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Forever Connected - Chapter On by KH-FanFiction-Club, literature

Forever Connected - Chapter On

Forever Connected-Chapter 1 Aki Aki awoke with a jolt and realised she was on the Destiny Islands and that she wasn’t dreaming this time, “Phew, I’m glad I’m not dead,” she looked over to the beach and saw Sora lying down asleep on the golden sand, “That lazy bum,” Aki slowly made her way to Sora, slowly creeping up on him, “Now for some fun,” ~~~~~~~~~~~ Sora opened his eyes to the shining sun and blue skies; he looked up and saw he was back on his island, “What a weird dream,” Sora yawned and laid back down, suddenly, Aki popped up, startling him, “Whoa!” he turned ar

KH: HIM 4 by KH-FanFiction-Club, literature


Him chapter one part 2 "Yo, Roxas!" I turned my head. My blue eyes looked tiredly at the female that called me. I rolled my eyes as she ran up to me. She was dressed in a miniskirt that had chains that was hooked on her belt and multiple zippers. She had on a black shirt with a long fishnet shirt over it. "How was your weekend? I went over to my preppy cousin's house. She was soo dressed in white and pink! And now she has me talking like her! OMG, its contagious! I have to get away from you! See ya!" she then ran away.   I watched as she ran down the halls of Philede Community College. My shoulders were hunched, legs dragging slowly as I p

KH: HIM 3 by KH-FanFiction-Club, literature


H.I.M Prologue part Two It was a beautiful Saturday morning, and I had to hurry back to college right after I eat breakfast with my best friends, Demyx and Zexion. Ignoring any people that might be saying hello as I walked past them, I finally got to the bus stop. I looked at the sky and happened to notice that the sky was a crisp blue with fluffy clouds floating by. The streets were dirty and so were the stairs around here, but I don't care. I told Demyx to tell me where to meet him, but he never told me. I glanced at my watch again. It was now 7:48. Now I was late and hopefully, Demyx wouldn't kill me.  Afer a short wait, the bus came. A

KH: HIM CHAPTER 2 by KH-FanFiction-Club, literature


AeroMaster: Hello, and welcome to chapter two! I know that the first chapter was kinda rushed... maybe I should do it over again...? This chapter, as I was told, was a little bit better than the first, and a bit slower. I think that this story actually has promise! Also, I don't think that this can exceed twelve chapters. To those that like long stories, sorry. Usually I can never get past chapter two. Zexion: This crazy girl does not own Kingdom Hearts or any characters within it. She does own the plot, however, and Axel's younger sister. Aero: I had Sephiroth planned for today. Zexion: He called me to say he couldn't come here today. Ae

KH: HIM by KH-FanFiction-Club, literature


AeroMaster: Hello, and welcome to my first fanfiction! To those who have read my poem for our beloved nobody, Axel, you know that I think pretty darkly. Well, I decided to lighten up a bit for my first try at a story! Now I do believe that I have to do a disclaimer, right? Zexion, will you do the honors? Zexion: AeroMaster does not own Kingdom Hearts or the characters. She does own the plot, however, and Axel's younger sister though. Whoopie. Yay. Can I have a smoke now? AeroMaster: Not here. Zexion: 'Kay. Warning: This story contains mild language and AkuRoku. Excuse me, thats Axel Roxas boy love. If you don't like that, then you can eit

Poem: Ode To Axel by KH-FanFiction-Club, literature

Poem: Ode To Axel

Him Flame burning like a thousand suns Emeralds are burning deep into the distance White hot hatred for anything that crosses your path You used to love the sound of his laugh The sound of his voice The sound of him being there. But his voice disappeared one day. And this is how you turn out. Ten thousand fall at your hand, but you don't care. You loved him Or you think you did And you take your problems out on the innocent before you His screams echoing through the night You're crazy for him, but he was gone and there was nothing to do about that. Axel. A kindling flame, Ready to die out.

