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Welcome to the ALICE ISD school district detail page. Here you can find information on various school districts in Texas such as: contact information, student, staff and TAKS statistics as well as graduate information. ALICE ISD is located at #2 COYOTE TRL, ALICE, 78332-4140 in View JIM WELLS COUNTY County .

Student / Staff


Student Statistics

Racial/Ethnic GroupNumberPercent
African American 35 0.7%
Hispanic 4,584 92.8%
White296 6.0%
Asian20 0.4%
Native American0 0.0%
Two or More Races5 0.1%
Total Students4,940100%
Eco Disadvantaged4,179 84.6%
Limited English Proficiency128 2.6%
Bilingual109 2.2%
Gifted & Talented188 3.8%
Special Education450 9.1%
Vocational1,433 29.0%
Teacher Student Ratio16.30 S/T



Staff Statistics

Teachers 302 42.09%
School Admin 26 3.62%
Central Admin 11 1.53%
By EthnicityCountPct
African American 2 0.7%
Hispanic 212 70.1%
White85 28.2%
Asian1 0.3%
Two or More Races2 0.7%
By ExperienceCountPct
Over 20 years 65 21.6%
11 - 20 years 75 24.8%
6 - 10 years47 15.5%
1- 5 years92 30.3%
Beginning Teacher24 7.9%


Professional Support 71 9.88%
Education Aide 94 13.07%
Total Auxiliary Staff 214 29.80%
Total Staff 718 100%
By DegreeCountPct
No Degree47 15.7%
Bachelors197 65.3%
Masters56 18.7%
Doctorate1 0.3%
By ProgramPct
Bilingual / ESL 0.1%
Career & Technology 6.0%
Gifted & Talented 2.4%
Special Education 4.6%
Regular 81.4%

Group% TestedSAT AvgACT AvgAbv CriteriaRead ReadyMath ReadyBoth ReadyGraduatedGEDCont.Dropout
African American.%..%.%.%.%.%.%.%.%.%
Two or More Races*%..%.%*%*%*%n/an/an/an/a
Male Students46.7%107018.4%11.4%34.7%20%17.3%84.3%1.7%2.8%11.2%
Female Students57%102017.8%9.9%35.2%22.5%20.4%92.1%0.7%0.7%6.6%
Economically Disadvantaged46.4%*17.8%10%26.7%17%14.1%83.9%1.7%2.9%11.5%
Special Educationn/an/an/an/a5%5%5%91.3%0%0%8.7%

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Alice Independent School District

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Alice Independent School District

A larger number of schools in this district are rated below average in school quality.

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per Student
Total Revenue:$52,776,000$10,403
   Revenue by Source
Total Expenditures:$46,083,000$9,084
   Total Current Expenditures:$43,650,000$8,604
      Instructional Expenditures:$24,485,000$4,82756%
      Student and Staff Support:$4,787,000$94411%
      Operations, Food Service, other:$9,869,000$1,94523%
   Total Capital Outlay:$822,000$162
   Total Non El-Sec Education & Other:$143,000$28
   Interest on Debt:$1,119,000$221


  • * denotes a column with data from 2020-2021
  • [ † ] indicates that the data are not applicable. For example, the enrollment and staff characteristics for districts that opened in the 2020-2021 school year will not be available until the full 2020-2021 file is released.
  • [ – ] indicates that the data are missing.
  • [ ‡ ] indicates that the data do not meet NCES data quality standards.
  • The directory information on district name, address, and phone number are preliminary data from initial submissions of district level data for 2020-2021.
  • Data provided on student membership and staffing are from the official district level data for 2019-2020.

Source:CCD Public school district data for the 2019-2020, 2020-2021 school years

Alice ISD distributes e-learning devices

Alice Independent School District

Alice Independent School District is a public school district based in Alice, Texas (USA). In addition to Alice, the district also serves the communities of Rancho Alegre, Alice Acres, Coyote Acres, and Owl Ranch-Amargosa.


As of the 2010-2011 school year, the appraised valuation of property in the district was $1,086,514,000.[1] The maintenance tax rate was $0.104 and the bond tax rate was $0.026 per $100 of appraised valuation.[1]

Academic achievement[edit]

In 2011, the school district was rated "academically acceptable" by the Texas Education Agency.[6] Forty-nine percent of districts in Texas in 2011 received the same rating.[7] No state accountability ratings will be given to districts in 2012.[8] A school district in Texas can receive one of four possible rankings from the Texas Education Agency: Exemplary (the highest possible ranking), Recognized, Academically Acceptable, and Academically Unacceptable (the lowest possible ranking).

Historical district TEA accountability ratings[6]

  • 2011: Academically Acceptable
  • 2010: Recognized
  • 2009: Academically Unacceptable
  • 2008: Academically Acceptable
  • 2007: Academically Acceptable
  • 2006: Academically Acceptable
  • 2005: Academically Acceptable
  • 2004: Academically Acceptable


In the 2011-2012 school year, the district had students in ten schools.[1]

High schools
Middle schools
  • Adams Middle (Grades 7-8)
Intermediate schools
  • Dubose Intermediate (Grades 5-6)
  • Memorial Intermediate (Grades 5-6)
Elementary schools
  • Hillcrest Elementary (Grades PK-4)
  • Garcia Elementary (Grades PK-4)
  • Noonan Elementary (Grades PK-4)
  • Saenz Elementary (Grades PK-4)
  • Salazar Elementary (Grades K-4)
  • Schallert Elementary (Grades PK-4)

Special programs[edit]


Alice High School participates in the boys sports of baseball, basketball, football, soccer, and wrestling.[5] The school participates in the girls sports of basketball, soccer, softball, and volleyball.[5] For the 2012 through 2014 school years, Alice High School will play football in UIL Class 4A.[4]

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