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That Fanfic Stuff — Can’t You See - Erik Lensherr


Originally posted by demonlady

Pairing: Erik Lensherr x Reader

Warning: shy reader

A/N: This was a request from AO3 for an Erik hurt/comfort fic. 


It was late morning and you were sitting at the table with your hands wrapped around your coffee mug. Various others that lived in the mansion were in various stages of rousing themselves or quietly laughing at the ones that couldn’t hold their liquor quite as well as the others. You sensed a gaze on you and lifted your eyes to find Erik watching you over the rim of his own mug.

Your face heated as you quickly shifted your attention back to the table. Though your eyes were no longer on him, you knew he was smirking. You’d been crushing on Erik pretty much from the moment you’d met him and you were very well aware that you weren’t as subtle about it as you could be. You were hopeless, awkward, and shy. So, you watched him and daydreamed while he flirted and smiled and teased but it never went beyond that. At least not when you were awake. In your dreams, well that was your business, wasn’t it?

A part of you hoped he meant all the things he said and did, but you knew better. Why would he? Look at him. He could have anyone he wanted, he certainly didn’t need to be wasting his time on you. You were being too harsh on yourself and you knew it. But you were also a realist. Girls like you didn’t get the guy.

“Are you all right, Y/N?” Erik asked.

You leaned back in your chair and sighed as you turned your gaze to him. “Would you believe I’m just thinking?”

He chuckled. God, you loved that sound. Especially when you’d caused it.

You were infamous for overthinking everything. Charles said that was part of the reason that you had so many problems mastering your powers. He told you feel more, think less. Easy for him to say. Of course, they didn’t know you’d had your powers mastered for ages. If you let that slip, Erik wouldn’t need to spend all the time with you that he had been to try to teach you control.

A groan came from beside you. Raven rolled her eyes when you glanced at her. She was one of those that didn’t handle her liquor as well as the others. “Could you quit eye fucking Erik for like five minutes? I’m nauseous enough, thanks.”

Three things happened at that moment. First, your chest grew tight as you struggled to remember how to breathe. Not only were you humiliated but she was supposed to be your friend. One of the few you’d managed in your life. Tears immediately flooded your eyes and you didn’t dare turn to look at Erik, afraid of his reaction. Second, Charles and Erik yelled Raven’s name simultaneously. Third, you pushed to your feet. “If you’ll excuse me,” you said before heading toward the stairs.

You paused briefly when Erik called your name before shaking your head and hurrying off. Once you were out of sight, you used your power to become invisible. There was a corner you preferred in the living room that allowed you a view of everyone coming and going, but no one but you ever sat there. You grabbed a blanket as you walked past the sofa, extending your power to make it invisible as well.

After wrapping the blanket around your shoulders, you settled in the corner. You leaned your head against the wall and let the hot tears run down your cheeks. Charles pushed lightly against your mind, wanting to find you, to make sure you were okay. Let me be, Charles.

She didn’t mean anything by it. She’s just being a bitch because she’s hung over. Erik is still telling her off.

That drew a laugh from you, albeit a small one. Don’t make excuses for her. She’s a big girl. And so am I. I’ll get over it.

There was a stretch of silence and you relaxed thinking Charles had decided to leave you alone for now. You should have known better.

Listen, Erik—

No. With that, you pushed him from your mind and locked it down. He could still read you if he put forth the effort but he was too polite for that.

You tilted your head back so you were looking at the ceiling and did your best to keep your tears silent. You could have fled to your room, but that was the first place they’d look for you and you didn’t particularly want to be found. They’d only attempt to placate you with empty words they didn’t mean and you’d had enough of those to last a lifetime.

“She’s not in her room.”

You shifted your position to watch the two men that walked into the room. Erik was the one that had spoken. Charles merely nodded and darted a glance to your corner.

You’re an ass, Charles.

He laughed but quickly covered it with a cough. “Are you certain she’s not in her room? She could be invisible. In fact, she could be most anywhere.”

Erik glared at him as he hooked a hand around the back of his neck and paced the floor. “And you have no idea where that might be? You can’t pinpoint her at all?”

Charles sat on the arm of the couch. “I told you, she shut me down. Calm down, would you?”

“I am calm.”

“Yes, you look it,” he said with more than a hint of laughter in his voice. You were so glad to know he was amused by all this.

“I swear, I could wring Raven’s neck.”

“I believe you mentioned that.”

“How are you not more upset about this?” Erik asked after a moment.

“Perhaps, because I’m not the one in love with her.”

You sucked in a breath at Charles’s words and your eyes searched Erik, looking for the truth. He scowled at his friend, but he didn’t correct him. Is it possible all that flirting actually meant something to him?

“Damn it, Charles. You know I find Raven’s antics amusing most of the time, but Y/N is so damned shy. It’s taken me forever to get her to be comfortable with me and now, because of one bitchy comment from your sister, it may all be for naught. She’ll probably never look me in the eye again.”

Charles laughed and glanced in your direction again.

“Why the bloody hell are you laughing?”

You made yourself visible and cleared your throat. “Because he thinks he’s funny. And he knows I’m hiding in the corner.”

Erik spun with wide eyes. They softened when his gaze fell on you. The two of you looked at each other in silence until he said, “Give us a moment, Charles.”

Your friend hummed his agreement before making himself scarce, that annoying grin still flirting with his lips. Erik approached slowly as though he feared his mere presence would run you off. To be fair, it had on more than one occasion. “May I?” he gestured to a chair near you.

“You don’t need my permission to sit down, Erik.” You tore your gaze from him and looked around the room you’d been in hundreds of times, still too embarrassed to hold eye contact for long.

He moved the chair so he could sit directly in front of you. “Look at me.”

You glanced at him briefly and quickly moved your eyes away again.

He sighed. “Look at me, Y/N.”

His voice was that familiar low rumble, but this time it held a thread of sadness that you couldn’t ignore. So, you shoved down all your fears and met his gaze.

When you held it, he smiled. “There’s my girl.”

Your face heated, but you didn’t look away.

His tongue darted out to lick his lips. “I’m sorry about Raven.”

“Why do you and Charles always insist on apologizing for her? She’s old enough to deal with the consequences of her actions, don’t you think?” Realizing you sounded a little bitter, you bit your lip to stem any further comment.

Erik’s eyes flashed with amusement. “Okay. I’m sorry you felt the need to leave. Is that better?”

You shrugged. “That wasn’t your fault either, but thank you.”

He leaned forward and rested his elbows on his knees. His hands were clasped together and you could tell he was stewing over what to say next.

“Why didn’t you correct him?”

His brow furrowed. “Who?”


He tilted his head, obviously still confused.

“When he said you loved me.”

A slow smile covered his face. “You misheard. He didn’t say I loved you.”

You frowned and ran the conversation back through your head. “Yes, he did. I remember.”

He shook his head and lifted a brow. “No, he said I was in love with you. There’s a difference.”

“Oh.” Your heart raced and you forced yourself to keep your eyes on him. This conversation was important and you didn’t want to miss any of it.

He leaned forward a bit. “And I didn’t correct him because he spoke the truth.”

You swallowed past the lump in your throat. “Why didn’t you say something?”

He chuckled and leaned back. “I don’t know if you’ve noticed, sweetheart, but you’re a bit skittish.”