POEM: Ode To Demyx by KH-FanFiction-Club, literature

POEM: Ode To Demyx

Ode to Demyx Lucid crystal-clear eyes lock onto your target Fingers dance on that single string. A hollow thought stays in your mind, "Why Me?" The water figures, Slender and giggling, Twirl as you strum that string again And stand still as they attack the brunette in front of you. He was only fifteen! "But orders are orders." But he doesn't deserve to die! "But Roxas is a traitor." Nobodies can't feel, So why do you feel SO SAD? SO LONELY? SO ALONE?

Poem: Ode To Roxas by KH-FanFiction-Club, literature

Poem: Ode To Roxas

Ode to Roxas You sit silently there before me Are you weeping? Are you sulking? Are you hiding lost? Deep in the shadows? Or running! Running from the problems that are your own. Nothing makes sense anymore. "I am Sora.... Sora is me..." Thoughts are racing fast. Losing the race by an inch. You lead a fake life. Hayner... Pence... Olette... You're a NOTHING! You are a NOBODY. You stay there silently As you fade away Into the Light

KH: Untitled by KH-FanFiction-Club, literature

KH: Untitled

Chapter One Mist's Part I was sitting on a bench at a park that I can't remember the name of. I looked around, slowly observing my surroundings. There was a fair number of people there. I sighed as I eyed the couples. I noticed a while ago that I was the only person on Earth that DIDN'T have a boyfriend yet! I reached in my pants pocket to grab my cellphone; it was only 8:00 about now. I looked aound one more time. I layed my eyes one a girl with blonde hair and black streaks in her hair. I laughed quietly. That would be my sister, Seek. She was most likely with Axel, though I couldn't see him. I wonder what she was doing at the park... u

In Your Arms by KH-FanFiction-Club, literature

In Your Arms

A silver haired teen slipped through the window and quickly glanced around the room. His gaze landed on the young black haired youth, who was curled almost into a ball on the ground in a corner of the room, holding something in his right hand. His ocean blue eyes widened as the object came completely into focus, turning out to be a pocketknife. The silver blade of the knife hovered over the unprotected pale skin of his left wrist but that instantly made him vault over the rest of the bed towards the spiky haired teen, grabbing a hold of the hand that held the deadly blade, making him lose his grip on it. It clattered to the ground, the teen

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Izuku Midoriya had believed that he had seen the darkness because of All For One. He was wrong. He could care for himself, but his classmates took things way too far. The girls tried to pleasure him but were kicked out by Bakugo, who then lied claiming he was trying to escape and he and the boys all forced themselves on a now traumatized Izuku Midoriya.

Izuku no longer wanted to be a hero, and his ex-classmates were now treated as villains for raping a boy they had gone out their way to rescue.

This is my unique collection of stories that range from long and short, from the unique to the strange, to crossover elements spanning the entire multiverse, spanning across a variety of characters. They are funny, serious, cracky, romantic, weird, angst-filled, suspenseful, fluffy, cute, and everything in-between. Enjoy reading my unique created content, everyone.

(Everything in this collection of stories are officially rated from "Kids/Kids+/General Audiences" to "Mature Adult/Explicit".)

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Fanfic / KH Birth By Sleep: Roxas's Story

KH Birth By Sleep: Roxas's Story is a completed Kingdom Hearts time travel fic by DarkFoxKit.

The fic picks up shortly after Roxas defeats Axel at the start of Kingdom Hearts II. Before he can rejoin with Sora, a mysterious portal transports him into Ventus's bedroom at the start of Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep. After some initial confusion, he befriends Ventus and is introduced to Aqua and Terra. He joins them on their adventures as he experiences the events of Birth By Sleep from a new perspective.

This fanfic contains examples of the following tropes:

  • Combat Pragmatist: Unlike the Wayfinder trio, Roxas was trained by Organization XIII and fights using whatever advantage he can find. This puts him at odds with Aqua and Ven, who were raised with an Honor Before Reason mentality by Eraqus.
  • Delirious Misidentification: While visiting the Olympus Coliseum, Roxas hallucinates Terra as Xemnas after Vanitas uses Dark magic to affect his mind.
  • Have We Met Yet?: When Lea arrives from the future to help Roxas fight Xehanort in chapter 12, a confused Master Xehanort asks if he's supposed to know him somehow.

