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The (Practically) Complete Achievement Guide to OneShot
Okay I've done 3 playthroughs of the game and there are but two achievements I have yet to complete so I'mma just list the ones I have done here cause I'm bored.

[SPOILERS AHEAD, YOU MOOKS. It's why I have everything crossed out, except for ones that have basically no spoilers at all.]

"Chaotic Evil":
Barrens - Select the lightbulb and prompt Niko to smash it under a machine.
Barrens - Touch the big glowing AI battery thing whatever in the lookout outpost 3 times.
"Ram Whisperer":
Glen - Complete the ram herding minigame for the Shepard in one go.
Refuge (Upper) - Visit the cafe after translating a journal and prompt a cutscene in which Niko orders pancakes.
"We Ride at Dawn":
Refuge (Upper) - Pressure Niko into riding on one of those little auto hoover things in the Apartments.
Throughout Game - Collect the corn from Maize's location after venturing into Calamus and Alula's house; then head to the water treatment area whatever and collect a vial of water. Enter the Refuge, then select the Corn and bypass the big robot. Plant the corn, head to Mason's apartment (flower dude) and ask him for some dirt. Return to the Garden and add dirt. Go to the lower section of the Refuge and obtain a "miracle pill" from a vendor, and combine it with the water. Return to the Garden and pour the water on the seed. At the Tower, Save the World, otherwise all your work will mean diddly squat.
Refuge (Lower) - Enter the Library and read all the books, including the ones in George's quarters and the Book Club stuff.
Throughout Game - Complete the entire game in one go. Never press the exit button unless prompted at the Tower. You can only leave the game when you sleep in a designated bed in each area.
Throughout Game - Revisit the game after completing it for the first time. To restart the game, go to "c:/AppData/Roaming/Oneshot" and delete save_progress.oneshot with Steam Cloud for OneShot off.
"Extreme Bartering":
Glen - Ask the Trader to buy everything from you, and I mean everything. The list includes:
- Lightbulb
- Dye (obtained from ram wool)
- Water Vial
- Corn
- Strange Journal
- Coin
- Feather
- Feather Pen

The one I don't have is the "Secret" achievement, but that probably has something to do with the ram graffiti in the back alley.
Reason I don't talk 'ike 'is in tha' post is 'cause a' don't wanna type 'ike 'is fa' that long.

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Easy Pancakes Achievement Guide for OneShot

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  • Developer: Team Oneshot
  • Publisher: Degica
  • Genre: Puzzle Action
  • Release: Dec 8, 2016
  • Platform: PC
  • ESRB: Not Set

Easy "Pancakes" Achievement Guide

From: Spiderwilliam8

After getting a certain item in lower part of the Refuge, Niko will say he's hungry. Go back up to the diner and get some food.

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The Savior
The Messiah


Niko's home world



Nikois the playable protagonist of OneShot. They're a child with blue hair with three "whiskers" jutting out from the sides, yellow catlike eyes, and what appears to be tanned skin. They wear a brown overcoat extending over their arms, a long light blue scarf, a brown hat with catlike ears, and grayish purple bottoms that appears to be leggings. They are tasked with returning the Sun to the Towerand saving the Worldfrom dying out.

Niko contacts the Player throughout most of the game when in need of help or simply conversation about Niko's and the Player's origins.


Before arriving in the World, Niko lived in a small village with around fifty residents. It is surrounded by a wheat field, which appears in most of Niko's dreams. The tallest building, a clock tower, is only two stories high, and there is a well in the middle of the town. [1] The village is not on Earth.

Niko first awoke in a bedroom in a house in the Barrens. They encounter the "Entity" by the computer, who tells them that the World isn't worth saving and asking them if they still want to try saving it. Niko soon finds the lightbulb and brings it with them upon exiting the house. They encounter the Prophetbot and inquire to them regarding the World, the lightbulb, the Player and for directions on how to return home. After receiving answers, Niko continues on their quest.


Niko is kind and caring. Being the messiah that the prophecy has foretold, they became determined to reach the Spire and bring the sun back to it in order to save the World, even despite what others say that the sun won't stop the World from dying. Niko is also helpful. A few instances of their helpfulness are seen in the game such as where they repair the rowbot at the dock part in the Barrens and volunteer to find Alula and return her to Calamus. Upon reaching the Refuge, they began to express indecisiveness, as seen where they have trouble choosing whether to bring back the World's sun but risk losing their only chance to return to their home world or whether to shatter the lightbulb, destroying the World instantly and for them to return to their home world. Niko also tends to be curious. They often turn to the Player to ask questions, most of them are regarding any information about the Player.