“Yeah, but it had to be obvious I liked you too. I wasn’t exactly subtle about staring at you.”

His smile faded just enough to tug at your heart. “Being attracted to someone and having real feelings for them are two very different things. I was willing to take whatever you gave me.”

You shook your head as you laughed. “You must think I’m completely hopeless.”

“Of course not. Why would you say that?” He sounded so offended you couldn’t help but laugh again.

You waved a hand through the air when he tried to protest again. With a touch and a thought, you made his chair invisible. He glanced down in surprise. He looked back up with a frown but said nothing. He appeared more confused than anything.

This time when you reached out, you wrapped a hand around his wrist. Two seconds later, he was invisible as well. “This is…unsettling,” he said after a moment.

With a thought him and the chair were both visible once more. “As you can see, I don’t exactly need help controlling my powers.”

“Since when?”

You shrugged and stared at your hands in your lap. “Before the two of you ever found me. I couldn’t pass up the chance to spend more time with you.”

“Well, then I guess I can quit feeling guilty for not teaching you anything.”

You jerked your head up to find him grinning. He grabbed one of your hands and tugged you forward. You stumbled from your seat only for him to catch you and pull you into his lap. His hand cupped the side of your face as he leaned forward and pressed his lips to yours. You didn’t even hesitate before kissing him back.

You became vaguely aware of footsteps and voices heading your way. You smiled against his mouth as you pushed your power through the both of you. When he chuckled, you silenced him with another kiss.

“She’s not in here, Charles. How do you expect me to apologize if she’s not where you said?” Raven grumbled.

“What are you talking about? Her and Erik…” His voice trailed off as he peered into the room to find it empty. Or at least it appeared so. He grinned and steered Raven from the room. “My mistake. You can find her later.”

Erik hummed against your lips as you made the two of you visible once more. “That’s a handy trick.”

“Isn’t it though?”

He lifted you off his lap so he could stand then swept you up into his arms. “How about you show it to me once more time? Just until we make it to my bedroom.”

You grinned again. “It would be my pleasure.”


Safe- Magneto X Reader

Request: Would you write one where Magneto(preferably young) saves the reader from getting crushed and cute fluffy things follow?


Originally posted by theinsatiablevoid

It was cold, cold and dark and wet. The outside world matched your mood, grim. It was one in the morning, you’d been fighting with your boyfriend Erik for the past hour, about stupid stuff, stuff that shouldn’t matter, but it still caused you to fight. After a while you couldn’t take it so you left, you just needed to get out of your suffocating apartment for a little while.

It was chilly night as you walked along the street. There was a slight rain drizzle as well adding to the somber weather. You hugged your self to keep warm as you trudged along, replaying the argument again and again. The street you were next to was practically empty of cars besides the occasional truck filled with teens driving to fast and blasting their music. No one was really on the roads at this hour which gave you plenty of silence to sort through your thoughts.

You knew you and Erik would be okay, it was a small fight and you loved him, but for the moment you just needed quite. You wandered along for a couple more minuets before you saw another pair of bouncing headlights coming over the hill. This car like the others before was going much to fast, but they were swerving a bit too. You felt a nervous energy wash over you unsure what to do. Suddenly, the car tires hit a patch of water and began to hydroplane, it was running out of control and headed right to you. You’re not really sure if you screamed, but you suddenly felt your self unable to move, frozen in shock and fear. You threw up your hands to shield your face, but a second before the vehicle should of collided with your body, it stopped. The metal on the hood inverted a bit before the car was pushed to the other side of the road lifting off the ground a little before it was a good six feet away from you. The car sat there for a moment, you guessed the passengers must have been shocked too, but then sped off into the dark.

You uncovered your face unsure of what just happened before you heard a voice calling your name.

“(Y/N)!” It was Erik, he was running towards you. You didn’t even hesitate, despite the earlier argument, you ran to him. You practically jumped into his arms and he held you tight picking you up in a hug. Suddenly, the realization what could have just happened, the fact you could have just been seriously injured or worse hit you full on.

“Erik, I-I’m so sorry I-we shouldn’t of fought, I love you, you saved me you-” You stumbled through your words.

“Shh, it’s okay.” Erik still had his strong arms around you and was stoking your hair. He kissed the top of your head a couple of times before moving his hands to your shoulders and holding you away from him so he could look into your eyes. He brushed away a stray tear with one of his hands and kissed your nose lightly. “It’s okay (Y/N) I’m sorry too, I love you.” Hearing those words made your heart soar, you stood up on your tip toes to place a small kiss on his lips. He held you against him for a moment pressing his hand into the small of your back, keeping you close before finally breaking away. “Let’s get home, you must be freezing, we can make some hot chocolate and watch the newest episodes of your show.” He smiled at you placing another kiss on your forehead. He was so relived nothing had happened to you he wouldn’t let you go, and as you turned to walk home he gripped your hand firmly rubbing his thumb over the back of your hand determined to let nothing come close to hurting you again.

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Anonymous asked:

Hi I just wanted to say Ride Home is SO CUTE and I’m super excited for part two :))

Thank you!!! It’s in the works!:) Xx

Character Quirks



 Peter Maximoff

-Can’t sit still

-Constantly has ear buds in, even when there isn’t music playing

-Cracks his knuckles all the time

-Laughs at his own jokes

-Humming, all the time


Originally posted by walxx

Kurt Wagner

-Doesn’t understand personal space

-Over salts/seasons his food

-Loves holding hands

-Is jumpy and anxious 

-Talks through movies


Originally posted by protectbuckybarnesatallcosts

Hank Mccoy

-Yawns loudly 

-Squints a lot

-Looses important things, like his glasses

-Gets excited about everything

-Calls rather than texts

-Always matches his socks


Originally posted by markinganx

Peter Parker (Tom Holland)

-Talks in his sleep

-Over shares everything that happens to him

-Needs reassurance

-Is horrible at naming movies, places, people, ect. refers to them generally and expects you to know what he’s talking about

-Is a horrible liar 

-Refuses to hurt any animal, even insects


Originally posted by peterparkerimagine

Bucky Barnes

-Is somehow never cold, AKA you always get his jacket

-Hands often clenched in fists without him realizing it

-Walks with long strides

-Reads every night

-Doesn’t understand Slang


Originally posted by bovaria

Barry Allen

-Always smiling

-Never takes anything too seriously 

-Talks too quickly

-Licks his lips a lot

-Buys you flowers to make up for every mistake


Originally posted by gurdyroots

Steve Rogers

-Stands with his hands behind his back

-Rarely curses

-Doodles a lot

-Gets excited about references to old things

-Always knows how to get places


Originally posted by james-nat

Erik Lehnsherr

-Sometimes speaks in broken german 

-Uses his eyebrows when speaking (raising them, furrowing them, ect.)

-Never sleeps in, meaning breakfast in bed for you

-Prefers listening 

-Is great at card games


Charles Xavier 

-Has an impressive vocabulary 

-Answers his own questions 

-Knows a lot of useless facts

-Constantly quotes things 

-Loves bad jokes and always laughs at them


Originally posted by pr0paganda

HOLY FUCK THIS HIT 2,000 NOTES! What did I do to deserve this thank you so much guys!!!!!!!

