Sephiroth victory screen

Sephiroth victory screen DEFAULT

Each party member in Final Fantasy VII has a unique victory pose which plays when s/he is alive at the end of a battle.

See also: Victory pose

Victory poses[]

  • Cloud pumps his fist twice, spins his sword in one hand, and then places it on his back.
  • Barret squats, stands and punches the air with his normal hand. His victory pose loops.
  • Tifa stretches her arms and back.
  • Aeris brushes down her clothes, smooths back her hair, and bows with her hand over her heart.
  • Red XIII scratches himself behind an ear, then stands up on his hind legs. His victory pose loops.
  • Yuffie jumps twice while holding her weapon above her head, then quickly spins around on one leg. Her victory pose loops.
  • Cait Sith's oversized moogle doll claps its arms above its head; Cait Sith hops back and forth between claps. His victory pose loops.
  • Vincent spins his gun a few times before returning it to its holster.
  • Cid bends down then takes a smoke.
  • Sephiroth swings Masamune in front of him twice, flips it over in his hand, and slides it curve-up against his waist so the hilt rests at his side and the blade faces up at an angle behind him.

If a character is in Frog status at the end of the battle, they hop once, then backflip in a looping victory pose.

When victory poses are not used[]

There are a number of circumstances in which the party will not perform their victory pose and in these scenarios the "Victory Fanfare" will not play. The party will not pose after defeating Reno at the Sector 7 Plate Support tower. Cloud will not pose after defeating Rufus. Barret will not pose after defeating Dyne. The party will not pose after defeating Jenova∙LIFE. Yuffie will not pose after defeating Godo. The party will not pose after defeating the two Submarine Crew enemies before boarding the submarine. The party will not pose after defeating enemies on the Coal Train across Mt. Corel. The party will not pose after defeating the Turks in the Sector 8 tunnels beneath Midgar or after defeating the Proud Clod.

None of Vincent'sLimit Break transformations have victory poses, and will continue to use their battle animation after a victory.

Behind the scenes[]

In the 1996 demo version, the characters perform the victory pose toward whatever direction they were facing when the battle ended.

During the minigame in which Cloud poses as a Shinra soldier, he teaches two other Shinra soldiers his victory pose. It is then designated as the "special" for the sendoff of Rufus Shinra and earns the player a large point bonus if executed correctly with Cloud facing the correct direction. Cloud's victory pose especially has become iconic. Lightningwill perform it in the SOLDIER 1st Class garb in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. Zack performs it after a battle in Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII- if he has 100% health. In Kingdom Hearts, whenever Sora wins a battle in the Coliseum, he will perform either Squall's, Cloud's or Zell's victory pose. In Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories, Sora will perform Cloud's victory pose. In Final Fantasy VII Remake, Cloud performs his victory pose on the Corneo Colosseum and the Shinra Combat Simulator.


FF7 Cloud Victory Pose

Cloud's victory pose.

Yuffie Victory Pose

Yuffie's victory pose.

Aerith Victory Pose

Aeris and Red XIII's victory poses.

Barret Victory Pose

Barret's victory pose.

Caith Sith Victory Pose

Cait Sith's victory pose.


Not just speculating or hoping. The evidence is in the trailer, and after some thought it makes sense.

  • In-game graphics and model used for scene despite plenty of opportunity for rendered CG
  • Sephiroth pose is spot-on with the infamous scene (Admittedly could be a taunt pose)
  • Scene uses high-fidelity flame graphics among a pitch-black background. IIRC there's nothing else like this in the current game.
  • Following scene has a burning background, but graphically less impressive flames engulfing rubble.
  • The lighting in both scenes is clearly completely different, meaning the first scene is clearly unique.
That begs the obvious question: Why design a specific in-game scene just for that moment instead of rendered CG? Because it's actually in the game.

BakonBitz posted...
What a clean-looking mock-up. We haven't had a unique-looking victory screen since Joker so it would be nice if we got another with Sephiroth here.

Well @BakonBitz , I don't think there's an "if". It IS his victory screen. Banking on it.

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Yeah, it does look rather unique, you make a good point that they would've just made it CG otherwise.

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Ooh, that looks so good. Even better than Joker’s.

October 5th, 2021 - Sora is finally here.

Mudkip_in_Space posted...
Ooh, that looks so good. Even better than Joker’s.

Hey, I know I call myself a gamer, but that doesn't mean I'm a competent one.

Well clearly it's real. We all saw it in the trailer. Unless it was actually all just a dream...

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While unrelated, I also suspect Sephiroth's Final Smash WILL be

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Gigaraver posted...

While unrelated, I also suspect Sephiroth's Final Smash WILL be at least 30 seconds long, if not an entire minute. All players will simply have the option of pressing a button to cancel the rest of the animation after the first 7 seconds.
That's genius

Goddamn, this victory screen would be f***ing amazing.

Rip & Tear

There's no reason they couldn't have just made that part in-game as transition to the gameplay segment, but it could be the victory screen and would look amazing.

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  5. German verbs practice
I know it's in Japanese but what is he saying? Has anyone translated this? Thanks lol

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In the one where he looks directly at the camera and stays in place, he says ""I will usher you as many times as you want." When he swings his sword, he says "Remember me through your pain." Both could be seen as potential callbacks to Dissidia. Also, sometimes he will say "I will never be a memory" when facing Cloud, referencing Advent Children.

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Yoshi_Starstorm posted...
In the one where he looks directly at the camera and stays in place, he says ""I will usher you as many times as you want." When he swings his sword, he says "Remember me through your pain." Both could be seen as potential callbacks to Dissidia. Also, sometimes he will say "I will never be a memory" when facing Cloud, referencing Advent Children.
That's really cool, thank you! I appreciate more and more how Sephiroth was implemented into the game when I read about things like this lol, I say he was implemented very well

Smash mains: Sephiroth (long-time most-wanted character), Terry, Ridley
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Return_Of_Ozma posted...
Has anyone translated this?