  • It is seen through dream sequences and dialogue that Niko's favorite food is pancakes. Their favorite pancakes are made by their mother, who grinds hazelnuts into the batter.
  • Niko has been stated by Eliza to have an ambiguous gender, and Nightmargin an unknown gender.
  • Nightmargin stated during a livestream that her headcanon for Niko is that they are actually really tiny and the seemingly huge lightbulb they carry is the size of a regular lightbulb.
    • Night also made plenty of joking statements about Niko's canon along with the chat during said livestream, such as them actually having 100 ears, the game taking place in a coma, and Niko having a love for throwing Molotov cocktails.
    • Night has also stated that Niko is "Ness", a combination of Niko and Tess during a livestream and in this post, referencing the controversial Game Theorists video Sans's SECRET Identity that claimed that Sans from Undertale was Ness from EarthBound.
  • As a running joke, Niko consistently and repeatedly denies being a cat, despite having many features and similarities to one. These similarities include pointy ears on their hat, whiskers extending from their hair, and large yellow eyes. Niko's name is also heavily similar to 猫 neko, cat in Japanese.
    • According to Night, Niko comes from Nico, a gender-neutral name.
    • Also according to Nightmargin, Nico was changed to Niko as a reference to Nikola Tesla and his work on lightbulbs. On top of the 猫 reference, the name is a triple reference (the third one being to 日光 nikko, meaning sunlight).
    • During another livestream, Night referred to what seems like their skin as fur.
    • One of the tracks in the OST is titled "On Little Cat Feet."
    • During a Solstice run, at one point Niko makes "confused cat noises"
    • In the Solstice anniversary stream, Nightmargin confirmed that Niko is not a cat or a person, but rather, a cat-person.
  • When playing the game in Japanese, Niko refers to themself in the first-person ミー mii (katakana "me"), forgoing the usually gender-specific first-person pronouns common in Japanese, such as watashi (informal female, formal ambiguous) and boku (informal male).
    • The unusual pronoun ミー also doubles as a pun, being a type of onomatopoeia imitating the meow of a cat.
  • During the pancakes and chess cutscenes (and probably some others), there was a sprite error with Niko having human ears, like in the original game. It has been vetoed since this update.
  • In this post Night made, Niko's age is more or less 8 years old (discounting the original RPG Maker 2003 game, which was released in late June of 2014).
    • According to one of Night's posts, Niko was made on December 28, though this may or may not be true in-canon. Thus, in the year of 2021, Niko is "Like, 13."
  • Upon interacting with the fox plush more than once, Niko mentions that they have an owl plush back at their home.
    • It is brown and yellow and its name is Mr. Banana Bread.[2]
  • Niko is afraid of ladders. They mention this more than once whenever Niko examines a ladder in the remake version of OneShot.
  • Niko's height is 4 feet (~1.2 meters) according to this post
Icon Name Description How to Obtain Bookworm.jpgBookworm Read books in the library. Interact with all the "glowing" books in the library. This includes the ones at George’s place. Chaotic Evil.jpgChaotic Evil "Don't do that!" Interact with the smasher east of the outpost in Barrens with the lightbulb equipped or combine it with the metal rod/crowbar. Extreme Bartering.jpgExtreme Bartering Exhausting all possibilities, are we? Attempt to trade all of the following with Magpie: lightbulb, strange journal, amber, tube of water, feather, bottle of dye, wool (deny the first trade to get the t-shirt), novelty t-shirt, and seed. Oneshot.jpgOneshot Back to its roots. Beat the game without saving by closing manually; i.e. beds only, does not include closing the game at the tower entrance after translating the strange journal. Pancakes.jpgPancakes Favorite food. Lead Niko to the café when asked to. Ram Whisperer.jpgRam Whisperer Herd rams with ease. Complete the ram herding puzzle without resetting the rams.[1]Rebirth.jpgRebirth A sidequest. In the Glen, pick up the seed left by Maize. Go to the research facility at the south-most zone. Inside the rightmost building, there will be two robots. If the one in the middle is talked to, they will give a tube of water. Go to the Refuge, equip the seed, and walk left past the red Guardian NPC at the entrance to Refuge for access to the Garden. Plant the seed in the pot in the center of the garden. Go to Mason's room in the Apartments. If the seed has been planted, he will give dirt. In the surface of Refuge, at the street full of vendors, the leftmost vendor will give you a free sample of a pill. Combine the pill and the tube of water to make medicated water. Go to the garden and give the seed the dirt and medicated water. Finally, choose the “Return the Sun” ending. A regrowing Maize will appear in the credits. Return.jpgReturn N/AStart a new game by deleting the fake save data located in the “Documents/My Games/OneShot” folder. Secret.jpgSecret ????? Acquire the novelty t-shirt from Magpie in the Glen, by trading the wool but refusing the first offer. In Refuge, there is a ram marking in the back alley. If interacted with while the t-shirt is equipped, it will open a door. Shock.jpgShock Not fun. Interact with any generator, Silver’s battery in the lookout point three times, or with the SRAM inside the secret room from the "Secret" achievement. We Ride at Dawn.jpgWe Ride at Dawn Nyooooom Ride the Roomba in the apartments in Refuge.

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