is led by one covenant and assisted in part by a second covenant, both of which need your help to complete four quests on the battlefront to take over key locations within the Maw. Successfully completing the onslaught will reward you with reputation for the leading covenant, the assisting faction, and the new covenant coalition, Death’s Advance. You’ll also receive a War Chest filled with Stygia and Soul Cinders, a currency used to further upgrade your legendary items. It may also contain mounts, legendary crafting materials, or equipment.

Death’S Advance

At the forefront of the fight for the Shadowlands are the covenants’ champions you met along the way while leveling and questing. Visitors from the covenants change daily, and each will offer you repeatable quests. Turning in dailies will reward you with reputation for the new Death’s Advance faction. You’ll also earn reputation from the quest giver’s associated covenant (e.g. venthyr visitors will grant Court of Harvesters rep).

For your contributions to the Death’s Advance’s cause, you’ll gain their favor and will be able to purchase several cosmetic rewards, including covenant armor appearance sets.

The Archivist’S Codex

Korthian attendants have committed their existence to researching relics from across the Shadowlands. Led by their Archivist, they are dedicated to recovering the relics scattered across Korthia in the wake of the mawsworn invasion. Aid their cause by returning any Relic Fragments you find to Archivist Roh-Suir in return for The Archivist’s Codex faction reputation and a new currency, Catalogued Research. You can exchange Catalogued Research for a variety of rewards including Conduit and equipment upgrades, a flying mount, and a cosmetic appearance for your cloak.

Mount Up In The Maw

Disrupting the Jailer will weaken his hold in the Maw and bolster the confidence of your mounts to let you ride them into battle. To saddle up on your trusty steed in this ominous realm, you’ll first need to complete the introductory storyline to Korthia. Once you complete the quest, you’ll receive The True Maw Walker reward, which allows you to summon and ride all ground mounts in The Maw and Korthia on the character who earned it.

Blind The Jailer’S Eye

During your journey through the Chains of Domination storyline, you’ll be able to diminish the dangers of this desolate realm during the “Focusing the Eye” quest, which permanently removes the Eye of the Jailer effect. With the eye no longer tracking your every move, you can freely roam the Maw without penalty and stay in this forbidden place for as long as you please.

Delve Into Desmotaeron

Along with exploring Korthia, you can now traverse the previously inaccessible terrain in the Maw, Desmotaeron. This land withers under the shadowy palm of Helya herself, where she tortures souls as her contribution to the Jailer’s schemes. It is here that you’ll also find the entrance of the new 10-boss raid, Sanctum of Domination.

New Event: Tormentors Of Torghast

While eradicating the Maw of the Jailer’s forces, his conniving lieutenant Kel’Thuzad will occasionally dispatch Tormentors to maintain their icy grip over the Maw. Slay Mawsworn minions to draw out these powerful adversaries that will stop at nothing to pulverize you into a pile stygia. Defeating a Tormentor will reward you with a Tormentor’s Cache brimming with Soul Cinders and can also contain powerful equipment as well as a Bahmethra Chain Link. Binding enough of these chain links will allow you to summon an eerie mount, the Hand of Bahmethra.

3. Korthia Maps and subregions

  • Chamber of Knowledge
  • Chamber of Wisdom
  • Estuary of Awakening
  • Hope's Ascent
  • Keeper's Respite 
  • Mauler's Outlook
  • The Path of Understanding
  • Sanctuary of Guidance
  • Scholar's Den 
  • Seeker's Quorum 
  • Vault of Secrets 
  • Windswept Aerie 

Korthia Map WoW

4. Korthia, City of Secrets

9.1 will add new areas to the Maw including Korthia, it’s currently unclear if Korthia will be an area or a separate zone.

Korthia, City of Secrets is a fragment of a long-lost domain pulled into the Maw by the Jailer, dragged from the hidden byways of the In-Between, this landmass has its own strange creatures and brims with mysteries the likes of which the Shadowlands has never seen. It is these obscurities that the Jailer is after, the secrets of an enigmatic group known as the First Ones.