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Thanks for proving my point for me.

Smash Ultimate Victory Screens, but they are FANMADE (100K Special!)

Sephiroth's victory animation with the fiery background surprisingly loads the fastest in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate — More useless facts by PJiggles

It's been some time since PJiggles released a video from his "Useless Smash Facts" series. Since the last time, both Sephiroth and Pyra & Mythra have been released as DLC challengers.

As such, PJiggles' most recent video puts quite a bit of emphasis on useless facts regarding these new releases. Did you know that the victory screen will load faster if Sephiroth wins a match as opposed to any other character in the game?

Like most other characters, Sephiroth has three different victory animation screens. However, instead of using the same universal assets, the background on Sephiroth's win screen has been set ablaze — which serves as a tribute to a certain scene in Final Fantasy 7.

PJiggles also takes some time to talk about the censorship for Pyra & Mythra. The two end up showing a lot more skin in Xenoblade Chronicles 2 than in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Notably, Pyra's Spirit in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate before her release was ironically less censored after she became a character. Mythra, on the other hand, always had her cleavage and legs covered up. This ended up becoming a DLC costume for Mythra in Xenoblade Chronicles 2.

What's also interesting is how certain narrator voice clips are different between English and Japanese versions despite them both saying the exact same thing. In some cases, they're actually the exact same but the Japanese versions are louder.

Hear the latest set of Useless Smash Facts in Pjiggles' video below:


Victory screen sephiroth

Ever since the explosion of various Animal Crossing and DOOM crossover memes in 2020, fans have been messing around with numerous depictions of Isabelle’s hidden penchant for violence. While the Doom Slayer and Isabelle have yet to officially cross paths, the recent addition of Sephiroth to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has spurred one fan to explore Isabelle’s scarier side yet again!

As you can see below, a 3D animator by the name of Sourcy recently shared their recreation of Sephiroth’s unique Super Smash Bros. victory screen – where he walks off into a flaming background. In Sephiroth’s place, however, is none other than Isabelle with a dark and frightening glare instead!

Here’s the original Sephiroth victory screen, for comparison:

All in all, it looks like the deluge of menacing Isabelle memes is far from over! We’ll just have to wait and see what other macabre franchises fans decide to mix up the lovable secretary with in the future.


All Sephiroth Victory Animations in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

List of victory poses (SSBU)

The following is a list of victory poses in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, shown in the order of the left, up, and right buttons on the D-pad that can determine them. For the accompanying music, see victory themes.

Banjo & Kazooie[edit]

  • SSBUBanjo&KazooieVictory1.gif
  • SSBUBanjo&KazooieVictory2.gif
  • SSBUBanjo&KazooieVictory3.gif
  • Left: Banjo throws a Jiggy in the air, catches it, jumps, and poses. This references his brief dance seen when he collects a Jiggy in Banjo-Kazooie. Afterward, Banjo gives a thumbs-up while performing his signature "Guh-Huh!", similar to the beginning of Banjo-Kazooie's intro movie.
  • Up: Banjo walks in place briefly before bowing twice, saying "Guh-Huh!" both times, ending with Kazooie poking out of his backpack. The animation is almost identical to that seen when all 10 Jiggies in a world are collected or when a Note Door is unlocked in Banjo-Kazooie.
  • Right: Both dance around while playing their respective instruments, and then end in a pose referencing the ending of Banjo-Kazooie's intro movie. Their poses are also identical to the ones they assume in their reveal trailer (save for Kazooie's expression).


  • BayonettaVictoryPose1SSBU.gif
  • BayonettaVictoryPose2SSBU.gif
  • BayonettaVictoryPose3SSBU.gif

All of Bayonetta's victory quotes are based on taunts from Bayonetta 2 while wielding various weapons; the associated weapon for each is listed in parentheses.

  • Left: Dances and says "Miss me, baby?" (Chernobog; "私はここよ", I'm right here.). The dance is similar to her down taunt, with a slightly different ending pose.
  • Up: Performs the Break Dance move then strikes a pose, saying "Dreadful." (gun-type weapons or Rodin; "退屈だわ", Boring.) or "Don't make me beg." (Takemikazuchi; "遠慮しないで", Don't be shy.). The ending pose is similar to her crouch.
  • Right: Bayonetta steps back and sticks up her guns, pirouettes like a ballerina, then aims her guns to the right with a pose, saying "That all you got?" (Alruna; "全力を見せてよ", Show me your full power.) or "You're making it easy." (Rakshasa; "楽勝ね", Too easy.).


  • BowserVictoryPose1SSBU.gif
  • BowserVictoryPose2SSBU.gif
  • BowserVictoryPose3SSBU.gif
  • Left: Rears his head back and sways it forward, then stomps and spreads his arms while roaring, ending in a celebratory pose.
  • Up: Runs into the scene and slashes down with his claws twice.
  • Right: Breathes fire around himself, then assumes a celebratory pose similar to his render from SSB4.

Bowser Jr.[edit]

  • BowserJrVictoryPose1SSBU.gif
  • BowserJrVictoryPose2SSBU.gif
  • BowserJrVictoryPose3SSBU.gif
  • Left: Jumps out of the Clown Car, hops in celebration twice, then poses.
  • Up: From the side of the screen, drives the Clown Car in its go-kart form, performs a donut before coming to a stop and pulls out a hammer (or a wand, if playing as a Koopaling).
  • Right: Dismounts from the Clown Car using its left grabber claw and pats it with his right hand.


