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Sources: Division of Corporations - Florida Department of State

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ASSET OVERWATCH SERVICES LLC American (Florida) company. Was founded on October 2, 2017 with identification number L17000203242 based on 5323 Millenia Lakes Blvd, Orlando, FL32839.


Registry number 82-2979246


Registered Address5323 Millenia Lakes Blvd, Orlando, FL32839us-fl

Mailing Address 4800 Spring Park Road #18, Jacksonville, FL32207, United States of America (the)

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ASSET OVERWATCH SERVICES, LLC was filed on 02 Oct 2017 as Limited Liability Company type, registered at 8130 BAYMEADOW WAY WEST SUITE 302 JACKSONVILLE, FL 32256 . It's Document Number is L17000203242, and FEI/EIN No. is 82-2979246 . The state for this company is Florida.There are 2 directors of this company. The agent name of this company is: Northwest Registered Agent LLC , and company's status is ACTIVE now.
Asset Overwatch Services, Llc has been operating for 4 years 0 months, and 18 days.

Document No.


Company Name:


FEI/EIN Number:


Date of Incorporation:


Company Type:

Florida Limited Liability Company

Annual Reports

2018 04/27/2018
2019 04/25/2019
2020 03/03/2020

Principal Address


Registered Agent Address:

7901 4th St N STE 300 St. Petersburg, FL 33702 Name Changed: 03/03/2020 Address Changed: 03/03/2020

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Security Officer (Full-time)

Company Summary

Asset Overwatch is an innovative growth stage company in the integrated security services sector. A venture capital backed entity, we’re tech-enabling a centuries old services industry by combining video surveillance technologies, mobile services, on-site services, and state of the art reporting technologies and processes to provide our commercial and real estate customers the safe and secure environments they desire. We’re a fast growing business with a vibrant, merit based, culture and dedicated to being the next generation of tech-enabled security services that customers need in today’s environment.

Position Overview

Asset Overwatch’s Officers use a proven community-policing patrol model to provide both a proactive and reactive approach to crime prevention. We work with residents and owners within the multi-family and commercial real estate sector to identify security concerns for their communities and develop effective strategies to help mitigate threats.

The Asset Overwatch Officer’s basic duties and responsibilities are as dictated below to include protecting persons and property in a fixed location or roving patrol. All duties listed below are minimum requirements.

  • Area Checks – officers perform foot patrols inside and outside the property to make sure all doors are closed and locked, and the buildings and exterior premises are void of any suspicious activity. All post orders apply.
  • Employee Interaction – upon arrival for duty, the officer ensures that Asset Overwatch presence is known by the customer/s. Customer Service is key to our success.
  • Situational Awareness – the officer maintains a fixed post on foot or in a personal vehicle in an area where all entrance and exit points are visible, so the officer can stop trespassing and loitering.
  • Reporting – officer must report detailed information about what was seen and heard. This duty is imperative as this is the means by which the customer receives from Asset Overwatch the assurance that the property was secured on a particular day at a particular time. The Operations Manual includes specific details on how to write clear and accurate Activity Reports. Please review the company policy on Report Writing.
  • Lighting and Security Assessments – during patrols officers provide lighting and security assessments as required. These consist of notifying the customers via reports of lights that are out and any other potential areas where a breach of security is present. Examples include identifying places where there is no fence, a hole in a fence, overgrown trees or bushes for hiding criminal activity.

Miniumum Requirements

  • Valid Divers License

  • Obtain federal, state, and local security licensure

  • Clear criminal history and driving history

  • Reliable Transportation

  • Smart Phone with Internet Connection

  • Pass a pre-employment drug screen

  • Complete a writing test

  • Pass the Asset Overwatch24-30 hour paid Field Training Program

  • Must be able to work overnights (6PM to 8AM) and weekends

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