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Bosch POWER4ALL Tools The Bosch Power4All 18v system was designed to simplify the process of choosing and purchasing cordless power tools for the home and garden by providing a complete one battery fits all solution. All batteries and chargers are interchangeable with all the tools in the range, many of which can be bought as body only (without battery) machines - meaning you can save needless expenditure on additional batteries and chargers if you purchase additional tools for your tool kit.

As one of the largest electrical engineering and manufacturing firms in the world, Bosch have earned a reputation for producing well-made and dependable products, and their green DIY power tools have been staple fixtures in household tool kits for decades. The Power4All lithium ion cordless range is a comparatively new addition to their product range, but as cordless technology has come to dominate the market in recent years it is also one of the fastest growing. Recent additions to the range include a variable speed angle grinder, a chainsaw and the unique ADVANCEDCUT 18 Nanoblade saw.


Manufacturer: Bosch

Check out the newest Bosch tools including the latest drills, impact drivers, rotary hammers, and accessories. Recent Bosch tool reviews include the Bosch CORE18V battery, Bosch 18V Connected angle grinder, and Bosch 12V cross line laser. We also cover Bosch accessories and their entire lineup of 12V, 18V, and 36V power tools. With Bosch tool reviews, we focus on their strengths—including OSHA-compliant concrete dust removal. The Bosch VAC090A Dust Extractor remains one of our favorites and came in 3rd in our dust extractor shootout. Bosch has a good track record of making tools that perform well. Additionally, they also make tools with great ergonomics. Their batteries have some of the longest shelf lives we’ve experienced among manufacturers. Hands-on Bosch Tool Reviews The following tool reviews include Bosch tools and accessories from every category. If they make it, and it’s a key tool, we’ve likely given it a hands-on tool review.

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Growing battery platforms – partners and users relying on Bosch

The Professional 18V System based on Bosch technology has been developed to increase efficiency and effectiveness on construction sites. It is one of the world’s leading platforms for professional cordless tools. One year after this system was opened to other manufacturers, two more renowned brands – Fein and Heraeus – have joined the partnership. In addition to products from Bosch Power Tools, Brennenstuhl, Klauke, Ledlenser, Lena Lighting, Sonlux, Sulzer and Wagner, professional users will also be able to utilize, for instance, special tools for metal working and special light applications, e.g. for surface disinfection in the fight against the corona virus, with one of the more than 60 million professional 18 V lithium-ion batteries from Bosch that have been purchased. Since 2008, these batteries have been compatible with almost all 18 V tools from Bosch Power Tools designed for professional use. The company’s portfolio of cordless innovations is also being extended. Particularly significant are the Biturbo tools which attain performance dimensions that were previously reserved for corded tools. The Biturbo GBH 18V-36 C Professional and GBH 18V-45 C Professional rotary hammers, which are unique on the market, are two examples here. Their specially developed, brushless high-performance motor has been optimally coordinated with the electronics and battery. The resulting drilling performance was confirmed by an independent test institute and is regarded as a benchmark for cordless rotary hammers on the market.

The Power for All Alliance battery platform, which was created for applications in the home and garden, is also welcoming two new members, Steinel and Flymo, right on time to celebrate the first anniversary of its formation. In addition to innovative power tools, garden and home appliances from Bosch and products from Gardena, Gloria, Wagner and Rapid, users can thus look forward to even greater flexibility in the future when implementing DIY projects and maintaining and beautifying their gardens. The battery portfolio offered under the umbrella of the Power for All Alliance already includes 75 tools. One special highlight from Bosch Power Tools for the summer season is the AdvancedShear 18V-10, for example. The first grass and shrub shear in the 18 V battery system is designed for medium sized hedges and grass edges and can powerfully trim up to 85 square meters of hedge with just one battery charge.

Bosch Power Tools has set itself the goal of working resolutely on the further development of both battery platforms in the coming months and years. “By opening our battery technology to other manufacturers, we struck the right note with the users. We are therefore delighted that other well-known potential partners have again indicated their interest in cooperation and want to shape the cordless future together with Bosch,” said Henk Becker, President of Bosch Power Tools.

Sustainability as a guiding principle for action

Opening the battery platforms to other manufacturers proves that systematic gearing of the product portfolio to users’ needs is the guiding principle of the action taken by Bosch Power Tools. On this basis, more than 100 new products are successfully launched on the market every year. The orientation towards changing user needs and derived requirements is also reflected in the sustainability strategy of the company. A look into the future shows that Bosch Power Tools wants to take its responsibility towards society even more seriously.

In accordance with the sustainability strategy of the Bosch Group, this will mean focusing on increasing energy efficiency. Bosch Power Tools is aiming to save around 75,000 MWh by the year 2030. This corresponds to the average annual electricity consumption of 3,000 two-person households in Germany. In 2020, savings of more than 5,000 MWh were achieved through energy efficiency projects. This was mainly attributable to the use of energy-efficient production technology. This year, around 20 projects will be implemented, reducing energy requirements by a total of more than 10,000 MWh. An important contribution is being made here, for example, by the refurbishment of the energy supply center at the headquarters in Leinfelden-Echterdingen and the commissioning of a photovoltaic system at the plant in Penang, Malaysia.

The company is also working intensively to reduce its ecological footprint at product level by focusing on the principles of the circular economy. By introducing cases made of recycled plastic in the DIY segment, Bosch Power Tools has saved more than 2,200 tons of plastic raw material and thus more than 3,000 tons of CO2 since 2019, for example. In addition, by switching from plastic blister packaging to cardboard packaging, more than 50 tons of plastic waste have been eliminated.

The new Quigo Green cross line laser is another example of the implementation of the sustainability strategy of Bosch Power Tools. It is the first measuring tool from Bosch whose housing and accessories are made of 90 percent recycled plastic. As early as in product development stage, the focus was to reduce the CO2 footprint from the product and the accessories through to packaging. The new packaging is therefore also made of 70 percent recycled paper, has an environmentally friendly water-based coating, and no longer contains any plastic foils inside. The size of the packaging was also optimized. In addition, the new Quigo Green consumes 50 percent less energy than its predecessor thanks to optimized electronics ‒ saving more than 340 tons of CO2 with just one product. “To act sustainably is an integral part of the defined values in the corporate culture of Bosch. With the new Quigo Green we are setting a milestone in sustainable product development in the measuring tool segment,” said Becker.

As part of the Bosch Group, Bosch Power Tools is a worldwide pioneer in climate protection. In 2020, every plant was operated with zero carbon emissions for the first time (Scope 1 and 2). The emissions outside the company’s direct sphere of influence (Scope 3) will also be consistently reduced by the year 2030 – by 15 percent compared with the base year 2018.

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