  • SSBUBylethVictory2.gif
  • SSBUBylethVictory1.gif
  • SSBUBylethVictory3.gif
  • SSBUFemaleBylethVictory3.gif
  • SSBUFemaleBylethVictory1.gif
  • SSBUFemaleBylethVictory2.gif
  • Left: Swings the Sword of the Creator outward, saying "Allow me to demonstrate!" He then raises his left hand towards his chest as he looks outward. Based on Byleth's victory pose when wielding a sword, combined with one of his critical hit quotes.
    • In the female variant of this pose, she holds the sword behind her in a reverse grip after swinging it. She also looks toward the screen as opposed to looking into the distance.
  • Up: Plants the Sword of the Creator into the ground along with the other Hero's Relics which are also planted into the ground. They proceed to say "Each battle, a chance to grow." Afterward, they swing their left arm out while facing their back to the screen and then lower said arm to their side. Combines their win quote after a battle with the game over screen, where all four main Relics are planted on the ground.
  • Right: With the Sword of the Creator in its whip form, Byleth swings it around the front of his body in a circular motion, saying "No hesitation!" After striking the ground, the sword reverts back to its original form, with Byleth posing with it held in a standard grip. Uses the quote from his critical hit activation.
    • In the female variant of the pose, she swings the whip in front of herself twice (each time in a different direction), and then holds it up towards her face in a vertical manner.

Captain Falcon[edit]

  • Captain Falcon Ultimate Pose 3.gif
  • Captain Falcon Ultimate Pose 1.gif
  • Captain Falcon Ultimate Pose 2.gif
  • Left: Kneels while charging himself up with a flaming aura, similarly to his up taunt and one of his Smash 64 poses.
  • Up: Performs a 540 kick and then assumes a crouching fighting stance.
  • Right: Performs an inverted roundhouse kick, then a regular roundhouse kick, and then another inverted roundhouse kick before striking a pose.


  • ChromVictoryPose1.gif
  • ChromVictoryPose2.gif
  • ChromVictoryPose3.gif

In any victory pose, there is a chance Chrom will say "Our bond is stronger than steel." ("いつでも稽古をつけてやる", We can practice anytime.) if Lucina was present during the match.

  • Left: Swipes his sword twice and twirls it before posing with his sword in front of himself, while saying "Anything can change!" (運命を変える!, Change destiny!). Based on his and Lucina's trademark pose, which they frequently use in official art.
  • Up: Rushes forward, performing an upwards slash, before twirling his sword and posing while pointing his weapon towards the camera, saying "The training paid off!" (いつでもかかってこい, Come at me anytime.). Based on Awakening Aether.
  • Right: Performs an outward slash, twirls his sword, then plants it into the ground before posing, saying "I will cut a path!" (俺が道を切り拓く!, I will cut a path!). Based on his victory pose in Fire Emblem Awakening.


  • CloudVictoryPose1SSBU.gif
  • CloudVictoryPose2SSBU.gif
  • CloudVictoryPose3SSBU.gif
  • Left: Twirls the Buster Sword with one hand and places it on his back with his eyes closed, and says "悪く思うな", which translates to "No hard feelings." Based on his victory animation in Final Fantasy VII.
  • Up: While turning away from the camera, he twirls the Buster Sword, places it on his back and then looks to the left while hiding his face, saying "ついてないな", which translates to "Better luck next time." Based on his appearance in the box art of Final Fantasy VII and his pose when he first enters Shinra Headquarters.
  • Right: Dashes into the screen, slashes the Buster Sword twice, and gets in his battle stance while saying "お前 は 俺 を 倒せない", which translates to "You cannot defeat me." The slashes resemble Cloud’s animation when using the 2x-Cut command in Final Fantasy VII.


  • CorrinVictoryPose1SSBU.gif
  • CorrinVictoryPose2SSBU.gif
  • CorrinVictoryPose3SSBU.gif
  • Left: Swings the Omega Yato. Male Corrin says "I win!" ("勝負あったね", That's game.), while female Corrin says "Good!" ("勝負ありました", That was game.). Resembles Corrin's battle entrance animation from Fire Emblem Fates.
  • Up: Twirls the Omega Yato overhead and places it on its tip, similar to one of Corrin's taunts. Male Corrin says "That went well!" ("上手くいったね", That went well.), while female Corrin says "That was great." ("上手くいきました", That went well.). Resembles Corrin's animation after a battle in Fire Emblem Fates.
  • Right: Crosses both arms, then morphs into dragon form while emitting a flourish of water, roaring to the skies.


  • Daisyvictory1.gif
  • Daisyvictory2.gif
  • Daisyvictory3.gif
  • Left: Stretches her back towards her right side, then points skyward while exclaiming "Yeah!". The final pose resembles the end of her Hole-in-One animation in Mario Golf: World Tour, albeit mirrored.
  • Up: Jumps for joy twice (assuming the same pose as in her official render during the second jump) while exclaiming "Whoo-hoo!", then poses with her right arm on her hip and her left arm bent, all while smiling. Her teeth are visible in her smile. The pose she assumes at the end is identical to that of Peach's "Up" victory animation.
  • Right: Twirls into the scene while exclaiming "Whoo!", then winks with a sideways peace sign. The initial twirling resembles her Hole-in-One and Birdie animations in Mario Golf: World Tour.

Dark Pit[edit]

  • DarkPitVictoryPose1SSBU.gif
  • DarkPitVictoryPose2SSBU.gif
  • DarkPitVictoryPose3SSBU.gif
  • Left: Flies down, sticks his Silver Bow to the ground, then crosses his arms before saying "Can't help but feel sorry for ya." ("貴様らに舞い降りる翼はない。", Wings aren't swooping down at all of you.).
  • Up: Twirls the Dark Pit Staff, then points it outward, while saying "Looks like I'm the last man standing." ("俺はまだ生きているぞ。", I'm still living on right here.).
  • Right: Spreads his right hand to the side before pumping his fist out in front of him, saying "Nice try." ("ふん! しゃらくさい。", Hmph! Impudent.).
    • If Pit was present in the match, there is a chance he will instead say "Where's your goddess now?" ("どうだ? 女神のフンめ。", How's that? Piece of goddess crap.).