If you watched the Chains of Domination trailer, Korthia is the giant landmass that the Jailer was pulling into the Maw using enormous, magic chains. Korthia will be the focus of the new campaign, with players exploring its ruins and meeting the few surviving citizens to discover more of the Jailer’s plans. Players will also uncover a system to counter the Eye of the Jailer, the Grand Theft Auto-esque ‘Wanted’ levels that eventually force you to flee the Maw after causing too much trouble.

Korthia WoW

Korthia will be a new area for quests, exploration — and to break up the monotony of the landscape of the Maw. It looks like it will be the central point tying together the next phase of the Covenant campaigns. All four Covenants will work together towards a single goal, which will lead into the next raid, in Torghast. You’ll be able to use your ground mount in the Maw, and fly in the four Covenant-controlled zones outside of the Maw. By including the new area within the Maw, this allows us to mount there, but not fly — a nice compromise for a new questing area.


In the World of Warcraft Patch 9.1 What’s Next Panel, Blizzard has announced the new zone: Korthia, the City of Secrets! dragged from the hidden bryways of the In-Between, this zone will include several new rewards for players, including a Spectral Steed mount, a Severed Hand mount, and more!

Heading back into this area will allow us to explore all of these new sections, entertain new content, meet new allies, and face off against new foes. And in addition, we will also see some brand new rewards. Some of the new rewards we’ll find within the Maw include this Maw-themed undead horse and a Maw Hand mount that is actually a giant severed Hand of Domination that you will ride on the wrist section area, in a really creepy and cool manner. And of course, there will be Maw-themed Maw battle pets to collect as well, including your very own minion of domination.

The In-Between is a miasma of energies that separates and surrounds the realms of the Shadowlands as well as a parallel reality to each realm that can be entered through rifts. It is vast, but far from empty. It is inhabited by both wondrous and terrifying beings and is said to hold many secrets, but it is a chaotic place that few can navigate and few have ever explored. The In-Between is presumed to be the home realm of the devourers. There are several lost land masses in this place, such as Korthia before it was pulled into the Maw. The In-Between was once rich with streams of anima connecting the different realms of Death, but the current anima drought has caused the realms to become cut off from one another.

Players are sent through the In-Between on anima wyrms when they take flight paths between the different realms. In addition, the visuals displayed while a player is dead in the Shadowlands are meant to give the feeling that the character is half tethered to their body and half traveling through the In-Between.

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The Nilganihmaht Control Ring is the latest “secret mount” added to World of Warcraft in Patch 9.1. Similar to other secret mounts like Lucid Nightmare and Riddler’s Mind Worm, the game doesn’t give players any explicit instructions as to how to acquire the Nilganihmaht Control Ring—and the mount isn’t mentioned at all in the game’s mount journal. Needless to say, getting your hands on it will be a far less straightforward task than usual. 

To acquire the Nilganihmaht Control Ring, you’ll first need to find five individual rings scattered across the Maw. Each ring features a lengthy acquisition process with multiple steps, and in some cases, the completion of time-gated content is required. 

Still, if you break the processes of cracking the code and acquiring the secret mount into easy-to-manage chunks, the task is far less daunting. Here’s how to acquire the Nilganihmaht Control Ring in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands

Finding the five rings

To claim the Nilganihmaht Control Ring for yourself, you’ll need to traverse The Maw and find five individual rings. Once you have all five, you can place them on the Hand of Nilganihmaht to claim the mount. Since the mount is a huge, crawling, golden hand, it only makes sense that you’d need to go on a treasure hunt to find five rings.

Here’s how to snag each of those rings located in The Maw. 

