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Roush Phase 1 Supercharger Intercooled Kit (Ford F-150 11-14)

This is a Roush Phase 1 Air-to-Water Intercooled Supercharger Complete System with a R2300 TVS twin screw blower which will get you a 155 horsepower and 80 ft/lb torque gain on just 6 psi of boost! This kit is complete with fuel system upgrades and Roush PCM Flash voucher card as long as the truck is stock or has a catback only. Custom tuning required for modified trucks, and Roush Diagnostic Tool required for PCM voucher card.

This F-150 Phase 1 supercharger kit is calibrated by ROUSH to deliver an estimated 515 horsepower to the 2011-2012 Ford F-150 5.0L-4v V8 powertrain.

The ROUSH 2011-2012 F-150 Calibrated Supercharger Kit is part of the TVS (Twin Vortices Series) line of superchargers developed by ROUSH that have raised the bar for performance and reliability. This is the same line that has been used and proven for years in ROUSH-built vehicles.

The ROUSH R2300 supercharger features Eaton's new cutting edge Twin Vortices Series technology (TVS) rotating assembly that delivers more power and better fuel economy in a smaller package for uncompromising performance.


Roush Phase 1 Supercharger System


Roush Phase 1 Supercharger System

This Mustang GT Supercharger is a Single Belt Phase 1 kit that brings your 2005-2009 Mustang GT power to a total of 475 hp and 435 lb-ft at the flywheel!

This supercharger kit components includes the following:
Induction system
Fuel charging assembly
TVS2300 ROUSHcharger®
105mm bolt-on pulley

One of the great things about ROUSH’s line of Phased R2300 superchargers is that you can later upgrade to a higher level of horsepower with an upgrade kit. You can upgrade this 2005-2009 Mustang GT Supercharger with the Single Belt Phase 1-2 2005-2009 Mustang Supercharger Upgrade (part #421101).

This Mustang GT Supercharger Kit is part of a line of superchargers kits for Mustang GT’s that allow for upgraded performance over time. This “phased” line-up includes two different FEAD systems, which cannot be converted from one to the other. The single belt FEAD systems are less expensive than the comparable dual belt Mustang supercharger kits. However, the dual belt systems provide a more robust control of power, which is especially beneficial for higher horsepower applications.

This 2005-2009 Mustang GT Supercharger is covered by the standard ROUSH parts and accessories warranty — on ROUSH components only for 90-days from the retail purchase date (no labor).

Please Note:
**Manual Transmission only
– Many upgrades available please contact us to build a package suited for your Mustang

  1. Garmin approved ac adapter
  2. Space cables
  3. Home depot 19 inch vanity

Roush 2018-2020 Phase 2 and Phase 1 to Phase 2 available @ Beefcake Racing!

Feb 13, 2019
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Sunny AZ
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Bilbo Hicks
2019 GT w/ Roush P2 Supercharger, 2015 KIA Sorento SXL
I’ll be the first to say that if you already have the phase 1 kit with an upgraded LTR you are forced to buy it again. My LTR was upgraded months ago and Roush won’t sell you the tune without the LTR. Booooo!!!!!
2019 Need For Green Mustang GT, A10, 401A, Performance Package, Magnaride, Active Exhaust, Recaro's, B&O, S&S Package, etc.
Roush Stage 2 Supercharger, LTH Headers, FP Magnaride Handling Pack, BMR CB005 , BMR Vertical Links, 20" Project 6G Seven Rims, 305 Nitto 555rII's in back and 275 555G2's in front, Roush Hood Structs
2018 Lightning Blue Mustang GT, A10, 300A, Performance Package
Roush Stage 2 Supercharger, Borla Type S Catback, 20" Project 6G Seven Rims, 305 Nitto 555r's in back and 275 555G2's in front.
2015-2017 Mustang Roush Phase 1 Supercharger Kit on The DYNO

One of the most frequently-asked questions we receive here at Sherwood Ford, regards the difference between Stages and Phases in Roush Performance.

There’s just something about getting behind the wheel of a RS3 Mustang with a Phase 2 supercharger kit pumping out 727 horsepower and an incredible 610 ft-lb of torque. If you’re a little confused after reading that last sentence, that’s okay. There are many people who love Roush Performance vehicles, but don’t quite understand the differences between stages and phases. That’s where we come in. Join us here at Sherwood Ford as we take a look at the differences between Roush Performance stages and phases.

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Roush Performance Stages


If you have a 2015-2017 Roush Mustang, then it was built in one of four stages: RS, RS1, RS2, and RS3. The biggest difference between these stages is that the RS is a V6, the RS1 is an I-4, the RS2 is a naturally-aspirated V8, and finally the RS3 is the ROUSHcharged V8 engine. If you own a Roush Mustang made in 2014, the RS was a V6, while the rest all had a V6 engine in them. Basically, the stages of Roush Performance describe which type of engine lives underneath the hood of your vehicle. In addition to stages, Roush Performance vehicles also come in different phases.


Roush Performance Phases


If you were to order a Roush Stage 3 Mustang, it will automatically be equipped with a Phase 1 Roush Supercharger. With the Phase 1 supercharger, Mustangs made in 2015-2017 receive an immense horsepower and torque boost. Step on the accelerator and get ready to hold on as the 670-horsepower engine that cranks out 545 lb-ft of torque takes control. Like the Phase 1 supercharger, the Phase 2 supercharger boosts the horsepower and torque that the engine is capable of producing with 727 horsepower and 610 ft-lb of torque. The Phase 3 supercharger is only available on Mustang models made before 2015, and greatly increases the horsepower and torque rating as well.


Differences Between Roush Performance Stages and Phases TVS
Differences Between Roush Performance Stages and Phases Under the Hood


So there you have it, the different stages of your Roush Performance vehicle tell you what behemoth of an engine resides underneath your hood, while the different phases available for these engines give your performance vehicle more, well, performance! If you have any other questions about Roush Performance, feel free to contact us here at Sherwood Ford. Our knowledgeable and friendly team members will always be more than happy to help you out.

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2015-2017 Mustang GT Roush Phase 1 to Phase 2 Supercharger Upgrade Kit Review


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