Forever grateful for the love you all have shown this post it means everything:,)

wakandaforever53 asked:

I love your Kurt Wagner dating hc but I can't find your masterlist. Can you help me?

My master list is linked in my bio but I do need to update it quite a bit!:) Xo

Ride Home (pt. One)

Prompt: Imagine Peter Parker picks you up at a party when you’re too drunk to get home yourself. Word Count: 1287

A/N: Long time no see:) This will be a two-parter due to it being a bit long .

Note: There is the theme of alcohol use and drunkenness within this story, but it will remain completely wholesome and consensual with no NSFW content. Enjoy!


Originally posted by rldleys


The first thing that tipped you off that you may have had one too many Jell-O shots was the way the room was beginning to spin, the second was every time you tried to speak to someone, your words came out in a messy jumble of noises. There was no way you could call your parents at this time of night, or looking like this. Despite being a senior in high school, and nearly in the land of booze, university, the “we’re just disappointed” speech was not one you were too keen on having tonight.

You opened your iMessage and glanced at the last person you’d spoken to. Peter P. the name read. You squinted at the messages, trying to remember what the two of you had been discussing. Physics, Bio, it was one or the other. See Peter and you were school friends, despite the way you stared at the back of his head in class, or often caught his eye across the lunch room, there wasn’t much more there. Sure he’d walk you to class and excitedly chase you down in the hall to ask how you did on a test, and could explain to you physics for hours on end, the two of you had had little to no contact outside of the tragic halls of high school. 

At the moment though Peter may as well have been your knight in shining armor, for as the drunkness began to reach its peak, you knew you needed to call someone. Call or text? Your brain juggled the two options for a moment, not well, but it did and landed on call. 

You found the nearest couch after pushing your way through a few people, including one couple making out, and practically collapsed onto the floral print sofa.

Then with more effort than typically required for such a simplistic task, dialed Peter.

“Hello,” you could practically hear the smile in his voice, he was unusually upbeat for the most part. The smile was intertwined with a confused tone, and rightly so, why would the girl who sits two seats behind him in AP Bio be hitting his line at nearly 2 a.m.

“Petether!” You slurred with a little too much enthusiasm. You meant to nail the “t” sound in his name, but the alcohol had the nerve to run the letters together creating an “s” noise, giving way to the fact that you were clearly fucked up to some extent.

“(Y/N)?” he questioned, “I don’t think Mrs. Meyers has put in the test scores yet, she seems like the type to be in bed with her nine cats at 8 p.m.”

You assumed the alcohol had lowered your standards for jokes because you let out a small laugh at his line. Okay focus, you thought to yourself, now is the time to ask, also I really have to pee, you tried to regain your train, secure ride now, pee later, you promised your drunken alter ego, which could be equated to a toddler. 

“Acthually, I has a question please,” your words jumbled together as you spoke into the phone.

“Hey are you okay,” you could suddenly detect a note of concern in his voice.

“Yes I’m great,” you giggled, “a littttllleee drunk, but good.”

“Okay, so I’m guessing this was an accidental dial,” Peter laughed, but you swore you could hear a hint of disappointment in his voice.

“No, no,” you suddenly became worried he was going to hang up. “I was wondering if you could give me a ride, I’m drunk and have nowhere to go.” You realized how lame that sentence sounded once you said it, and what a big ask you were making, but it was the truth, no matter how slurred it came out. There was silence on the other end of the receiver and for a moment you thought he hung on up you. You wouldn’t blame him if he did.

“Yes, of course, I can do that, send me your location.” Your heart immediately soared as he said these words, you quickly shared your location, and then he spoke again. “Actually Aunt May is not gonna be here so you can…” You didn’t hear what he had to say next however because at that moment you felt your eyes sliding shut and a wave of drunken sleep wash over you as you passed out on the couch. 

Peter POV

If one could inconspicuously swing through the streets of Queens in their old school crewneck, high tops, and jeans, Peter would do it, and maybe he could of, but swinging back with a girl, maybe wouldn’t fly. He also imagined drunk web-slinging to be a nightmare and one that would end with copious amounts of puke. Still, it would’ve been faster than sitting in this godawful traffic. Why was there even traffic at this hour?? Peter had no idea. 

He ran a hand through his thick brown hair. He couldn’t believe she called him. Him of all people. Sure they texted about homework and chatted in class, he also may of known her exact route to her second period so he made sure to pack up his bag in his first early every day so he could walk with her, but still. 

It took about fifteen minutes before he reached the apartment. He could hear the music blasting from the street. He parked the car and took a deep breath, he was never one for parties, mathletes, sure, parties, no. 

He climbed the thick concrete stairs until he reached 3B. He knocked on the door, but then realized that was probably stupid and pushed his way inside. The scent of weed and booze immediately overwhelmed his senses. 

He turned to the nearest person he could find, eager to leave. “Hey have you seen (Y/N)?” he asked a girl with thick eye makeup and chunky black combat boots, he felt like he recognized her from the halls at school, but he wasn’t sure. She shrugged at him and turned back to her friend. He would have to find (Y/N) himself. He carefully scooted around people until he got to the living room. 

There, on a clearly thrifted, floral print couch, she lay with one arm off the sofa and her hair tangled in her face. Peter took another deep breath. She was beautiful, hands down the most beautiful in their school, and at that moment he just wanted to help her. It took him a second to see there was a guy sitting at the end of the couch. He had pulled (Y/N)’s feet into his lap and was leaning over, brushing her hair and whispering something quietly to her. Peter felt his stomach churn. He took three strong strides up to the couch and knelt down in front of her face.

“(Y/N)?” he spoke softly, shooting a strong side-eye to the guy at the end of the couch, “you ready to go home?” Her eyes fluttered and she looked up at him from under long dark lashes. 

“Pether,” she slurred, the same way she did on the phone and offered him a dopey smile. He smiled back and felt his stomach flutter a bit. 

“Alrighty then, we’re off like a herd of turtles,” he stated, making her giggle. She was clearly in no condition to walk so Peter scooped one leg under her legs and the other under her back, carrying her bridal style. 

“Wheeee,” she mumbled with a small smile. 

“I hope you’re having fun,” Peter huffed.

“I am,” she chattered back, swinging her feet. 

Peter carried her down the steps of the apartment and back out to his car. 

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youre my fave blog and i only just found you

Thank you so so much! Much love during these touch times this means a lot!! Xx

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It's been,,, 84 years

Sleepless- Peter Maximoff x Reader

Request: Could you write something with Peter Maximoff comforting a tired reader? Like, I am super tired, so I don’t really care if it’s short (I probably wouldn’t like to read a long one XD) Tired in a physic and mental way, because of school or stuff idk… Please??

A/N: I’m so sorry I’m unsure who requested this, it has been sitting in my drafts for a while, but thank you so much!!


Originally posted by marvelmuggle

You woke to a puddle of drool on your text book, and a hand gently shaking you.

“(Y/N),” It was Peter’s hand on your shoulder, pulling you out of your study-induced-coma. 

“What-” you rubbed your eyes, still groggy from your impromptu nap, and glanced at your surroundings. Your Bio textbook lay open in front of you, and piles of papers covered the desk you were working on. “What time is it?” You blinked sleepily at Peter, stretching your arms above your head.

“Almost one in the morning,” he raised an eyebrow at you, “what are you doing in the library so late?” 

