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GTA 5 vs Cyberpunk Who Did It Better






Comparing great games like GTA 5 and Cyberpunk is like comparing apples to oranges &#; as much as we are comparing the games, it comes down to what the individual fan likes more.

And yet, sometimes, it just needs to be done. So we have taken the dubious task of comparing two of the better open-world games of the last few years.

Now pretend for a second that you live in a world where you can only buy and play one video game. Once you pick your video game, you are stuck with it but are free to play it as often as you want.

The choice is entirely yours but choose wisely.

That is not what it is like in the real world, but we will pretend it is for this article.

Grand Theft Auto 5 versus Cyberpunk You get to pick one to play forever, and the other disappears into the realm of forgotten video games, never to be thrown into your Xbox Series X or PS5 again.

So the question is: GTA 5 or Cyberpunk &#; who did it better?

To answer that, we are going to list a few things that each series does better. While both are similar open-world games that use guns, vehicles, and wanton violence, there are some significant differences that we need to address.


Why Choose Cyberpunk?

Cyberpunk image


While GTA 5 technically has character progression, Cyberpunk leans completely into its RPG roots and has much more in-depth character development.

Cyberpunk goes the classic route with RPG character building. While you pick a character at the start of the game and are stuck with them, you can completely customize that character. New weapons, gear, skills, and power trees all make your character unique.


Cyberpunk was released almost a full five years after GTA 5, so obviously, the graphics will be at a higher level.

But another thing that the newer release date brought with it was a much larger map than you will find in GTA 5. Night City and its surrounding suburbs cover approximately square kilometers, while Los Santos is about 75 square kilometers.


Grand Theft Auto is the cornerstone of adult video games with all of its sex and violence. Still, compared to Cyberpunk, it can look positively childish.

Cyberpunk takes place in a future where the violence, corruption, and overt sexuality levels are incredibly high. In contrast, this turns off some fans from the game. It’s especially true for people who know what they are getting into that enjoy how hardcore and in-your-face the game can be.


Why Choose GTA 5?


Remember the scenario at the start of the article? Let&#;s keep imagining. If you could only pick one game to play for the rest of your life, the odds are that you would want one that features a robust online platform. That way, you could play with your friends and blow up strangers.


While Cyberpunk is home to a giant map, adding space does not necessarily mean there is more room for activities.

Quite the opposite.

GTA 5, with a fraction of the space, has a lot more variety in what you can do. Cyberpunk came out with a bit of a barebones mission list. At the same time, in GTA 5, you can do everything from stock trading to golfing to bounty hunting local miscreants.

The choices are nearly endless, and if you ever get bored, you can try driving under control and stopping at red lights…

Or you can blow up a semi—either way.


In Cyberpunk , you pick a character and are stuck with them.

GTA is the opposite. While you do not choose characters at the start of the game, you can switch between the three characters while in the actual game. Thus, when you get bored with one, you can swap for another.

True, all the characters are their unique version of a psycho; but still, the option of which psycho you feel like being on a given day is excellent. Sometimes you feel like a Franklin, and other days you are more of a Michael. If you ever relate too strongly to Trevor, maybe consider checking in with a psychiatrist for a day or two.

So, which will it be: GTA 5 or Cyberpunk ?

While both are great, their unique pros and cons are sure to create a divide in the gaming community over which one is better.

The choice is yours.

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Xbox Game Boss Preparing for another module Free games For subscribers on First delivery of April Provides some very important topics such as returns GTA V Among them Xbox Series X | S and One, along with other games for PC and Cloud.

We already know some of these: In fact, we know that MLP The Show 21 will be launched directly into the Xbox Game Pass, which has caused a lot of controversy by some PlayStation users since it was Sony&#;s first party. Title.

Similarly, the NHL21 was already announced between the games of April , others are more or less surprising, we did not expect to find anyone other than Grand Theft Auto V, we returned to service on the Xbox related Microsoft subscription but coming for the first time Cloud, Unfortunately not in the PC version.

So let&#;s take a look at the first batch of games to be added to the Xbox GamePass list in April

For the rest, the games included in the last release of March , meanwhile, are cloud-driven titles Control touchscreen, Which recently included Sea of ​​Thieves, Gears 5, Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age, Slay the Spire and more 50 games You can see it collected in the image below, with a revised interface and control system for touch screen devices.

We also remember that three games will be left out of the list in April, probably in the middle of the month.

