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Ride on car 2 seater Limousine style. Electric car with remote control. Battery operated car for kids. Two motors. Total 12v. 4 opening doors. 3 speed. Electric car for kids for ride 2 to 7 years.

  • Children's limousine style, 4 opening doors !!! This is the only model of the double child electric vehicles, which has two seats located one behind the other. This is a novelty in the line of cars..
  • Electric car limo style - huge, its length is 145 cm! The uniqueness of this model throughout. It has two rows of seats arranged one behind the other..
  • Electric car for ride - has four doors! As at true limousine, the passenger will understand and appreciate in the rear seat in the car with a personal driver..
  • With one powerful battery, it is very hardy. load weight is distributed over the entire body of the model, the front passenger seat has the ability to move back and forth. This creates a comfort not only to him but also to the passenger, who will enjoy the ride..
  • The broad low-profile wheels of dense rubber. They clearly add extended car body and give the impression of a limousine. On the instrument panel located under the audio inputs with different sources of music. There is a separate light for the entire length of the electric car, that clearly expresses its length..
New in 2017- Limousine style! The external design, there is nothing superfluous. All of its charm lies in stamina and an unusual configuration. Four-door - special element of the game in a limo car. * Color: White, Red * Recommended for children from 2 to 7 years. * 2 motors * 1 battery, total 12V/7Ah * Usage time 1-2 h * Lighting effects * Sound effects * Rearview mirror * Maximum speed: 5,5 km/h * power wheels * Battery Charge Time: 8-12 hours * 4 wheels * 2 large comfortable seats * MP3 and volume adjust function * If you have any questions, feel free to write will be happy to answer questions! * Buy Electric Limo for ride in our store LB 66 Size inch 57/27/19 KG 30 Size cm. 145/68/48

Limousine RC Car???? Please help

Default RE: Limousine RC Car???? Please help

yeah,you are looking at at least $75.00 worth of bodies,then time to cut and assemble them,paint,and then,even a radio shack car is $50-$70 bucks. so you are in it a $150 with out paying someone for their time.
as you will find,and i think someone stated with sarcasim,this board is dealing with what we call hobby quality r/c cars. so,not many of us have current experince with the typical, toys"r"us,wal-mart,k&b toys junk radio control stuff. there are a few exceptions,where a toymaker comes up with something interesting,but,then we take it,and modify it into a hobby quality r/c vehicle.
you will have better luck,checking the local toy stores,because,if you find someone on here,to build what you are wanting,it will be of better quality than you obviously need,and cost more money.
this is a new world to you,and is the REAL radio control vehicles,and it is not a poor mans hobby.
good luck in your search.

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