“Clearly attempting to cram in one last session before finals, and unsuccessfully too,” you huffed, closing your text book with a defeated sigh. You rested your head between your arms on the table with a groan, you really were exhausted.

“What about you, what are you doing up so late anyways?” You tilted your head to the side, studying Peter’s face. There were pale circles etched under his eyes.

“Ya know, just here to rescue my girl from spending her night using a textbook as a pillow,” he said with a small smile. You returned the grin, although it was a little forced. You knew Peter hardly ever got enough rest, his mind constantly running a mile a minuet kept him up more nights than not. Most nights he just wandered the mansion unable to sleep. 

“Come on,” Peter suddenly stood, “we could both use a goodnights sleep.” You almost protested, you really should study, if only for thirty more minuets, but then you felt Peter’s strong arms quickly wrap behind your knees and around your back, lifting you easily. 

“Peter,” you laughed, lighting smacking him on the chest, “I can walk you know.”

“I know, but thank god you have an incredible boyfriend to carry you,” he said with a confident wink.

“Right, how could I ever repay you?” you laughed.

“I’ll think of something,” he said laughing as well. 

It was a short walk to your room, just down the hall. Peter set you down gently in your bed.

“Thanks, for real, you saved me from waking up to an awful crick in my neck,” you smiled.

“Anytime.” He grinned turning to leave.  

“Peter-” you called, chewing your lip for a moment before adding, “you can stay if you want.” You thought about him wandering the halls for another hour or two before returning to his bed to maybe get thirty minuets of rest. He was quiet for a moment before he kicked off his shoes and crawled into the bed next to you.

“Thanks,” he said softly. He was resting on his back, eyes closed, and you could hear the appreciation in his words. You snuggled closer to him, laying your head on his chest.

“Anytime,” your whispered back, closing your eyes as well. 

MY GODDDD YOU ARE ALL SO KIND!!! Thankkkkkk you I’m doing very well, weighed down by the atrocity that is finals, but other than that really really great :) also thank you for the comment on the music that just made my night! And also how are you?!!! Xx

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hi! i just made a side blog for marvel and wrote an imagine for peter maximoff and id love an opinion on it but no one really follows me since i’m so new. my blog is @qeterqujll and the imagine is called panic room (it’s one of at least two parts). i’d love it if you could tell me what you think, but if you don’t want to i completely understand. thank you!!

Hey I just read your piece and it’s fantastic! You’re an incredible writer! I highly recommend that everyone check out this anons blog and read their work!! Thanks for sharing I really enjoyed it :) Xx

Anonymous asked:


OMGGGGG I’m Living for this!! The whole time you were trying to paint his nails he would definitely be all fidgety and you’d keep having to remind him to sit still :) this is so so cute I love it

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Pairing: Magneto/Erik Lensherr x Mutant!Reader

Word Count: 3.5k

Warnings: none yet…. spoilers maybe? Do you have to warn for spoilers for movies that are old? This takes place entirely inside Days of Future Past

Summary: “Our roles are nothing more than how the times choose to cast us.” -Magneto

Notes: The summary is just an epigraph of a Magneto comics quote, but it does more to explain the inspiration of this fic than a proper summary would.
This one goes out to some of the 38 Magneto fic requests I got when I put up a post asking for some.


Originally posted by unearthlydust

Charles had wanted to go himself.

Charles knew the world Logan was going back to. He knew what he himself was going through, where Erik was, how Mystique thought. Had Charles gone, he needn’t worry about Logan convincing him of the future, pulling him from his despair, reuniting him with his abilities. Had Charles gone, he would have been in control of his own body. Breaking Erik out and stopping Mystique would have been far easier. 

It was with a heavy heart he admitted that Logan was best suited for the task at hand. The task before Logan was more monumental than he knew. 

The three of them, Charles, Erik, Logan, they were all very different men at the time.

There was no telling where Logan would wake up, what situation he was in, how far he would have to travel. He was no one to Charles, and Charles may as well have been no one to him. Logan would have to convince a total stranger he was time travelling to save the universe. Not to mention if the link broke too soon, they would be throwing a wild, unpredictable man into the heart of the action and could leave the situation far worse than they’d found it.

Charles was without his abilities, and he was a long way from getting them back. He was weak, depressed, and alone; even with Hank around, he was alone. He would need to be rescued from the brink in a way Charles wasn’t sure Logan would be capable of, not because Charles doubted Logan but because he doubted himself. Logan would turn up on his doorstep, and Charles wouldn’t know if he was lying or not. Charles would need to be convinced of everything, and even if Logan managed that Charles would be of almost no help whatsoever unless he stopped his treatment months before he ever had in this timeline. 

And Erik? Erik was miles away from Charles. He wasn’t just miles underground; they were miles apart emotionally. They blamed each other, hated each other. 

It had taken a miracle to get them speaking again. 

A miracle with a name.

“You’ll need help,” Charles voiced the thought before he could stop himself. “You can’t do this alone.”

Kitty sat up in her seat, back rigid as a board. “Charles,” her tone was warning again, “I can’t send you back. Even if I could send two people…”

“You won’t need to.” 

Charles wheeled his chair around to face the corner. Bedecked in all but his helmet, Magneto sat on the sill of one of the window, looking out into the blizzard without really seeing anything past the glass. “Erik,” Charles called to his friend.

Magneto didn’t turn at the name. He didn’t break the glaze that seemed to have washed over his face. Wherever he was, it wasn’t in the room. 

“June 1973.” 

The rest of the room was silent. They’d been bustling around. Iceman had been barricading the other entrances for what good it would do. Storm had been agitating the sky, bringing in mountains of snow for some kind of cover from the approaching army. Warpath sat at the doors, watching for anything that might be coming, and Kitty and Bishop had been explaining the process to an unflappable Wolverine. 

There was something about the way Charles spoke. Whenever he opened his mouth, they all stopped to listen. His words were for Magneto, but for some reason everyone felt the need to hear them.

Magneto turned his head, meeting Charles’s gaze. They sat like that for a moment, watching each other. Those who didn’t know them, would be forgiven for thinking that was all they were doing, but the subtle nods and gentle shakes of Charles’s head told the rest of the room that they were talking amongst themselves. 

Whatever they were discussing, it seemed to be frustrating the older mutant. Magneto’s face contorted in further discomfort at every hint of movement Charles made. They spoke without words, and Magneto clearly didn’t like where the conversation was heading.

Only Magneto seemed to know what Charles meant by telling Kitty, ‘You won’t need to.’ All the rest were baffled, not only at what Charles could be implying but at how Magneto had understood it instantly from nothing. 

They argued in silence, and it was unmistakably an argument. Magneto was more on edge with every moment that Charles stared. 

“She could help, Erik.” Charles pleaded quietly. “June 1973.”

There was another long pause as the men squared off, the other occupants waiting to see whose will would bend first. 

Magneto sighed and pushed to his feet. It seemed a sign of resignation. The desperation still touched his brow, but he was done debating. 

“After you find me,” Magneto addressed Wolverine, even though he still faced Charles, “Stop in London, on your way to Mystique.” 

“What’s in London?” Wolverine asked.

“A girl.” 

Not a very helpful explanation. There were many girls in London; Logan would even wager there were many mutant girls in London. “How will I find her?”