    Master Xehanort: ...I suppose I know you somehow?
    Lea: Heh… Nah, you don't know me… but I know everything about you, and that's all you need to know.

  • In Spite of a Nail: Ultimately, despite Roxas's best efforts, he is unable to spare the Wayfinder trio from their canonical fates. Terra is still possessed by Xehanort, Aqua gets lost in the Realm of Darkness, and Ventus loses his heart which takes refuge with Sora.
  • Time Travel: The story's premise has Roxas travel ten years into the past and meet the Wayfinder trio.
    • In Chapter 12, Lea briefly arrives in the past as part of his Mark of Mastery exam and helps Roxas fend off Master Xehanort.
    • Young Xehanort also shows up in Chapter 18, where he distracts Roxas and makes sure that he is unable to prevent Eraqus's death.
  • Villain Takes an Interest: Master Xehanort takes an interest in Roxas since he's a powerful Keyblade wielder who seemingly came out of nowhere and looks just like Ventus.
  • Who Are You?: Vanitas asks this of Roxas the first time they meet when Roxas is keeping his face hidden under a hood and is wielding two Keyblades.
  • Willfully Weak: Roxas spends a large portion of the story pretending to be much weaker than he actually is. At first he acts like he has never even seen a Keyblade before. When that lie is eventually exposed, he hides just how powerful of a Keyblade wielder he really is.


Dark Waters - A KH Fanfiction, Chapter 1

((EDIT: Thanks so much for the feature!))

Hello everyone! Twi here! Coming at you with the first chapter of a new AU I came up with. This intro chapter is a little short, but I’d like to see how many of you are interested in it before continuing. But here’s the basic setup:

In Dark Waters, Sora would not return after freeing Kairi’s heart, and the princess would take up the keyblade herself, to fight for the light. So, I hope you enjoy Chapter 1!

user uploaded image

Darkness. Darkness was everywhere. Yet she was barely aware of it. Was there… something there? She didn’t know. She felt… so incredibly sleepy… nothing mattered until she was rested. But then…

Light. Suddenly, her eyes were opening. The darkness was fading. And she saw him- Sora. But… what was- where were they? What was going on? She saw his body glow with light. Propelling herself to her feet, Kairi dashed forward. “Sora!” But when she reached him, his body dissipated. He was gone. Still confused, she saw a swirling dark vortex. And a man appearing from it.

“So… you have awoken at last, Princess.” He spoke in a smooth, deep, sinister sounding voice. “At last, the keyhole is now complete. You have served your purpose. But now it’s over.” He stepped forward, but the two others- ones Kairi hadn’t yet noticed- stepped forward to protect her.

“Don’t make another move!” The duck carrying a wand had a high-pitched, scratchy voice.

“Do ya think we can stop him all by ourselves?” The doglike one, carrying a shield. He had a deeper and sillier voice.

“I don’t know…” the duck answered in a worried voice. The man stepped closer. The grin on his face and his cold eyes could only mean bad news. But then he stopped. He grunted, as if I’m pain. And in front of him, an apparition of her other friend appeared.

“No… you won’t use me for this!” Riku looked as though he was struggling with the man.

“Riku!” What was going on? What had happened to her friends? Endless questions she couldn’t ask spiraled in the princess’s head. But Riku continued.

“You’ve gotta run! The heartless are coming!” Kairi hesitated. For a moment, she wanted to argue. But then, shadowy creatures- she remembered them from before she had fallen asleep- surrounded them. And she nodded. Beckoning you’re the other two, she bolted, with them in her wake.

“What about the keyhole?” The doglike creature asked.

“Forget about it! Let’s just get out of here!” The duck cried. And they ran. Down through the lifts. Down through the corridors. Down to the front gate. They paused for a moment to catch their breath in the entrance hall.

“Don’t worry!” The dog- he has introduced himself as Goofy- spoke. “Our ship is at the base of the falls!”

“We just gotta get out of the castle and to the lift!” The duck, whom she now knew as Donald added. But before they could keep going, heartless appeared. Both of them summoned their weapons as she looked around desperately for a way to fight. She didn’t want to be helpless. She needed to fight, too.

