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sweet thread.  I am going to start reloading in Jan due to my .458s purchase.  I came here to start a thread asking about what material would be best for the top of a bench.

So.....what material do you suggest for the top of the reloading bench?  I have a bench and plan to purchase some wood this weekend and redo the top.  Please give me your suggestions.  Gracias!

One of the easiest is a plain, flat, solid-core door. You could also use the pine Project panels they sell at Lowe's, Home Depot, Menards, etc. If you have access to a table saw, you could use thick Plywood. I would stay away from MDF, because it swells and absorbs any moisture (gun cleaner, beer, etc.) and any overhung corners could easily break off.

Some of the Industrial supply places like MSC and McMaster Carr have bench tops. They are nice but expensive. I'd opt for a top made out of big planks like 2x10's or 2x12's.

awesome and thank you guys.  I was thinking MDF wouldn't be up to the task.  When I get it built I will throw up some pics.

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Just got my first house finally!!! One of the joys of being single is there will be no hassle or expense spared on a sole reloading room that is 10x20. Would like to hear ideas and see pictures if at all possible.

I have found a few old threads on same topic but a lot of the pictures are gone so not much use. Thanks in advance!!

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I have about the same size "Man Cave" I use for all my reloading and fly tying. You would be surprised at how much stuff I have in there. I will post some pics this weekend. Its kinda like Dr. Whos Tardis.....way bigger on the inside than it looks.

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Mine is only about 10X12 and not nearly big enough. Benches and cabinets all the way around the room and 3 high shelves above them. Add lots of lighting and outlets.
Cant figure out the picture posting stuff.

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My new bench before any equip.

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I haven't photo'd my whole 'gun room', but mine is 12'x12' and this is a photo of my loading bench (messy)..I need to update the photo files.. blush

On the other side of the room, is my cleaning bench and it's a commercial bench and roller cabinet that I found at Sam's Club at a really good price... All steel frame and 1.5" laminated wood top on both..

Against the third wall is another work bench that I made that is above waist height...

I have shelving over all three benches for holding everything from non-processed brass to prepped brass waiting for loading, and all my maintenance supplies, as well as tools and cleaning rods..There are four gun racks for holding rifles as they are in stages of being cleaned

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Have a long way to go, but its a start. Yes I know the stool looks horrible, but its all harbor freight had.

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here is mine. nothing big, but it works.

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I just started out and turned our guest bedroom in my gun cleaning/reloading room which my old lady was a little upset but it worked out!

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sweatybetty your pic has a weird green glow. whistle

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Make that green and purple!!!!!!!!!11


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Uh, guys? I hate to mention this, but those of you that are showing pictures of nice orderly reloading rooms are doing a great disservice to those of us that have a less than tidy reloading area. I mean, I have spent the last almost 25 years trying to convice the wife that man caves are supposed to be as askew with reloading books, dies, bullet casting equipment, powder, primers, dies, bullets, etc. etc. I shudder to think just what may happen should she ever even see a nice and neat reloading area.

I am going to have to be extra careful to make sure that she is not looking over my shoulder at the screen from now on when I am on this site less her eyes fall upon one of you yahoos spit polish clean reloading areas. So have a heart, willya? Mess them benches up just a little bit- at least for the pictures anyway!

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Just for you, Rusty:

Let's keep this a nice site where we help the ignorant.

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The powder, primers and loaded ammo is in the cabinet on the right, under lock and key. There's two other chest of drawers where the unloaded empties, holsters, etc are kept. The radios on the left are the remnants of my ham station that I used to play with, but I haven't put up an antenna at this house yet. I have a trap vertical that needs a mast. It's all tubes and "condensers" and I call it Kon Tiki because it drifts all over the place. Lots of fun on CW! Opposite this bench is another with more general tools and electronics on it for my other hobbies, including a gunsmithing vise, gouges, chisels, files and such for making stocks. I plan to make another Kentucky flint rifle from a Track of the Wolf kit this coming winter.

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New Reloading Room Tour
So because AJ called me a slacker... because I took last weekend off to go and pick up a live cannon in Cheboygan (no, really...) instead of working on my reloading room.

Here's a couple of pictures of today's progress. Got the pocket door in (decided to make my own 'barn door' not buy some Chinese thing from Home Depot. And insulated about 1/3rd of the ceiling and got my ceiling panels up. Instead of sheetrocking, I'm going with metal roofing. Looks great. Goes up in a snap. No taping, no joint compound, no sanding, no painting. Damn this stuff is GREAT for interior spaces! $22 a sheet 3 x 8 at Home Despot.

I'll have the ceiling in by tomorrow in one of the two rooms and I'll get the wall insulation up on the dividing wall. By the end of next weekend, I'll be starting on planking the walls. Progress... lots of progress!

Love some of the bench pictures above. I'm going to make my own and those are some beautifully built (and rugged-looking) benches!





P.S. Who's the slacker now, "Mister" AJ????



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Of course, if you are a savvy shopper when it comes to buying up primers, powder, and bullets, you can cut your costs significantly. But in reality, taking advantage of efficient powders, building specialty purpose loads, mastering accuracy, and loading up obsolete categories can be far more rewarding than saving a few bucks here and there.

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