“You won’t.” Charles rolled back to Logan’s side with a sad smile. “She’ll find you.” 

“Why does he need her?” The question came from Kitty. It was probably one Logan should have asked, but in truth it hadn’t occurred to him. 

Magneto walked over and shared a long side-eyed look with Charles, as if they hadn’t whispered in front everyone enough that night.

Charles answered, hedging on how to explain without giving Logan too much. “She may well be one of the greatest mutants to ever live. If you find her, she could save you all.”  

Magneto’s lips twitched up, only slightly, into a sneer. “She’s more than that,” he argued before turning to Logan. “She’s my wife, or at least she will be.” 


“Are you Logan?” 

The man came running up to their group while they exited the plane. 

Logan paused on the steps as the man approached Hank at the bottom of the stairs. 

Hank glanced back up the steps towards the rest of the group, clearly pleading for help, for how to respond.

“I’m Logan,” Logan pushed by Magneto and made his way down to join the worried Hank.

“Of course you are. I should’ve known.” 

The frazzled young man, clad in a jacket that labelled him ‘landing crew’, was clearly flustered. He fumbled around, patting over his chest and down to the pockets of his jeans. 

“Here,” He tucked two fingers into his back pocket and produced a piece of paper. “She told me to give you this message.”

“She?” Logan snatched the paper from the man’s hand and unfolded it quickly.

‘It’s rude to yank things from another person’s hand, Logan. Do apologize to Tim, but make it quick. You need to meet me at the address on the back as soon as you can.” 

“How did she…” Logan froze. He read the words twice, mumbling them under his breath to make sure he got them right. “I-I’m sorry,” Logan half-heartedly said to the man, side stepping past him onto the tarmac, “but we have to go.”

“Yes, she said that too,” The younger man pointed into the distance where a black van was speeding off the road towards their chosen hangar. “That’s for you.” 


The van pulled to a stop in front of a block apartments not far from the airport.

“Third floor,” The driver didn’t bother to turn around but instead pointed up at the building just behind his parking spot. 

“Do we even know who this woman is?” Magneto growled as he slipped out of the car.

Logan eyed the peeling yellow facade of the apartment complex. He stuffed his hands into his pockets to hide the claws that were slowly beginning to push out of his skin. “I think I have an idea,” or at least he had the start of one, and it was not at all an idea he liked.

Charles, Hank, and Magneto filed along after Logan through a heavy metal door, which the metal wielder pulled closed behind the group.

They slogged up to the third floor where Logan glanced down at the paper the airport employee had handed him. “317.” 

“This way,” Charles pointed out a sign and headed off away from the landing. 

Apartment 317 was six doors down on the left. It was the only number placard that hadn’t been defaced with some form of graffiti or stolen all together. The otherwise dingy hallway was slightly brighter in front of the door, underneath the only bulb that was actually shining as opposed to flickering out its last burst light. 

This was the sort of place Logan was used to before he met Charles Xavier. Shady tennants, dirty floors, questionable facilities. This was the sort of place most mutants were used to outside of the school. Even, apparently, the incredibly powerful ones.

Charles lifted his hand, but before he could knock a voice inside shouted, “It’s open!” He hesitated for a moment before he tested the knob.

The door swung wide on an incredibly bare apartment that looked just as old and lackluster as the hall outside, albeit far cleaner. 

There was nothing more to the room than an oversized couch shoved against the opposite side of the room and two doorways, both open, on the right-hand wall.

The old wooden floorboards squeaked in protest when the men stepped over them to enter the living room. 

“In here,” A voice called from one of the open doors.

Logan caught Charles by the shoulder as he made for the voice. “Behind me,” Logan whispered, stepping ahead of his would-be mentor.

Logan led Magneto followed by Hank and Charles into the room from which the voice had come. 

Instantly, the smell of food overwhelmed them.

The kitchen was similarly bare to the living room. A stove, an oven, a fridge, and a hodgepodge of mismatched counters took up most of the tiny room. There was only just enough space for the rickety round table and the five chairs shoved under its lip. A door against the back wall, no doubt, couldn’t be opened without entirely removing the nearest seat from the room.

In amongst the shabby appliances was the back of a young woman. She moved busily between two burners on the stove and the plates and utensils cluttering the table. As they entered, she turned and deposited a healthy portion of eggs on each of the four plates. 

Her eyes didn’t even look up at their approach. It wasn’t like she could’ve missed them. The floor groaned and creaked with every move made by any of the men, a built in alarm against intruders if there ever was one.

“That really wasn’t necessary Logan,” The woman didn’t bother to check who was in the doorway and continued cooking. “I don’t bare Charles any ill will.”

Seeing there wasn’t an immediate or hostile threat, Charles took an uncertain step around his new found bodyguard and asked, rather skeptically, “Then do you mind telling us what we’re doing here?”

“Well,” The woman picked up a pan and began dispensing bacon onto three of the plates, “You’re in London because Charlie wanted Logan to come and find me, and Erik told him where to look.” She dropped the empty pan back on the stove. “And you’re in my apartment,” speaking absently, she fiddled with the knobs to turn off the burner, “because I know none of you have eaten since you broke Erik here out of his cell.” 

The woman in question wiped her hands clean on a dish rag before finally turning to properly face the group of men for the first time.

She was pretty. Most people would even call her beautiful. Though, she was by no means otherworldly as Logan had been expecting; there was nothing about her appearance that conveyed to him that she was a mutant of any real power. 

Logan wasn’t particularly enchanted by her voice or drawn in by any of her features. Sure, she had a kind smile and an even complexion, lips colored a shade of red that could go from sophisticated to sinful in a heartbeat. But she was just a woman, a beautiful young woman, a seemingly normal one at that. She looked human.

“Telepath?” Charles asked, moving cautiously towards the nearest chair. “How else could you know where we just came from?”

The woman laughed, though it wasn’t a very hearty sound. It tinkled half-heartedly then died in the air. “If I was a telepath, I would’ve had to read your mind across the Atlantic for Tim to be waiting for your plane to land.” 

“Then what are you?” Hank asked.

He and Erik both moved to join Charles at the table. Their steps were both slow, cautious. Neither of them trusted this woman, and while Hank’s expression seemed worried and concerned, Erik’s was deadly.

“A mutant, like all of you.” She chirped. 

“And do you have a name?” Erik stood behind the seat he’d claimed. 

Something told Logan he was waiting for everyone else to sit down, waiting for everyone to be well within range of the metal knives their host had placed on the table. 

“(Y/n),” The woman slumped into the chair without a plate in front of it and motioned to the empty chair. “Do join us Logan. You’re not actually worried about me killing you. We both know poison couldn’t do the trick.”

“No,” Logan agreed, taking one deliberate step after another, “But I’m pretty sure you can.” 

A smirk tugged the edge of (Y/n)’s lip, but it was gone as quick as it appeared, and Logan took his seat. 

“Bold assumption,” She mused, “Would it settle you at all to know I have no intention of hurting any of you?” 

“No, not even if I believed you.”

“Fair enough,” She shrugged.

With the rest of the table occupied, Erik took the final chair at the woman’s side and an uncomfortable silence settled over them.

No one made a move to eat, and no one seemed to know what to say to fill the silence.

