Stones engraved with words

Stones engraved with words DEFAULT

Personalized Stones and Rocks

Rock-It Creations engraves the finest quality personalized stones available anywhere. We use only the most beautiful natural river stones we can find. Then we expertly engrave your words, with or without additional graphics, deeply into the stone as close to perfection as we can. The result is an engraved stone keepsake that is truly worth holding onto forever.

Our personalized stones are as unique as they can be. No two engraved stones are alike. Each personalized stone is as individual as the one(s) for whom they are created. There are many others that try to match our quality, but our many years of stone engraving experience and expertise set a bar that is simply out of reach for most.

From simple standard engraved stones, with a single word or image, to custom engraved stones that contain more complex arrangements of words and/or artwork, we always put everything we have into every personalized stone. Every step of the way, from gathering the river stones from the rivers where they reside, to the final addition of contrast to the deeply carved engraving within the stone, we take great care to do everything right. Our extraordinary care and craftsmanship show in the finished stones, no matter how closely they are examined. We want everyone to closely examine our expertly crafted engraved stones and to feel free to compare them to any others anywhere. Stone engraving is an art and, as we say, all engraved stones are not created equal.

Creating the most beautiful natural engraved river available gives us a great sense of pride. Hearing from our many satisfied repeat customers about how much they appreciate our top quality engraved river rocks keeps us going in the right direction. That direction is to continue specializing in making every customer happy with every personalized engraved stone that they order.

Our personalized rocks are truly some of the world’s most durable goods. Knowing that is the case, we want to be sure that only the very finest engraved stones ever leave our shop. We know that it only takes one poorly executed engraved rock to ruin a good relationship with a valued customer. We love our repeat customers and that is why we will never settle for anything less than creating the very finest quality, naturally beautiful, expertly engraved stones found anywhere. Call us today, 208-253-4557.


StoneWords Welcomes You!
Custom Engraved Stones, Engraved Pocket Stones, Engraved Personalized Stones, Stones & Crystal engraving. Engraved Logos-Names, Engraved Personalized Garden Stones, Engraved Pet Memorials, Engraved Wedding-Bridal Favors, Engraved Corporate Promotional Stones.



 Engraved Stone Discounts begin at 4 pcs plus.

  • engraved natural river stones,

  • engraved polished river stones 

  • engraved semi-precious gemstones

  • Any size stone beginning at 1" wide up to 14" wide available for custom engraving 
  • Any color stone available to match any theme
  • Double or 2 sided engraved stones

  • World Class engraved stones or rocks

  • In stock items shipped same or next day
  • Pleasant eager customer service

Polished Engraved Riverstones

Engraved Polished River Stones
To order polished stones, call
973-948-0085 for details










Natural Unpolished Riverstones

Engraved Natural Unpolished River Stones

in grey, green, peach or white

We offer custom engraved stones and stone engraving, engraved stones with company logos, engraved pocket stones, stone jewelry, diamond crystal paperweights, engraved pet memorials and garden rocks that make unique personalized gifts, engraved wedding favors & bridal gifts, and engraved corporate promotional or inspirational stones.



Engraved stones with inspirational words or phrases tells that special person you care, encourages or motivated them.  Engraved stones with animal images, boys names & girls names & family names placed on semi-precious gem stones, natural river stones, & polished river stones in earth tone desert colored stones.

Call us for wholesale prices on hand engraved stones and engraved natural river stones - available in engraved stone colors of gray, white, pastel green, pastel peach, black or a mix of all colors in any size that you desire. You may choose polished or unpolished natural River stones or semi- precious engraved stones in bright colors depending upon the stone type. Polished River Stones are available in earth tone desert stone colors of black, white, red/rust, yellow, tan, brown, gray and an array of different shades.

These exciting engraved stones are used for bridal favors, wedding party gifts, reception place card holders and other party favor ideas for your special event or favorite celebration. Just about any  stone product that we offer can be engraved or personalized. Custom stone engraving with sand blasting techniques are our specialty. We provide DOUBLE SIDE engraving as well as SINGLE SIDE engraving.

For the home or office, for promotional giveaways and corporate promotional items we offer personalized Business Card Holders or other engraved stone products in each of the stone colors mentioned above. Join our world of engraved rocks and engraved stones and have fun along with us. If you will send us your ideas, we will provide a quote promptly.


We also offer wholesale prices on orders of 50 or more. To order, call 973-948-0085 or send us an email [email protected]    


Call Jennifer at 

973-948-0085 for personalized service and easiest way to order.

Engraved Semi-Precious Gemstones

Engraved Highly Polished Semi-Precious Gemstones

StoneWords Advantages


1) StoneWords products are real engraved stones and crystals.
2) A human being will answer the telephone as often as possible. Telephone calls will be returned. Emails will be answered immediately. Our attitude will be pleasant, helpful and considerate to all. The BEST PRICING will be obtained with a telephone call as opposed to utilizing a shopping cart.
3) No Minimums! 1 or 100 or more.
4) We are happy to forward samples for larger orders for your consideration.
5) Double Side Engraving. Pricing is reasonable.
6) For service needed quickly, a very large inventory is carried that can be shipped the same or next day. There are 320 different words, 150 different Animal Images & Designs, 150 different phrases, 150 Boys Names and 150 Girls Names in stock for you to choose from. Listings are on our websites. Click on them.
7) Customer may choose stone colors. We offer black, white, gray, pastel green, pastel peach, red/rust, yellow, tan, brown and many different shades of the above.
8) Customer chooses a stone type from three different possibilities. (1) Semi-Precious Gemstones, (2) Polished River Stones, (3) Natural Unpolished River Stones.
9) Customer chooses either block or script style lettering or else submits a font they would like.
10) For unique custom designs or logos, simply send us a jpeg or other format including how many pieces you would like and we will immediately forward a quote back to you.
11) StoneWords will drop-ship to your customers and apply your return address sticker to the package. This is a unique opportunity to make money selling engraved stones and engraved rocks without any investment using our large inventory of over 100,000 pieces. To participate in this endeavor simply register with us via email or telephone.
12) If you can think of a way in which we can improve our service to you, please send us an email or call. Every suggestion will be considered.

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Engraved Pocket Rocks and Word Stones

     STONE COLOR FILL: One Color fill is included in cost of stone, multi color fill is available by request.  Additional charges will apply for multi color fill.    Available Colors for fill: Black, Burgundy, Dark Blue, Dark Green, Chocolate Brown, Grey, Tan, Off White, White, Light Blue, Light Green, Red, Orange. 

    Dark Color fill is recommended for light colored stone and light color fill is recommended for dark colored stone.   ALL engraved river rocks will be color filled.  Plain or no fill engraving will not be done on river rocks, this option is only available for granite, marble, blue stone and our signature stones and only if the engraving requested will allow for no color fill visibility. 

     For more information please ask one of our sales representatives.

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