Dark Samus[edit]

  • DarkSamusVictoryPose1.gif
  • DarkSamusVictoryPose2.gif
  • DarkSamusVictoryPose3.gif
  • Left: Raises her arm and lowers it in a fist pump pose. Based off of her birth in the secret 100% ending of Metroid Prime.
  • Up: Splits from a Dark Echo with an acrobatic cartwheel. They then levitate in a circle around an axis before recombining together. Based on her final battle in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption. Dark Samus then poses with her free hand on her Arm Cannon, which is pointed upward. The pose resembles Samus' own render in Ultimate and Metroid: Other M.
  • Right: Turns toward the camera while glowing with Phazon, then the camera dramatically zooms in, showing two of her eyes. Similar to SA-X's introduction in Metroid Fusion, another clone of Samus.

Diddy Kong[edit]

  • DiddyKongVictoryPose1SSBU.gif
  • DiddyKongVictoryPose2SSBU.gif
  • DiddyKongVictoryPose3SSBU.gif
  • Left: Shoots 3 times with his Peanut Popguns (first with the right, then with the left, then the right again). Afterwards rolls towards the camera, and fires one more shot from his left Peanut Popgun.
  • Up: Rises from the ground with his Rocket Barrels. After doing a spin, he dismounts from them, causing them to fly away. Upon landing, he then faces the screen, dancing with hands on his head and chin.
  • Right: Performs an inverted spin kick, followed by a slap, and then he slams both of his hands on the ground, performing a front flip. He ends up balancing on his hand in a breakdance-like pose, clapping his feet together.

Donkey Kong[edit]

  • DonkeyKongVictoryPose2SSBU.gif
  • DonkeyKongVictoryPose1SSBU.gif
  • DonkeyKongVictoryPose3SSBU.gif
  • Left: Does a backflip and flexes his arms (his "character chosen" animation in Super Smash Bros.).
  • Up: Holds his hands above his head and shakes them (his animation upon completing a bonus game in Donkey Kong Country).
  • Right: Angrily beats his chest with a scowl and then looks at the camera.

Dr. Mario[edit]

  • Dr Mario Pose 2.gif
  • Dr Mario Pose 3.gif
  • Dr Mario Pose 1.gif
  • Left: Throws two randomly-colored Megavitamins in different directions, dusts his gloves, pulls out two more Megavitamins of the same color, and smiles.
  • Up: Waves his stethoscope in front of him, off to his side, then to the other, and then back in front of him.
  • Right: Taps his shoe on the ground, puts his right hand on his chin in a thinking manner and then glares at the screen while rubbing his chin.

Duck Hunt[edit]

  • DuckHuntVictoryPose1SSBU.gif
  • DuckHuntVictoryPose2SSBU.gif
  • DuckHuntVictoryPose3SSBU.gif
  • Left: The dog jumps into a patch of 8-bit grass. He then, along with the duck, pops up from the grass and proceeds to do his signature laugh.
  • Up: Runs on screen and turns around to kick away a can from Hogan's Alley. He then assumes a pose in which he stands on his left hind leg while raising his right, and brings his front legs towards himself.
  • Right: Summons a Wild Gunman to shoot to the left, then another one to shoot to the right. He then continuously holds the pose used to summon them. The Wild Gunmen don't appear in Team Battles.


  • FalcoVictoryPose1SSBU.gif
  • FalcoVictoryPose2SSBU.gif
  • FalcoVictoryPose3SSBU.gif
  • Left: Does a flurry of rapid kicks then poses, saying "Had enough already?" ("くたばるのはまだ早ぇぜ。", Too early to kick the bucket just yet.).
    • If Fox was present in the match, there's a chance he will say "You're off your game, Fox!" ("腕が落ちたな、フォックス。", Your skills have fallen off, Fox.).
  • Up: Jumps high into the air and poses on the ground, scoffing. His ending pose is reminiscent of his artwork in Smash 4.
  • Right: Walks up towards the camera, shrugs, and crosses his arms, saying "Sorry! Gotta jet!" ("付き合ってらんねぇな。", Not worth associating with.).


  • FoxVictoryPose1SSBU.gif
  • FoxVictoryPose2SSBU.gif
  • FoxVictoryPose3SSBU.gif
  • Left: Fox holds out his Blaster, then proceeds to spin it in his hand before putting it in his holster, saying "This is Fox. Returning to base." ("こちらフォックス、これより帰還する。", This is Fox, heading back.).
    • If Falco was present in the match, there's a chance he will say "Better luck next time, Falco." ("まだまだだな、ファルコ。", Not just yet, Falco.) instead.
  • Up: Points his Blaster to the right, then the left, and then points it to the right again, saying "Mission complete!" ("作戦完了!", Operation complete!).
  • Right: Crosses his arms, looks upward, and raises his tail (his "character chosen" animation and taunt in Super Smash Bros.).


  • GanondorfVictoryPose1SSBU.gif
  • GanondorfVictoryPose2SSBU.gif
  • GanondorfVictoryPose3SSBU.gif
  • Left: Turns to his left, flips his cape, and pumps his fist, showing the back of it. Resembles the way Ganondorf beckons Link into his battle in Ocarina of Time.
  • Up: Briefly levitates in the air before landing on the ground while punching his palm, then reels back and thrusts his hand towards the screen.
  • Right: Flips his cape, crossing his arms, and laughs.


  • GreninjaVictoryPose1SSBU.gif
  • GreninjaVictoryPose2SSBU.gif
  • GreninjaVictoryPose3SSBU.gif
  • Left: Does a few hand seals with splashing water, and then a ninja pose. It resembles one of its attack animations in Pokémon X and Y.
  • Up: Performs Double Team to briefly create three afterimages of itself.
  • Right: Does a flip, lands in a spinning pose, and crosses its arms.


  • HeroVictory2SSBU.gif
  • HeroVictory1SSBU.gif
  • HeroVictory3SSBU.gif
  • Left: The Hero raises his sword in the air, slashes twice and finishes in a pose.
  • Up: The Hero performs Kazap and strikes a pose.
  • Right: The Hero walks up to three Slimes, kneels down and looks at them with a smile. The camera angle before the Hero appears also references the first-person battle screens of most Dragon Quest games.

