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Analog Moline was a welcomed addition to our neighborhood. A great environment with a ton of vintage games. You'll find a bunch of pinball machines, joystick games, and even some new things like beer pong, guitar hero, and trivia. We were ecstatic when they revealed their partnership with Streets of Italy pizza and began to allow children inside until evening hours. Streets of Italy is a great woodfired pizza place with a wonderful staff to match that of Analog's. However, parents need to understand that this is not a full service restaurant. This is entirely self service, meaning clean up after yourself, your gatherings, and your children. This is not a chuckie cheese, it is a bar, with an arcade. Please prepare your children prior to arrival, explain to them that these machines are not readily available and that they take massive amounts of money to obtain and maintain. Please do your best to explain that while you want them to have fun, they need to respect the environment and those around them. Standard do not run, do not scream, do not climb on machines stuff. Adults, please tend to children and to your area. This is a minimally staffed self service establishment. Please clean up after yourselves and your gatherings, put your drink, pans, and napkins where they belong. To the folks running this place, thank you for opening your doors to the children in this urban area.

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Analog Arcade Bar & Streets Of Italy

  • Marty Cooper on Google

    (March 5, 2020, 10:11 am)

    Great game bar , loved the old open banister upstairs looking down to the lower level. Had a good mix of the old arcade games

  • Tom Seagren on Google

    (February 15, 2020, 5:38 pm)

    Awesome vintage games with new games too. Probably the best bang for the buck place in town for cool entertainment. Wood fired pizza is delicious. Very clean and spacious environment.

  • Carrie Kakac on Google

    (January 12, 2020, 4:34 am)

    The appetizers were pretty good here. The game seemed very old. That is definitely a down fall.

  • Brian Nielsen on Google

    (December 10, 2019, 9:21 pm)

    It's kind of hard to find some negative to say about analog. All the games there are 50 cents just like back in the day. Edit has streets of Italy brick oven pizza inside of it. Which is delicious food on its own I mean it's real wood fired in a brick oven not some thin crust. Anyway I digress analog has all the old school pinball machines and video games from the late eighties early nineties. A fun time could be had by all.

  • Krista Kefauver on Google

    (December 1, 2019, 10:22 pm)

    Best arcade & bar around! New favorite location! Best spot in town to unwind from a stressful day!

    Largest collection of new and old pinball around. They even have pong! (The good one)

    Location is in the heart of downtown in a beautiful historical building.

    Great location I must say. Better then Analog 1.. I do hope they take some games from here and put them iback in Davenport... perhaps switch them. New Guardians of the Galaxy is so much fun! Both locations have ski-ball, shooters and consoles.

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