No one except (Y/n), perhaps. She lounged comfortably in her chair, pushing it up on the back two legs. There was a content grin on her face, and she was inspecting her nails with a deep interest that Logan was fairly sure was fake. Something in her expression told Logan that she was amused by all of this. A glint in her eyes as they scanned over her fingers, an arch of her brow. 

Over the years, Logan had, out of necessity, gotten good at reading people, and he didn’t need any powers to do it. She was enjoying this, he could tell. How uncomfortable she made Erik and Charles, she was revelling in it. 

“I know who you are.” Logan pressed her. They didn’t have the time for these games, or at least he didn’t think they did.

Her eyes flitted up to him quickly. “Well obviously,” she hummed, “you wouldn’t be here if they didn’t send you.” 

Logan leaned in, hovering over his plate on the table, as if getting closer would help get his point across. “I know who you are, what you did. Erik told me everything.” 

There was a loud bang as the front two legs of her chair came crashing to the floor. Even as she brought herself crashing back to earth, (Y/n)’s expression didn’t change. Her features froze as they were before. The life didn’t leave her eyes, but it seemed, for a moment, to pause its merriment. 

“Then he really must be in dire straits.” Her tone had cooled off, slipped into an emotionless droan of words. 

“Would you mind,” Charles cut in, “explaining it to the rest of us?”

(Y/n) trailed her eyes over Charles, “It’s sad you have to ask.” (Y/n) let her sentence hang in the air with genuine grief before she pushed to her feet.

Charles, likewise, looked down, pained.  

“Eat while I talk. This will take some time, and we don’t want to waste a moment.”


(Y/n) returned to the table with a paper and pen and set it out before the men who were hesitantly chewing down breakfast. 

“So,” She drew two parallel lines coming up from the bottom of the paper, “Think of time as a road, and we, the universe, are a car.” A boxlike shape joined her sketch between the lines. “The road is one way, and while we’re on it, we have to be moving forward.”

As she talked, (Y/n) began to add roads, branches coming off every inch on both sides of her original path. “Everyone, young and old, is inside the car and has a hand on the wheel.” Some took steep angles away from her first road; others ran virtually parallel to it; others still branched off from the branches she was adding. She was, slowly but surely, making a web of lines across the page. “And every time any of us make a decision, we turn the wheel.” 

She traced an arrow from the car up one of the roads running parallel to it. “Most decisions have little effect on the world beyond the person who’s made them. We’re so close to where we were before that when we look out the window the scenery and direction haven’t changed, and none of us can tell the difference.”

(Y/n) continued  arrow, this time following a branch off the parallel that took a far steeper angle. “Other decisions, turns of the wheel, change the world so emphatically that everyone feels the effects, and our course is forever altered.”

(Y/n) went back to doodling in lines, slowly filling up the bottom of the page as she carried on. “Every turn off the first road is a decision someone made, and every decision someone makes results in a turn. The only question is how drastically it removes us from where we began.”

Ceasing her doodles for a moment, (Y/n) drew their attention by circling three times around a section of road she had just added, two parallel roads in the bottom corner, both taking a sharp curve away and off the edge of the page. 

“There are, however, some things that are beyond decision. Bends in the road, as it were. Things that, by virtue of being on the road we are on, will happen; things no one decided and no decision can avoid. Call it karma or fate, whatever suits you, but they’re there. Some of them are small, only happening on a few paths we create. Others are so colossal,” (Y/n) vigorously shaded in a strip of paper an inch above the end of her highest road, “that by virtue of moving forward in time, we will encounter them, and they will happen. The difference between a bend around a hill, only taken by roads that come at it from a certain angle, or the inevitable need of a bridge crossing over a river.” 

(Y/n) drew in a road, a bridge presumably, going over the shaded strip and continuing up to the end of the page. 

Her pen ran off the top of the page, and with it she went silent, and a long moment passed as she stared at it, unseeing.

She hadn’t looked up or ceased once during her entire explanation, not as they ate, not even when Hank let out an audible huff.

“This is an interesting theory of time, but what does it have to do with why the future sent us here?” Hank pressed. There was a subtle inflection to the way he said the word theory. He was far too kind to call anyone wrong to their face, but Hank was a scientist in heart and in mind. He didn’t generally stand for rambling misinformation. 

(Y/n) returned his expectant look with an equally expectant smile, as if she’d already known the answer to his question before he even thought to ask it. “Darling, I’m the map.”


Next Time on Part Two…. Coming Soon


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Erik Lensherr - Magneto

Young Magneto x Reader: Caged

:bulletblack: | Young Magneto x Reader | Caged :bulletblack: 

"(F/n)? What the hell are you doing over here?"

(Full name) met eyes with the guard who had addressed her, all the while keeping her expression in check. "Got switched over from the gate, Merv. Guess I'm moving up in the world."

Merv snorted. "Moving up? Hardly. Unless you call babysitting a freak a step up."

(F/n) forced a friendly smile to her lips, despite the spiral of anxiety and disgust that rested in her stomach. "Hey, I can't complain, big guy. I'm happy for a change of pace. The tourists were driving me crazy. At least guarding the mutant will be quiet."

Merv rolled his eyes before glancing down at the food tray the woman was carrying. As he eyed it, he asked, "You know the rules right? No metal of any kind? No engaging the prisoner? That you have to wait for the tray until he's finished, etcetera?"

"I'm aware. They briefed me before I was handed the tray."

Merv seemed appeased by this and slid his key into the elevator lock. He let her pass. But before the doors closed he offered a final warning. "Watch yourself, (F/n). They don't have any cameras down there… and he's nothing more than a wild animal."

(F/n) showed no hesitation as she answered. "Bye Merv. See you in a bit."

As the doors closed on her grimacing coworker, (F/n)'s expression fell. Merv was a good man in a lot of ways, but he was just as scared and biased as most of the other non-mutants. Always so quick to judge and condemn those who were different. He'd likened a human being unto an mindless animal. . . it made her feel sick. But she did her best to shoulder past it and concentrate on her goal.

The elevator slowly descended and (F/n) counted the seconds in her head. It wasn't the best thing to do when she was already so nervous, but she couldn't help it. She'd been planning today's events for nearly two months, and despite having her special insights, she found herself full of doubt. Just the thought of seeing him again was enough to make her feel faint.

'Stop that, (F/n). You wanted this,' she reminded herself. 'You needed this chance and you're getting it. Don't chicken out now… Carry it through to the end, no matter what. You have to see him for yourself. Nothing more, nothing less...'

The prison that (F/n) now entered was countless stories beneath the ground. It had been built during the Second World War when there had been a shortage of steel. So the foundation was pure concrete and sand. No metal. Perfect for housing Magneto, inspired even.

(F/n) passed a hallway full of guards as she exited the elevator. Keeping her cool as best she could, the woman sauntered through yet another corridor with a final guard, before she was granted access to the room adjacent to the cell.

The last guard closed the door firmly behind her and she was alone. The confident airs she'd put on display disappeared immediately, and she was herself again. No authority, no pretending. Just (F/n).

The room connected to the cell was empty, save for the glass that separated Magneto from the rest of the facility, and a single drop chute. The chute was how he received his meals each day. Twas a shame it would never serve a greater purpose.