Ice Climbers[edit]

  • Ice Climbers Ultimate Pose 2.gif
  • Ice Climbers Ultimate Pose 1.gif
  • Ice Climbers Ultimate Pose 3.gif
  • Left: Both jump up and down infinitely. Based on their victory animation in Ice Climber, similar to their up taunt.
  • Up: Both nod and high-five one another.
  • Right: Nana hides behind Popo, only showing her face as Popo shifts from left to right.


  • IkeVictoryPose1SSBU.gif
  • IkeVictoryPose2SSBU.gif
  • IkeVictoryPose3SSBU.gif
  • Left: Slashes Ragnell twice, then rests the blade on his shoulder. Path of Radiance Ike says, "Your skills were… remarkable." ("あんたの戦い、見事だった", Your combat was excellent.), while Radiant Dawn Ike says, "Don't stand in my way." ("どうして俺の前に立った", Why do you stand before me?).
  • Up: Forcefully plants Ragnell into the ground, then crosses his arms. Path of Radiance Ike says, "I submit to no one." ("誰にも、譲る気はない", I cannot yield to anyone.), while Radiant Dawn Ike says, "I must move forward." ("俺は前に進む", I move forward.).
  • Right: Performs Aether while facing the screen. Path of Radiance Ike says, "You'll get no sympathy from me." ("極めれば…誰にも負けはしない", To the end... I will not lose to anyone.), while Radiant Dawn Ike says, "I fight for my friends." ("俺には守るべき物が在る", I have things I must protect.).


  • IncineroarVictoryPose1.gif
  • IncineroarVictoryPose2.gif
  • IncineroarVictoryPose3.gif
  • Left: Roars as its flame belt ignites, then throws a punch towards the camera while grinning.
  • Up: Laughs while triumphantly raising a championship belt above its head, then makes a beckoning gesture while grinning.
  • Right: Swings both its arms left and right, before kneeling and roaring.


  • InklingVictoryPose1.gif
  • InklingVictoryPose2.gif
  • InklingVictoryPose3.gif
  • MaleInklingVictory1SSBU.gif
  • MaleInklingVictory2SSBU.gif
  • MaleInklingVictory3SSBU.gif

All of Inkling's animations are based on the victory poses when using particular weapons in Splatoon and its sequel. The animations vary between female and male costumes.

  • Left: Jumps for joy twice, spins around, and poses with the Splattershot. Based on the victory animation when using a Shooter-type weapon in Splatoon 2. The initial animation is based on the male Inkling's animation with the weapon of the same type in Splatoon. This pose is altered for the male Inkling, looking similar to the artwork seen here.
  • Up: Sways the Splat Roller from side to side, before striking a pose while resting the Roller's handle against a shoulder. This victory pose combines the victory animations in Splatoon and Splatoon 2 when the Inkling uses a Roller-type weapon. The male Inkling rests his hand on his hip.
  • Right: Tosses the Slosher upward with their right arm and catches it in their left whilst spinning. They then toss it upwards a second time, posing with their left arm on their hip while the Slosher spins on their right index finger. Based on the female Inkling's victory animation when using a Slosher-type weapon in Splatoon. The male Inkling holds his head back slightly further than the female does.


  • IsabelleVictoryPose1.gif
  • IsabelleVictoryPose2.gif
  • IsabelleVictoryPose3.gif
  • Left: Waves twice and spreads her arms.
  • Up: Waves goodbye to Lloid as he flies upwards in the background, then turns toward the camera with a pose similar to her official render.
  • Right: Dusts herself off, jumps twice, and poses triumphantly with her hands on her hips. Her end pose is based on the "Pride" emote.


  • JigglypuffVictoryPose1SSBU.gif
  • JigglypuffVictoryPose2SSBU.gif
  • JigglypuffVictoryPose3SSBU.gif
  • Left: It jumps twice, spins around, and assumes a pose similar to its render from SSB4.
  • Up: Runs into the scene, loses its balance, then backflips and assumes a pose similar to its official sprite from Pokémon Yellow.
  • Right: Sleeps and then suddenly wakes up, continuing to drift in and out of consciousness.


  • SSBUJokerVictory3.gif
  • SSBUJokerVictory1.gif
  • SSBUJokerVictory2.gif
  • SSBUJokerVictory4.gif

In all three of his victory poses, the transition to the victory screen will showcase a puff of cartoony smoke with star decals, and the ending screen will always result in Joker moving continuously to the left with the results background being dimmed down, replicating the victory screen from Persona 5. Upon accessing the results screen, Joker will say "Begone," "Nice," or "Hah!". If there are three or more human players, the color scheme will match the player's port (CPUs and amiibos are always red). In Team Battles, the color will match the player's team color. If Joker wins on Mementos, the color of the victory screen will match the color of the stage, and the victory music will be replaced with the corresponding victory fanfare from the game Mementos' design is currently derived from.

  • Left: Morgana happily bounces around Joker. Joker gestures to Morgana before running towards the left.
  • Up: Joker scratches his head as Morgana, transformed as the Morganamobile, drives up next to Joker, picks him up, and drives towards the left. The head-scratching animation is Joker's victory animation if he is the only member of his party remaining in Persona 5. The Morganamobile is the victory screen when winning a match in Mementos.
  • Right: Morgana turns dramatically toward the screen, which ends up hitting him in the face. Joker gestures to Morgana before running towards the left.
  • Special: If Joker wins a Stock or Stamina match with All-Out Attack, the match will conclude on the splash screen without returning to gameplay, and this will persist into the victory screen, just like in Persona 5.
  • Team: If Joker is in a Team Battle and someone else poses in front, he will perform an exclusive animation where he tightens his glove and maintains a stance with his knife, although both of these are ported directly from his in-game up taunt and idle animation respectively. If he poses in front, none of his teammates will be seen.