Xbox Game Boss is a movie that summarizes 50 games with touch screen controls
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Sep 22,

The Epic Gaming Saga, Bloody Space Concrete & Zombified Marvel Movies

A judgment has been handed down in the Apple Vs Epic lawsuit. Now Apple has to allow third party payment systems. This could be the foot in the door to breaking Apple's monopolistic tactics. Concrete made from Astronaut blood is a potential solution to building on Mars. Let's hope it never gets to the point of keeping people locked up and farming them for building materials. Denis Villeneuve has joined the battle against Marvel movies turning everybody into zombies. A bit dramatic, but he's really not a fan. And his Dune movie is getting great reviews, so maybe he knows a thing or two. The Apple App Store Lawsuit : The Epic Conclusion & Star Grift Drama - - From the makers of Soylent Green comes Bloodcrete. - Another Director Slams Marvel Movies - Other topics discussed South Korea bans Apple, Google from blocking third-party payments - _ Epic Games v. Google (The events and initial actions on Epic's lawsuit against Google were brought on the same day as Epic's suit against Apple, but Google stressed the legal situation around their case is far different.) - _ Epic Games v. Apple (a lawsuit brought by _Epic Games_ against _Apple_ in August in the _United States District Court for the Northern District of California_, related to Apple's practices in the _iOS App Store_.) - _ _Fortnite_ - Nineteen Eighty-Fortnite - _#FreeFortnite_ - _ Duke Nukem Forever (a _first-person shooter_ _video game_ developed by _3D Realms_ and published by _2K Games_ for _Microsoft Windows_, _Mac OS X_, _PlayStation 3_, and _Xbox _.) - _ Silk Road (marketplace) (an online _black market_ and the first modern _darknet market_, best known as a platform for selling _illegal drugs_.) - _ _alyankovic_ - "Weird Al" Yankovic - White & Nerdy - _ _Star Citizen_ on Kickstarter - _ Elite Dangerous (Braben had previously discussed _crowdfunding_ as a possible solution in April Public fundraising commenced in November using the _Kickstarter_ website, the campaign lasting 60 days, with the aim being to raise £m and deliver a finished game by March Braben described the campaign as a way of "test-marketing the concept to verify there is broader interest in such a game", in addition to raising the funds.) - _ List of most expensive video games to develop (The following is a list of the most expensive video games ever developed, with a minimum total cost of _US$_50 million and sorted by the total cost adjusted for _inflation_.) - _ The Great British Bake Off (a British television _baking_ competition, produced by _Love Productions_, in which a group of amateur bakers compete against each other in a series of rounds, attempting to impress a group of judges with their baking skills. One contestant is eliminated in each round, and the winner is selected from the contestants who reach the finals.) - _ I Made Meringues Out of My Own Blood and Ate Them - _ The Cask of Amontillado (a _short story_ by American writer _Edgar Allan Poe_, first published in the November issue of _Godey's Lady's Book_.) - _ Soylent Green (a American ecological _dystopian_ _thriller film_ directed by _Richard Fleischer_, and starring _Charlton Heston_, _Leigh Taylor-Young_ and _Edward G. Robinson_ in his final film role.) - _ Immurement (a form of imprisonment, usually until death, in which a person is sealed within an enclosed space with no exits.) - _ Scott Dickerson’s tweet about Marvel movies - _ Hot racking (the sanctioned practice within military organizations of assigning more than one crew member to a bed or "rack" to reduce berthing (sleeping) space.) - _ Wii (a _home video game console_ developed and marketed by _Nintendo_. It was first released on November 19, , in North America and in December for most other regions. It is Nintendo's fifth major home game console, following the _GameCube_, and is a _seventh generation home console_ alongside _Microsoft_'s _Xbox _ and _Sony_'s _PlayStation 3_.) - _ Pissed Off Video Gamer Archive - Nintendo Shitcube Review (Original) - Cartoon Time Machine (TNC Podcast) - _ Shout Outs * 10th September – Spider-Man's First Appearance In Amazing Fantasy #15 Sells For Record-Setting Comic Book Price Of $ Million - _ Spider-Man is now the hero behind the biggest comic book sale in history. While Batman and Superman previously set records with the sales of their debut comics, _Spider-Man_ has officially taken the crown, thanks to a recent sale by Heritage Auctions. Amazing Fantasy #15 is the first issue in which Spider-Man, Marvel's most iconic superhero, appeared in comics. A copy of the original issue was sold this week for a whopping $ million, making it the most expensive single comic issue of all time. The Marvel Comics issue breaks a record that was set by DC's Superman debut earlier this year. An issue of Action Comics #1, which debuted in , previously sold for $ million, which was the biggest sale at the time. The issue of Amazing Fantasy #15 that broke the sales record this week is one of the highest-graded issues of that comic in the entire world. That specific issue is graded CGC , meaning it's in near mint condition. It is one of only four issues to receive that grading. There are no copies graded CGC , the next-highest grading on the scale. * 14th September – 20th anniversary of Gamecube released in Japan - _ On September 14, , the GameCube first went on sale for the first time in Japan. Two months later, on November 18, the console was released in North America. Facing off against the PlayStation 2 and the Xbox, the GameCube was the first Nintendo console to use optical discs — though, the console wasn’t designed to play DVDs or CDs like its rivals could. While the console was no all-inclusive living room entertainment hub, the GameCube did the video gaming part extremely well and boasted a solid library, including Super Smash Bros. Melee, Metroid Prime, Pikmin, The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, Super Mario Sunshine, Luigi’s Mansion, Chibi-Robo!, and The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, among many others, such as third party ex…