(F/n) crept towards the great wall of glass, and felt her breath catch in her throat when she finally caught sight of the prisoner. He was asleep on his cot, hands placed leisurely behind his head, feet crossed at the ankles. He was just as handsome as she remembered, if not a bit rough around the edges from lack of grooming.

For a time, she stood merely staring. Before she finally took action and placed her hands against the glass. As soon as she touched the silvery surface, Magneto's eyes flashed open as if on cue. As their eyes met, recognition shone across the man's face.


The gentle smile that rose to (F/n)'s lips was finally sincere, as she ducked her head shyly. Oracle: the nickname was one only Erik had ever used, and it made old memories flicker gaily in her mind. They rippled and rustled like leaves in the wind, as she beheld him for the first time in months.

"Yes, Erik. It's me."

He was silent for a breath, before his brow quirked. "I must be hallucinating... You can't be here. You're supposed to be in hiding."

"You're not hallucinating. I'm here- for better or worse."

A look of concern lit his features as he stood from the cot. He stalked towards the glass, shaking his head. "You shouldn't have risked it. They'll find you... and I won't be able to protect you." There was an undeniable edge to his voice. Her gamble had perturbed him, more than he'd probably care to admit.

"I'm safe, Erik," she assured him. "Hiding in plain sight is the smartest thing I could do. I've stayed off the radar for months. And I've seen first hand that they don't check their own." It was true enough. Since the government hadn't found out her real name and had no photographic evidence, she'd been safe. Luckily her mutation wasn't as physically prevalent as some, or this reunion would have been impossible.

"Give me a moment to concentrate. I promise, I'll explain everything." She bid him quietly, before closing her eyes. She ran the flats of her palms against the glass surface in small circles, as she focused her powers.

(F/n) had been blessed with a rare mutation. Since she was a child, she'd been able to see through time itself. Past, present, and future were hers to navigate, though the latter was harder to fathom then the other two. A special condition of her gifts, allowed her to pass through materials as time did. This talent was limited, but useful for getting in and out of closed off spaces. She'd never understood the science behind it. Merely the fact that she could. Now, she praised all the deities that came to mind- grateful that she could.

(F/n) felt her skin go terribly cold and kept her eyes shut tight. Then she took several heavy steps through what felt like a wall of ice water. As the frosty sensation left her limbs, she observed her surroundings again.

Now she was in the cell, and Magneto was only several arm lengths away. The two stood regarding one-another, before Erik opened his arms. He wished for her to come to him, and she did so without preamble. She leapt at him as she giggled with relief, and buried her face into his prison uniform.

"Why did you come, (F/n)?" His deep voice enveloped her, as she embraced him. Then, his strong arms encased her in turn, pulling her even closer, while his hands tangled in her (h/c) hair. As he whispered her name, she felt content for the first time in months.

"I had to see you, Erik. . . Though I'm afraid I can't save you from this prison. Even if I got us both past the glass, there are nearly twenty guards outside with plastic guns and ammo, waiting to shoot anything that moves."

Magneto pulled her back then, grasping her chin so she was forced to meet his gaze. He never hurt her, but the power remained eternal in his grip. That grip that could crush metal with a thought. That grip that had hurt and defended countless members of their kind.

"I know you better than that, Oracle. You wouldn't have risked so much just to check on me. You've been able to see my progress in your visions. That should have appeased you. . . So tell me, why did you really come?"

"Can't I try to comfort you, as you once did me?" (F/n) recalled the first time they'd met, as Erik's expression softened.

She'd been a carnival freak, reading palms and telling fortunes just to survive. Her self-confidence had been nonexistent, and the leader of the troupe had taken advantage of it. She'd been seen as a joke; a side act that could offer a good laugh. She'd been nothing. . . Until Erik had come to have his fortune told.

From the moment their eyes had met, (F/n) had known everything about him. And in turn, he had wished to know everything about her. He'd taken her away from the carnival and treated her like a queen for almost a year, before trying to recruit her to his cause. . . . It now seemed like a lifetime ago.

"I only treated you the way you should have been treated," he murmured, pushing a lock of her hair behind her ear.

"You treated me like a human being. Like someone who mattered. That's more than anyone else did. You didn't fear me, or hate me for what I was. . . You were the first to love me, Erik."

The hand that had been holding her jaw loosened, and Erik began to trace her cheeks and lips thoughtfully. "You were a Goddess, even then. I would have been a fool not to notice it."

His fingers soothed her flushed skin, before he leaned down to claim a kiss. His lips were chapped but warm. She welcomed the sensation, as they breathed life back into one another. And when they pulled away, both were lighter than before.

(F/n) leaned her forehead against Erik's, before meeting his intent gray-blue eyes. They were as stormy and emotive as she remembered. She was able to read his emotions clearly without any use of her powers. Erik Lehnsherr had never hidden his motives or thoughts from her, and she'd always welcomed his sincerity. Even with his gifts suppressed, Magneto was still a force to be reckoned with. A tower of fortitude and subliminal strength. He had been born to lead, though the darkness that dwelled within him had been 'made' by his trauma.

Visions of Auschwitz and Erik's mother being killed, flashed through (F/n)'s mind, and she fought back her sorrow. She had seen Erik's past before, but it never failed to break her heart. He had suffered and lost so much; it was a wonder he stood so tall and unyielding. Weaker souls would have crumbled to dust long ago. . . But not Erik. . . Not now, or ever. Though the newest threat the Oracle had witnessed had the capacity to break him once and for all, if left unchallenged. It was why she had come to see him. To warn him. To save his future, if she could.

"Erik," she murmured after a moment of mental preparation. "The choices you make in the near future will affect us all. Mutants and non-mutants alike."

"You've seen this?" His voice was soft but meaningful, as he pressed a lingering kiss to her temple.

"Yes. I came not only to keep you safe, but to warn you." Her hands bunched his shirt, as she embraced him again. "You've always listened to my insights. Paid attention to my visions. Will you do so now?"

His larger hands cupped hers, as he stroked them with his thumbs. It was such a simple thing, and yet so intimate. "You know I will. Tell me what you saw."

(F/n) inhaled deeply before answering him. "You must meet what lies ahead of you with an open mind, Erik. Our lives and the lives of countless others depend on it.

"I cannot save you from this prison, but someone else will. I don't know when exactly, but it will happen soon. When you are free, you will meet a mutant with claws. Trust him, believe his words, and act accordingly. Rise to meet the challenge. Give your compassion willingly and the future will be saved."

"That's rather abstract, (F/n). Almost opaque." He drew out the last word, as he kissed the corner of her mouth. There was mild amusement in his tone, which made goosebumps rise on (F/n)'s neck and forearms. She glanced up to see his eyes alight with a smile and she melted. Somehow Magneto found her attractive. . . It was more than a little flattering, even after all this time.

"I can't tell you more without changing the path we're on." The corners of her eyes crinkled hopefully. "And I cannot interfere directly, or it will transform into a new future altogether. . . This is all I can give you."

His own eyes danced in the florescent lights of the cell. "Then I will heed you and do what I can."

It was all she could ask for. (F/n) knew she had done her best. Now the rest was up to him. "Good. . . I have to go now, before they miss me. I've already stayed longer than I should have..."

Once Magneto had taken the sandwich from the tray she'd brought, (F/n) replaced the lid and walked back towards the glass. She lingered for a time, memorizing his face and intelligent stormy eyes.

