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Black Garage Door

Transform Your Home with a Black Garage Door

If you have purchased a “previously Loved” home, you may find the design and layout irresistible, but you may not always love every feature that comes with your home. White is the color most people think of when it comes to a garage door. A black garage door is a modern and stylish choice that brings a unique look to your home. Plus, Black is the color du jour in today’s exterior design trends.

Should your garage door match your front door?

Most home décor experts agree that, as a general rule, the garage doors should match the front door, especially if they both face the street. Matching doors have a way of tying the exterior together, which enhances the home’s visual presentation. You will achieve a more uniform look that creates a more comfortable and welcoming appearance.

Your garage doors play a key role in your home’s overall curb appeal, and, as a homeowner, you want to make sure you love the color you choose for it. Why not go with a black garage door?

Black home exterior aspects, including a garage door, became popular with modern-day, modern home design. The color black lends an air of sophistication to the exterior of a home. Black garage doors put a brand new, unforeseen twist to any home.

Get Creative and Customize your Home’s Look

In the past, painting a steel garage door black was asking for trouble: The surface would absorb and retain too much heat, causing the steel garage door to bow in high temperatures, but new thermal reflective &#;cool paint&#; technology reduces heat absorption and retention.

When it comes to designing your home’s exterior, black is the new black. According to a recent study by the real estate service Zillow, Bold, dark colors like Black are becoming more popular and can increase a home’s selling price by thousands of dollars. 

Investing in a new garage door is currently the most cost-efficient way to increase your home’s overall worth on the American real estate market. Since black is all the rage right now, a black garage door could add even more value to your home. 

Need another reason to go with a black garage door? It won’t show dirt and wear as easily as doors that are white or lighter in color.

Choose from a Variety of Materials

At Access Garage Doors, a few of our most popular door options are available in black, including some of our classic steel and carriage house doors. Our steel garage doors are long-lasting, high performing, energy-efficient, and available in various styles. When painted black, they will be sure to catch the eye of everyone who passes by.

Our Modern garage doors are available with a wide variety of options to suit your taste and your home’s appearance. Whether your home is mid-century modern, contemporary, or somewhere in between, these beautiful and durable steel garage doors will add curb appeal to your home&#;s exterior.

When picking the best door for your garage, a good place to start is with material type. Most garage doors are made from either wood, steel, or fiberglass. These three materials are strong, durable, and each have their unique benefits at various price points. To pick the perfect fit for your home, most manufacturers have a program that helps you design your dream door and allows you to see how it will look on your home.

There are several different manufacturers that carry black garage doors in many design options. Clopay Garage Doors, Amarr Garage Doors, Haas Garage Doors, Wayne Dalton, C.H.I and many more

Wonder how your garage would look?

Access Garage Doors also has a Visualizer Quote that will ask you a few short questions and upload a picture of your home. An Access team member will then provide garage doors that best suits your home by the answers that you provide.

Learn More about Polystyrene vs Polyurethane

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A Black Tie For Your Home!

Why Is Black a Great Door Color?

At Garage Door Specialist we are big fans of the color selection of black for the garage door. It becomes such a statement piece of elegance and refinery. It is truly like a black tie for your home.

black long raised panel garage doors

CHI black, long raised panel garage doors with the Madison glass insert option

Black is also a great neutral color and often can tie together the shutters and front door colors. It is a strong durable color that looks great on many of our Raleigh &#; Durham area homes.

The black color option is a standard choice in CHI garage doors and is not an upcharge on almost all product selections. The color resists fading with a state of the art UV coating and also has a lifetime manufacturer&#;s warranty on the sections so the buyer can rest assured that the garage door is covered for life.

How Do I Decide Which Door Color I Want?

If you are having a hard time making a decision on the color or style of your garage door there is a simple tool offered by our manufacturer, CHI that helps you envision your home with a new garage door.