  • KazuyaVictoryPose1SSBU.gif
  • KazuyaVictoryPose2SSBU.gif
  • KazuyaVictoryPose3SSBU.gif
  • Left: Crosses his arms, then looks off to the side. Based on one of his victory screens in the original Tekken.
  • Up: Performs two roundhouse kicks, then stomps his foot on the floor while turning into his devil form. He then reverts to normal before holding a fighting stance. Based on one of his victory screens in Tekken 5 and Tekken 6.
  • Right: Flying kicks in, then punches towards the screen in his devil form, before transforming back to normal while holding the punching pose. Based on one of his victory screens in Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection onwards.


  • KenVictoryPose1.gif
  • KenVictoryPose2.gif
  • KenVictoryPose3.gif
  • Left: Brushes his hair before giving a thumbs-up to the camera, saying "I did it!" ("やったぜ!", I did it!). Based off of his Street Fighter Alpha victory pose, which recurs throughout the series.
  • Up: Punches twice, does a roundhouse kick, and raises his fist (similar to Ryu), while saying "Challenge me after some practice." In Japanese, he says "いくらでもかかってこい!" (Come at me as much as you like!), his win quote from Street Fighter II.
  • Right: Kicks twice (the first being the Nata Otoshi Geri, and the second being the Oosoto Mawashi Geri) and performs a beckoning gesture, saying "I knew I'd win! Hah!" In Japanese, he says "スパッと勝つと気持ちいいな!" (It feels good to win a spat!), one of his generic win quotes from Street Fighter V. Based off of his victory pose throughout the series, specifically his Street Fighter V variant.

King Dedede[edit]

  • KingDededeVictoryPose1SSBU.gif
  • KingDededeVictoryPose2SSBU.gif
  • KingDededeVictoryPose3SSBU.gif
  • Left: Swings his hammer twice before turning to the camera and while smiling smugly.
  • Up: Laughs and repeatedly slaps his belly while a Waddle Dee walks into the scene. The Waddle Dee doesn't appear in Team Battles.
  • Right: Twirls his hammer with a grimace, then charges Jet Hammer.

King K. Rool[edit]

  • KingKRoolVictoryPose1.gif
  • KingKRoolVictoryPose2.gif
  • KingKRoolVictoryPose3.gif
  • Left: Shifts his eyes left and right before ending with a triumphant pose.
  • Up: Flips his cape around before ending in a pose similar to his official artwork.
  • Right: Belly flops on screen and rebounds with a backflip, before landing on his feet and slapping his belly with his tongue sticking out.


  • KirbyVictoryPose1SSBU.gif
  • KirbyVictoryPose2SSBU.gif
  • KirbyVictoryPose3SSBU.gif

Note: Outside of Team Battles, Kirby's victory poses have three separate Kirbys, referencing the Kirby dances from his home series.

  • Left: Moonwalks to the left, twists, slides to the right, and jumps into a pose where he stands on one foot. Based on Kirby's dances in Kirby's Return to Dream Land and ends with a pose similar to his Brawl render.
  • Up: Cartwheels to the left twice, wiggles, and does a front flip before posing.
  • Right: Jumps twice, shuffles backwards, does a breakdance, and poses while facing away from the camera. Based on Kirby's dances in Kirby's Return to Dream Land, with the ending pose also appearing in said game.


  • LinkVictoryPose1SSBU.gif
  • LinkVictoryPose2SSBU.gif
  • LinkVictoryPose3SSBU.gif
  • Left: Swipes his sword three times and looks to his right (his "character chosen" animation in Super Smash Bros., but ends with him facing a different direction).
  • Up: Stabs with his sword, then holds it up, giving off a battle cry. Based on the animation that occurs when Link pulls the Master Sword in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.
  • Right: Lightly swipes his sword, then turns his back to the camera and sheaths it. Based on Link's victory pose in The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess.

Little Mac[edit]

  • LittleMacVictoryPose1SSBU.gif
  • LittleMacVictoryPose2SSBU.gif
  • LittleMacVictoryPose3SSBU.gif

Little Mac wears a Champion belt in all three of his victory poses.
In Team Battles, Doc Louis will not appear, and he will not say anything.

  • Left: Does a fakeout punch against Doc Louis, who stumbles, before they both pose with an arm raised while facing towards the camera.
  • Up: Doc Louis bumps Little Mac with his belly before holding up Mac's arm, like a referee would after a boxing match.
  • Right: Runs and turns his back towards the screen, shuffles his feet, then performs a spinning uppercut while Doc Louis cheers him on.

In all of Little Mac's victory poses, Doc Louis will say one of the following quotes random depending on which pose is selected and which costume is used:

Note: Doc Louis will randomly say "Y'know, that belt looks good on you, son." no matter which costume is used.
Normal Costumes
"You win, Mac!""World Circuit's all yours Mac!""Ahh, winnin' feels good, don't it?"
"Was that a little too easy for ya, son?""(in tandem with the announcer) And the winner is… Little Mac!""Way to go, Mac! You're the champ, baby!"
"Nice work, Mac. You got it all figured out.""Ya got what it takes, Mac!""I think I hear a chocolate bar callin'."
Wireframe Costumes
"I could barely keep my eyes on ya, son.""You making my eyes water, son.""Just like old times, huh?"


  • LucarioVictoryPose1SSBU.gif
  • LucarioVictoryPose2SSBU.gif
  • LucarioVictoryPose3SSBU.gif
  • Left: Aura pulsates out of its paws, then does a crane-like stance, saying "Behold the power of aura." ("満ちるぞ,この波導!", I am filled with aura!).
  • Up: Moves its paws in front of itself, then clasps them together, saying "The aura is with me!" ("波導は我にあり!", The aura is with me!).
  • Right: Moves its paw to its left side and groans while aura radiates off its body.