Playing GTA 5 without BREAKING ANY LAWS!

The Guild is a group of LARPers who play their Dungeons & Dragons characters in real life. They are commonly known as The Nerds. They originally met on a LARPing online forum and came to Los Santos to meet in real life for the first time. They do not consider themselves a gang.

List of Members

The legal names of many Guild members are not widely known because all party members refer to each other almost exclusively by the names of their characters.

Chosen Nerds

The chosen nerds are the Stormlord's chosen ones.

  • Burt Beans - Gloryon Pecorino the Storm Cleric
  • Fred Fredrick - Necrolord the Necromancer
  • Kayn Larp - Yeager Demonblood the Warlock
  • Keith Wanderlust - Lando Stormborn of the Mountain Kingdom in the North, Manager of the Cock and Attempted Dragonslayer
  • Kyrin-Chan WeuhBou - Leyla Nightingale of Embervale, First Arcane Trickster of Her Name
  • Lars Haverford - Bjorn Tripod Corleone the Battle-Ready Bionic Barbarian, Attempted Dragonslayer, Wrangler of the Fingle, Ninja Looter and Former Employee of the Week. Warden of the North.
  • Stanly Lessfield - Gea Stagdancer the Paladin

Other Members

Former Members

Former Guild Mom

  • Anna Swallows - Anna Swallows of the Deep, Mother of the Cock, Mega Karen. The Guild stopped associating with her after she was fired from the Rooster's Rest.


Chosen Nerds

Other Members


Gem Quest

The Guild was tasked with the mission of delivering all 7 gems to the Stormlord and his companions, in order to accomplish this mission, the Guild had to find the gemstones through fishing, hunting, or by sanitation.

Alchemy Quest

The Guild was tasked with the mission of learning "alchemy", which in reality was teaching the Guild how to cook meth. Every chosen member of the Guild was given the opportunity to decide whether or not they would participate in cooking meth due to the high risks involved with the operation and whoever decides to involve themselves in cooking meth would get compensated in money for doing so. In the end, Meowfurryon, Leyla, and Stagdancer would not participate in cooking meth (though Leyla currently is involved). Gloryon would later be given the nickname, "The Geisenberg", due to singlehandedly calculating the formula to produce % purity meth, and would be recognized as a "head cook" and be responsible for heading the meth cooking operation.

Bovice Quest

The Guild was tasked with the mission of delivering Bovice Wilkinson: 20 weed joints, 20 bottles of whiskey, and 20 cigarettes, in order to gain Bovice's trust. The Guild had various ideas to complete this quest, one such idea, included regularly delivering tea and ramen from the Rooster's Rest in their food containers to the prison in hopes that the Department of Corrections would eventually stop checking the containers, thus allowing for the Guild to smuggle whatever they want using the Rooster's Rest food containers.