"Enjoy your freedom, Oracle." The words were sincere and punctured her heart.

Gracing him with a bittersweet smile, (F/n) morphed through the glass a second time and moved towards the door. "I'm just as trapped as you are, my darling. My cage is just larger than yours."

"Then I'll break it. Piece by piece." The sentiment was spoken with such conviction, that tears trickled past her lashes and rolled down her cheek.

"You're the only one who can, Erik. . . I'll be back tomorrow." She drank him in, as he pressed a kiss to his fingers and placed them against the glass. She mirrored the motion, before she turned and departed.

As the door locked behind her, (F/n) once more reigned in her expression and walked back the way she had come. Though for the first time since she'd lost Erik she felt at peace. There was hope for the future, and she would continue to watch it with the utmost care.

'Be safe, beloved.' She thought, entering the elevator. 'Until the day we are both free.'


X reader magneto

Being a human and Magneto falling on you would include


( GIF Credit [ X ] ) 

- Him finding you just perfect for him in all the senses, until he said loud a proudly that he is a mutant, and you confessed that you are just a human.

- Him, as soon as hear that you are a human being, composing a awkward smile and improvising an excuse to leave the place, and promising himself he will never see you again, because as a mutant he is more evolutionated than you, so he will not date a lesser creature.

- Him struggling for days with himself, wanting desperately to see you but, at the same time, reminding all his anti-human thoughts and feels that he have hoarded all his life, and feeling that he is going to go mad by all the contradictions inside his head and his heart.

- Him hidding himself in places near where you use to be, as in your favourite coffe shop, your place of work or your home, just to catch a glimpse of you and be sure you are still fine.

- Him starting to overcome his predjudices of your race, just with you and not to all the human race, and starting to think on you like you are something different, something that is not human neither a mutant, but something in between, something not as perfect as a mutant, neither as low as a human.

- Him fearing that you may hate him by his past actions, and spending a long time alone before getting in touch with you again, just trying to order his thoughts and find how to talk to you again.

- Him finally calling to your door and asking politely for a chat, but never mentioning that he had predjudices over you or over your race, because he thinks that, if he confessed you his strugglins, you will hate him and will left him.

- Him almost begging you for a chance, promising you that he will be a normal mate for you, and that he will not hurt a human as long as you two are together, just to please you.

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    Top 10 Badass Magneto Scenes (X-Men)

    ~Lazy Doodles and Fanfic~ — Meeting Your Father ( Erik Lehnsherr X...

    Characters:Erik Lehnsherr X Daughter!Reader

    Universe: Marvel, Xmen

    Warnings: mention of violence, swearing

    Request: You also write for the old X-Men movies don’t you? It would be great to read an imagine where y/n, smart, non-mutant and in her tweens, is the foster daughter of Xavier but Magneto is shocked when he finds out he is her biological father. He is jealous of their close relationship and tries to form one with her as well. Some fluff please? :)


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    When you met Erik for the first time, you did a double take and stared at him for a moment, then looked at your foster father Charles Xavier, who sent you a smile and a telepathic message that “It’s up to you if you want to tell him or not”. You chose not to that day. You weren’t really ready then. It still felt very strange to know that the best friend to your foster father was your actual father. 

    Charles had taken you in when you were still very young- so young you barely remember your life before him. He hadn’t officially adopted you or anything, but you still referred to him as your dad. You stood out in the school, being the only person there with no mutation. For a long time it made you feel excluded and unimportant, and some students didn’t like you or were hostile. Luckily there were those that had your back when others were hostile, especially Charles and Hank. However, it did make you question why you were there. 

    “Why did you take me in?” You asked Charles one day when he noticed you were having a rough time and had offered peace and quiet in his study. Charles looked up from his book at you. “I don’t… fit in here. I’m not a mutant.” 

    “You might be. One day.” Charles told you.

    “I have the gene?” 

    “Your father does, so I strongly believe so.” He explained, and he immediately heard the question pop into your head. “Yes, I know who he is. Would you like to know?” He asked, and with a simple nod from you, he gave his name. “Erik Lehnsherr. You may know him better as Magneto. He’s an old friend of mine, but I don’t believe he knows you exist.” 

    You’d seen Erik a few times, and the man was curious about you. You hadn’t told him of your link to him yet, but you enjoyed the attention he gave you. Apparently he’d met you before when Xavier first took you in- told by himself and confirmed by Xavier. “You clung to my leg and I had to drag you around because you had stolen something from Hank and wanted to use me as a hiding spot.” He recounted. You laughed at that, having some memories of you messing with Hank when you were younger, mostly because he looked like a blue teddy bear to you back then and so you just wanted to play with him. He also brought up the fact that you weren’t a mutant. By that point though, Charles had made sure that you felt important and gave you a job. “Well… my biological dad is a mutant… Also, my dad says I have an important role here. I know a lot of the other kids here have had bad experiences with non mutants. My job is to prove to them that non mutants aren’t all bad people, and there are nice ones, like me!” You explained to him. 

    Apparently, it was because of you bringing up your father’s mutation that made Erik go to Charles for answers, and Charles delivered with hardly any hesitance, though he did tell Erik to think before he took any action upon learning this information. Erik listened, and left for a few days to gather his thoughts. In that time Charles informed you that Erik knew and to wait, assuring you he’d be back.

    He came back 3 days later, before the sun had even finished rising, waking you up by knocking on your bedroom door. You were confused, being too tired to register that it may be him and thought it was an emergency and rushed to open the door, nearly colliding with Erik in your pyjamas, and it still took a moment for you to register what was in front of you. Erik Lehnsherr, Magneto, your father, was stood with a teddy bear looking awkward, clearly not entirely sure what his plan was. 

    “Um… would you like me to get dressed so we could go out and talk?” You suggested. 

    “That would be appreciated… I’ll wait here.” He said, and you smiled, shutting your door and rushing to get dressed, silently losing your mind the entire time. Soon you emerged from your room, walking with your biological father downstairs, passing your foster father as you were making your way to the exit, and you heard Charles call for you to have fun. 

    Erik took you to an ice cream parlour, offering to get you anything you wanted, wanting to do anything to make sure you liked him. You chose what you wanted, and only when the waitress had left did he seem to realise that you didn’t seem surprised or confused about any of this without not telling you. “…Did you know I was your-”

    “Yeah. Charles told me a while ago when I asked about you.” You cut him off. 

    “Why didn’t you… tell me?” 

    “Well… after seeing how you reacted to being told, I’m kind of glad I didn’t? Can you imagine your reaction if I told you one day you were my dad? I mean, you’re already shitting yourself-”

    “I am not-”

    “You showed up at my bedroom door with a cuddly toy despite me being a teenager and too nervous to say you wanted to talk to me about it. If I had told you then you probably would have had a crisis.” You pointed out, Erik’s silence being a silent confirmation that he agreed with you.  You ate some of your ice cream before you spoke up again. “I have a feeling you’re gonna be a really protective dad.” 

    “What makes you say that?” 

    “I don’t have any powers, I can’t protect myself against mutants that may want me dead.” You reminded him, and you saw him take a deep breath in.

    “You have a point.” 

    Hope you like it! If you have any questions, please send them in!

    *Not my gif

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