  • LucasVictoryPose1SSBU.gif
  • LucasVictoryPose2SSBU.gif
  • LucasVictoryPose3SSBU.gif
  • Left: Forcefully pulls one of the Seven Needles out of the ground, sending it flying off-screen while Lucas looks toward the screen in a battle-ready pose.
  • Up: With his back toward the screen, he crouches while poking at something on the ground with a large stick. After the camera zooms in, he then turns his head around to face the screen and says "Huh?" while briefly sporting a surprised expression.
  • Right: Bends down on one knee and waves his right arm in from himself while releasing blasts of PSI energy from his index and middle fingers.


  • LucinaVictoryPose1SSBU.gif
  • LucinaVictoryPose2SSBU.gif
  • LucinaVictoryPose3SSBU.gif
  • Left: Swings her sword, then assumes a pose similar to her official SSB4 render, saying "The future is not written!" ("未来を変えて見せます!", Watch me change the future!). This stance references her official artwork from Fire Emblem Awakening.
  • Up: Points her sword upward, then poses, saying "Father, I won." ("勝ちましたよ、お父様", I won, Father.).
    • If Ike was present in the match, there is a chance she will instead say "And they call you the Radiant Hero?" ("これが蒼炎の勇者?", This is the Radiant Hero?).
  • Right: Sheaths her sword, saying "You'll never defeat me!" ("負けるわけにはいきません!", I cannot lose!).
    • If Marth was present in the match, there is a chance she will instead say "This is the Hero-King?" ("これが英雄王の力?", This is the strength of the Hero King?).


  • LuigiVictoryPose1SSBU.gif
  • LuigiVictoryPose2SSBU.gif
  • LuigiVictoryPose3SSBU.gif
  • Left:Planks twice, much like in his side taunt and his artwork in SSB4. His nose twitches in brief intervals after the second plank.
  • Up: With his back to the screen and his hands on his hips, Luigi nods his head once. Then, he turns around and makes gun motions with his fingers, saying "Bang bang!" He continues to alternate between pointing his fingers and nose to the right and left.
  • Right: Childishly flails his arms about in the air, first towards his right side and then his left. Afterward, now exhausted, he gasps while holding his left hand out and resting his right hand on his knee. This is similar to his "character chosen" animation in SSB and his dash attack (albeit with a different ending animation).


  • MarioVictoryPose1SSBU.gif
  • MarioVictoryPose2SSBU.gif
  • MarioVictoryPose3SSBU.gif
  • Left: Winds up for a punch and steps forward while punching in front of the screen. Taken directly from Super Smash Bros. 4.
  • Up: Makes fire explode from his palm and strikes a pose. The pose is somewhat similar to his Super Smash Bros. 4 artwork.
  • Right: Does a spin as he jumps high in the air and lands in a strongman pose. It originates from his "character chosen" animation in Super Smash Bros.


  • MarthVictoryPose1SSBU.gif
  • MarthVictoryPose2SSBU.gif
  • MarthVictoryPose3SSBU.gif
  • Left: Performs Shield Breaker, then poses with Exalted Falchion at his right side, saying "The day is mine!" ("今回は僕の勝ちだね。", This time victory is mine.). His ending pose mirrors his official artwork from Smash 4.
  • Up: Performs a flare with his sword before sheathing it, and while still gripping it, says "I live to fight again." ("今日も生き延びることが出来た。", I was able to survive again today.).
  • Right: Jumps in the air swinging his sword twice, then lands in a pose resembling his Counter animation, saying "I cannot afford to lose!" ("僕は負ける訳には行かないんだ。", I can't afford to lose.).

Mega Man[edit]

  • MegaManVictoryPose1SSBU.gif
  • MegaManVictoryPose2SSBU.gif
  • MegaManVictoryPose3SSBU.gif
  • Left: Teleports on to the screen and imitates the pose from the Japanese title screen of Mega Man (Rockman), also appearing in the Wily Wars (Mega World) version of the game and on the cover of the Legacy Collection.
  • Up: Fires three shots from his Mega Buster from right to left, and finally poses.
  • Right: Dashes forward, points his Mega Buster up in the air, and finally poses.

Meta Knight[edit]

  • MetaKnightVictoryPose1SSBU.gif
  • MetaKnightVictoryPose2SSBU.gif
  • MetaKnightVictoryPose3SSBU.gif
  • Left: Performs three slashes with his sword, says "Come back when you can put up a fight," then warps away. ("もっと強くなって来い。", Come at me when you're stronger.). The warp is a reference to his defeat animation from the Kirby Superstar sub-game "Revenge of Meta Knight".
  • Up: Flies into the scene and spreads his cape, saying "You've much yet to learn." ("まだまだだな。", You're not yet ready.).
  • Right: Performs two slashes and twirls his sword, saying " my destiny." ("これも宿命だ。", This, too, was destiny.).


  • MewtwoVictoryPose1SSBU.gif
  • MewtwoVictoryPose2SSBU.gif
  • MewtwoVictoryPose3SSBU.gif
  • Left: While radiating a dark aura, Mewtwo raises its left hand in front of itself while pulling back its right hand. Mewtwo then thrusts its right hand forward, emitting dark energy sparks from its palm. Mewtwo emits an ominous growl throughout the pose. In Japanese, it says "私は負けるわけにはいかない!", which translates to "I cannot afford to lose!"
  • Up: Mewtwo crosses its arms as it turns its back to the screen, and looks back over its shoulder, scoffing. In Japanese, it says "私はなぜ ここにいるのか…?", which translates to "Why am I here...?"
  • Right: Does a single spin while levitating, then poses with a dark aura bursting from its body as it laughs. In Japanese, it says "愚かな!", which translates to "Foolish!"

Mii Brawler[edit]

  • MiiBrawlerVictory1SSBU.gif
  • MiiBrawlerVictory2SSBU.gif
  • MiiBrawlerVictory3SSBU.gif
  • Left: Performs a straight punch, followed by a backhanded punch and a high kick combo, then poses with the leg outstretched.
  • Up: Punches many times in quick succession toward the screen (similar to their neutral jab infinite), then poses with an arm outstretched.
  • Right: Cartwheels into the foreground, does a roundhouse kick and poses with the same leg outstretched.

