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Welcome back to the new and improved Freddy Fazbear's Pizza!

In Five Nights at Freddy's 2, the old and aging animatronics are joined by a new cast of characters. They are kid-friendly, updated with the latest in facial recognition technology, tied into local criminal databases, and promise to put on a safe and entertaining show for kids and grown-ups alike!

What could go wrong?

As the new security guard working nights, your job is to monitor cameras and make sure nothing goes wrong after-hours. The previous guard has complained about the characters trying to get into the office (he has since been moved to day-shift). So to make your job easier, you've been provided with your very own empty Freddy Fazbear head, which should fool the animatronic characters into leaving you alone if they should accidentally enter your office.

As always, Fazbear Entertainment is not responsible for death or dismemberment.

Map: EnyelC4D

FNaF 2: Scott Cawthon

-All the Animatronics are Animated

-The game is in 16:9 and isn't Streched

-Extras menu and New secrets

-Limited Free Roam

The Game is still in Developement, So don't Worry!

-W. Freddy, W. Bonnie, Toy Bonnie, Toy Chica, The Puppet and Golden Freddy: NathanZica

-Mangle and Balloon Boy: GabetheWaffle

-Toy Freddy and Withered Chica: CoolioArt

-Withered Foxy: Scott's Official Model

-Withered Chica (I used 2 Models): Holopaxume

-Wihtered Freddy (I used 2 Models): CoolioArt

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Five Nights At Freddy's 2 Demo

Version:0.1.0almost 3 years ago

Try and survive 5 nights with Freddy and friends! Freddy is mad at you for being in is property! He wants to kill or get you to stuff you inside of a Freddy suit and you MUST prevent that from happening! When you make it to night 6, you must be careful because he is super mad and sends out everybody, but this is a demo so it has 2 nights! Thanks for reading!



Mild Realistic Violence

Nothing has been posted to this project page yet. Maybe check back later!

Sours: https://gamejolt.com/games/Fnaf-2-Demo/380033
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Five Nights at Freddy's 2 Ultra Custom Night

Version:1.1.3about 3 years ago

A game that I made in a month for fun! This expansive little mini-game will give you the choice to face against 16 different characters! Features include ...

  • Customize your favorites from FNaF 2, including the Phone Guy!

  • 4 extra characters to unlock!

  • 15 different challenges to choose from!

  • Change settings, including the flashlight button!

  • View statistics, including your total time!

  • ... and more!

Have fun!*

*this game was only made just for fun, so don't take this too seriously. ;)



Cartoon Violence

Fantasy Violence

Mild Realistic Violence




Sours: https://gamejolt.com/games/fnaf2-ucn/367420
OVERNIGHT 2 : Free Roam Fnaf 2 3D Night 1\u00262


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O REMAKE DE FIVE NIGHTS AT FREDDY'S 2! Another FNaF Fangame:Open Source.


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