Illicit Activity

The Guild has members involved in a number of illegal activities including but not limited to:

  • Methamphetamine production
  • Racing
  • Boosting
  • Chopping
  • Terrorism
  • Bank robberies
  • Shootouts
  • Murder
  • Manufacturing and sale of silencers, weapons optics, evidence kits, and RPGs
  • Weapons trafficking
  • Money laundering
  • Embezzlement

Arms Trafficking

Hidden inside the secret dungeon of their comic store, The Guild keeps a one-of-a-kind workbench to manufacture weapons. This workbench allows them to make pistol and rifle suppressors, scopes, rocket launchers, rockets, and evidence kits. No one else in Los Santos is able to craft these devices, making The Guild the only source. The main resources needed to manufacture these items are copper, rubber, and plastic. Guild members either purchase the necessary materials or collect them while working in garbage disposal.

Distribution of suppressors happens in multiple ways:

  • Handouts in disguise. Especially during the initial promotion phase when suppressors weren't widely known yet, Yeager and other Guild members would dress up and silently hand out suppressors for free.
  • Dead drops. Yeager contacts buyers from a payphone using a voice changer and sends them an anonymous ping from the location where the suppressor will be left for them to pick up.
  • Third party sellers. Over time, The Guild has carefully selected other people to distribute suppressors for them, the first one being Nino Chavez, the second being Mary Mushkin, and most recently Fiona Stewart. With Nino being the exception, neither Mary nor Fiona are aware that it is The Guild they are working for. All meetings and phone calls are handled with masks and voice changers.

For the distribution of rocket launchers and rockets, The Guild plan to hold a special event they refer to as "The Hunt". Yeager has anonymously contacted members of various groups and gangs and offered them a rocket launcher for $, This rocket launcher does not come with a rocket, but it serves as an entry ticket to The Hunt. The Hunt will be a scavenger hunt and likely fight to the death where each group uses "whichever means necessary" to be the first to obtain the rockets. Rockets cannot be bought, The Hunt is the only way to get them. Lang Buddha is currently the only person in possession of a rocket launcher with a rocket. It was a birthday present from The Guild.

Scopes are currently not being sold and evidence kits are only given out in rare cases. Carmella was the first person outside of The Guild to receive an evidence kit, and Lando has used his to built a private blood bank that could be used to incriminate people in the future.


Despite appearing like a gang to others, the Guild have made it a point to let everyone know that they are not a gang, they are just a group of friends role-playing together. Stagdancer cares deeply about ensuring that they are not registered as a gang by the police. If The Guild was officially acknowledged as a gang, it would give the police more legal means to cross-investigate all Guild members if one member has been involved in a crime, and therefore putting Talon, the production of meth, and their weapons business at a greater risk.

Most recently however, Yeager, being the most impulsive of the Guild members, has started going against this agreement and loudly proclaims that they are a gang and that he is a gang leader (despite TheGuild not having an official leader).


The Guild have developed their own vocabulary which consists of archaic terms to describe modern concepts that would otherwise not fit into their D&D universe. They also refer to everyone outside of the Guild as either "Sir", "Mr" or "Ms" followed by the person's first name (e.g. "Ms Ellie").

Guild Expression Meaning
steed bicycle
mount, carriage vehicle, car
dragon helicopter, Yeager's first car
pigeon text message
sending stone, summoning stone, communication crystal mobile phone
healing potion medkit, bandages
catnip weed
skooma meth
wand gun
popsicle silencer
city guard, city guardsman LSPD member
queen's guard, state guardsman state trooper
queen/king of the forest park ranger
emperor boss (specifically referring to Lang, Don, Nino)
high cleric nurse, doctor, EMS
(foul) temptress, succubus stripper
crusading playing World of Warcraft
karate car chopping


  • The Guild is often compared to the HOA.
  • Other Guild members are commonly mistaken for Gloryon.
  • All Guild members are virgins.
  • The Guild semi-ironically claimed Vinewood as their territory.


Nerds rr smaller

(From left to right) Lando, Bjorn, Yeager and Stagdancer inside of Rooster's Rest with their vehicles


(From left to right) Lando, Meowfurryon, Bjorn, Yeager and Stagdancer inside of Rooster's Rest with their vehicles


Yeager, Gloryon, Bjorn, and Lando resurrecting Robert Spowylamywanowski

Screen Shot at PM

Chosen Guild Rooster's Rest Toys


The final interrogation before the death of Meowfurryon.

Ai nerd

The Guild initiates Ai Musori


The chosen guild members after completing Jacob's class.


(From left to right, top to bottom) Bjorn, Barry, Fiona, Lando, Yeager, and Gloryon after winning the 4th NPA tournament.


(From left to right) Leyla, Gloryon, Bjorn, Yeager, and Lando posing on top of Yeager's tractor in front of the Guild Hall.