Simply go to, select the size garage door your existing home has, and design your preferences. Then upload a photo of your home and place the garage door on it. You may try as many selections as you like. It is a wonderful tool to help you see what a new garage door will look like on your home.

How Can Garage Door Specialist Help?

We would love to help you select the perfect garage door for your home. You are welcome to come to our showroom and check out sections and samples in person. We also have color swatches to help to match your exterior colors perfectly.

We are located right off of Highway 40 in Raleigh, not far from the fairgrounds. There is a big Raleigh water tower in our parking lot so you will not miss us!

Call us at for a free on-site estimate!

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From Modern to Rustic: Styling Black Garage Door to Suit Your Home

Your garage door plays a key role in your home’s overall appearance and, as a homeowner, you want to make sure you love the colour you choose for it. That’s why at Creative Door Services, we keep up with all the emerging trends in garage door colours, and we have an idea to throw at you as you weigh the options for your next garage door purchase: why not go black?

Just as versatile as white, black complements well with many colours and, in terms of its effect, it runs the gamut from bold and modern to simple and timeless, depending on the style and on your home’s colour scheme. Furthermore, black tends to be the most low-maintenance option, as it doesn’t show dirt and wear as much as lighter colours.

On its own, a black garage door can come off as overly dominant. Generally it’s important that it matches the exterior detailing of your home, such as trim, shutters, window panes and the front door. When one or more of these features is black, you can achieve an exquisite balance by opting for a black garage door.

Creative Door sells and installs beautiful black garage doors to scores of satisfied customers. Whatever kind of door you’re looking for—classic wood, premium steel, modern glass, carriage-house, etc.—we can offer models with stunning black finishes.

Here are just a few of the great looks you can achieve with by choosing to style your new garage doors with a contemporary black finishing flair.

Richard Wilcox Contemporary Rockwood

A Modern Touch

Whether you’re leaning towards bold and beautiful or a clean, stylish look that grabs the attention of passers-by, black may be your best bet. You can count on it to pop against white trim and to complement modern esthetic trends (such as audacious, non-traditional shapes and angles).

The Richards-Wilcox Contemporary Rockwood Landmark Series garage doors are a good option as they’re eminently sleek and modern. The elegant overlays of rich red cedar can come in stained black, and decorative elements such as hand-forged wrought iron can be added.

And black is an extremely popular option for modern glass garage doors, such as the Model from Wayne Dalton. Glass garage doors are intrinsically modern in their appearance, so opting for a sleek black design for the frame usually works well.

Wayne Dalton 40 Series

Stick With the Classics

If you decide on a simple and elegant wood garage door, black is just as timeless as white. When it’s complemented with black exterior detail, a black garage door has an understated beauty (not unlike a simple but lovely black dress). If you need convincing, just take a look at the Wayne Dalton 40 Series, whose style is perfectly complementary to classic colonial and mid-century modern homes.


A Rustic Take

Giving a rustic-style garage door a faded black finish makes for a stylish hybrid of antique and modern. The Chalet garage door model from Martin Door achieves this balance perfectly.


Elegant Style

Are you drawn to the beauty of a carriage house garage door? Then you should consider a black finish, which can make this elegant style all the more striking. Take a look at the Model Carriage House garage doors from Wayne Dalton, which come in 16 designs that feature a number of different options for windows.

When You Choose Creative Door Anything Is Possible

So, have you converted to the dark side and embraced black garage doors? As you can see, black is a versatile and exciting option for garage doors. If you’re undecided, however, as to whether it’s the right fit for your home, Creative Door can help you out. You can discuss the idea with one of our experts, and you can also make use of our online design centre. Using this online tool, you can upload a picture of your home and test out different garage door designs and colours on your house. This way you can see for yourself whether black is the best choice.

Whatever the style or colour you choose, if you get your new garage door through Creative Door, you can count on it being optimally durable, secure and efficient. Since , we’ve been providing Canadians with the best garage doors and superior garage door installation and service.

For more information on our products and services, contact us today, or visit one of our eight branches across Western Canada


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