Nilganihmaht’s Stone Ring

  1. During a Necrolord Assault, complete the quest “Putting a Plan Together.”
  2. Collect four Quartered Ancient Rings from around the Maw.
    1. The first can be found in a Mawsworn Cache in Perdition Hold at coordinates 32, 65.
    2. The second Quartered Ancient Ring is located in another Mawsworn Cache on the other side of Perdition Hold at coordinates 35, 69. This cache will prompt you to complete a quest called “Clearing the Walls”. Complete it to acquire the second Quartered Ancient Ring.
    3. The third Quartered Ancient Ring will spawn on the floor in several locations around Perdition Hold. Keep an eye on the ground as you make your way around the area, as the third ring could spawn anywhere. 
    4. The fourth Quartered Ancient Ring can be looted from the Maw Mad Construct at coordinates 29, 58. 
  3. Once you have all four Quartered Ancient Rings, take them to the Soulsteel Forge at coordinates 39, 40. Use the forge to combine the rings into Nilganihmaht’s Stone Ring.

Nilganihmaht’s Runed Band

  1. Reach Tier Four reputation level with The Archivists’ Codex in Korthia.
  2. Purchase a Repaired Riftkey from Archivist Roh-Suir at Keeper’s Respite.
  3. Use the Repaired Riftkey on any Rift Portal in the Maw.
  4. Travel through the Rift Portal until you reach Torglluun at coordinates 28, 24 in The Maw.
  5. Defeat Torglluun and loot Nilganihmaht’s Runed Band.

Nilganihmaht’s Silver Ring

  1. Collect four Seal Breaker Keys.
    1. The first key drops from the rare mob Ylva at coordinates 66, 42 in The Maw. 
    2. The second Seal Breaker Key can be found within any Helgarde Supply Crate. The crates spawn at various locations between the Beastwarrens and the entrance to the Sanctum of Domination.
    3. The third key is located inside of a cave at coordinates 66, 56.
    4. The fourth Seal Breaker Key requires a bit of farming to acquire, as it’s a rare drop from elite enemies called “Maldraxxi Defectors.” These enemies can be found mainly on the path up to the Sanctum of Domination. 
  2. Use the Seal Breaker Keys you collected to open the Domination Chest Seal at coordinates 66, 57 in The Maw. Nilganihmaht’s Silver Ring will be inside. 

Nilganihmaht’s Gold Band

  1. Travel to coordinates 19, 39 in The Maw and interact with the nearby grapple point.
  2. Walk to coordinates 16, 39, and from there, proceed to coordinates 16, 37. 
  3. From there, walk to the location of the Nilganihmaht’s Gold Band at 19, 32.

Nilganihmaht’s Signet Ring

  1. Collect three Dominion Etchings from enemies around The Maw.
    1. Dominion Etching: Loss is dropped by Apholeias, Herald of Loss at coordinates 19,41.
    2. Dominion Etching: Grief is dropped by Ekphoras, Herald of Grief at coordinates 42, 21.
    3. Dominion Etching Pain is dropped by Talaporas, Herald of Pain at coordinates 29, 11. 
  2. Combine the Dominion Etchings to create “Domination’s Calling,” an item needed to summon another necessary enemy known as “Exos, Herald of Domination.”
  3. Head to the Altar of Domination in The Maw and use Domination’s Calling to summon Exos.
  4. Defeat Exos and loot Nilganihmaht’s Signet Ring.

Securing the Nilganihmaht Control Ring mount

Once you’ve collected all five of Nilganihmaht’s rings, use another Repaired Riftkey on a Rift Portal in Korthia to make your way toward the Hand of Nilganihmaht in The Maw. The Hand of Nilganihmaht is located inside a cave at coordinates 25, 32.

Once you reach it, place the rings that you’ve collected on the Hand of Nilganihmaht to receive the quest “Gotta Hand it to Ya.” The quest doesn’t have any additional requirements attached to it. Simply click on the Hand of Nilganihmaht again to receive the Nilganihmaht Control Ring mount. 


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