Bjorn and Yeager being confronted by a robot from a different timeline.


Play gta 5 nerds

Can you play GTA 5 Online for free?

GTA 5 Online is loved by people of all ages - workaholic adults, nerdy teens, school-going kids the list is endless.

The diversity of fans makes one question: Is it possible to play GTA 5 Online for free? After all, most teens depend on a paltry allowance that doesn't cover 'non-essential' forms of entertainment like subscriptions and video games.

People who are strapped for cash often look for means to play the game without having to pay for it, which isn't always a cakewalk or even legal. Pirating the game makes the computer prone to all sorts of viruses and malware since offline versions of the game aren't as readily available as one might imagine.

Can GTA 5 Online be accessed for free?

Image via wallpapercave.comn

GTA 5 Online, being one of the most popular games of all time, has been subject to duplication and piracy ever since its long-awaited release.

While there are sites on the internet that allow players to access pirated versions of the game, they're too sketchy to be trusted, and as mentioned before, are susceptible to all sorts of viruses and hacking mechanisms. Not only can these sites damage the player's computer, but they can also get them banned from the GTA server permanently.

GTA 5 Online is the second best-selling game in the world and the most financially fruitful entertainment product of all time. Rockstar depends on its sales to create better products and doesn't take kindly to sites that infringe copyright by making unauthorized copies.

While it's a pity that the game isn't available for free (there are people out there who genuinely can't afford it), pirating it is still a bad idea since most Online sites are either plagued by viruses or packed with ads.

Also Read

People on a budget can hold their horses and save up for the game. It doesn't cost a fortune and is definitely worth every penny. The wait will also be worth it as the original game is simply terrific.

So the short and legal answer is: No, GTA 5 Online cannot be played for free. The sites that allow its piracy do not guarantee the safety of the player's computer and are too sluggish to properly deliver the stunning effect GTA 5 Online is popular for.

Robbing people as a NERD in GTA 5 RP!

When Buddha Is Away The Nerds Will Play Nopixel Gta V Rp Get () ( MB) - admision camp

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When Buddha is away, the Nerds will play / Nopixel GTA V RPPlease Show Support Here By Subscribing and Liking the Video! More daily content of the best moments from the nopixel server will be found right here on this channel, so sub for more future laughs, smiles and memes ❤ Credits to: You can also look at the playlists there are many interesting clips: Sweet_Anita xQc

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the guild (nerds) ENTERS the rooster's rest/talon basement for the FIRST TIME~ characters ~ -- cleanbois -- lang buddha ( -- the guild -- gloryon ( meowfurryon stormkitten ( bjorn the barbarian haverford ( gea stagdancer ( yeager demonblood ( lando stormborn ( leyla nightingale ( stream date - February 18, nopixel (gta v rp)
Lang Buddha First Time Meeting the Nerds - Roosters Rest Stories - S01E04 - NoPixel GTA RPDon't forget to LIKE and SUBSCRIBE. Glory To The Cock ! 🐔 ~~ A Nopixel series following the Cleanbois including Lang Buddha, Nino Chavez, Tony Corleone, Donny Pecorino, Lando, Yaeger, Gloryon, Bjorn, Stagdancer, Meowfurryon, Leyla, Petunia, Dewey, Denzel, Harry, Talon, The Guild and everyone involved in their "clean" business operations ~~ If you feel like supporting me.. patrons will be featured at the end of the next episode. ❤️My
nerds informs lang and denzel about EGG JOINING the GUILD + updates on gun connect!~ characters ~ -- cleanbois -- lang buddha ( denzel williams ( -- the guild -- gloryon ( bjorn the barbarian ( gea stagdancer ( yeager demonblood ( lando stormborn ( leyla nightingale ( ai musori ( necrolord ( stream date - July 8,
The Nerds Meet KFC - buddha | GTA V RP NoPixel#TwitCH #GTAVRP #nopixel
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The Nerds Listen To Yuno's ERP Through The Walls [NoPixel GTA RP] (CLIP)Stream Date: 6/30/ Source(s): Yuno/Sykkuno @ Leyla/Leslie @ Mr Lang/Buddha @ Bjorn/biotoxz_ @ Context/Description: Yuno was just simply showing Leyla his "room" in Clean Manor when both of them get caught by everyone at the wrong place at the wrong time. It was pretty hilarious that all the others only got to hear them get stuck. No ERPing allowed in Clean Manor


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