Mii Gunner[edit]

  • MiiGunnerVictory1SSBU.gif
  • MiiGunnerVictory2SSBU.gif
  • MiiGunnerVictory3SSBU.gif
  • Left: Rolls in from offscreen, then fires their arm cannon left and right before spinning and firing one final shot.
  • Up: Performs their up smash, a cannon shot in front, then a barrage of shots similar to their forward smash.
  • Right: Swings arm cannon around twice before firing it while pointing it ahead, simultaneously emitting a burst of flame. Appears similar to the Mii Gunner's neutral attack in Smash 4.

Mii Swordfighter[edit]

  • MiiSwordfighterVictory1SSBU.gif
  • MiiSwordfighterVictory2SSBU.gif
  • MiiSwordfighterVictory3SSBU.gif
  • Left: Raises their sword while spinning twice on one foot, performing a flourish. Afterward, they briefly enter into a one-handed inside stance before thrusting the sword outwards.
  • Up: Drops from the sky, plunging their sword into the ground. They then remove it whilst performing a flourishing spin, which is followed by an inverted roundhouse kick and poses with their sword pointing outwards.
  • Right: Performs a low-angled inwards slash, jumps up while spinning twice, and then does a low-angled outwards slash upon landing. Afterward, they bring their sword up towards their body and then poses with it lowered.

Min Min[edit]

  • MinMinVictoryPose1SSBU.gif
  • MinMinVictoryPose3SSBU.gif
  • MinMinVictoryPose2SSBU.gif
  • Left: Raises her left ARM in the air, whilst simultaneously swaying her hips towards her right. Afterward, she waves both her ARMS in alternating circles, and then assumes the Fú Hǔ Bù (a stance in wushu) while saying "我愛拉麺!" ("I love ramen!") Based on one of Min Min's two victory animations from ARMS. Her right ARM is equipped with the Ramram, and her left Dragon ARM is powered up.
  • Up: Performs a butterfly kick, followed by a right-legged wheel kick, followed by a left-legged roundhouse kick in which she keeps her left leg outstretched afterward. During this pose, Min Min says "謝謝!" ("Thank you!") Almost identical to one of Min Min's two victory animations from ARMS, albeit with her smiling instead of scowling. Her right ARM is equipped with the Megawatt.
  • Right: Performs a roundhouse kick before assuming the Chā Bù (a stance in wushu). This is based on the animation that plays after Min Min wins a round in ARMS. Her right ARM is equipped with the Dragon.

Mr. Game & Watch[edit]

  • MrGame&WatchVictoryPose1SSBU.gif
  • MrGame&WatchVictoryPose2SSBU.gif
  • MrGame&WatchVictoryPose3SSBU.gif
  • Left: Rings his bell to his left, then his right. Afterwards, he continues to ring his bell to his left.
  • Up: Hops about in choppy poses, tripping halfway, before teetering on one foot. He then proceeds to jump back and forth, landing on his feet, then his head.
  • Right: Juggles 3 balls while in his appearance from Ball.


  • NessVictoryPose1SSBU.gif
  • NessVictoryPose2SSBU.gif
  • NessVictoryPose3SSBU.gif
  • Left: Walks in then looks around with a surprised expression, before rubbing the back of his head while smiling (his "character chosen" animation in Super Smash Bros., albeit much more subtle).
  • Up: Skips into the victory screen, then nods slightly, holding a pose similar to his official clay model, up taunt, and official Brawl render.
  • Right: Swings his bat once, then strikes a pose similar to his side taunt.


  • OlimarVictoryPose1SSBU.gif
  • OlimarVictoryPose2SSBU.gif
  • OlimarVictoryPose3SSBU.gif
  • Left: Performs a toe touching exercise while a Yellow Pikmin rests on the ground and a Red Pikmin looks around, waving its arms, and occasionally jumping. References an animation in Pikmin where Olimar celebrates his S.S. Dolphin being repaired.
  • Up: Plucks a White, Blue, and Purple Pikmin. The White Pikmin and Blue Pikmin bounce off Olimar's head, whereas the Purple Pikmin squashes him onto the ground. Olimar's eyes will comically bulge outward upon being squashed before his expression returns to normal, whereas Alph will comically wince upon being squashed before his expression returns to normal.
  • Right: Sways in place while a Red, Yellow, and Blue Pikmin walk around him in a circle. References the feature of Pikmin games where the player can command the Pikmin around the leader in a circle with the C-Stick.


  • PacmanVictoryPose1SSBU.gif
  • PacmanVictoryPose2SSBU.gif
  • PacmanVictoryPose3SSBU.gif
  • Left: Appears in ball form, trips, and raises a fist.
  • Up: Chases a vulnerable ghost in 2D form, then poses in 3D form.
  • Right: Lands on the ground while a sign reading "7650" appears, then winks and gives a thumbs up with a pixelated fairy. This pose is based on Pac-Land. Both the sign and pixelated fairy do not appear in Team Battles.


  • PalutenaVictoryPose1SSBU.gif
  • PalutenaVictoryPose2SSBU.gif
  • PalutenaVictoryPose3SSBU.gif
  • Left: Twirls with her staff held out, hovering off the ground. She then raises it in an arc and points it in front of her, saying "No one can hide from the light." ("さ、回収しましょうか?", So, shall we recover?).
    • If Pit is present in the match, there is a chance she will instead say "Oh, so sorry about that, Pit." ("やられちゃいましたね?", Are you finished?; in reference to Pit's line, "やられちゃった...", I'm finished...).
  • Up: Enters from the side of the screen hovering. She then briefly spins her staff in front of herself telekinetically, catches it, and stands with it pointed outwards. During the pose, she says "Too bad for you." ("ちょっと大人げなかったかしら?", Was that a bit immature?).
    • If Dark Pit was present in the match, there is a chance she will instead say "Poor little Pittoo." ("いつまでも意地っ張りですね~", Forever a nuisance...!).
  • Right:

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