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Cow Leather

Leather used to manufacture our products is full grain cowhide. These hides are from top ten percent of leather and are selected for quality, strength, character and grain. Skins allow natural markings and character to show through. Full grain cowhides are generally much cleaner and has minimal scarring and insect bites. This results in products of extremely high quality. Our products are made by skilled craftsmen who maintain the highest quality standards in the leather industry.

We offer an extensive line of full grain premium quality cow leather products including real leather wallets, leather belts, leather bags, leather briefcases, specialty items, premiums and corporate gifts. We manufacture genuine cow leather products for retail stores and wholesale distributors as well as selling directly to retail customers through our web site.

Genuine leather products are made from genuine cow leather with the sophisticated dyeing and tanning process. All of genuine cow leather products are elaborately assembled by the artisans. You may notice how neat it is being crafted and the finishing is superb. We exported now to Europe, USA, Japan, Australia and other countries to certain boutique shops and wholesale distributors.

Shipping & Handling for genuine cow leather products is starting from $10.00 (depending on volume of the order) worldwide by Air Mail. Delivery takes 7-14 days depending on country to deliver. Please visit ordering and F.A.Q. pages for more information and return policy.

We sell cow leather products wholesale and retail. OEM orders for cowhide goods are welcomed. We can make genuine cow leather wallets, belts, briefcases, purses etc. with your logo or your brand.
Wholesale orders of large, medium and small quantities are welcomed. We supply shops and retailers in America, Europe and Asia. For more information please visit wholesale page or email [email protected]

Sours: https://exoticleather.biz/cow_leather.htm?leather_type=203

There really is a difference in quality among the many different brands and suppliers of all of our Wholesale Cowhides and Cowhide Rug lines… from Premium Cowhides and Animal Skin Rugs to Mink Blankets and Accessories, you can find suppliers who do not take the time to scrutinize their products for quality like we do! Unfortunately, words and pictures will never reveal how fabulous most of our products truly are: you simply must “experience” them for yourselves to fully appreciate what we are saying.

It is universally known that the World’s finest quality “hair-on” Wholesale Cowhides come from Brazil, Colombia, and Argentina. We carry only the best possible Cowhide choices processed and tanned the best possible way. Chromium tanning has long been known to produce the best tanned cowhide rug. A properly chromium tanned cow hide will last much longer than cowhides tanned with a different process. There will be no displeasing odors or color bleeding. Simply put… our product is the best quality you can find.

When it comes to Faux Mink Blankets… The incredibly soft, plush, acrylic fibers and rich, vibrant colors with the luster and the sheen of our Mink Blankets is simply amazing. Our blankets are truly unforgettable, beautiful and pleasing to the touch! In short our “premium grade” mink blankets cost more than lesser quality ones, including our “standard” quality line, but from the very first time you see and touch one, you will understand why. You simply will not find softer, better quality “mink” blankets anywhere!

When you go with Home Décor International, Inc…. You are choosing High Quality at Undeniably great Prices!

Become a Wholesale Cowhides Partner Today!

Click Here to ApplySours: https://homedecorinternational.com/
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Cowhide rugs wholesale

  • cowhide rugs wholesale

    Cowhide rugs directly from Tannery

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  • white patchwork cowhide rug

    We customize

    We offer custom sizes, designs and colors production.
    Cowhide is a great option for your floor, wall covering or upholstery needs.

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We are a company that specializes in the production, distribution,
wholesale and export of cowhide rugs and pillows.

ExpoFerGus, cowhide rugs wholesale

We are in Cordoba city, which is geographically very well located in the pampas of Argentina; which allows us to source ourselves with the best prime material for our production from all our country; where the different cow breeds are. We only select the best cowhides; and all of our hides are handpicked and hand controlled. We offer cowhide rugs wholesale from South America to the entire World.

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We have huge stock of cowhides, amazing prices and strict quality control.