As if responding to her heart’s desire, a vision overtook her. A tall, blue haired woman, who was standing in front of her, defending her from some strange creatures. That weapon… the one that Sora had been holding, too. Maybe she… Kairi focused, and held out her hand. And suddenly, she felt something within it.

She opened her eyes. She had a white Keyblade, with her good luck charm dangling off it. The teeth were like a semi circle. Blue, purple, and yellow streaked it along with the white color. She had the weapon. And she felt a strange power filling her. This was Sora’s power, she knew. Somehow, some way, he was lending her strength.

But then reality kicked in. Donald and Goofy were fighting other Heartless, and she was surrounded. But she clutched her Keyblade. She knew what to do. She raised it, and struck. She fought back. The two looked back as she called her battlecry, and looked in shock. “The keyblade!” But it didn’t matter. She cut the shadows down, one after another. They were gone.

“How’d you get the keyblade?” Goofy wondered.

“Who cares? Let’s get out of here, and ask questions later!” Donald yelled, and the three ran from the room once more. Out of the castle. Down the final lift. To the base of the falls. Into a ship, and they blasted off, away from the evil castle.

Donald piloted the ship, as they gunned it away from the world. “Where are we going?” Kairi asked, as it slowly shrank from sight.

“Back to Traverse Town!” He answered. “Sora’s gone, but we still need help. Leon might know what to do.” He explained.

Kairi nodded. She had no idea who Leon was, but if these two thought he could help… maybe he could. The strength Sora had lent her was gone now, and Kairi felt a glum look overtake her face as she glanced out the cockpit at the passing space.

She remembered… that night on the island. She had gotten there first. She had seen Riku’s boat on the horizon, but she had gone to see if the raft was okay. But then, those shadows. And then… she was gone. Sleeping. Blissfully unaware of everything around her.

Sora must have sacrificed himself to wake her up, from what she understood. And Riku was… he must be in some sort of trouble, too. What had happened to her friends? She wished she knew. She held out her hand, and brought her keyblade into her hand. She held power with this thing. The power to protect herself, and others. At least… that was what she guessed based on how it felt to hold it. It disappeared, as she lowered her hand.


“And then we just barely got to the ship to come here!” Donald has finished explaining everything. Kairi had been introduced to Leon, Aerith, Yuffie, and Cid.

Leon took a moment to answer. “So… Sora is gone. He gave up his heart to free Kairi’s. And Riku… it sounds like his body was possessed by Ansem.”

“Ayup. And Kairi can use the Keyblade!” Goofy added.

“I think that has to do with Sora and Riku being gone.” Yuffie said. “Sora used the keyblade, but he’s gone. It followed Riku for a bit, but he’s gone. The next strong heart it found was Kairi’s, and gave her power.”

“Is there any way we can get Sora and Riku back?” Kairi asked.

“Maybe.” Leon said. “But you’d need to seal the door to darkness. And Kairi only just got the keyblade. She doesn’t have the power Sora gained.

“But… I could feel it.” Kairi said. “When I summoned the keyblade, I felt Sora with me. I think it was his power.”

“A semblance of him may have been left behind.” Aerith suggested. “He himself is gone, and his heart lost, but the connection between Kairi and Sora is still there. Perhaps you can draw on his strength until you’re able to build your own.”

“Still seems pretty risky.” Cid commented.

“But it’s not like we really have another choice.” Leon said. “The heartless have been pouring out of the keyhole. The heartless everywhere are getting stronger. Kairi doesn’t have the luxury of time like Sora did. We have to stop Ansem quickly. Maybe after that she can focus on getting stronger.”

“What do you think, Kairi?” Yuffie asked, the ninja turning to her curiously.

“Well…” she thought. “I think you guys are right. Sora fought all the way to Hollow Bastion to save me. If the keyblade chose me next, then I have a duty to carry on where Sora left off.” She summoned her keyblade to her hand.

“What’s its name?” Leon asked. “All keyblades have a name that their user should know.”

Kairi closed her eyes, focusing. And then the whisper came to her. “Oathkeeper. My keyblade is Oathkeeper.”

Well, that was the first chapter! Let me know what you all think in the comments below! Until next time!

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