Cowhide rugs - Cowhide pillows

Take a look at our cowhide products catalog

Cowhide rugs for wholesale

Natural style cowhides

The typical appearance of cattle leather contributes to bring warm ambient by offering a rustic and native look. The natural cowhide rugs create at home a pleasant and cozy atmosphere. Any of these cowhides may be used as rugs, throws, or wall hangings. They come in a variety of surfaces as well as in a wide variety of textures and spots, as diverse as nature itself. All of our cowhide rugs have been professionally chrome tanned for extra durability. Also, our cowhides are hand selected to assure high quality.

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Cowhide rugs

Cowhide patchwork rugs

Sketched by design professionals and produced as an art basis is an excellent combination to have a superior product. Our cowhide rugs are made only from the best selected cowhides. Handmade and assembled with a high quality cotton ribbon and zigzag stitching. We combine different patches shapes, sizes and colors to obtain attractive and exclusive designs.

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Cowhide pillows

Cowhide pillows

Cowhide Pillows covers can be made with high quality hair on cowhide on both sides and a zipper on one of the edges, or with hair on cowhide on front side and soft suede leather at back side.

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Animal print cowhides

Animal print style cowhides

These beautiful hair on cowhide rugs are printed and brushed to look just like exotic animals. Stenciled cowhides have gained enormous popularity recently.

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Sours: https://expofergus.com/
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Wholesale Cowhide Bags

Cowhide is one of the thickest types of leather, which accounts for its strength and durability. Unlike most variations of leather, cowhide is waterproof, doesn’t rip or tear easily, and is also resistant to cracking. We offer a wide variety of unique cowhide leather products and accessories to enhance your business.

Pro’s and Con’s of the Cowhide Business

We often get asked about the morality of selling fur and hides. All our Hides are simply a Bi Product of this industry. We have guarantees from all of our suppliers that the hides we sell come from ethically sourced high quality certificated farms. All the animals live good lives and have plenty of space to live organically. The Design Edge would never knowingly sell a product that had been miss-treated in any way.

Cowhide Market in Australia and New Zealand

Cowhide is vastly becoming the new fashion accessory of choice and a style statement. Cowhide skins have made a dramatic comeback to Australian households, they are a beautiful addition to a room and are also maintainable in terms of upkeep. A new era of cutting edge contemporary design has led cowhide to the top for choice of decor and wardrobe choices. 

Range of Cowhide Bags & Handbags

Western fashion trends keep changing consistently every year around the world giving us more & more reasons to buy a cowhide bag.The cowhide trend is moving away from its traditional rural roots to a more urban customer around the world. We take pride in providing our customers with any to all types of cowhide bags ranging from cowhide handbags, cowhide tote bags, cowhide duffle bags, cowhide satchels, cowhide messenger bags, cowhide hobo bags, cowhide clutches, cowhide wallets and many more.

The choices we provide to our customers in terms of customization, colours and hides is limitless.

Range of Cowhide Footwear & Accessories

Cowhide footwear is made from the hides of cows. It is the raw material of choice for sturdy utilityfootwear, due to its thick structure that is simultaneously flexible and firm. We deal in many types of cowhide footwear including cowhide boots, cowhide sandals, cowhide shoes, cowhide ballerinas and cowhide slippers.

We also deal in a range of cowhide accessories including cowhide belts, cowhide jewellery, cowhide keyrings, cowhide phone cases and cowhide Christmas decorations, which are all unique, custom and handmade.

Range of Cowhide Rugs

Cowhide rugs add a touch of contemporary exotic glamour to your home or workplace with its natural yet chic look. All our Cowhide Rugs are high quality 100% leather from Brazil, known as the best place for cowhide rug manufacturing. Cowhide rugsare safe, by-products of animals that are being used for other purposes, they don’t involve animal cruelty or any chemicals that are dangerous.

Sours: https://www.thedesignedge.com.au/cowhide-bags-wholesale/

Cowhide products wholesale


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